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Love with Food Deluxe Box Review + Coupon – August 2017

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Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Love with Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box. They send only natural and organic snacks and donate a meal to charity for each box sold. They offer a smaller “tasting” box with 8+ snacks per month, a “deluxe” box with 16-20 snacks per month, and a gluten free box with 10-15 gluten free snacks per month.

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This review is of the Deluxe, $19.95 a month, box.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Love with Food Deluxe Box

The Cost: $9.99 a month for the Tasting box, $19.95 a month for the Deluxe box, and $24.99 a month for the Gluten-free box. Save with longer subscriptions. Free U.S. shipping. $3.99 International shipping.

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to save $20 off a 12-month subscription


Save 50% off your first box with code DELUXE10

The Products: 16-20 snacks that are organic, natural, and/or free from artificial ingredients.

Ships to: U.S., U.S. territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

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Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

The box came with this information card, which basically directs you to their website. I have to admit, I liked the old brochures more – you could instantly tell which snacks were vegan, gluten free, etc. Now you have to read the tiny print of the ingredients lists, instead…Anyway, there are also usually some coupons and/or product literature.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Thinables 100 Calorie Pack in English Toffee (1.5 oz) – Value $2.49

These are awesome because you can eat ALL THOSE COOKIES for only 100 calories. But I have learned from having these before that you really don’t want to eat ALL THOSE COOKIES at once. Even though I have a very high fiber diet, these are a lot of fiber at once. The texture is not as pleasant as regular cookies and the flavor is generically cookie-like.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Westminster Bakers Co. Whole Wheat Hearty Crackers (7.5 g x 2) – Value $0.44 (buy 40 packs for $8.99)

These are plain whole wheat crackers. We had them with some soup and they worked well enough. I’d consider buying them if they were in local stores. I didn’t photograph them out of the package for you because they were kind of broken during shipping.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Dang Coconut Chips (original, 0.7 oz) – Value $0.77 (buy a 12 pack of 1.43 ounce bags for $18.99)

I don’t even mind receiving repeats when they are something I like as much as these.  I am a huge fan of coconut anything (pretty much) and I love the texture of these, as well.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Everly Pomegranate Berry (3 packets) – Value $2?

I’ve received Everly beverage mix in Love with Food before, though it was a different flavor. We usually have a pitcher of something fruity in the refrigerator (often herbal tea) so this is a nice item to mix things up a bit. I found the flavor to be more of a generic fruity flavor as opposed to pomegranate specifically, but honestly, that’s all right with me. I can’t find the powdered form of this for sale any longer, only some concentrate pouches, so I think this may have been discontinued and the value is an estimate based on similar products.

True Made Foods Vegetable BBQ Sauce – Value $1?

This says “custom packed for Blue Apron” on the lid which kind of makes me think someone was just getting rid of extras here. I am not a big consumer of condiments other than mustard (plus there was no calorie information on the package) so I gave this to my husband. He put it on a veggie burger and enjoyed it. (I found this for sale online but I am not sure of the size of this container, so the value is an estimate.)

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Veggie Go’s Strawberry Chia Seeds + Beets Fruit and Veggie Bites (0.5 oz) – Value $1.26 (buy a box of 5 for $6.29)

It is really bothering me to put the apostrophe in the name of this snack, but that’s how they write it (it is NOT a possessive). Anyway, these were surprisingly good.  I think the beet was just for color as this mostly tasted like strawberry (and apple). The chia seeds didn’t make it all gritty, either, which was wonderful.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Veggie Go’s Fruit and Veggie Strips in Berry Apple Spinach (0.42 oz) – Value $1.25 (buy a box of 20 for $24.99)

This had a much better texture than expected. It wasn’t all leathery but was actually easy to rip into smaller pieces (I’m still not biting into things after last month’s oral surgery). Flavor-wise, it was more “berry apple” and less “spinach” and I’m perfectly OK with that.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Glee Gum in Bubblegum (2 pieces) – Value $0.23 (buy 75 boxes for $16.99)

Glee Gum in Wintergreen (2 pieces) – Value $0.23 (buy 75 boxes for $16.99)

I’m not chewing any gum for the foreseeable future (well, I go back to the periodontist who did my oral surgery soon, so we will see). But it is nice to have some around so I’m going to hang onto this. I have enjoyed Glee Gum in the past and this is sugar-free which is important to me.

Barney Smooth Almond Butter (0.6 oz) – Value $0.52 (buy a 24 pack for $12.49)

Almond butter samples like this are great for portion control. I’ve sampled this same product in the past. It’s good on sandwiches or if you want a few extra calories in a smoothie.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Pure Growth Organic White Cheddar Popcorn (0.5 oz x 2) – Value $1.25 (buy an 8-pack for $4.98)

I love pretty much any snack coated in cheese powder and this was salty as well, so I was a fan.  It had a good texture for bagged popcorn and didn’t get stuck in my teeth. There weren’t a ton of tiny pieces at the bottom of the bag, either.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Belgian Boys Mini Dutch Stroopwafel (8 g x 2) – Value $0.80 (buy a pack of 30 for $11.99)

These were delicious, as stroopwafels usually are. Full-size ones are kind of high in calories so I’d definitely consider keeping some of these smaller ones around for after-dinner treats.

Love with Food Deluxe August 2017 Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Revolution Foods Dinner Hero Fiesta Taco Cooking Kit (10.75 oz) – Value $4.81

Every now and then, Love with Food will send a pantry item. It is suggested to cook this with a vegetable (they said tomato and avocado but we are using zucchini and bell pepper) and ground beef (we are using either pinto or black beans). This will be dinner for a couple of nights later this week since it includes four servings. (We plan dinners in advance so we had to put off trying this until after grocery shopping.) It is really high in sodium so I am sure I will find it delicious, but it’s probably not something I would eat every week, either.

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $17 for the August 2017 Love with Food Deluxe Box. I did have to estimate a few values but overall, for Love with Food, that’s not a bad value (they usually come in under value by a few dollars but this is better than usual). The stroopwafels were my favorite item but the fruit bites were a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed almost everything else as well. I thought the overall mix of items was pretty good this month, also.

What do you think of the August 2017 Love with Food Deluxe Box? What’s your favorite snack subscription?

Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. I agree about the dang chips. They could put them in every month and I wouldn’t mind one bit!!! Yes, pleaseee!!!

  2. Sadly, my bbq sauce exploded in the box. 🙁 It sure smelled good when I opened it because I ❤️ bbq sauce, then I opened it and, yikes. I was impressed by the variety of items (my first box, didn’t know what to expect). My crackers were in pieces too, but that’s no biggie since they usually go in soup. I got everything you did except; no Everly beverage mix (that would be nice to try) so instead I got Torie & Howard chewie fruities 1.27oz pkt and since I am a fruit gummie adict, that worked just fine! My Revolution kit was the one they had in the reveal video – I was super excited to get this! Love the almond butter packet, love the coconut chips. Despite the bbq 💥💥, I am happy!

  3. Really loving this box, had a couple variant items but the shipping is on point as it reached me in the UK today , the snacks taste very fresh too and cost value is considerably higher here as you either can not get these items or local version cost a fair bit

    Saddest part is not being able to get items I love locally, miss the bab sauce already

  4. I got the smaller box. This was the first month I wasn’t wowed. Nothing new for us and few samples. Oh well, the others have been fantastic!

    • I also get the tasting box. Been getting this box for almost a year, and this months I thought was terrible. Very disappointed by all the mix packets. I don’t consider those packets snacks. Two thumbs down for my box!

      • I agree. I had a year long sub for Tasting that is up in September. I cancelled it last month so it wouldn’t auto renew. The past few months have all been disappointments for me (small packets, repeats, things I don’t like…). At first I thought I was just burned out on the sub but I looked back at how much I loved the November and December boxes last year and convinced myself it wasn’t just me…you guys are helping too. I’ll sit it out for awhile and then decide if I want to come back later….

        • And they threw in a lip balm to try to make up for a horrible tasting box month. I’ve been with them a couple years and it really must be the worst box so far. Ugh.. I hope it’s just a fluke.

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