Limited Edition Experience LuxePineapple Box Review + Coupon – July 2017

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Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

LuxePineapple is a woman-owned beauty company based in Austin, Texas. Their goal is to source the best in skincare and cosmetics while offering them at great prices. They also have their own brand of cosmetics! Their subscription service, LuxePineapple Post, sends you 4 or more beauty and lifestyle items from anything in the makeup, skincare, hair care, beauty accessory, jewelry, clothing accessory categories, and beyond. They also feature products from many small and/or women-owned businesses.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

In addition to their beauty subscription box, they also offer a Home box and a one-time purchase Experience LuxePineapple box.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of their one-time-purchase Experience LuxePineapple box. This box is now sold out.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

The Box: Experience LuxePineapple Box

The Cost: $24 

The Products: 4 or more beauty and lifestyle items curated to a theme

Ships to: U.S. only

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Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

I appreciate that LuxePineapple included an information card describing each item and its listed value.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Insulated Double Layer 500ml Bamboo Water Bottle – Listed Value $22

The bottle is sturdy and made of mixed materials. I really like the simple design and the bamboo really made it elegant – perfect for carrying my drink at work.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

The information card said that this bottle can keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. I tested it out with iced tea and found that it kept my iced tea cold for about 4-5 hours. I have to admit that I didn’t have a chance to try this out with hot beverages yet. Please let me know in the comments down below if it worked out for you!

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Fornash Sweetie Pie Bracelet – Listed Value $20

*** There will be a variation for this item – I received this bracelet in pink with a seahorse charm. ***

This stretchy bracelet is made of bright pink beads and a golden seahorse charm, which I think is perfect for summer! However, I am not as impressed with this item, especially compared to the necklace I received from July LuxePineapple Post box. The beads feel a little cheap and toy-like to me. I think I will gift this to one of our younger cousins.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Here is it on – almost too small for my wrist!

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

Single Air Plant in an urchin shell – Listed Value $12

This air plant is, by far, my favorite item in this box! This teeny-tiny air plant in an urchin shell is about 3” tall and reminds me of cute Trolls characters. I followed the instruction from the card to soak the plant in water for about 20-30 minutes before setting it in a spot with bright light. Then, I named him Bob and he will have a special spot on my window sill until death do us part.

Experience LuxePineapple Box July 2017 Limited Edition Box

How cute is the little milky pink sea urchin shell?!?

Verdict: The retail value of this box is $54, which is well over the cost of the box, but lower than their promised value ($60). Although the bracelet was a miss for me, I will use the bottle and take care of my little ‘Bob’ for as long as I can! I wish there was one more item to make up for the value, though.

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Written by Jira Sai

Jira Sai

Jira discovered the world of subscription boxes when she first moved to New York in 2017 (subscription box is not a thing in her home country!). Thanks to MSA, she’s now subscribed to almost 10 beauty and lifestyle boxes, with FabFitFun, BeautyFIX, and Clean Beauty Box as her favorites. Ps. Her boyfriend thinks that she’s only subscribed to Ipsy, so please keep this a secret between us 😉

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  1. I just don’t understand how that bracelet can even be taken seriously, especially with that listed value. It definitely looks and feels cheap. Dollar store quality. It wouldn’t look so bad (in my opinion) if whatever shape (mine was like a giraffe or something) was just a clear cut shape and did not have those little half bead looking attachments on each side. It REALLY brings down the aesthetic and makes it look of poor quality.

  2. I bought this box and could not have been more disappointed in the items as well as the horrendous customer service I received when I reached out to them regarding my dissatisfaction.

    The spoiler clearly showed the outside of the water bottle which was stainless and bamboo. Upon receiving it I was astonished and hugely disappointed to see that the bottle is not stainless inside. Rather it is lined with cheap plastic that is off-gassing terribly. There is no way I would ever drink from such a bottle, or ever even want it in my home given the chemicals coming from it. I felt sick and had to toss the entire thing outside.

    I wrote to the company saying I was sorely disappointed in the bottle, felt mislead that the inner was plastic given that the outside was stainless, and also wondered in this day and age, how their company could in good faith be sending out drinking bottles that are not BPA-free. I also noted other problems with the box, e.g. the the bracelet, which is entirely plastic and very cheap looking (mine was much less attractive than the one shown in this review)

    The response I got was ridiculous:

    “Hi Beth,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to express your concerns. The water bottle is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and the liner isn’t plastic. It is BPA free….

    … I do hope I have addressed your concerns, especially with safety.

    Queen of LuxePineapple”

    Really – Not plastic?? Then what on earth is it? And what’s with that signature?!

    • The liner is actually ceramic.

    • If you’re that concerned about specific materials, you might want to reconsider blindly purchasing items through subscription services. I’m pretty picky so I just creep on this site to occasionally find things I want to buy. I can’t imagine how many things I would give/throw away if I actually purchased subscriptions.

  3. oh, goddamned those bamboo bottles! i have one from the bamboo bottle company, it is glass inside. i can’t use the bamboo outside part anymore because it molded!!! i am assuming water dripped in between the glass and bamboo while drinking. i always seperated it during washing. just mentioning that issue in case your bottle is built the same way. beware the mold! 🙁

  4. I was disappointed with the number of items, although I did buy it with a small discount code so I only paid $20. My oldest daughter LOVES the thermos, and it saves me from having to buy her a new one as school starts back, and my younger daughter loves the plant and named hers Shelly! The bracelet is cute and nice quality, worth about $15-20, but I do agree with people who say it seems like something is missing from this box. Love their customer service and this box has introduced me to some unique items in the past so I’ll not be too hard on them!

    • Wow I read the comments for a reason, thank you!

  5. the water bottle is at TJ max for $9.99. Just sayin. 🙂

  6. Only 3 items….very disappointing.

  7. This box was a dud. I’m gifting all of it. I will not subscribe to them any time soon.

  8. I liked this box. It only cost me $17 so its a good deal. I love my air plant but it is only an inch big. I named him tiny Tim. I got a purple urchin shell and I love the bamboo water bottle!

  9. My son named his new caterpillar Bob. I will keep him away from your Bob.

  10. Bob is the cutest

  11. I love that little Bob !!!!!

  12. I purchased this box early and got it for 19.99 using a discount code so the risk wasn’t that bad. This was my first purchase from this place and was disappointed. I dislike getting water bottles or thermos’s as those just seem like fillers to me and seem to be in a lot of boxes lately and it seems like an attempt to try and push up the value. The thermos did seem of decent quality but I have so many of these types of items it will just get stored or possibly donated. I got a blue bracelet and it was tight but I thought I liked it until after wearing it to work one day and then took it off when I got home and I had blue dots on my wrist from the beads so that is something that will be demoted to a kids play item. I did soak my plant and it was cute but on my card it said to soak it and then put it in the urchin and then it said follow the directions below for on going care but there was nothing more so I am not sure if the soaking was just a one time thing and that is it or if there was supposed to more direction on what to do periodically to maintain the life of the plant that they forgot to include. Either way in my window it sits and so far no change. When I purchased the box I remember reading something about there would be no make up in the box so i didn’t expect make up but based on it not being advertised as the mystery box for the home division I did think there might be a beauty tool or at least things from multiple categories. Even though I was disappointed in the box it was only a 20.00 risk so not much lost. I may not have gotten much to enjoy but things I can possibly gift. However, based on these items I don’t think I would subscribe to either of their boxes.

    • Air plants need a soak every week or so in room-temp water, for 15 minutes or so. Then shake them so no water is trapped near their base. If you environment is very dry, you can also mist them every couple of days.

  13. Nice. I like it. Have some air plants that hang from a shell similar to this and they are doing great.

  14. The water bottle to me seemed unsafe to use. Mine had a strong chemical smell. Going to use as a vase. The bracelet was cute but small. It seemed like the box was missing something. Experience of at random items for me. Thank you for the review!

    • Good idea to use the Bamboo Water Bottle as a vase. I tried washing out the chemical smell. It still lingers. It’s really questionable how safe it would be to drink out of. So I wouldn’t want to give it to anyone. Like the plant.

  15. This is the first box from LP that I’ve not been happy with. I only liked the air plant/urchin.

    • Same. I thought it was a minimum of 4 items. It felt empty to me. I agree about the bottle, it didn’t seem safe to drink out of and the bracelet was SO small. Liz must be very petite as all the jewelry is WAY too small for me. Usually I can take the charms off necklaces and put on one that fits me, but this bracelet I can’t use (I got the orange with a gold zebra) unfortunately. However, I LOVE love love the air plant. It’s so cute and makes me happy everytime I see it. 🙂

    • Same here. My water bottle also had a strong chemical smell and when I tried to hand wash it in the sink, it got water between the inner and outer shells somehow. I ended up just tossing it in the trash. The bracelet was gifted to my four year old, as that seemed a more appropriate age demographic for it (to me). So basically I paid $20 for a tiny little plant to sit on my windowsill. First and last box from Luxe pineapple.

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