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GlossyBox Limited Edition CEW Awards Box – Available Now!

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The GlossyBox CEW Beauty Insider Awards Limited Edition Box is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Edwina!)

The Box: Glossybox + CEW Beauty Insider Awards Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $35 for subscribers, $40 for non-subscribers

The Products: 7 full-size award-winning products.

SPOILER TIME! Here are the 7 items in the box:

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush #702

BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scandal

Butter London Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer

JAFRA Paris Et Moi

Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask

Supergoop Lip Screen

Manuka Doctor Crystal

Are you going to grab a box? 

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  1. When anyone receives their box, kindly post about it please. I’m particularly curious to see if we are getting 1 sheet mask or a box of 5. (A girl can dream, right?)

    • All I got was one. I even rooted around thinking I missed them or they were stuck together.
      The product card stated “FULL SIZE” is 5 masks. So obvi, this wasn’t full sized. :/

      • Darn!!! I was cautiously optimistic that we would get the box of 5. Thanks for letting me know, and I hope you enjoy the box! (Mine should be here Friday.)

    • I got mine today.
      It cosmetics brush, Butter London tinted nail moisturizer, super goop shine on lip screen, Laneige shine on lip screen, Laneige water bank soothing gel mask, bareMinerals Matt liquid lipstick, Jafra Paris parfum, Manuka Doctor drops of Crystal cashmere touch serum

  2. I got an email notification with a tracking number on 9/14…it says it supposed to be delivered tomorrow 9/20

    • Mine was shipped and 9/14 and is due to arrive Saturday 9/23. It was shipped by horse and buggy, I believe…. I hate to say this, but once it comes, I’m so completely done with the glossybox games.

  3. Has anyone received their box yet?

    • I sent them an email today asking for a tracking number and was told that they’re shipping later than they thought and that I should get an email this week. Then a few hours later, I received a shipping email. Strange? Couldn’t hurt to email them asking about it.

  4. Can glossydots be redeemed for this box or only for a regular box? Thanks.

  5. I bought one. Glossybox is an alienating company, in my experience, but this is for me a good box, even at the $40 price point. The only thing in it I’m not excited about is the perfume. I’m fussy when it comes to fragrance, and Jafra is an MLM, which I try to avoid. The brush, serum, and nail treatment are the big draws for me.

    • Hi Jay, I really think I would enjoy the perfume so hit me up for a swap after you receive it if you like. I will be listing more items the first of September! 😉

  6. I’m caving….has anyone used the Doctor Crystal? Is this a serum?

    • I cancelled my two subs but one ends in September so I got the $35 offer. Happy about this box…I don’t need anything..(except a great serum)…any suggestions?

      I really like Glossybox. I see it gets a bad rap…mostly due to the CS issues. I agree they are slooooow to get back with us. I had one issue…both (I’m a two box girl) Rodial lip liners did not work…dry..I contacted CS to let them know…NOT because i wanted another one…I kept saying if I were the manufacturer I would want to know a bad product was out there with my name on it. Without a photo sent to them and my insistence on not needing a new lip liner, they mailed me one anyway. I was pretty impressed. I totally understand frustration with bad CS…!!!! Pick up the phone….!! So simple and yet so satisfying for customers to talk to a real person.

      The products in the boxes are mostly good/great IMHO since I am new to box subscriptions — so all boxes are like Christmas morning to me (and for $10…wow!!) I cancelled my subs but will continue to keep an eye out for the “new Glossybox” that might come under new management. I hope it stays quality and picks up their customer service.

  7. For the Butter London Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer is it one sheet or the box that comes with 5 sheets? Does anyone know?

    • There’s no Sheets. It comes in a container

    • I’m not sure what you’re referring to. The Butter London is a nail polish treatment. The Laneige is a face mask and there will most likely be just one mask included.

    • I know the nail polish will come and Up full size bottle but it’s just a tinted moisturizer for your nails. Whenever I clicked on the link for the moisturizing face masks it took me to Target website and showed that they full size version comes with 5 sheets. They are marketing this box to be 7 full size products so I assume (Really hope with disappointment if I’m wrong) we will get five sheets.

      • I would not count on getting 5 sheet masks at all. I can count numerous times when Glossybox has considered a single sheet mask to be a “full size” item.

        • Exactly. Many sub boxes consider one sheet mask a full-sized item even though they can typically be bought in packs of 5 or 10.

  8. 🎉🎉 so excited for this box what a great value and good products!!! I’ve been waiting for a good box to come around and this is it! I’ve always loved their LE boxes!

    • The total value that I came up with is 179.80!
      16$-dr crystal
      18$-nail moisturizer
      19$-Bareminerals lip
      48$-It Brush

      • The perfume and serum will probably be in deluxe or travel sizes (wasn’t the perfume in a past Glossybox recently? 🤷‍♀ī¸ I might be wrong but there was a travel sized Jafra perfume in a beauty box not too long ago). This will still be a high RV box even if they are sample sizes and one of the only recent boxes from Glossybox that has tempted me to buy it!

      • Oh wait, it says all full sized but that the box has a total RV of $204! I wonder if there’s more than one mask? 🤷‍♀ī¸ Huh…?

        • Yeah I was totally wondering how they came up with 204$! I’m no math expert but I used the retail prices available online from their websites/Sephora and for the laniege masks the full size is 5 Masks for 24$ so I divided to come up with 4.80 because they only show one Mask in the pics plus other boxes count 1 Mask as a full size item, however the difference in my RV price of 179.80$ and glossyboxs is 24.20, and guess how much all 5 masks are??? 24$!! So that’s .20 cents over glossys RV of 204$guess we’ll see if they send one or all 5!!!
          now another thing I’m really wondering about is the Doctor Crystal because they don’t say if it’s the Serum or the Oil but there the same price; on sale for 15.98 with a regular RV of 39.95 and the price difference there is 23.97 which makes it close to glossys RV for the box so who knows either way it’s a good value I know I’d prefer all 5 masks! .and yes glossy did send out a travel sized Jafra perfume.

      • Yes, except the serum is regularly $40. It’s on sale for $16 until the 27th. So the true value is a bit higher.

  9. I just caved and ordered this. I really don’t need anything else, but I enjoy their LE boxes a lot.

  10. I just ordered one. Btw, is anyone else having problems redeeming Glossydots? I’ve been trying for months and Yes, I do have an active subscription, but I cannot get anyone to return my emails.

    • I redeemed mine last month. Just go to the page where your glossydots are listed and then check the small box that says apply to the right of Monthly Subscription and then hit apply again below to confirm.

    • I am too, but I really don’t want to use them until October because I have already paid thru Sept, but it says I am not active, but I am///so I don’t know. Go to Facebook and message them there maybe you will get a link to get a better response. Just an idea.

    • Thanks, customer service finally got back to me today and said they are only allowing Glossydots to be redeemed through an email inquiry. Basically they want to make it tiresome, maybe to get people to give up? Lol, We shall see if they send my box!

      • Damn. That’s a new policy. If they don’t want to give out free boxes then don’t advertise the glossy dots or do them. I hate subs that make you jump through hurdles to do things that should be as easy as one click on their website, i.e., cancelling. I’ve been with GB for over 4 years and never had a complaint. They better not mess with my glossydots ☚ī¸

  11. Do you get the full sized perfume!?

    • All 7 products are full sized.

      • Thank you!

  12. I think I am on product overload. Usually Glossy’s limited edition boxes interest me, but not this time.

    The only item I am interested in is the IT Cosmetics brush and the reviews on Sephora say you need to use a special cleanser with it to preserve the skincare benefits contained in the brush, and, well, that’s way too much trouble.

  13. I just got an email for a free sample of Urban Decays troublemaker mascara… Here’s the address for anyone interested… https :// ud-troublemaker. /start-public …. Of course without the spaces. It’s for everyone, not sure how long their gonna last though..

    • Thanks for sharing, but it looks like they are out. 🙁

      • Wow.. I figured they would go quick, but not that quick.

  14. I got a box. Everything will be used, except for the lipstick – I am a classic satin red lip girl.

  15. I emailed them a few days ago to cancel my August box, because I was tired of waiting for it and they said they would have it refunded to me by October! LOL

  16. Nope.. easy pass for me! Thank goodness..

    • I agree.

      • me too. Too many bad experiences with their CS to lure me back.

  17. I don’t NEED any of these things but I still bought it. I find it hard to pass on the LE boxes.

  18. First I was thinking no, then I looked up each of the products. I’m thinking this box looks very good. Might haveta get it!

    • I did the same thing. The brush retails for more than the cost of the box. I will use it all except the sheet mask. I hate slimy masks. I ordered a box.

      Glossybox has limited edition boxes left over from 2016 too. One is called Fighting Pretty that benefits a cancer charity and features a $160 jar of face cream for $40 for the box. The other one I ordered was called Filled with Love that was their 2016 Mother’s Day box but it doesn’t have any reference to Mother’s Day. It has a really nice eye shadow palette, a lipstick, clear gel nail top coat, a Laura Geller blush, Bare Minerals foaming cleanser (so much nicer than the Juice Beauty from the Beautyfix box) and more. Definitely worth $40.

      • How can you see the other boxes that you are referring too? I don’t see them on the website?

        • I could see them until today when they started to feature this box. Just Google Glossybox Fighting Pretty or Glossybox Filled with Love and it will take you to the pages. They are still there. On my phone, I could only see the most recent LE box that was sold out, even before today. On my computer or Ipad, I could see all of the boxes until today.

        • From the main Glossybox page, click on Gift at the top, and go to the bottom of that page to see three of their past LE boxes that are still available.

      • I don’t like slimy masks either but when I tried this one I fell in love. Okay not really, but it was one of the best wet masks I’ve used, I just have di many I can’t buy anymore right now.

      • That EMK face creme supra is fantastic. Love the cucumber sent and my niece with very dry skin loved it. I got two boxes so I shared. May have to get another for Christmas gifts.

        That mothers box from May 2016 was alsay a great box. I used the cleanser in the shower. Just ran out. Lasted me about 6 months once I opened it.

  19. OMG Yes! This is where the money I’m saving on my FFF box is going! Glossy Box always nails it with their LE Boxes.

  20. I want the IT cosmetics brush but other than that Idc about the rest. On the fence hmmm

    • Look on eBay for the brush. They come in a lot of kits for It products on QVC so people sell off their extras (I think I’ve sold 3 now).

  21. I am! The IT Cosmetics brush is $48 dollars on Sephora and I’ve always wanted it! So this is a great deal!

  22. I emailed Glossy box on August 13 about my broken Doucce Blush and to date they have yet to respond to me. Have not heard from their customer service. Does anyone know a toll free number I can call. This is unfortunately, the worst beauty box customer service I have experience.

    • I don’t, but they do finally respond baout 5-6 weeks later. They were very appologetic. They are clearly understaffed. I suspect they are a smaller business and can’t afford to hire more assosicates to handle emails.

    • There’s a number on their website. It might be in the faq’s. I’ve had good results by asking for help on their Facebook page.

    • Mine was broken too. I emailed on the 4th and just heard back from them yesterday. They originally sent a generic response that it could take up to 14 days for them to reply. They are sending me a new one.

    • I also received a broken compact. I emailed them last Sunday and got an answer Friday.The replacement is on the way.

  23. Looks like a nice box! I don’t need anything in it, but I still want it.

  24. I have 3 it cosmetics brushes and they are my fave. I’d love this one but not enough to buy the box.

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