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FYI – BeautyCon Box Subscriptions Have Ended


FYI – BeautyCon subscriptions have ended. (Thanks for the heads up Carlak!) If you had an annual subscription, you should see a refund for any remaining boxes soon.

Dear Beauty,

Per our very exciting recent announcement, we are skyrocketing into new e-commerce heights! We cannot share too much just yet, but we are shifting away from the box program into an exciting new endeavor and this Summer Box will be our last season of the Beautycon Box.

We promise to keep you in the loop as we dive into our new venture and hope you will stay with us on the journey. You have been an integral part of this community and we cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and love throughout each season!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We truly cannot wait to share next steps with you!

Cheers to the next big thing,

Beautycon Box Team

Check out our list of  Beauty Subscription Boxes if you are looking for an alternative!

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Comments (49)

  1. I got the email too. So disappointed. I thought this box was absolutely worth the 36 or so bucks I paid. Packed full of full size items, and most of them winners. This past summer was by far the weakest, so they probably were no longer invested in providing a great box by then. But the two before that were great! I’m sorry to see this go, and if they do go into a monthly sub, I’m there!

    • I’m sad to see this one go too. I heard it was because they lost so many subscribers after the fall 2016 box. Anyone know if that’s true?

  2. I’m so bummed about this :'( I just subscribed to it this year and only got the Spring and Summer boxes. I like how much stuff I got and the size of everything included. FabFitFun seems kind of similar-ish but it’s not all beauty stuff which is what I liked about the Beautycon Box. If anyone has and recommendations for a quarterly subscription box that’s beauty focused please let me know!!!

    • That’s what I liked about this subscription so much – there are no other good quarterly beauty subscriptions. I think Allure Thrills is awful.
      This was one of like three beauty subscriptions I’ve even still kept, so it’s definitely a loss for me. 🙁 I feel like they were the only ones to do it right.

      • It’s one I definitely wish I’d known about sooner. I get the Allure Beauty Box but somehow I’ve never heard of Allure Thrills so I just looked it up and you’re right, it looks like garbage. I have Sephora Play and Birchbox each for a year but canceled because I got really sick of all the tiny samples and ipsy only stuck with me for 3 or four months. I’ve had Allure Beauty Box since February but I was thinking about canceling and they enticed me with a lower monthly rate for four months so I’m keeping it for now. I’ve got the Nylon Box, hated the first one and the second one is okay but I think that’s one to keep an eye out for because I think it’ll keep getting better as they get more feedback. Still at a loss for a quarterly box with full size products though 😭

      • I never heard of Nylon Box – thanks for the tip!

      • I was just reading about Yuzen, which is also a seasonal box, maybe you’ll be into it.
        I am on the fence about that one because usually I prefer a lot more makeup in my beauty boxes, but otoh it might be a nice change of pace…

      • I was just looking at MSA’s list of 31 Best Makeup + Beauty Monthly Subscription Boxes for 2017 and saw Yuzen but it doesn’t look like something I would be interested in – I also like more makeup based and don’t like boxes that contain food because I’m hella picky. Look Fantastic speaks to me but it’s kind of expensive for me on top of Allure and Nylon though if I ever cancel Allure I’d probably switch to it. I decided to try out another monthly since none of the quarterly ones were speaking to me and went with Sisley because the price is right for a monthly box and it’s a brand I’ve always wanted to try but my pockets aren’t deep enough for any of their full sized products.

      • Look Fantastic has had more misses than hits in my personal experience, so definitely wait for the spoilers before you buy. Oh, and sometimes they offer pretty generous sign-on bonuses.
        The little Elle magazine it comes with is a nice touch, though – even I don’t read it, it just makes the presentation appear so much more upscale! 😉

      • I will keep that in mind! If Allure picks up for me I’ll be keeping it but there were a few months here lately where I was supremely disappointed plus their customer service sucks in my experience. The shipped my June box out in July and never sent me the July box even though I emailed several times asking when the July box would ship out, skipped straight to August, so I had to email CS to try and get the July box still because it was one that looked pretty good to me so I’m waiting on that. I’ve only had a peek at the August one because I’m waiting to photograph it for my blog and it seems okay but not great. If I’m still unhappy with it by November or December then I’m definitely canceling it. The Beautylish Lucky Bag is my favorite thing ever (not a subscription box though, just a mystery beauty box) so I’m counting down the days for that one.

      • Gosh, all the random useful tidbits I get from this site 🙂 – thanks, just signed up to be notified for the 2018 Beautylish Lucky Bag as well!

      • Be sure to jump on it as soon as you get notified because it sells out really fast! I’ve only had it once so far but I got a Viseart eyeshadow palette so it was definitely worth it to me.

      • Meant to say, even *if I don’t read it (the little Elle magazine). 🙂

        And thanks for the tip (on the Beautylish Lucky Bag), I will.

      • I tried Yuzwn and wasn’t a fan. I currently subscribe to about 15 boxes but have tried about 30. If full size makeup is what you want try Boxycharm, or Sosusan.

      • Yeah, I looked at the past Yuzen boxes and decided to pass for now – didn’t really see anything I’d be excited to receive.
        Thanks, I subscribe to Boxycharm already. 🙂 The only downside I’d say is all the black eyeliners, but it’s a great subscription otherwise and an amazing value.
        Besides that, I currently subscribe to Ipsy and Macy’s beauty box. I’ve been with Ipsy for four months, and haven’t really been happy with any of my bags (they don’t follow my profile, plus I hate receiving single eyeshadows). If next month the only good item I receive once again turns out to be the one I requested, I’ll unsubscribe.
        A lot of people were hating on Macy’s, but to me personally that subscription (so far, at least) makes a lot more sense. The very first box had more usable items than I’ve received from Ipsy in four months.
        In fact, I think if I were to pick only one subscription right now, it would be Macy’s (I like that they send those coupons, and that any beauty purchase on their website is shipped for free), because as great as Boxycharm is, I really don’t know what I’ll do with all the palettes. 🙂 But I’ll keep subscribing to Boxy until the end of this year.
        But now I am thinking subscribing to Ipsy gives me access to those Ipsy offers… Granted, the majority of them aren’t worth a second look, but occasionally you do find a deeply discounted gem. Ah, it’s a tough life, being a beauty addict, lol. 😉

        As for full size items: there are other, less-known subscriptions that offer that, like Wantable and Look Incredible, but I unsubscribed from both. Wasn’t wowed, plus Look Incredible sent me royal blue lipstick, which really p*ssed me off. :-> Oh, Lola Beauty Box also sends full size items, but they have other problems.

      • Try boxycharm they give you full size products I have tried it and I love it.

      • Boxycharm looks amazing, I’ve thought about it before, but it’s just too expensive on top of the other subscriptions I have. If I ever went down to just one subscription box a month it would be a good one though.

    • Ricky’s Cult Crushes is only $11 a month for 5 products, & I’ve noticed that they send very similar stuff to Beautycon. (Once even the same product in a different shade.)

      • I just looked that one up and it could be a contender for the future! I’m signed up for three subscription boxes now which is probably two too many but I need to try all the things!

      • Thank you for this! I looked up past boxes, and while they don’t all appeal to me, some of them I thought were quite good, so I subscribed for now.

      • I don’t really have anywhere else to post this since this site doesn’t review Ricky’s Cult Crushes (yet), but I received my September box today and it’s nothing short of amazing! I got an HSI mini hair straightening iron and a large Z palette with magnets, and three other items! All for $11 plus tax!

        Thanks again, I wouldn’t have known about this box if it weren’t for you. 🙂

    • I know im bummed too but got refunded the remaining 25 bucks

    • If you want check out ebay or poshmark they have old boxes from last year. I got my fall box there but it might be a bit pricey.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I’m kind of bummed that they’re discontinuing their subscription box service. On the other hand though, most of the boxes weren’t really well curated or thought out. This year’s Spring box was the best out of all of the boxes that I received (my first box was the Summer 2016 Kandee Johnson box). Maybe they realized that they weren’t cut out to be in the subscription box business after all and decided to nip it in the bud before it was too late. Anyways, my bank account started jumping for joy upon hearing this news.

  4. Well, there goes my dreams of Wayne Goss curating a box. The website hasn’t been updated. Says it’s seasonal but you can only buy the summer box and promo codes don’t work.
    It was more hit than miss, so I’m sad to see it go.

  5. So Sad to see this go! I subscribe to a lot of boxes but this one is by far my favorite. a
    Amazing value and tons of product that I’ve fallen in love with.

    Excited to see what’s next for them.

  6. Interesting! I forgot to cancel after the summer box, so I figured I’d give it one more season. It wasn’t usually worth the $29+shipping they were charging. And the whole “you can only cancel 7 days after receiving your box” was craaazy. Anyway, hopefully they move to a cheaper, monthly sub, that aligns in value with the competition.

  7. I’m bummed. In general, overall I liked this sub. If they are switching to a monthly sub, I’ll probably re-sub based on spoilers. I’m not spending any money anymore without spoilers.

    It was the one of the last of my active subs.

  8. That’s too bad. I received the Spring and Summer boxes and really liked both.

  9. Boo hoo I loved this box!!

  10. Hmm, I wasn’t pleased at all with this past Summer box but I’m not sure how I feel about the subscription service being “done” away with.
    Their customer service was AWFUL, but it was still a great way to experience colors and items I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards.

  11. Haha, I was going to cancel after my Better than Black Friday deal ran out. Instead, Beautycon canceled me! 😂

    In the email, they’ve noted that they have given me a refund for $24.75 for the fall box that isn’t coming. It’s not showing up on my credit card yet (but then, neither is the payment I made yesterday, lol).

    • They told me my Better then Black Friday deal already ran out? They said this summer’s box was the 4th box.

      • The BTBF promo ran as they changed over from the fall to winter boxes. If you signed up at the beginning of the week, you got the fall box. I waited til the end of the week to sign up so that I could start with the winter box.

      • Ah yes, that’s right. Totally forgot about that. Thanks for clarifying!

  12. I don’t think I will be supporting whatever they do next. Out of all of the subscription boxes I’ve tired, this one had the worst customer service. They made a huge mistake on my account and didn’t even apologize. I had to contact them 3 times for them to realize their mistake and it fixed. Not to mention the last couple boxes have not been the best. I’ve been a subscriber for about 2 years and the first year was wonderful. This year things sort of fell apart, and I am a big believer that if you’re going to do something do it well and I could tell they were winding down especially in this last summer box.

  13. Bummer. It was a pain to cancel, but they always had good boxes for the most part.

  14. Aww, I only learned of this subscription this summer, and now they are done. 🙁

  15. Good. I got angry that they didn’t accept their own coupon and cancelled them a bit ago. I bought an annual sub for Black Friday. You got 30% off and a FREE box. They argued with me on that free box so long I just gave up and took it as a loss, even after going back and showing them the post on here from around Black Friday that said free box very clearly. So I hate to imagine how many others got upset over that too.

  16. I called them a few weeks ago and a rep told me that they were doing away with annual subscriptions but were still doing month to month starting in the fall. She also said they were doing away with charging for shipping. Now they are out of business? The email was confusing. What new venture are they talking about?

    • They’re not out of business, they’re just not doing quarterly subs any more. MSA seems to have quoted only the first paragraph of the email. Here’s the rest of the mail I got:

      We promise to keep you in the loop as we dive into our new venture and hope you will stay with us on the journey. You have been an integral part of this community and we cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and love throughout each season!

      Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We truly cannot wait to share next steps with you!

      Cheers to the next big thing,

      Beautycon Box Team

      • Interesting.
        Why didn’t all subscribers get the email?
        If it weren’t for MSA, I wouldn’t have even known. 🙁

      • My email also says I got a refund for one box I won’t be getting. Could be they’re rolling out refunds/emails? Or maybe it’s in a spam filter?

      • I received the email, but no refund as of yet…I sure hope this is not another Serendipity/LLB fiasco…I never did get any refund for those and I had over 1/2 of my subs still due to me. This is starting to get frustrating and makes me want to go monthly in place of annual on my subs…at least then you pay more but do not lose money for service or products not provided.

      • Did you contact your bank for those?
        I had no problem getting my money back for my So Choix subscriptions when they went out of business, the bank didn’t even ask how many months I’ve already received, they just refunded me in full.

      • Oh, I finally received my email too, just now.

    • They probably don’t have a new venture. It’s just a way to avoid saying “we can’t sustain this anymore… Bummer. Oh well.”

      • Sort of like 3B box (beauty beyond borders k-beauty) They stopped the boxes, said basically something new coming, never heard from them again. Glad I was paying monthly on that one

  17. Well I guess I can take this box off my list of boxes I was thinking of subscribing to.

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