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FREE TRIP with Limited Edition Travel in Style Luxor Box! UPDATES!

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Luxor Box

WOW! Luxor Box is offering a free trip if you purchase the Special Edition Luxurious Travel Box! (If you already bought this box, you’ll be getting this free trip bonus as well.)

And for 24 hours only, if you order the box, you’ll also get a free trip:

Here are the details:

*Free Bonus Trip Gift Terms: Free trip will be in the form of a trip travel certificate. You will need to use the certificate with-in 1 year of issue. All details on how to redeem your free trip will be listed on the travel certificate. All certificates will be included in your Luxurious Travel Special Edition Box. Each Luxurious Travel Box order placed during the next 24 hours and all orders already placed for our Luxurious Travel Box from 8/21/17-8/30/17 will receive this free bonus in their boxes of a free trip travel certificate good for: Round-trip airfare for one, 3 days/2 nights’ hotel accommodations for two to your choice of ONE of the 8 cities below:
New York, Miami, New Orleans, San Antonio, San Francisco, DC, Myrtle Beach or Orlando!
Free bonus gift ONLY available for the next 24 hours or while supplies last. Free bonus gift offer ends at 2pm EST on 8/30/17 unless we sell out sooner.

UPDATES from Luxor Box:

-There is no time-share involved
–All major airlines, no charters
-All major airports in US and Canada
-All 3-4 star hotels 
-All different hotels are used depending on dates and destination and what is available
-It is best to book 60 days in advance for best possible selection
-Some black out dates which are the major holidays but we were told if they book 60 days in advance this can sometimes allow travel on the blackout dates
-Some restrictions apply. The customer is responsible for paying taxes and a small one-time processing fee of $39.
Value is hard to determine since it will depend on what destination is picked and the time of year traveling.
-We are paying for the basic package of 1 round trip airline ticket and 2 nights in a hotel and if the customer wants to upgrade, they have that option.

And in case you missed it, here are the two spoilers for this box:

Travel in LUXOR style this holiday season. This box will be jam packed with 12 luxurious items for ALL your travel needs. This box contains all NEW items – not repeat items from past boxes.

The box will include:

Halcyon Days Honeycomb Black & Palladium Bangle – $215

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

KIKO 5-Piece Leather Travel Set

The set includes:

Each Limited Edition box will have a total value of over $1,000.

The box is available as a one-time purchase with no subscription. The cost is $450 (USA) or $500 (Canada), shipping included, and ships the week of October 30th, 2017

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The travel voucher is SO worth it to me. The value from where I live to NYC just in airfare is worth more than the cost of the whole box. Since I go to NYC 1-2 times per year, that is real money I would have spent. This takes all of the risk away from the items in the box since they are essentially free!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

  2. It looks like it’s available again. I just ordered and literally gasped as I hit confirm on the $450+ order. WHAT HAVE I DONE!

  3. I looked up those travel certificates online. They are a marketing tool for companies such as this Luxor Box. I did see that they have restrictions on the use of the certificates to one per household per year and that you must purchase the second airfare through them for it to be valid. That’s how the companies who issue these vouchers make money. I sincerely hope that Luxor Box used another type of certificate but it doesn’t seem likely. I’m sure the value of the items in the box will make the purchase worthwhile even if the travel vouchers are not what they are cracked up to be.

    • If you really have to buy a second airfare through them to use the certificate, that’s a pretty big condition that Luxor Box left out of their update. That would be very deceptive. I would email them and ask for a partial refund if this happens.

      • I agree. That should totally have been mentioned in the update/fine print, so I’m really hoping that’s not the case. What if the second person going on the trip lives close enough to drive to the hotel and meet up with the person who flew in on the free airfare so a second airfare isn’t needed? I love the Kiko leather bag and am excited about the cashmere travel item spoiler, so I didn’t purchase based solely on the trip voucher (I knew a “free trip” would have fees/strings, etc. as nothing is really free) but it did influence my decision to get off the fence and purchase the box. I will be really disappointed if I have to purchase a second airfare in order to use the voucher.

  4. SOOOO BUMMED I MISSED THIS! I would’ve done it too! Bet something like this won’t come around again but it sure would be cool if it did! Wish I knew who the “travel certificate ” was from!! I’m in love with that bracelet! It’s so my style so if anyone wants to swap please let me know I’m on the swap site but literally have hundreds of items and no time to list them all to swap with!!

    • It says its still available on their website.

  5. I ordered as soon as I received the email. I was super excited. 12 items worth $1200 plus a free travel voucher for airfare and hotel stay. The travel is what did it for me. I figured there could be restrictions, but I trusted the reputation of Luxor Box, so I ordered. I’m a little deflated seeing the taxes and fee caveat. They should have been upfront in the email. Free should mean free, Luxor. I wouldnt have ordered. I’m annoyed. Hope it’s not worse with some sort of mileage restriction squashing my excitement to travel from the east coast to the west. I’m trying to remain positive, but… Wonder if I can return it based on false advertising. Buyer beware, I guess.

  6. Darn. I was too slow for this one Would have jumped on it in a heartbeat had I seen it earlier. Better for my pocketbook that I didn’t I suppose! 🙁

  7. After seriously considering this box for the past 6 hours, I finally decided to bite the bullet. I crossed my fingers that the travel voucher would work to visit my sister in NYC, pressed buy, and was informed that THE BOX IS SOLD OUT. $450 saved, I guess?

    • I also took too long deliberating & missed out on the box. I thought they would at least last through the night!

      • If you’re still interested, I actually reached out to Luxor Box because I saw they still had them on their site as for sale. This is what I received back. (FYI they responded back FAST. Props to them.)

        “The sale did end but we have had some credit cards and e check payments that did not process so we put those boxes back in the store. There are only a few and they all include the free travel certificate so if you are interested we suggest you grab one asap before they sell out. Thanks so much and we hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. :-)”

  8. FYI – it’s now sold out. 🙁

  9. Well, after thinking back and forth, I decided to NOT get it and I’m so proud of myself. I don’t like any of the spoilers so far and the trip seems to have lots of hidden fees and there is no guarantee that my husband and I can fly in the same trip because they only offer 1 air ticket and it’s in some kinds of “gift certificate”. and I don’t like to be dictated where to stay at my hotel either. Yay for my self-control this time. I was super tempted in the morning, but as I think about it more, my excitements fade over time and my skeptics raise more and more.

  10. Ok…I just purchased a box….and I’m super excited…BUT…did anyone else notice that they originally said this box would have 12 items with a retail of $1,200…and now they are saying 11+ items with a retail of $1,000+. Hmmmm

    • Oh no – I didn’t pick up on this. That’s really annoying!

      The travel certificate was just icing for me and I was banking on the $1,200 since the 2 spoilers are already close to 50% of the value and I wasn’t trilled with either one of these.
      New to Luxor but not sure I like this tactic – your value should be locked in by the time the box is selling. I’m in close to $700 w/ September & 1 special sale item – not good.

    • The website still says 12 items with a value of $1200. Where are you seeing it reduced to 11 items?

  11. My fomo is killing me right now! Maybe it’s a good thing payday isn’t till thurs 😆 jk where is my credit card…

  12. Just pulled the trigger as well. I like the bracelet and am hoping for a cashmere blanket or scarf.

    I figure the trip would make a nice Christmas gift for someone if I don’t use it.

    • Yeah that bracelet is awesome totally my style wish I wouldn’t have missed out on this!!!

  13. I just bit the bullet and can’t believe I did that. Wow, I am shocked I allowed myself to spend that much. I sure hope the trip voucher is worth it cuz I don’t like any of the spoilers besides the trip. 😂

    • I feel the same way… don’t care much about the spoilers… but still can’t allow myself to do it just yet…. let’s see if it’s still available when I get home.

      • @sam good luck! Maybe you will have more self control than I do. I wasn’t going to do it then my husband said I should, so I did. I am kicking myself! I just wish Nashville was one of the chosen cities. Haha.

        • I’m from Los Angeles so airfare from here to NY, DC or FL is about $375-$400 when you book off season or when they have fare sales… so I’m telling myself for the extra $50-$75 I’m getting two hotel nights and the box….

          things we say to justify it to ourselves huh? Hahaha

          • @sam— I am in L.A., too! And what made me pull the trigger was my mom telling me how much she paid to fly out here (from Nashville, not one of the chosen trip cities) in October–It was well over $400. And she’s coming out to watch my kids so I can go to New Orleans and I paid over $300 for my plane ticket alone. So I figured this is worth it for airfare and hotel, plus the stuff in the box. Hopefully there is at least one item in there I like. 🙂

  14. Willing to trade for any of the can say I have much to offer. Fall FFF box? Let me know.

  15. I got this but don’t love the bangle. Anyone getting the September Luxor Box want to trade for the bracelet in that box?

    • Yes. I might be willing to trade!

      • Awesome! I’ll follow you. What’s your user name?

        • It’s Yana. If you list it, I will find you. Or how do you want to do this?

          • I listed it! My name is Laura.

  16. “-Some restrictions apply. The customer is responsible for paying taxes and a small one-time processing fee of $39. ”

    I hope everyone understands that plane tickets are expensive due to the taxes. I recently went to the UK and my ticket round trip was $1200 and the actual ticket cost was $200. Also hotels charge a hefty tax. I mean I would think this “free trip” for me will likely cost $400-$600 after taxes, If I fly from Seattle anywhere past the mid west. It will like be a couple hundred more if I travel with my husband.

    • I’ve never paid more than $150 for taxes, what airline was this??? I just bought a roundtrip ticket from the US to Tokyo and it was $136 taxes

      • Right!?!? 1000$ In taxes I seriously doubt that what percentage would that be?? 1200%???

      • I have never seen taxes amount to more than the base airfaire.

      • Yes that’s because you are not flying British airways. I’m a very frequent flyer and I’m going to assume the PP is flying BA, whose flights to Europe often have $400-600 in taxes. I flew to Fiji last week for $5 in taxes. It depends on the airline and British airways is notorious for having high taxes.

    • I agree that the free trip will cost money, but I was thinking in terms of rental cars, food, etc. Though your estimate of $400-$600 is about what I figured it would be as well.
      For the money I’d rather go to a destination of my choosing.

  17. Thanks so much, Liz, for getting all these details.

  18. We just bought 2 boxes so we can get 2 tickets and extra hotel nights. I think it’s a good deal, because the tickets are expensive.

  19. I went on their website and they are not giving any additional details. Being a skeptic I imagine there is a mileage limit. Just wonder if it would get me from NC to New Orleans? The round trip flight will be as much as the box and I would get all the items in the box. Which brings to mind they say 12 items in the box. If you count 5 of the leather items, 1 for the bracelet and 1 for the Cashmere item, that would leave 5 more items to be put in the box. Right?????

  20. Wow, they must be slammed. My thoughts are that if you’re 50% into the box then it’s a great deal b/c the trip really is gravy. If you’re buying it just for the trip then maybe too many unknowns.

    I liked the bracelet but not the tote but was on the fence and decided to give it a try. I also opted to try the September box too & 1 of the special sale items. Hopefully I like everything once received.

    • WoW lucky duck! U got all the goods! Hope u Enjoy everything! Let’s us know!!

  21. So, even from Hawaii (where I live)??? That’s a $1000 ticket to the east coast cities!! sounds too good to be true. Liz, can you confirm that travel from Hawaii is included?

  22. I’m still trying to think through all the facts. The trip is probably worth $450 so the box is basically gravy. But how do we book a second plane ticket on the same flight? How does a travel certificate work exactly – do we book the hotel or do they? Certificate implies there’s an amount attached. This seems like a great deal but Im still wondering if there’s a catch and how the company can possibly make money?

  23. Thanks Liz! I’m sure you are getting slammed with requests for details on this one! lol

    Any idea if there is a singles supplement charge for the hotel? Like do we HAVE to have two people sharing a room?

    And the last question I have since I am in Florida already and two of the choices are Florida…I could use this to fly to San Fran? Because that is an extremely expensive airline ticket for me from here….

    I have never been soo tempted to sign up for a box as I am for this one. lol

  24. This is so tempting…………

  25. Yay! No time-share. So glad I gave in and purchased this box!! Now the question is…is it cheaper to buy another box or pay for another airline ticket??? Hmmm…guess I will need to figure that out in the next several hours.

    Although…we could all say to heck with our significant others and go to the same place and have a big MSA convention 🙂

    • I’m also thinking of nabbing another box to get the second airfare, although I love your idea of us addicts meeting up! Live swap party!!

  26. Thanks for the updates liz, truly appreciated 🙂

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