1. Has anyone ever had good luck with the mystery bundle? This is my first time for add ones but I’m skeptical.

    • Hello, I also would like to know if anyone got the “mystery bundle” before? I got it this time and I am curious of what it is and if it’s a good value? The Editors said this is one of the Top 5 items they are excited for of the Add-Ons. I am looking forward to it.

  2. According to the site the add-ons are now live for everyone. Every time I click on add-ons, though, it tells me to upgrade my subscription. Is this a common problem or am I reading wrong about them now being open?? Anyone know?

    • Just chatted with a rep, the add ons don’t open until 9am PST (which is 12 EST for me). Boo! More waiting lol

      • Grrr. That stupid countdown on their site needs demolished lol.

      • Grrr. That stupid countdown on their site needs demolished lol. I just looked again and it’s now counting up. Killing me lol.

    • I’m having the same problem!

  3. Can anyone let me know what the discounted price of that brk bottle is? I’m not a select member 🙁

    • $21 and they’re still available

  4. Has any recently noticed if the dr brandts is still available for an add on? And the cost?

    • $19, and still available.

  5. I just don’t understand this stuff. Over half of it looks like they buy it in bulk from China (you know that’s what actually happens) then sell it to you for a ridiculous marked-up price. They are making a killing charging $100 for these boxes plus add-ons. As fun as it is to get the box, I’ll wait until it’s at least half off. All this stuff can be found in clearance sections of any store, or on a swap site or a cheap beauty box. Then when people swap it they act like the retail value is ACTUALLY $47 or whatever. Please, if it was worth that much the company would be in the extreme negative. These things are not worth what they say they are. Sorry to be a downer I just wish the items looked worth the prices.

    • Each box is only $50/ quarter… it’s only more than that IF you get the add ons..

    • Each box is only $49.99/quarter.. it’s only more than that IF you get add ons..

    • Where are the prices for the fab fit fun add on items. I can’t find them, thanks

    • If you tried spongelle you’d disagree. And while the retail prices are high it is what they sell for at sephora and stores like that but because of the bulk sales, and what companies hope for as new consumers they can sell it for just a little over cost and everyone wins.

    • i really agree…..people that go by retail value on a box they paid less then 30.00 (just an example) and get 4/5 items and then want to trade or resell one item for 40 or 50 dollars is just insane to me

  6. I’m up to about $100 but the more I look the more I want. It’s my 3rd experience with add ons and I’ve been select each time. There have been a few things I wasn’t able to get but generally if you check the site daily you can get most things. I liked last seasons add ons better but we all have different tastes. I bought the A Marie Aladdin choker and purchased 2 more for gifts. It’s a great basic necklace! The extension allows it to be worn as a 15-16″ necklace. Absolutely love it!!

  7. Any one else having problems with add one when there is a selection? When I hit selection it just shows a larger picture. Maybe a good think for my bank account!!

    • On mine it also shows a bigger picture but I am able to scroll down a little in that picture and then it shows the selections.

  8. I should have added items to my cart sooner. A couple things are out of stock already.

    • May I ask you what is sold out? I am debating whether or not to upgrade to select membership so I can grab some of the add ons before everything I like sells out. Thank you.

  9. Does anyone know the difference between the Dr. Brandt poredermabrasion and the microdermabrasion?

  10. This is interesting. I hadn’t realized that they had this many add-ones and it is kinda like build your own box.

  11. I was hoping there would be more fall/seasonal items but that isn’t the case. Hope the box itself is more fall/seasonal focused!

    I’ve been wanting some packing pods, so I picked those up! My favorite color is purple too!

  12. Has anyone tried the Zoe Ayla brushes? I haven’t seen them in a store and wasn’t sure about the quality. I saw possibly the same set on groupon with mixed reviews (but a better price if anyone is looking) but wasn’t sure if groupon ever had knockoffs?

  13. Shopping the add-ons is a little frustrating. FFF- improve your product descriptions. For clothing and accessories give fabric content and care instructions. For beauty products give size info. For other items give basic information. For the lay flat notebooks they say “lined or blank pages.” So are they lined or blank????? And how many pages are there?????

    • I agree, but I research this information on the actual product websites. I think fff could easily provide this information or add the link. My issue is more with the site itself. I keep trying to add two items to my cart that say it’s almost gone but can’t because it is gone yet it doesn’t show up with the out of stock items at the bottom of the page. Frustrating.

  14. I wish they would include the luma brush in the box….

    • YES!!!!!

  15. The copper candle and wishbone jewelry holder might have my name on them.

    I like some of the jewelry too but I just picked up similar pieces at the gorjana end of season sale. The rest of the items seem like repeats.

    • Lauren I love the candle & wishbone hanger as well…..woo hoo 😍

  16. No one has mentioned that beautiful copper candle so I felt like it should be brought up 😀 lol, but seriously I have the 4 max in my cart for “gifts,” but the pic of it lit is SO pretty I’m not sure I’m going to be able to part with it!

    • The scent description of the copper candle sounds really nice too!

  17. If I’m not an annual, will I still have an opportunity to pick up most of these items? Or do a lot of them sell out?

    • Usually you can grab everything you want but it might take some stalking the site. If something you want is sold out, keep checking back (especially right before it closes) because people with come to grip with reality and dump a lot of products they can’t actually afford…

      • Thank you. That’s good to know. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to upgrade my membership. There are a few of these items I’d like to pick up but I didn’t want to make the leap based solely on them.

  18. Weird… I’m not seeing the Murad products when I load the page only the bundle with the juice beauty. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Same here!

    • They’re saying it’s because I’m in alaska, I don’t see why these products would have restrictions!

      • Yeah that’s odd. I’m Canadian and Murad is a Canadian brand that I always buy. I’ll try on my laptop rather than my phone.

        • I contacted CS and they indicated that they couldn’t ship the Murad product to us because of customs policies.

          • Yeah it’s odd especially since we can buy Murad products here and there is a Murad product in the one bundle 🙁

  19. I’m pretty excited for my add-ons, like the blue light blocking glasses, straightening brush, heel spray, and the bag that was teased. Such great prices too!!

    • I just bought a new glasses with blue light block and it is amazing how less tired my eyes feel! If you spend all they in front a computer you will love!!

  20. Does anyone know if you can wear the blue blocking glasses with contacts? I”m on the computer a lot during the day so I thought those glasses sounded like a good idea, but I wear contacts and not sure if it will interfere with my vision.

    • Absolutely no problem, in fact they are perfect for contact lens wearers! I love my blue blocking glasses when on the computer.

  21. Did anyone get their add on credit for the referrals? Maybe I shouldn’t have shipped them to my address.

    • I’m supposed to have an add-on credit for $10 from upgrading, this was in my account before, but now I’m not seeing it anywhere. It’s not even being subtracted from my add-on cart like it would do before.

      Is anyone seeing their add-on credits?

      • I didn’t see my add-on credit either, so I sent them an email. They said that it was expired, but would give it to me this once. It wasn’t expired. I added on the annual membership when they had extended the offer. I have to say, the response time was quick!

  22. It was easier to pass on many of these when I remembered that it is *highly* likely that I will get plenty more hand creams, body washes, makeup palettes, and hair supplies in future boxes, as these seem to be staples of subscription boxes. They also seem to feel more special to me if they come as a nice surprise, honestly.

    I just added things that felt useful and less likely to be in future boxes (like the food scale – I’ve been wanting one of those for baking anyway!).

  23. 1. Love that handbag is very trendy and an awesome fit for any fall and winter outfit
    2. I am getting the heel spray you cannot find that price even on E-bay
    3. that cute scale is very nice price and nice brand.
    4.makeup Remover wipes are nice and great price as well.

  24. Such a relief. I was hesitant to cancel until I receive my Editor’s Box today, but no FOMO here. I have gotten some of those items for half off their “discounted” prices via eBay. I mean, I’ve gotten 3 of those salt kits for about less than ten dollars- shipping included. I’m using them for stocking stuffers and had hoped to find more little gifts in the add-ons.

    And yeah, where is all the “fall” stuff?

    • I agree. I was super hyped up about it but you know what? I really don’t need it because I have a lot of that stuff or know how to shop ebay/different site sales. Very relieved I didn’t have to upgrade to a yearly membership for a ‘hot’ deal. I just got my editors box today too with my $20 add on of Bum Bum acai cream and I think I can live if I cancel .

      • Right? I know it is silly to complain, but everyone always talks up the fall/winter boxes and I guess I just expected more fall stuff in the add-ons. Oh, well!

  25. It’s even worse than I thought—20 items currently in my cart, including several bundles. Oh my…

    • I had 123 when I started, then 78, now 42… I need to get rid of more!

  26. No pedi spongelle but sooo happy with the spongelle bundle! This covers most of my christmas shopping for the women in my life! *happy dance* Now if i can make myself part with the mitt….

  27. I might have to resub….These add-ons are awesome!! I’ve wanted to try African Botanics for a while, but can’t get around the price tag.. Same with BumBum and Kopari, then there is Brigeo & the Juice Peel …. here they are, all in one place….all discounted heavily…its like making you’re own box….I am really impressed actually….some of those earrings are cute too!

  28. Liz, I was looking for he herbivore items from the spoiler, specifically the jasmine oil but it’s not anywhere.. any idea if it will be added or was it not supposed to be in the spoiler picture?

    • It is already sold out, I can see it at the end of the list.

      • No, that’s not it. Those were the bath salts. I was looking for the jasmine oil that was in the spoiler pic on another post.

        • It may be out on the site later today or this week! If i’m not mistaken, the add-ons aren’t coming out all at one time.

  29. I just cancelled my subscription in July… must stay strong… but this makes it so hard. 🙁

  30. Has anyone tried the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel? If so, did it make your skin red or irritated?

    • I have tried it ! nope is a gentle formula.

    • I’ve also tried this peel, and it did not have any effect on my skin. No redness or irritation.

  31. That was really fun. This is the first time I added many things. By the time it comes I won’t care about all the summer things that I ordered! I will be wanting fall scents.

  32. So happy there’s a max of 4 per item because I want alllllll the murad!!! Last time I spent only $70 in add ons… this time??? My bank account is going to be depressed!!

  33. I dissed the add-ons in the spoiler post and now I have $200 worth in my cart. #nowillpower

  34. Where are the fall themed items that aren’t from past boxes? Disappointed these aren’t really season related. Second season I’ve resisted add ons. Hope the box for fall is a lot better than their summer box.

  35. Of course I have zero resistance so I have like 10 add-ons already to my box amounting to $115. Hot damn. Going to have to reduce some stuff, for sure.

    Does FFF add more stuff as time passes? I don’t remember.

  36. Great. No FOMO here. Now I can just sit back and relax while waiting for the first spoiler 🙂

  37. Somehow I added 25 items !! How did that happen lmao 🤦🏻‍♀️

  38. My wallet is wailing rn…. 💸

  39. I kind of feel like it’s the same stuff, over and over again…….I think this is an easy pass for me. 🙁

  40. Not nearly as good as the last two times…

    • I agree. I’m always “a day late and a dollar short” with these things. I was drooling over the add ons from the last few times but didn’t become a select member until last month 🙁 I’m very disappointed by these add ones but I guess that’s good for my wallet.

  41. Oh god! so many lovely stuff ! FFF is killing my wallet with their add-ons

  42. I can’t see the Endless Summer Body Bundle… So I got the trigger ball, mini foam roller, and massage roller separately =(

    • It’s not under fitness or bundles for some reason, you have to go to all and it’s at the bottom

  43. I wish they’d put out all the add-ons at once. I hate going back to keep checking for new stuff. I know – that’s they’re plan! and it works! agh. Anyway, a couple of good things. Love me some spongelle’s.

  44. I add and can’t wait for the goodies! First time! Any one purchased the mystery bundle before? Is it worth it?

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