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BoxyCharm September 2017 SPOILER!

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We have our first item spoiler for the September 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks to Boxycharm Beauties!)

The September box will include:


PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette – Value $34

What do you think of the first September 2017 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I am so happy to be getting this box again. I am in desperate need of some full size products since I have not bought myself any makeup in months! this palette looks great for fall and I love to wear these colors. so excited to see what else will be in the Sept box. yay!

    • I’m excited too. Have always steered clear of these colors. I didn’t think I could wear them. I finally tried them and love it.

      Plus 4 mattes, 4 velvet, 4 simmer is perfect. I think a palette with a bunch of mattes is more versatile.

      I can’t wait to see what the other items are!

  2. This is my first box 💓 Excited I got off the waitlist pretty quickly about a week

  3. I wonder how long it takes to get off the waitlist? I would love to have the August box too!

    • I am honestly very disappointed in Body Charm and the whole waitlist. I received a email from them, saying I could skip the waitlist and receive August’ s box, so I caved and subbed. Of course, as soon as I put in my payment info, i was waitlisted! The only reason I subbed again was because of that email and I really wanted that box. I have reached out to Boxy Charm through email and Facebook and still no response. I am cancelling. Hopefully, they take you off the waitlist soon.

      • The same thing happened to me! I emailed them, but no reply since thr auto one sayinfg I’d hear from them in 48-72 hours. It’s been more hours than that. But, I don’t want to cancel because this is a pretty palette… although I would have preferred their My Little Pony palette, this will pair nicely with it.

      • email their support. they are very responsive. had the same issue and they corrected it. they put me back with no issues and the august box is shipped! try that. good luck!!

    • it took me about 3 weeks

    • I was only on it a couple of days. I Signed up on August 2 and will be receiving the August box.

    • There’s no wait list!

      • Wait, did people get taken off the waitlist again?!

        • They took the stopped the wait list for August.

  4. Happy dance! I understand people may be getting tired of warm tones, but as I have blue eyes and LOVE the autumn colors (and this is the first palette of the fall) I am super excited. I don’t think I can ever have too many palettes. And, yes, I do use them all but not daily. in fact, I probably use them more than I do ‘new’ black eyeliners, lol.

  5. I love pallets !! Bring it on !

  6. I think I’ll hold on another month, but if you look at the this and the last two palettes, it’s just warms. I’m over these colors, there has to be another option!

    • Im we are getting into fall ? So it might be the season for these colors ??

      • It’s been these colors all year. Spring, summer, now fall. All the palettes that came out are pretty much all warm. How many variations of gold and spicy colors does one need?

        • i love the palettes we have gotten but i agree.. i would love to get something different.. like a palette of bright neons even ….

          • I thought more that’s what is “in style” at the moment that’s why were getting swarms of the same colors, but if you have a lot of boxes like I do you’re getting 50 of the same thing as soon as the new trend of something different comes out it should change

    • The electric pallet was warm but some of the shades were pretty intense. The Tarte pallet is cool toned though, so naturally it will be followed by a warm…..

    • Neutral colors are flattering for all..and are more than the box alone…i love them because I could never afford this high end make up ..but you can always gift to some one and make their day..i always share what I don’t like because I do get a couple other sub boxes but boxycharm by far is my fave…js

  7. Yay! Mine shipped finally. I am so excited. I love my boxycharm. Palettes are the bomb. Anything FULL size….hehe

  8. Can someone please help me? I tried to join the Boxycharm Beauties group on Facebook, but I completely forgot how everything works because I haven’t been on it in ages. I requested to enter the group but now I can’t even see it when I click the link from this post or when I search it 🙁

    • There was a falling out with the admins, so the page was deleted. However, Brooke and Jordan made a new group called Boxy babes

  9. Boxy seems to be including a lot of Pur products. Within the last six months, we have had the Pur beauty blender trio (which were as hard as rocks), the Pur false eyelashes (with an uncomfortable band based on early reviews) this month and now a Pur eyeshadow palette next month.

    I hope this palette is better than the past Pur items we received. Not sure why we are getting Pur stuff this often.

    • I have a Pur bronzer that came with a foundation I bought a few years ago. It’s too dark for me to use as a bronzer but I sometimes use it as a crease color when I want a more natural eye look. It blends really nicely. Hopefully these shadows will be just as good. I’m excited to try them.

    • Well, they probably have a sponsor agreement.

    • See I was SO excited to recieve the PUR brushes over the sponges! The concealer brush is so freaking nice and performs so well! The eyelashes are meh but with my blonde hair, blue eyes, and virtually translucent skin, I virtually only use neutrals for eyeshadow! I am probably going to get rid of the Tarte Palette & hold out for this instead ☺️

    • I own this palette already and it is absolutely amazing. You can create so many looks with it. I love it!

  10. I’m super excited about this!! 😍

  11. I’m so overwhelmed with eyeshadows. More Neutrals? Bye.

  12. I love any PUR item they put in my box! 😍😍

  13. If you’re put on the waiting list, do you pay right away or when your first box is shipped?

    • The month when your box is shipped. I got charged the same day I got the email saying I was off the waitlist.

      • Thank you!!

  14. Is this palette in every charmers box or a possible variant item?

    • In every box. The first couple of items they spoil are non-variant.

      • Oh okay, thank you! I’m a new subscriber so I’m not too familiar with how things go 🙂

        • Sure, no problem. ✌

  15. I’m super excited for this palette. I watched a video with a bunch of looks from this palette. If any one is interested it’s Kristen Gehm channel. She is AMAZING. Beautiful looks. I’m so Happy I signed up for this box. I just did this month of Aug. I’m hoping I will get Aug box. Already chord me for it so I’m hoping.

    • I’ve had it for a year and almost ALMOST every box has been amazing

    • I just checked KG’s video out, so thanks for posting about it. She got some gorgeous looks from this palette, and she even achieved some great cool toned ones too! I’m now excited about this! I also just subbed to her, and I’m going to binge on her 4 Looks 1 Palette series lol!

  16. I would like to see some different colors the point is to try different stuff not the same colors all the time right!

  17. i look at it this way, getting palettes is better than sending out one eye color that i may or may not like. it ups the chance that there will be a color i can wear and hopefully more than that. most of them are at least worth the price of boxycharm also so then the rest is icing on the cake. it helps that i’m a palette addict besides, so that’s where they got if i can just get more lipsticks i’d be in heaven

    • ps i have subbed to almost all of them at one point or another and held off on this for a long time but now i’m kicking myself

  18. This palette is gorgeous! I’ll take any palette any day. I love playing with makeup and have so much fun with palettes. Great job, BC!

    • Same here. I’m really excited I love palettes!!! Awesome job boxycharm!!!

  19. Yea the “real” Pur! not the Pure. This looks beautiful!! Love palettes! Make it rain Boxycharm!

  20. I’m super exited and satisfied with all my boxes…especially this months for the Tarte palette…i can’t complain for 21dl a my boxy💞

  21. Ohhh I’m intrigued,not just plain matte but some really pretty color’s.I don’t like a lot of matte color’s but these are nice

  22. I dont like pur eyeshadows, have not been impressed with the ones I bought, so hoping there are some other good items in September. Still my favorite sub, though.

  23. I love that this is a neutral palette. I’ve never tried Pur products, so I’m super excited about this. I love all the palettes. That one product alone makes the box more than worth the subscription price.

  24. This is the first palette I’m actually excited for so I’m not mad!!

  25. Just FYI…it looks like there’s 8 matte shades but it’s actually 4 matte, 4 satin and 4 shimmer…still a pretty pallet though!

    • Ohhh that’s makes me more excited

  26. I’m so excited to receive this! Plus it seems like a new release from Pur. I don’t think I would ever get tired of receiving palettes.

  27. yaaayyy beautiful!

  28. I can’t wait! I agree that sometimes I don’t need another palette but honestly I also love being able to give little things to friends and family sometimes when I don’t need another palette and I love having even small variety in the ones I keep so I’m happy to get another palette!

  29. Eight matte and four shimmer? Yes, please. I’m so happy to see a neutral palette. I hope this works well with the July palette. As much as I love that one, it’s impossible to do a complete eye look without a matte shadow.

    • I looked at it on their website and it’s actually 4 matte, 4 satin and 4 shimmer shades…it says you can create a look with each vertical row 😉

  30. I’ve recently organised my make-up stash & divided up what I like/will realistically use/keep & stuff that doesn’t fit me either colour spectrum or skin tone wise. I discovered although I have received a rather large collection of eyeshadow palettes in neutral or earth tones, I don’t have duplicate colours because of a matte or shimmer, etc. finish. Plus, those are easy ones to use for a novice like me & suit my hazel green really nicely.

    All that being said, I’d never say no to a neutral palette! 😉

  31. I just subbed to boxycharm in July but was put on the wait list. I’m now off of it and my first box will be August. I am so excited for my august and september boxes!! Sooo happy I finally subscribed!!

  32. So happy to see matte shadows! I am a little over too much summer shimmer…was actually digging thru my older palettes today looking for one! Yay!

    • I agree! What abt transition shades and crease shades! Who does those in shimmer? People younger than me, probably! Lol

      • Omg right!!! I just bought natural love too by too faced and it had sooo many shimmers and barely any matts for me to do a whole look with just that pallete. You can’t complete a look soley with shimmers! I mean maybe you can but I like my matts with my shimmers. This palette will go perfect with it and im so excited.

  33. Omg yayyy!! I wish it would have been the PÜR trolls palette, but I’m excited either way!

  34. This palette is gorgeous, but how many eye shadow palettes does a girl really need? This one makes it three in a row for me. Not sure I’ll stick to BC. I’d like to see some blush, lip palettes, mascara…

    • All of them. The answer is all of them.


      • Do you use them all? Especially if the colors are the same or similar?

      • Yes! I agree.

    • He said we will be receiving a pallet every month!! I’m so happy!!!

      • When did he say that? Just curious since I’m new to boxycharm and haven’t learned all the secrets yet.

        • The founder let us know In a BoxyCharm group some ladies are in on Facebook. He actually said it will be raining palettes in 2017.

          • That’s awesome! Thanks for the info!

          • Oh I am so happy. I love FULL size palettes instead of those itty bitty bits and pieces of stuff from some of the other boxes. I guess if you aren’t happy getting FULL sized shadow palettes maybe some of the other boxes may be for other people.

    • Lots!!

    • Careful what you wish for, last time we got a blush/contour palette it was from coastal scents I think and it was garbage.

  35. Oh my, I don’t need another eyeshadow palette and I don’t really want anymore. BUT I am a sucker for neutrals and that gala shade is calling to me!

  36. I read some of the reviews for this palette and was blown away. This one looks very good and (hopefully) this will be one we ALL get!

    Happy, happy!

  37. I don’t mind the neutral palettes but I wish that they’d send more cool toned palettes or palettes with more pops of color. I have so many shimmery warm brown neutral shades. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • Agreed!!

    • I’m so ready for a cool tone palette. Bronze, gold and warm Burgandy are taking over.

  38. Is anyone else bothered by the slightly off center eyeshadow name in the top row? *eye twitch* otherwise this is gorgeous

    • Maddie, I’m not bothered in the least. A slightly off center logo is a small price to pay for such a great deal!

      • There is one of you in every group… eugh. It was a perfectly valid point. No one needs to hear how you’re greatful for the sub. You pay for it btw- they don’t send it from the kindness of their hearts.

        • If someone wants to express their appreciation for a sub, I don’t see how that’s a bad thing or unacceptable on this forum.

          • Exactly- so… the OPs point is valid. They didn’t need someone preaching how they are greatful. We got it. Now… let people have an opinion that maybe different.

          • You know what- I gave the lady at the grocery store $300 yesterday and she gave me food!! #greatful #blessed oh I so appreciate Safeway. See how silly that sounds? She gave me what I paid for. Just like Boxy.

          • It’s actually more like you went to the grocery store and paid half price for a dented apple because it wasn’t perfect. I think that was the original point. That we are getting so much of a discount it doesn’t have to be perfect like it would be at full price.


    • Omg. 😂😂😂 I was sitting in traffic when I first looked at this spoiler, then when I got home I actually read the page. My eyes keep going to it like a magnet. I’m having Opti-Grab flashbacks from “The Jerk” right now lol.

    • Wow, I never noticed it until your comment! Maybe it’s just the picture/render and the actual palette won’t be like that

    • annnnnd now it’s going drive me nuts every time I look at it. Thanks, compulsive perfectionism!

  39. Will everyone be getting this palette?! I hope so! Nikkitutorials raved about this one a few weeks ago 🙂

  40. woohoo!

  41. Unfortunately, they are one of the subscriptions that tend to take a while to send and us to receive our boxes. I believe the items in each box though are totally the wait.

  42. I have a crate full of pallets, but never say NO to another. Pur cosmetic is generally good, but some items are hit or miss. I like the colors of this pallets. Hopefully there will be no variations in the colors, unless there are purple and pink 🙂

  43. Wow! Past few months have been great. Thanks BC…looking forward to the next spoilers

  44. Finally some nice mattes!

  45. These are totally fall appropriate. I read the application instructions at the link and each column is suppose to create a possible “look” for those that need a guide. I didn’t really see it until I read the instructions on this one. 🙄

  46. Hands down Boxycharm is my favorite sub but….how many neutral eye palettes does one girl need!? I really do hate to complain because they are crazy generous. Hopefully they start to mix it up if they continue sending palettes. Maybe some blush ones perhaps?

    • I agree with you.

    • I would LOVE a blush palette!!!! We have gotten just about every kind of palette except for a blush one

      • We got a blush palette last year. It was pretty good. I think it was by coastal scents but it would be nice to have another.

  47. I love boxycharm! I can’t wait to get august and septmeember is starting off with a bang!

  48. I finally broke down and subbed to this yesterday. Now I am not so sure I did the right thing…

  49. I haven’t even received my first box , which is August and ALREADY im SO GLAD I SUBBED to Boxycharm!

    • This!!!!!!!

      So excited to have dumped the rest for Boxycharm!

  50. WOW! I haven’t even received my August box yet and already a September spoiler! YAY!

    • Seriously, How long does it take for them to ship?

      • Mine has not shipped either☹️
        I can’t wait to get my hands on July’s box!!!!!!

      • The end of the month for me 🙁

      • I know! I hate that it takes this long every month!

        • Guys, it’s August 8th, calm down. They start shipping around the 10th.

          • Seriously.

      • Someone told me they ship around mid month, that seems accurate from my 1st box last month. Hope that helps

        • I recently subscribed for another box and my new subscription says my box will be here Tuesday. I hope it’s right this month! 🙂

          • I’ve been subscribing for several months, and just now got my shipping notice. It usually takes about 10 days to get my box here in Texas.

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