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BoxyCharm September 2017 SPOILER #4!

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We have another spoiler for the September 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks, Jay, for the heads up!)

The September 2017 Boxycharm box will include:





Spoiler #1: PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette – Value $34

Spoiler #2: 6 full-size items

Spoiler #3: MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil (in the shades spiked or lingering)

Spoiler #4: A ColourPOP item! 

What do you think of the September 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? (And have you seen the Boxycharm product spoilers for the rest of the year?)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. thank you so much for the great work .my first month with boxycharm was july and it arrived in my birthday 🙂 the box was so cute and the card say cutie pie .. I felt its specially for me . I love the shadowwwwwwwwww soooooo much and the discounts on brands made it cheaper to shop from high end brands 🙂 .loved my august box too. boxycharm . please add more liquid lipsticks i love them i want from dose of colors or Gerard cosmetic hydra or meet matt hughes or anything from ur choice i trust ur choices for us : ) . thanks a lot <3

    • Where do you think you are writing this?

      • lol

      • JuJu: stay awesome!

        Maybe this is some version of “The Secret” for a digital forumspace- believe, be grateful, and the “universe” will provide. Positive Vibes Only.

        • Lol :-D, the thing is, this isn’t the first time I am seeing a comment on these boards that looks like it was written to the subscription company customer service, but then I wonder how did these people even find MSA in the first place that they are so confused?..

      • It’s not unreasonable to think boxycharm peeps might read this…
        Is it?

        • Exactly, It’s not unheard of at all! I have personally seen boxycharm answer questions here on MSA. Maybe Mia thought there was a chance they might respond to her comment as well. It’s really sad when adult women think it’s funny to team up on here to make fun of others. Whatever happened to the Golden rule??? This place has became so negative I don’t even like reading the comments on here anymore. If it’s not someone putting someone else down its people complaining about how much they hate a subscription box that absolutely Noone is forcing them to be a part of. With everything that is happening in our world today if you have the time to complain about a makeup subscription box then you need to get your priorities straight.

          • Amen….Awesome post.

  2. I have been subscribed to Ipsy for almost a year, and more recently subscribed to FFF. I’ve been looking for another monthly subscription and the BoxyCharm September spoilers are what made up my mind to sign up! (Fingers crossed that I do get September). Am I the only one that was surprised by all the negative reactions?

    • I am completely surprised by the negative reactions. I am new to Boxycharm. My first box was the July box and I LOVE that I get full sized products for such an amazing price! I also subscribe to ipsy and allure but honestly this is better. I saw some people saying they were tired of eyeshadow palettes and makeup but I would rather have that.

      • I love boxycharm! Do also I have been with them for three months now and got a eyeshadow palette every time. But I also like the other products to. This is my favorite sub I also get ipsy and sometimes other ones. If I get a lot more eyeshadow palettes I figured I can some away for Christmas presents.

    • Typically I LOVE my boxycharm but this month isn’t as good as it has been. The spoilers haven’t been great this month either though. We’ve basically only been given two. I definitely won’t unsubscribe but I do wish they wouldn’t send things that don’t work for everyone, like eyebrow pencils.

      • I don’t use eyebrow pencils either! But I wonder if we could use it as an eyeliner? Then at least I could get some use out of it 🙂 other than that, I really am excited about this box 🙂

      • with makeup, there is no such thing as a product that works “for everyone”

        it would be awesome if they could survey your beauty profile and send you the right color eyebrow pencil: blonde, brown, black etc. but this is how they keep their costs so low.

  3. I hope the 6th item isn’t like a few months ago when they sent the brow gal palette and the brush that goes with it counted as an item. I’m not super impressed with this months box I already see one item I’ll have to give away. At least I’ll get my fff box in September to make in better.

    • What’s fff?

      • Fab Fit Fun

  4. Have you guys seen any work-around for Boxycharm’s terrible email response rate? It’s been two weeks of waiting for an email response. I tried twitter and Facebook, but they didn’t respond there either. I’ve been charged for the August box, but nothing shipped. 🙁

    • Hey, most of my boxycharm emails are spammed. Check there I bet you’ll find your emails. And if for some reason you don’t. Email them at the support email address. Usually takes 24- hours but they do reply. Also, I almost every month have to ask for my shipping info Bc that email is always spammed for some reason.

  5. I didn’t know BoxyCharm has a waiting list!!!!!! :'( is there anyway to know if there is one right now without signing up and seeing if it waitlists me? I’ll probably just do that cuz either way I need to get my name on the list!


    • Amy,
      When I signed up for Boxycharm, I was on the waitlist for about 1 1/2 months…some people have only been on a short time, so it will depend on their current list restrictions.

      They never would tell me ‘how long’ I would have to wait…just that they would bill me once my name came up for subscription. I would sign up now to get in on some of the amazing upcoming deals they are revealing…good luck.

      • Yea it varies. When I was waitlisted I was only on for about 2 weeks.

        • I was only on the waitlist for 2 days… It all depends on availability. The sooner you subscribe the better your chance for september box would be, but I know a TON of people are on the waiting list because they wanted the august box so you’d still be behind all of them.

    • I understand a popular box will run out. However, I think Boxy Charm needs to just say August is sold out, etc. I don’t like companies that play games and give watered down answers. Even though I have been a big Boxy Charm supporter and I would love the August and September box I don’ think it is too much to ask are you out of August boxes, etc.? There are too many other subscription boxes that my money can be used toward that won’t give me game playing answers. Either you know your inventory or you don’t…..

      • Except there are no other boxes anywhere close to as good as boxycharm and they know it. They could care less about loosing people due to bad customer service as they are gaining new subscribers faster than they can keep up with

    • I signed up last month and didn’t get put on a waitlist! Hopefully you won’t either, because this box is going to be awesome!

    • Hey, it took three weeks for me. I signed up two days before I told my friend about it and when she signed up, she was off the waitlist in like 5days. She got the box that month and I didn’t. So, it just depends on who cancels and how much they have. To me it should be first sign, first serve, sadly it’s not. Hope u get it!

    • I signed up at the end of December and got the January box. I think that I was on the waitlist for like 3 or 4 days.

    • Amy,
      And when I signed up, I was waitlisted for 1 1/2 months…so as you see, it just depends on how many people are wanting at any given time. The list spans from getting in right away to waiting months and they are unable to say how long it will take. You really just need patience…

    • You might wind up with the aug box if you come off before the 1 st.

    • A few weeks

  6. I am super excited for this box! You can not get any better than $21 a month for full sized beauty products that almost always retail for $100 or more worth of products! I am really hoping the colourpop item is one of their blushes or lip products. I would also love to try their new crystal makeup line. I can’t wait for the cover FX setting spray that will be in an upcoming box! Thank you so much boxycharm for giving those of us who live on a smaller income a chance to try out products that I might not have ever been able to try.

  7. Please oh please be a highlighter!! 😭😭

  8. i know 1 thing. i do not.. i repeat.. do not want anymore liquid lipsticks…..

    • I agree, especially colourpop. They make my lips so dry. I hate the way they feel.

      I hope the brow pencil is in a light color, most of them are too dark for me.

  9. I used to get Boxy Charm a cpl yrs ago and have been still getting their emails. All I had to do was update info etc. when I saw Aug box I redid my stuff in the 7th or 8 th and got the Aug box. I just did the monthly. I was wondering if I had did that monthly would I have to resign up again each month? Or will I continue to get it monthly unless I cancel? Which is what I thought I would to cancellnit it to not get it. Otherwise I will continue to get to each monthly box. Because I don’t want to miss out on any noxes. Lol.

    • they continue to charge you every month unless you cancel 🙂

      • Or unless you prepay for 3/ 6/ 12 months ahead.

      • Thanku I want to continue with them.

  10. I really hope that we get a highlighter from CP or something like that… I got their ‘hello kitty’ liquid lip in July and it transferred onto everything… For some reason I thought it was supposed to be transfer proof? Am I wrong? Does anyone know?

    • The hello kitty liquid lip was the ultra satin lip so it is not transfer proof. The ultra matte ones are.

      • Thanks for the info! It felt like a satin lip and I was loving the color… I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to make it transfer less? I don’t care for matte lips cuz they’re sooo drying… Any advice?

        • You can put some translucent powder over that satin lip to mattify it so it doesn’t transfer so much

          • Thanks so much for your suggestion! I will give that a try 😉 I don’t like the feel of matte lips but I also hate getting lipstick on everything! 😂

  11. I really hope if the CP item is a lippie that it’s dark. I have so so many wine/nude/pinkish lip products. The eye shadows look amazing from the reviews I’ve seen (I’m not too impressed with my Tarte palette 😭) and as far as the eyebrow pencil, didn’t we just get one from Uni-brow like two or three months ago? I was hoping the MAC product would be something iconic like the fix+ or Ruby Woo….

  12. I love Boxycharm! I’m a pallet junkie and disabled so this is how I feed my addiction lol! I have been signed up for a few months now and the only thing that I hate is that I have to wait till the end of the month to get my hands on my box.. Just got my Aug box yesterday (25th) 🙁 but I am happy to be able to get it at all since I’ve only discovered these boxes this summer… Kinda feel like I’ve been living under a rock lmao! 😂

  13. Not wowed and not disappointed either. If I dont like the Colourpop item, I’m sure I know someone who will..

    • I like agree not wowed. I am hanging in there with them

  14. I’m a palette junkie, so I never complain when there’s a palette. I love the value of this box. Even when I can’t use something (false eyelashes), I can gift it to someone else. I don’t see any other box giving you as much bang for your buck with makeup products. I’m excited for the spoilers released so far.

    • I agree with U. I saw a video on several different looked with this palette from Kristen Gehm. It’s a Great palette and I wanted it. Then to find out it’s coming in Boxy Charm is pretty Great. I’m kinda curious of the Max eye brow pencil. I don’t have very much Mac or Colourpop. I just got the two new palettes with pressed shadows and they r Great. Boxy Charm has always been pretty Good. Thinking with all the competition out there they r raising their products. I’m loving it. Lol. Along with Ipsy.

  15. I signed up Aug 1 the day Liiz posted that there was no waitlist and received the Aug box, on the 18th. If this helps anyone. I signed up for the month to month option, and Im set to be billed for the Sept box on Sept 3.

  16. Just not another hot pink lippie stix like they tend to send I’ve gotten from other boxes.

  17. Whenever I use the msa app my comments never post. Even days later I check and it’s not there. Anyone else have this problem ? It wasn’t on the browser site either but I just posted it here and it went right through….

    • I do sometimes. It posts some and not the others. Not sure why?

  18. This must be why there is six items. Colorpop isn’t a high priced item so it seems more like a “filler” type of thing. I hope it’s one of the new spray primers they look interesting

    • They’ve done Colourpop recently (July) and only had 5 items that month, so Colourpop for one item doesn’t mean they’re gonna automatically have more items in the box.

      • Nicole,
        BUT Yosef Martin has already stated there will be more items this month (6 to be specific)…so my guess is that one of them most likely is a cheaper, al la Colourpop.

        • Exactly my point. Thank you.

  19. Eh, yet another brown palette…
    Not sure if I should stay or cancel before Sept 2nd.

    • Also, when they said that MAC would be one of the brands featured this year, I was hoping for something major, not a pencil. I hope this isn’t the last of it.

      • me too I was hoping it would be the fix+ or a paint pot

        • A paint pot would indeed have been impressive. Boxy needs to include an eye primer in their box. I think they have literally done every type of makeup item at one point or another with the exception of an eyeshadow primer.

        • A paint pot would have been amazing!

  20. I’m thinking it’s a lippie and liner duo since we are getting an extra product this month.

    • We just got Colourpop liquid lipsticks in July, though. I’m hoping it’s a highlighter, myself.

  21. IMO #2 and #4 are not spoilers!!!!!! A spoiler should tell me what products will be included so I can get all happy ☺️ Boxycharm is killing me with suspense this month, and I am not sure I like it

  22. only thing I like so far is the palette. Wish the MAC item was something else, and I hate colorpop items. . Glad there are six items in the box,

  23. Hope it’s one of the new items! I haven’t tried anything CP for a few months and they now have setting sprays, liquid highlighters, lip balms, new brushes and even nail polish I wouldn’t mind trying!

    Sept. Boxy looks great so far!

  24. Just came back to boxycharm last month and ready to cancel again. The box isn’t looking bad, but so far nothing I need. I’d rather put the $21 towards FFF add-ons this go around.

    • For the first time ever… I agree with someone who doesn’t like the boxycharm box… Nothing is impressing me, I honestly have so many palettes for eyeshadow I’m starting to give them away. I would love to see a finishing spray or a full size makeup remover

      • I miss how we send to get a variety of items and not just makeup. We used to get like a full size hair care and full size skin care item in every box with a few makeup items. I’m going to hold out until the end of the year as I like the spoilers coming up for Christmas gifts for my teenage nieces.

  25. Super excited I do hope I don’t get the light eye brow pencil cuz my brows are almost black!

    • Boxycharm now offers a survey you can fill out based on your personal preferences. I filled mine out a few months back so I can’t be positive but I think ask you what color hair you have so you should get a color more suited for you if you fill out the questionnaire.

      • It wouldn’t work for me. I have naturally strawberry blonde hair and black eyebrows. It’s a family thing, everyone else’s hair turned dark after 15 and mine didn’t. That’s why I like universal things. That last brow pencil was awful though. I like when they send things like the brow gal thing they sent before because it works for everyone.

  26. Pretty sure this isn’t an ‘official’ spoiler as someone who cancelled yesterday stated that BC told them they’d be missing out on a Colourpop item in September. They weren’t specific. Regardless, I don’t care what the item is. BC seems to be pretty good about not doubling up on an item so I’m fairly certain it won’t be an eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil, lol. I wouldn’t mind a metallic eyeliner or a lippy though.

  27. I love colourpop! I just ordered some last call lippie sets yesterday! YAHOO!!!

  28. Can you share how you know Colourpop will be in the box?

  29. I wonder if it will be a color eyeliner . . . it seems like the theme this month so far is eye products (the eyeshadow palette, the brow pencil). An eyeliner would make sense and I wouldn’t mind so long as we get a fun color.

    I actually wish it was one of Colour Pop’s super shock shadows. The matte lipstick from ColourPop a few months back in Boxy was my first Colour Pop product and it was too uncomfortably dry that I tossed it. It kindof turned me off of Colour Pop products actually but I would be okay with trying out another product again if it came to me in a Boxy.

    • I like color pop ultra mattes but the Satin is the best! Much like the ofra ones and a heck of a lot cheaper!!!

      • I like the metallic ones also. Wore the one in “3 Way” to an event yesterday, everyone was complimenting it.
        The only thing I don’t like about ColourPop liquid lipsticks is how wide the opening of the tube is.

  30. I couldn’t get off the waitlist in August 🙁 Hope that I can get the September box as my first box!!

    • anyone know how long the waitlist is? I just ordered…. Thanks

      • I know! I thought the waitlist was not going to happen in August so I ordered and I am waitlisted. I really wanted August. I guess if we are waitlisted now there is no way we will get August?

        • Me too 😕 I subscribed last week thinking there wasn’t a waitlist & I’d get the August box, but no such luck! I wish I knew how long the waitlist might take. Since there wasn’t a waitlist for 1-2 weeks I wonder of it’ll take longer than usual.

        • They oversold August boxes and had to order more products just to fulfill current orders. If you are waitlisted now, you won’t get be getting August as they haven’t even completed orders for current subscribers. The waitlist usually gets going at billing time which is the beginning of the month.

      • For me was 2 months! Hope this help!

      • I think it depends on each month. I know the waitlist was lifted for a couple of days at the beginning of August, so hopefully it’ll be the same for September! I was on the waitlist for about a week (I signed up the last week of June and I got the August box).

        • Thanks for everyone’s answers on the waitlist. Although, signing up the last week in June and finally getting August, whew! That’s a long time.

          • I think she meant she signed up the last week of July, lol.

      • If they lift the waitlist, do they also automatically move all the people who were already on the waitlist? I signed up a few days ago, and I’d hate to miss out on September if they let new people sign up without a waitlist but ignore me 🙁

        • They are good about taking the ones already on the wait list off first before opening it up for new members. I signed up @the end of June and a on the wait list for about a week until they started billing for July, they opened up after I was taken off… Just my two cents 😉

          • Thanks! It’s good to hear other people’s experiences. I’m really hoping to receive September’s box.

    • It think a company should let you know if you are waitlisted, before you put in your credit card numbers and click agree. I should know if I am going to receive what I intended to buy, the month I placed order. Not okay. It’s like a bait-and-switch thing going on…

  31. Boxy is getting better and better…how can this be?

  32. I’m so excited!! Boxy just keeps getting better and better!!!

  33. Ahhhh! So excited for this box and the future boxes to come. They’ve been so good recently!

  34. Yes!!!!! One of the brushes would be amazing!!!! I own two of them and they are pretty awesome 💜👌🙌

  35. I’m going to guess two CO shadows since there’s six full size items this month.

    • CP*

      • I doubt shadows, as we are already getting a pallette. ..I would guess a highlighter, or lipstick of some sort …

  36. HECK YES. If these continue I will never go back to sephora, ipsy or beautyfix. This is amazing!

  37. So we basically know two products so far.

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