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BoxyCharm September 2017 SPOILER #2!

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We have more spoiler information for the September 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks to Boxycharm Beauties!)

The September box will include:

6 full-size products!

What items are you hoping to see in September’s box?

In case you missed the previous spoiler:


PUR Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette – Value $34

What do you think of the September 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. If I want to get September’s box should I sign up now??? Please help this is my first time getting boxycharm

    • Yes if u sign up before or in sept u will get the sept box as long as there isn’t a wait list going on.

  2. Just saw on Facebook by the same guy who posted we will receive the 6th product… we’re getting a Mac eyebrow pencil in one of two colors

  3. I have just recently subscribed to boxycharm and as of my first box im completely impressed. The other boxes (birchbox, ipsy, and play by sephora) i receive dosent hold a candle to boxycharm. (cant really figure out what everyone is fussing about) However I do love my other boxes as well. The way I see it for 21 dollars a month to fuss is completely ridiculous. If I cant use or dont really care for an item I get I will regift it, after all Christmas is right around the corner. (Great stocking stuffers) Please continue to do lots of makeup too many other boxes primarily focus on skincare and hair. #soinlovewithboxycharm

  4. spoiler #3 we all get a mac eyebrow pencil!!!

  5. I just saw Yosef posted the next spoiler in BoxyCharm beauties! It’s a MAC eyebrow pencil!!

  6. Boxycharm is awesome I would love to see some skincare products … I missed the Dr. Brandt last year very sad . Or some perfume ( Hint Hint) But really a palette in every box till January ? A lipstick one would be nice !

  7. I would love more liquid lipsticks please I love liquid lipsticks .thanks for spoiling us I love body charm so much .and I love the eyeshadow plates so much

  8. I would love more liquid lipsticks please I love liquid lipsticks .thanks for spoiling us I love body charm so much

  9. Well I’m glad to hear that it’s six items, not sups thrilled about the palette(not complaining either), but I wish I knew what the products would actually be so I could determine if I want to stick around for the month(who am I kidding, I won’t quite as long as they keep giving palettes and I have hope of a vampier or brighter one).

  10. I’d love to see something organic and cruelty free and with a nice beach like scent. I really kinda just not using as much makeup. I was going to cancel Boxycharm but one more month. I only using the eyeliner and brushes this month. I don’t use false eyelashes and I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes. I need more contour palettes. Would love to see a body wash in a box and sheet masks.

    • I gave the lashes to my niece. I would love to get more sheet masks. Truth be told once you collect a couple of eye shadow pallettes you’ll have similar colors to most new pallettes that get released but you could gift to someone. I’m tired of eyeliner. I don’t wear it and I already have quite a few but I’m sure there are people who appreciate it.

  11. I’m concerned about the shipping issues and unfulfilled orders as of late. Boxycharms social media has been blown up with people upset about not getting augusts box yet and being told they ran out and had to order more products before they could send their boxes. Also people not getting julys box and Boxycharm not making good on replacing broken blinc palettes from July. I’ve been subscribing for 2 years except for a brief period during a move and while the quality of items has improved in the last few months, shipping is terrible now. I hope they work these things out as I really enjoy Boxycharm.

    • They’re adding too many people too fast and should take note from GlossyBox. Take good care of your current customer base before trying to triple it.

    • I still have not received August and July arrived with a broken pencil. I was told it would be replaced, but didn’t get that yet either. This is month 2 for me so I really hope it does arrive or I will cancel this service and switch back to beautyfix.

      • Christa I received a broken eyebrow pencil also but they sent me a new one in this months August box. I just got my August box on Wednesday so hopefully you’ll get it any day now! Did you get a tracking number yet?

    • I also received a broken blind palette. I thought it was just me. Nice to know that it wasn’t. But other than that I LOVE BOXYCHARM!!! By far the best makeup subscription ever! Way too many people like to complain!

  12. im a eyeshadow junkie so I’m always excited to get more! Can’t wait for more spoilers

  13. I like the first spoiler!! I need to save money and cut back and I only have about 32 eye shadow palettes I already don’t use. But love the spoiler and 6 items!

    • Haha I hear ya on the eyeshadow palettes. With only two eyes, I’ll never use up or even make a dent in the palettes I have, yet I always want more!

    • Sooo many eyeshadow palattes.

  14. I hope I get taken off the waitlist in September! I signed up last week on August 18th, but I’m worried that because they had no waitlist in early August, that the wait to get off now is going to be super long.

  15. I’m hoping for mascara or skin care. Haven’t gotten mascara since last September and that’s a staple you always need more of. Last sept I also got the aloette serum which I loved. An ofra liquid lip in a wearable color would also be fantastic. I love ofra but that dark purple they sent last time was not wearable.

  16. Well since I’m late to the BoxyCharm game (actually… I’m late to getting into makeup at all) I’m thrilled to have another eyeshadow palette. The two I have from BC are the two best items I own right now. The tarte packaging is so pretty I couldn’t hide it away in my makeup drawer, I’ve got it displayed on my counter top instead! I would love to see a full size exfoliate and primer. I’ve gotten 3 brow products and 4 bronzer/blushes in subs the last two months, so I’m feeling pretty set with those! But honestly… with the eyeshadow palette…. I won’t complain about anything.

    • Yes, I’m the same. 75% of my collection is from Boxycharm and I LOVE it. Eye shadow palettes are my new “hobby” lol. Keep it coming, it’s all amazing. So happy I found Boxycharm…just wish it was a little sooner lol

      • I love the palettes. They’re almost always great quality and $21 plus 4-5 other items for them is unbelievable. I love Boxy. I think it’s funny to see all these people with comments like “they need to do more skincare” or they need to stop doing palettes do this do that etc. This has always been primarily a make up box and they do a lot of palettes! Some people love it some don’t but I don’t think they should have to change what they are to make people happy. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. If what they send out isn’t for you I bet you can find a box that’s more up your alley! I’m just over reading those comments haha sorry.

  17. Yes, I’m excited it’s SIX full sized items. No, I’m not thrilled about another shadow palette. Absolutely PEEVED this was a teaser & not a spoiler, Yosef 😡

    (Thanks, Liz!)

    • We are getting an eyeshadow palette every month until January.

      • @Courtney.. . How do you know that we’re getting a palette every month til January?

      • God help me!

  18. 6 full size items ! Boxycharm never ceases to amaze me. The palette for September is gorgeous . I’d love an Ofra liquid lipstick. I’ve never tried them.

  19. BORED!!!! That is not a spoiler. I rushed to see what was new when I got the notification. Glad to get the 6 items just would like to know what they are…….. I’m like a kid at Christmas don’t tease me about my Boxycharm.

  20. For all the people who on the waitlist, they usually won’t take people off the wait list during the month. They take them off during billing time. When they start billing for September box, they will start taking people off the wait list.

    • Both times I was on the waitlist I subscribed after full spoilers for the month and still received that same month’s box. Most recently this August box.

      • I went on the waitlist in August after full spoilers and have not come off the waitlist yet, so wanted to share opposite experience. I so hope I get September.

        • Same!

  21. I love Boxycharm! Can’t wait for Sept! BUT can we stop with the dark red and brownish pink matte lip products already? I also get those in Ipsy and BB. Same colors every time! How about some pretty colors?

  22. Yosef, this does not count as a spoiler. With six items, where is the reveal on at least item #2.

    The Boxy girls said something interesting in the Facebook live thing last month. They said they were all really excited for the October box. The September box in between the August and October boxes better not be a dud filler box.

  23. I’m gonna guess one of them will be perfume. I love all perfume so that’s fine with me but others don’t do I’m guessing that’s in the box so even if you don’t like it there will still be five left. Any other guesses ???

  24. Any idea how long it normally takes to get off the wait list? I went on the beginning of August and I’m trying to figure out if I should get excited about September or not… Thanks!

  25. Lol he’s such a tease….

    • I know! I’m jonesing for another product spoiler 🙂

  26. I signed up earlier this morning, before this was posted. The gorgeous palette won me over. Of course I’m on the waitlist, so I really hope I get the September box, especially with it now revealed that the box has 6 items!

  27. It would have been lovely if they took me off the wait list…even maybe while they had no wait list! I wrote and asked about it….they pretty much told me there was a wait list now. Why would they skip over those currently waiting? Not thrilled so far. 🙁

  28. woo hoo….6 full size items and we already know one is this gorgeous neutral palette!! So excited. I, for one, can’t get enough palettes. I am practically dancing with anticipation of the fall and winter boxes. I HATE the summer colors both in general and on me, but fall/winter….OMG, yes please!

    • I agree 1000%! I have Ali of neutral palettes (not that I’m complaining at all). I’m hoping that maybe I can add some smoky tone, something with reds, oranges, jewel tones, RoseGolds, etc.
      Being in a fixed income doesn’t allow me the luxury of splurging on expensive anything. But I still want to take of my skin, hair, smell nice & I love makeup. I treat myself to 6 subscription boxes and i love what i get. Boxycharm by far is THE BEST of all of my boxes. It help me stay almost current with new trends. Thank you Boxycharm. My only complaint is the charm shop. I’ve save so many charms and they never have anything i want. This last week I saw a few great items and while I was in the process of placing an order they were sold out. Now I’m stuck with nothing again.

  29. 6 full-sized items! Yes!! That’s great.

  30. What was the first spoiler? Y’all usually post it in the spoilers :/

    • Oops. Nvm. Send there’s no spoiler for #2. Lol. The palette is #1

    • The first spoiler was the eyeshadow palette. The second spoiler is apparently that there are 6 full sized items (instead of the normal 5).

  31. This was my first month if boxycharm. Do they usually release multiple spoilers before the end of the month?

    • Yes. We usually get 3 spoilers: 2 items everyone will receive, and one item that varies slightly (like 2 different eyelashes or 2 different products from the same company). The last two items we’ll find out when the vloggers get their boxes and there’s usually several variations on those. Will be interesting to see how many spoilers this time around and how many are items we’re all getting.

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