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Avenue A by Adidas Subscription Box Review – Fall 2017

Avenue A by Adidas is a quarterly fitness and running subscription box. Every season they send subscribers at least 3 premium fitness items, (most will be sized).

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Avenue A by Adidas Box

The Cost: $150

The Products: Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Ships every 3 months

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This box comes with card detailing the items included:

Now, onto the items!


Adizero Tempo 9 – Value $120

These shoes are AMAZING! I got to break them in on a walk with Eric and Buckles last night, and they were comfortable and light from the first step!

They have a snug but comfortable fit, and the cushioning is perfection! I didn’t want to take them off!

The only thing I didn’t like about these is the sole color – the beige color looked instantly dirty to me. (But they will get dirty pretty soon, so no big deal there.)

Adidas Sunglasses – Value $99

(Subscribers will receive one pair of a variety of different sunglass options.)

These sunglasses are made with plastic frames and mirrored lenses.

The fit is snug, and the nose and ear pieces are rubberized for a non-slip fit.

These aren’t the type of sunglasses I would wear for fashion reasons, but for staying place on a run – they are ideal.

Performer Strappy Tank – Value $28

This is a loose-fitting tank made with super light climalite fabric. I love the feel of this moisture-wicking material!

The cut scoops low, so this is the type of top where your sports bra will show.

Speaking of sport bras…

Halter Bra – Value $45

This is a serious sport bra! It has a high neck cut, with a supportive cross strap back, and a thick band.

It’s lined with thin (non-removable) cups, and there are mesh details on the back.

This bra is perfect for lots of support/high-impact activities. So glad to see a bra like this included in the box!

Supernova 7/8 Tight – Value $75

These dark navy tights are made with a medium compression climacool fabric.

They have a drawstring, plus inner zipper pocket:

And zippers at the ankles, too:

And there are subtle mesh panels at the backs of the knees:

Here is everything on:

A few thoughts:

  1. I would not actually wear everything together – I’m not digging the cut of the bra with this tank. (Not wild about the two colors together, either.)
  2. Like I stated earlier, I do not look fashionable in these glasses!
  3. My Fabletics jacket from a few seasons ago matched almost everything really well, no?
  4. Word of caution – these leggings show every bump/lump/etc. (I really did not like taking this picture!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $367. I think that’s amazing for a $150 box. The sneakers are my favorite item by far. After wearing them, I’d be willing to pay $120 for another pair, so that means the rest of the box just needs to cover the $30 cost for me – no problem there!

That said, I would have liked to see something that feels a little more special or Fall in this box. (I’ve been spoiled by Stella McCartney bags!) I know not everyone lives in the same climate, but in PA, I would have loved a long-sleeved top instead of a tank, too.

 What do you think of the Avenue A by Adidas Fall Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (153)

  1. Been wanting to try this box. This one looks kind of mismatch for a Fall Box. No sweatshirt or hoodie? Maybe winter will be better.

    • I take that back. I guess if you have been subbed from the beginning, these pieces will match other collections. Have to wait for a good starting point for me.

  2. I loved this box too. I wore the tank today to weight lift and it is super cute and comfortable. Jewel tones are my favorite, so everything in this box is an awesome color. It’s too hot to try the leggings out yet, but I love the details of the mesh and the drawstring. I got purple sunglasses, which are just fine (and match my tank) although I admit I’m a little jealous of the pink ones.

  3. I actually wish I had gotten this box. I like the pieces. With that said, if anybody is truly unhappy with their shoes and they have a size 10, I would love them. I am on the swap site and I have the white lifestyle shoes from the rita box up for swap, but I also have the coral color jacket piece from the spring box (medium) but I have yet to put it up on the site.

    • I would actually trade with you. I like plain shoes and probably won’t wear these purple ones. Size 10 – I haven’t even tried them on. I haven’t swapped before but I have access, let me figure out how to list mine.

    • I don’t have the shoes to swap (mine are size 8), but I have all other items in size M, and my sunglasses are these:

      If you want to swap anything with the jacket, I would be willing to do that, but I am not on the swap site, I’m still on the waiting list :/

      If you want to swap anything, my contact is jennifernandes8 at g mail dot com.

      • thanks so much for the offer. i do like your sunglasses. I’m hoping to score the shoes though (I have a bad addiction for sneakers). I thought I had a swap, but she was a new swapper and did not want to send out her shoes to me first – I get it – it’s a high dollar item – so sad… Perhaps if nothing else the shoes will show up at a reasonable price elsewhere. I’m not worried about if they are considered last season when/if I get them. Have a great day…

    • I’ll trade you I do not like pink. Let me know to to get in touch

  4. I think that the pieces are great stand alone pieces but the curation of all of them together is terrible. I know a lot of these pieces have great reviews online, but it feels they put the least popular colors in this box.
    The bra doesn’t work with the tank, I feel the bra is more of a stand alone piece or you wear it as someone previously stated, under a sheer tee.

    • I don’t believe they are meant to be worn together. This box had two curators instead of one. If you look at the card inserted, it shows a photo of the one girl wearing the bra as a top by itself and the other girl wearing the tank (with a different style of bra beneath it.)

  5. I actually like the pants and I’m not super fit(Liz, you look great!). This was my first box and I was disappointed overall. Nothing goes together and the sunglasses (I got green, ugh) are awful and considering the reviews I’d read of previous boxes, I wasn’t expecting green, plastic, poorly shaped shades to take up so much of the value in the box. If winter isn’t better I’m done.

  6. I got my box today. I’m so disappointed. I don’t like one single item. I loved the summer box. I wanted to like something about this box, but it’s just not my style. I wish they would let you return the box.

    • I loved the summer box too (although it did feel like something was missing), and I don’t care much for this box either. It’s definitely summer wear where I live & I feel like the glasses were a last minute throw in. Also, why have curators when the box doesn’t seem to match?!
      I’ve really been on the fence with this box. Seems they are going downhill. Ya, value was there but nothing really exciting. This could be an amazing box. I wish they would put their hearts into it.

    • totally agree! i can’t get over the colour

  7. I do not like this box. All the color does not go good together and it is not a complete look but I like the shoes. The bra did not fit right to me it has a big opening by my underarm. Kinda disappointed ! I am expected some kind of light jacket to go with since it a fall box. I hope they will do better for the next box.

  8. I’m gonna post my sunnies to trade for a more “me” color – mine are bright green with silver mirrored frames. Maybe someone has the gray/pink/teal/pretty much any other color and it’s not for them? diniwilks at gmail if this catches someone’s eye before I can post it on Monday.

    • I have the maroon wildcharge sunglasses if you still have your greens ones. green is more my color. what style are the green ones.

      • The maroon and the clear wildcharge with purple frames are the two I was hoping for! The green are the excalate. I listed it for swap or you can just email me.

  9. I want the pink shoes she’s wearing in the card. Would LOVE those!:)

    • Me too!

    • Yes!!!!!

      Seriously WANT those lighter pink shoes that she’s wearing in the box insert (they look comfortable, not “too” colorful for the neutral-loving people and on trend/ super stylish!)

      I am okay with what we received, bUT would’ve LOVED GETTING THOSE!

  10. I just want mine to ship… mailing AA got me a tracking number but it doesn’t show up at FedEx. They did update my profile to show the next box arrival date in November instead of yesterday…

    • The winter box ships in November! I would email the customer service asap to get the fall box or the $ back!

      • They said my fall box would ship “soon” but that’s pretty vague….

  11. I feel badly for the people who don’t like this box. But I just tried everything on , and I LOVE both purple and blue, so I am a happy camper. I wasn’t super pleased about my pink sunglasses, but I just swapped them, so life is good 🙂 This isn’t to say I will love the next box (especially if the main colours are yellow and orange, NOT my favourites), given that these boxes are mostly a gamble, but for now I say: Good job, Adidas!

    • Did you see a spoiler of yellow & orange color theme somewhere? (Hoping not… orange is Def not my best color) 😉

  12. Unsubscribing.
    For $150 I don’t think its wrong to expect more. This box honestly strikes me as cast offs from Addidas. The retail value seems over estimated as it all looks like stuff that ultimately ends up at TJ Maxx for way less. It doesn’t seem to have an actual cohesive theme or look.
    And those sneakers are FUGLY!

    • If anyone has a size 10 shoe they don’t like, i would love to swap for them…

    • Oh my goodness you are spot on. The box totally gives me outlet or Marshall vibes not that it’s s bad thing…. but for 150 it’s bad

  13. The only item I didn’t like was the sports bra – super stoked about the sneakers, they were exactly what I was hoping for. Would love to track down someone to swap bras with, maybe something less high-necked from Ave. A or Fabletics or something.

  14. Does anyone have any advice on selling the items in this box? I’ve been a subscriber of AvenueA since Spring 2016 and this is the first box where I’m truly disappointed by the lack of thought put into the items. I’ve never resold items from these boxes before, so for anyone that has I would really appreciate any insight. Thanks!

    • I sell most of my unwanted items on Poshmark. They take 20% of the sales price but they pay for shipping so you don’t have have to. I’ve had pretty good luck selling on there.

    • I’ve sold my stuff on eBay previously and actually made more than what I paid for the box. eBay takes a cut like Poshmark too.

  15. THANK YOU ADIDAS! I love the box. I’m going to use everything. I can’t wait for winter box and am praying for an awesome hoodie or jacket like last year with some awesome sneaks!

  16. While I liked the items, this is my last box. I move about a month ago and now live LITERALLY two miles from an addidas outlet. I am thankfully able to try on and find exact colors I like. I have always been a fan of ‘loud’ shoes (bright, rainbow, whatever not white/gray/black) and this box tends to deliver the opposite. I do see it as a great deal in most respects, but will gladly buy exactly what I want for about the same cost now. Keep up the great reviews though! They give me inspiration 😉

  17. I emailed them for instructions to return the entire box. It’s awful honestly lol

    • Good luck. I noticed they made changes to their terms and conditions for exchanges last week.

      • I’m not surprised. I emailed about sizing on shorts vs pants. They have no way to pick different size. I do not wear the same size, I mean one is stretchy one isn’t lol Think with these last two boxes I’m just over it.
        As for the risk, from the below person. I am well aware. Ave A has been great with customer service, so I asked. I didn’t throw a fit or send some bratty email. If they can’t, literally no big deal. But asking doesn’t hurt, and if they cant, this stuff will get tossed in a donate pile and life will go on.

      • It never hurts to ask. I initiated exchanges this morning for three of the items as the sizing was off from what I normally use. I guess I now get to wait to hear back from them if they have the other sizes in stock.

    • I get why they allowed returns for the last box (because the value was so much lower than consumers were used to) but frankly, I do not think they should do that for this one. The value is substantial and a difference in taste is a risk you take with subscription boxes.

      • I completely agree! Subscription boxes are a gamble

      • I agree. I’m so disgusted by people’s response it’s a freakin subscription box. You know what you’re getting in to. There is absolutely NO WAY the magic fairy is going to pick exactly what you’ve always been dreaming of getting. Some people seriously shouldn’t even be subscribing to the box.

      • Agreed! I never would have “picked” anything n this box, but I am thrilled with what I got.

        Some commenters are just so negative! I wore the bra to yoga this morning then errands after. It was so refreshing to not have the awful uniboob cleavage!

        And no I wouldn’t have picked the shoes, but they are so comfortable and have stability control and you know what? I love them!

        If you are that picky, then give up Adidas and go t the store and get what you love. Adidas delivered what they promised.

  18. I was really nervous about the lack of spoilers and frankly only purchased it because I forgot to cancel my subscription in time BUT thank goodness. I really liked everything with the exception of my sunglasses but the value is still there even without them.

    I’ve subscribed since the beginning and so far found the winter & summer boxes pretty bad (skipped winter & returned summer). The commonality is insufficient spoilers so I’m not sure I’ll stay subscribed if there isn’t a good spoiler.

  19. I think the low sides on the tank are meant to show off the underlying sports bra. That’s been the style at Athleta and Lululemon. Looks totally odd with the provided sports bra but great with some of my other black ones.

    • Exactly!!!! I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining about it showing the sports bra underneath, it’s literally the point of the tank!!!!

  20. Got my box yesterday and love it!! Can’t keep the pants due to large calves. Received the long tights, great quality! I received the same sunglasses as Liz and love them! Keeping everthing (but tights).

    There was a lot of hype on this box and with good reason. It works for me, but is a big risk at $150 a box. I have notices also there was not a video from the curator like in the past, bit worrisome. I hope in the future Adidas and the curators work together to create coordinating themes for the season and realizes that without us customers they would not be able to make a profit from these boxes. I understand not giving away everything, but for the money, at least two spoilers (one high end) before billing would be appreciated.
    Done ranting….love the shoes too!!

  21. I think this is my least favorite box ever, and I never thought anything would be worse than the Rita Ora box. I love the darker fall colors, but the OCD person in me is bothered by 2 different pinks on purple shoes and by nothing in the box matching. I gave my Mom the sunglasses because I wear prescription glasses. I have yet to try on the pants because after years of following Liz, I value her opinion and trust her judgement.
    Previous boxes had videos and/or pictures of the curator wearing/advertising at least one of the box contents, and I haven’t seen any for this box which makes me wonder if they had to change the contents for some reason. I would rather have box cohesiveness than a box creator.

    • You won’t even try the pants on because of Liz’s analysis (no offense, Liz)? You already have them, and you are in the privacy of your own home. What is the worst that could happen from trying them on? You can take them right back off if you hate them, but you might actually like them.

  22. I tried the tank out this morning on a 30 minute run followed by a 2 hour hike. It was really comfortable and I didn’t feel hot. I have to say yesterday I was wearing a shirt from under armour and after 10 minites in I threw that off and just ran in a sports bra/shorts.
    It never crossed my mind to tale this tank off, so it’s a win for me. I’m 5’11 and ordered the small. I was worried with the large cut but it fits perfect. I have yet to test ‘run’ the other items.

  23. I received the supernova long tights not the 7/8 as listed in the product card . As well the colour I received ‘noble ink’ only shows up on the Canadian adidas site for $90 cdn. I can’t find the exact product on the US site . Strange

  24. I love the individual pieces in this box but no way does that bra match. Any suggestions on what I could wear this bra with? It sits so high on the neck and I am not comfortable wearing it without a shirt. I am a bit stumped.

    • Would work well with the tank from the summer box.

    • I’m wearing my bra right now with a loose white linen weave Mossimo tank I got from Target ages ago. It looks great! I will probably wear it with lots of different loose tops… The teal color of the bra makes my eyes stand out.

      Anyways, I’m thrilled with everything this time around.

  25. My first time getting avenue A. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. I loved the tights! I’m short so they actually fit perfect long length on me. Also, the sports bra is awesome. I wear a 32d so I got the small cd and it fit just like it should. The tank however I’m not that crazy about but I will still wear it over the sports bra since it’s such a weird cut.

    I really liked the shoe style and comfort but not sure if I should have maybe gotten a 6 instead of a 6.5. For some reason I thought they ran small like nikes. But I could probably just wear a thicker sock and be fine.

    Sunglasses are nice especially for running here in sunny Florida. I got the black ones and I like them for running or beach

    • enter in your account and request an exchange in size. Their customer service is excellent.

  26. I have become addicted to this site largely because of Liz’s reviews. Please don’t change a thing, Liz. We greatly appreciate your honesty.

  27. I’m so mixed on this box, there’s no cohesion with it that I can’t love it and I’m iffy on liking it. I like the shoes, not sold on the color yet but it’s growing. I love that the pant aren’t black but navy!! but I would have loved to have seen maybe more of a loungy pant style, yes I get that it’s fitness box but not everyone needs tight compression for their fitness. And being that I’m in Ohio and it’s their fall box I was soo hoping for a long sleeve or a mid weather sweatshirt. The tank isn’t flattering with the huge arm cut outs and the bra cuts too high in my neck. I wish I would have gotten the sunglasses you got, I love them, hate the ones I got! I love the colors of the box just not together! I really hope the winter box is better then the last two!

    • I so agree. I am from Indiana and was really hoping for a long sleeve shirt or jacket. I do not care for the bra at all. It is way too high in front and cuts into my neck and under my arms. I think I have the right size but it is so odd, way too high in front and low in back. And the tank is so tiny in front. As one other reviewer noted, it only covers like half my chest. This does not seem like a Fall item. The sunglasses, pants and shoes were fine, I thought. I like the brighter colors this time.

  28. Liz, i wanted to mention that my leggings sat on the tag that they are the long supernova tights , not the 7/8 length, even though thats what showed on the info care. Did anyone actually recieve the 7/8 tights on here ?

    • I don’t think so. Haven’t seen ones without zippers posted. The 7/8 on their website don’t have zippers.

  29. Hello can someone tell me what their large pants say? Mine are so long but it’s supposed to be 7/8? On the brown tab it says regular length but on the white tag it says SN LNG TI W
    Which seems like they are long length?

      • Thank you for posting this. I’m only 5’7″ but have long legs so these fit 7/8 on me also. One thing I noticed is that the tank should be sized down. I normally wear a large top in adidas but this one looks like a tent on me even in the waist area. Going to exchange it for a medium.

      • Seriously! I almost couldn’t get them on because the zippers were hitting my calves instead of ankles 😧

      • Right?! I wish they made a tall option, but I know we’re the minority. I still try to make it work!

  30. This box was probably the most dissapointing one I’ve received in the year that I’ve been subscribed. I understand people were complaining about the neutral color shoes (I was not one of them because I LOVE neutral colors and think they work better with a wide variety of outfits) but the pink and purple together is not for me AT ALL. I was hoping I could get past the spoiler pics but after receiving them, I just can’t. I wish they chose a more on trend color combo if they wanted to add a pop of color to the shoes. I lucked out on the sunglasses, I got the black wayfarer style that is surprisingly flattering. The clothing did not work for me at all- I can usually get away with a lot of legging options, but these have an odd fit. The top and sports bra didn’t work out at all. This box felt very thrown together and lacked the cohesion that past boxes had. I also had a bad taste in my mouth about the way adidas handled the spoilers this time. In the past, they’ve always been the shoes, which has typically been the highest value item in the box. It made it pretty straightforward for people to make a decision on skipping the box if the highest value item wasn’t going to work for them. This time, they chose a very unique color option that would be pretty divisive based on individual tastes, and instead spoiled a sports bra, which was one of the lowest value items. It just felt a bit underhanded to me.
    I’m going to have to think long and hard about the winter box, because I’m going to gift or sell all of the items except the sunglasses (which I completely lucked out on).

  31. I love the pants on you! That shiny thinner material does “show” a lot more than traditonal workout leggings. Totally feel you on the cut of the tank. I’m not comfortable with those arm holes or having such a bare back!

  32. Excellent review Liz, you look great and I always appreciate reading your opinion! If you take the bra out of the mix, everything else goes together pretty well. I think they spoiled that bra so early and then realized they were stuck with it. I also kind of wonder if the curators have no choice on certain items. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bra was out of the curators control.

  33. I received my box before any spoilers (besides the bra) were posted. It was probably the first time I opened any subscription box without know the contents. I love this box! I think Avenue A delivered with very functional athletic items. I wont be wearing them all together, but I like the colors and they will mix in nicely with my existing workout wardrobe. The sunglasses are the one item that is outside my comfort zone, but that’s what I love about subs, getting to try something different. Thanks for the honest review Liz! I can’t wait for the winter box!

  34. Liz, we have a similar build and I would not be comfortable in those pants either- you can look at the design and see those of us who are not 8 feet tall wouldn’t be comfy in them! They definitely are not a generic cut that suits many bodies! The taper at the ankle is not meant for people without supermodel- length legs! I always go back and forth on whether I want to order this box and I do find it disappointing that they include something so shape specific, so don’t feel self conscious. It is really is them not you!

  35. I can’t figure Adidas out. When the spoilers came out I thought I was going to love everything in the box. Especially since the running shoes have mild stability and I feel like these are the first true pair of running shoes they’ve offered (just my opinion). The jury’s still out on the shoes, I’m taking them for a run tomorrow but the rest of the box is SUCH a huge letdown.

    The sports bra is so high cut and uncomfortable I can’t imagine actually working out in it. All I’m going to do is tug on the neck. Nevermind it nearly took my ponytail off trying to get it on.

    I’m not a fan of low cut sides on tank tops. I like the color and can make this one work, but the fit isn’t right.

    The tights, oh lordy. They aren’t flattering at all. I’ve yet to find a pair of Adidas tights that don’t bunch up at the knees and as a long distance runner I have man-calves (it’s just what happens!) and these tights make them look even bigger, which I didn’t think was possible.

    I’d have LOVED to have gotten a fun colored pair of sunglasses. Seriously, the more colorful the better. Bright blue lenses, pink frames, neon – I was game for anything fun! …. I got matte black on black. *sigh*

    Hopefully the shoes work out because otherwise this box was a huge miss. And yes, I know, I KNOW sub boxes are a complete risk but Adidas has really lost the “must have” spark they had last year. Time for this subscriber to move on.

    • If you want to trade- I got some light blue ones. I would have preferred black.

    • I got turquoise sunglasses. Any interest in trading?

    • I received the red sunglasses and would like to trade for black

      • I got black sunglasses would someone like to trade

  36. Blah. I got GREEN sunglasses, they are TERRIBLE. I am happy to receive some color in the tights. The tops I’ll probably sell. You guys are right, a regular sort of top would be a nice change. The only shoes I’ve fallen in love with due to this box are the Alphabounce, I’ve purchased 3 pairs after! These shoes are cute but not sure if I’ll keep them either since they don’t seem to be quite as comfy. We’ll see. I have to exchange the pants, is that an easy process?

    • Which green sunglasses? I got white. Sad day.

  37. Liz,

    You look great in the sunglasses 😎 and the tights do NOT show any lumps or bumps that aren’t supposed to be there. You look amazing as always! I’m short and the leggings would be horrible on me but it’s nice to live vicariously through others! 🤣 I’m glad I skipped this box for sure but hopefully winter will be more my speed. I wish they’d release more spoilers before they ship the boxes!

  38. I really, really, really loved this box! The shoes are super awesome and I the shoes are the best! I like the colors a lot more after receiving the actual items vs. photos.
    The only item I didn’t like is the eyewear, no biggie.

    Liz, thanks so much for all you do for us!!

  39. Thanks Avenue A! I love my box. One great thing about workout clothes, at least mine, is that different pants go with different tops so I can mix-and-match. If you don’t like the color combinations, then hopefully you have other things to wear them with! That’s part of the fun for me. I don’t wanna wear the same outfit over and over.

  40. I really am loving everything individually… but not together. I would love for the box to feel a little bit more curated but overall, it’s a huge win for me.

    These shoes are the perfect weight for my workouts and I would definitely buy again. The bra is supportive and the high cut means I can wear it as a crop at the gym and still feel modest. Pants are fun, but would love to see something that’s not a tight next time. I got purple sunglasses. I wouldn’t buy them on my own but they’re fun and I can see myself wearing them all the time. And the tank is pretty damn flattering.

    My only complaints are the lack of cohesion and that between the tank and sunnies, this didn’t feel like fall. But after being pretty upset about the summer box, this has renewed my loyalty.

  41. Don’t be silly….you look great!!!!

  42. Oh how I wanted this box to be different….I’m going to whine a little:

    1. Pants are a big NO, I am shorty and these are just a no all the way around. Plus, not a fan of the zippers, they poke me.
    2. Tank is the most odd fitting tank, period. Definitely a no go for me. While I am short, I also have boobs and the bra doesn’t match whatsoever, in my opinion.
    3. The bra is just okay. It’s a little too much for me, too heavy.
    4. Sunglasses are ok, but nothing to wear every day. Plus, I feel like I’m too old for them.
    5. The sole thing I love about the box and that is the shoes. I love the colors, it seems like a great overall shoe.

    Ok, I’m done ranting….Aloha!

    • This is me to a T! I think it’s the boobs that ruin the tank. I actually had to look up a photo of how it’s supposed to look. It looks cute on the small boobs soccer player!

  43. I hate this box with a passion. The shoe colors are ugly AF and I don’t like the style at all. I LOVED the summer box and the compliments I get on those shoes are countless.
    The tank fits so horribly and skimpy with major side boob. What’s the point if I have to wear a covering top or bra under it since this bra looks HORRIBLE with it.

    I like the sunglasses but they are NOT worth $100. They feel cheap and flimsy. I got the purple wayfarer like ones.

    I’m everything but the sports bra. I don’t like the sports bra but I wore it so don’t wanna sell it. Ugh.

  44. I love my box! That being said I think you look nice in the pants. ( You have a low self esteem I take it?) Also this Review should be about the Actual Products not what you would like? No? I guess I’m at the point that everyone is so picky now days! I say be grateful and gift the rest. Just my Opinion

    • SubMom Cut the Snark and Passive Aggressiveness…wtf does Liz’s self esteem have to do with anything?? I think the Review is Great and Spot On to how I Feel but as You Say that’s Just My Opinion.

      • Love this and couldn’t agree more!! Just my opinion 😂

    • I say people have the right to be picky if they are using hard earned money for a subscription box, no? Liz has the right to express how she likes the products because although it may not be helpful to you, it is super helpful to many others. And Liz is also allowed to not like the feel and appearance of a certain pair of pants without having a low self esteem. That was pretty crass to assume. Just my opinion.

    • Please go troll some other group. Your comments are unhelpful and unwelcome.

    • I honestly can’t stand the “Mean Girl” comments that so often pop up on these reviews — huge turn off for me. Why can’t people just be more kind, women in particular???

    • Of course a review is going to incorporate personal opinions!! I actually find it refreshing to see some critiques on here instead of just shining positive reviews all the time because that would be false, that would be wrong. She never said they were sh*ty products just not everything was a home run – not everybody likes everything (this is especially true for athletic wear). I also find it refreshing that Liz let’s us know when she’s not 100% comfortable in an item…it’s human nature and it’s okay. That self esteem comment is unbelievably snarky and unkind.

      • So much this! ^^^^^ Agree with Meg on this one.

        I think Liz does a fabulous job. She tells the good and the bad and the why and the why not. I’m grateful for this website.

    • Submom, make sure to step outside of your glass house before you start throwing stones next time because the only thing your comment reflects is YOUR low self esteem…. people who think negatively about themselves typically feel momentary gratification by trying to expose others flaws…

    • Since there are a variety of workout legging compression / material options, I thought it would be helpful that this material is a little less forgiving than others – that’s all! Hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Please seek help.

      It’s helpful for readers to know about the functionality of the leggings. First time I tried Adidas running tights, I had similar reaction to Liz’s. They DO show every bump and lump which can be a shock to those used to compression bottoms.

    • If you wanted a consumers report analysis of the items in the box than you can just google that. I love visiting this site because of the personal perspective of each reviewer.

  45. Liz is right about not wearing the outfit as a whole but as individuals pieces they work well with my other purchases from Avenue A. I do love the sunglasses on you Liz, you look beautiful. 😉Thanks for another great review.

    • I agree, definitely not together, but it does add some color to my usual black/white/gray workout outfits. That said, I do feel like we could’ve gotten the cute gray jacket one of the curators was wearing in the folder…that for me is definitely a ‘fall’ item!

    • Glad you liked the review! Thank you! 🙂

  46. Why do they hate us… why????

  47. So… the tank just looks bizarre on me! Maybe because I have wider hips? I have no idea but it is such a confusing shirt for me. The shoes are great! The pants are ok and the sports bra is fine, though the high neck is a bit odd. I got white sunglasses. Would not have been my first pick but okay. I was so hope by for a sweatshirt or open cardi in this box!

    • Is the tank not even supposed to cover our boobs? All their sizes are consistent on me and for some reason the tank is ugly AF and shows my major side boob without an undershirt which defeats the purpose. I hate this box with a passion. Selling everything but the sports bra. I don’t like the sports bra but I wore it so don’t wanna sell it. Ugh.

      • The tank is very odd… I want to like it because I love the color… but I think it’s just not made for my body type. So weird to me! At first I thought it was just a weird size on me.

  48. That is exactly what I said about the bra and tank…they just don’t go together in color or style. Thankfully they easily mix with other black and white pieces I have already (some from avenue a). The white mesh shirt from Winter 16 works really well!

    • That being said…I LOVED the tights and shoes! They look awesome together and I can’t wait to wear them.

    • Great idea to pair it with the white mesh top! Thank you! 🙂

  49. This was my first box as I tried to get summer but was too late. After reading how unhappy a lot of subscribers were about summer I was a little worried. I LOVE THIS BOX!!!! Am so glad i kept the subscription and didn’t listen to the naysayers and they stepped it up from the summer box complaints/reviews

  50. I loved this box!! I got a different pair of sunglasses, but it worked out bc I like the ones I got better. This has been one of my fav boxes so far. The bra was a little awkward at first bc I’m not use to halter bras but I still like it.

    • Glad to hear this box was a hit for you!!

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