Allure Beauty Box September 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We’ve had the full spoilers for the September 2017 Allure Beauty Box!  (Thanks, Sarah V!)

Each box will include:

And here are the variant options of the tarte blush:

You will receive one of four colors: Captivating, Seduce, Blushing Brude, or Dazzled.

(Also, every product in the September box will be an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner!)

What do you think of the full September 2017 Allure Beauty Box spoilers? Which shade do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this palette for free:


If you sign up anytime before the end of August, your first box will be the August box. Check out the full spoilers of the August 2017 Allure Beauty Box to see what you’ll get in your first box!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Full October spoilers in the October issue of Allure!!!

  2. I know this might sound redundant, but I really look forward to Allure each month…but then again, I really value skin care and they seem to concentrate on that area. However they always have some nice piece of makeup in the box too…this time a Tarte blush. Not too shabby (even if the color isn’t right for my cheeks, I can use it as a bronzer or eyeshadow). For me, it’s Boxycharn and Allure each month,,,yipee!

  3. I love Allure magazine and their box. I didn’t realize that I actually look forward to both each month. I love them even more after this weekend when they took a controversial stand on Instagram.

    • I don’t have Instagram and awfully curious. Off to the googles!

    • What was the controversial stand on? I don’t want to register on Insta just for this. 😃

  4. I think allure might be my favorite box. I seem to like everything and there aren’t so many variables. Ipsy was a disappointment this month, boxycharm I had the variable with lippie and eyeliner, play is sending colors I can’t use. So, I hope allure continues to be great. And, I guess i’ll see what happens next month for the others. Yaay allure! At least I know I LOVE the September box!

  5. When I got my box today I was mad I didn’t see what blush I was supposed to get but then I realized it was the August box lol. I love the August box because it’s mostly skincare-a box I can enjoy!!

    • LOL Nyesha…that’s what we get for wanting our spoilers so much ahead of time, it gets confusing!

      I am delighted for the August box for that very reason that is almost entirely skin care (that’s where a well made up face begins after all) and love the variety of the products. And then NEXT month’s (September’s) box looks stupendous! I’m not concerned about the color I get even though I have a most definite preference. I figure that I can always use it for a bronzer or eyeshadow if it isn’t the color I want for blush.

      No matter, next month’s box is a winner no matter…and I am beginning to become sold on Allure. You go girls!

      • I couldn’t agree with you more on everything you said! It doesn’t matter which color blush I get because honestly, I haven’t found the perfect shade. And I GOTTA know what’s in store for the following month. I mean why hide the spoilers, you may lose some customers, excite some customers, disappoint some customers but you may also GAIN customers too. Boxycharm revealed brands they will have all the way thru til December and I’m very much interested just because they revealed that info.

        In fact, 1 of the reasons I cancelled sephora is because they were inconsistent with their spoilers. If a person is posting what arrived in the mail, that’s not really a spoiler! Speaking of spoliers, what’s on the agenda for October…

    • Do you know when the September box will be available?? I’m going to begin my subscription then because… HELLO a full size tarte blush!!!!! Yes please!

      • I would sign up now just to be sure you get a September box. Yes, you may get the august box and it’s a good box but you will DEFINITELY get the september 1 when it is available.

  6. This looks like another amazing box from Allure. I am excited to try everything, especially the Drunk Elephant and the Kiehl’s, but also the Tarte blush. And I know I already love the Living Proof product and the Beauty Blenders. I have loved the last several boxes, and can’t wait to see what is coming for the fall. Do you think they will put out spoilers for the fall months next?

  7. I wish they would give us some sneak peeks for October.

  8. OK LADIES!!! I REALLY DO WANT YOUR ADVICE AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!! I have already posted my opinion of the September Allure Beaty box. Recap; I’m not thrilled w/ the sample sizes of the moisturizer or the eye cream, I don’t want, like or need the Living Proof product (it will be my 3rd from subscription boxes, kinda feel they’re behind on this one), I have no idea if I will get the right shade of blush. My 1st box was the July box and I enjoyed it even tho 3 products are going to my niece. I am not too happy with their customer service. They are slow in responding and it doesn’t seem like they actually read or respond correctly. It takes several emails to get 1 question answered. If I do cancel, this will be my shortest subscription yet. After emailing them, it took 5 business days to get an answer about billing for August. I responded that I’m not a happy customer and don’t think it’s worth the $15.00 + tax to me. Today I got an email seperate from the other email thread offering me the allure box for $10.00 + tax for 4 months. I’m fully aware that some months aren’t going to be spot on and nothing I get from any subscription every goes to waste. I always find a home for everything. I’m just wondering if it’s worth it or not???? Kinda wish we had a sneak peek for October…

    • Swap or Sell what you don’t like is my advice to you. The blush alone is well over the price of the box.

      • Agreed. Not to mention, the size of the moisturizer is 15 ml, not 5 ml. Anything in this box that I won’t use, my nieces want anyway. Thank you for responding! I am going to stick around for a bit.

  9. I unsubscribed, after seeing this preview, because I realized that I haven’t been looking forward to the content of the Allure box in a long while. I received one of these blushes from Sephora during my birthday month, and they really have no staying power. I am not looking forward to the August box, and I figured I rather spend this money on trying a different box at this point.

    • Aww, thanks for that info on the blush, now I don’t feel like I am missing out. 🙂
      Well, especially since there was a 75% chance I would have gotten it in the wrong color for my skin tone anyway.
      They only included the one good color in their spoilers a while back to make people jump on the subscription, but that was false advertising, since there is only a small chance that that’s what you would get, anyway.

    • That’s where my blush came from!! LOL

  10. Did I miss the August spoilers? I see May/June/July and September?

  11. I understand why so many people are angry but I WILL SWAP FOR EVERY SHADE OF THE TARTE BLUSHES! click on my name for swap profile. They are my favorite Blush hands down and I will get all of them even if I don’t sub to this. I have a ton of listings for swap!

    • What do you mean click on your name?

  12. I’m so irritated with Allure. I signed up months ago because I received an email with an offer of a free Marc Jacobs mascara and eyeliner with subscription. I signed up and received my first two boxes with no gift. I wrote to customer service and they said the gifts were being processed separately. After another month I wrote again and they said they were sending me a perfume sample as a replacement, no explanation as to why the original promised gifts were never sent. In the grand scheme of things it’s a small problem but they’re losing me as a subscriber. Not a very good company policy to essentially trick people into subscribing.

    • I signed up for the same MJ offer. I received three different answers why I wasn’t getting it and eventually was told it was lost in the mail and would receive an elf small stipple brush as a replacement. Two months later I’m still waiting on that.

    • I contacted them with the same issue and was told that they were out and sending me another sample instead. I wrote back and say what many of you guys are saying, it the end of August and I just finding out now… After that first message I recieved another one today saying they ordered more and will ship when they get it. Sadly we may get it for Christmas. I told them that I love Allure and their boxes(most of the time) but that that they can really make it hard on their customers. They probably don’t have any more of the samples because they sent it out to subscribers that have been with them for 8 months or something. I don’t know if this will help.

    • I know it’s just a mascara and an eyeliner but I am so mad about this. They tricked us into re-subscribing. I’m about to cancel once and for all. I was going to call them but there’s no point now since you guys are having the same issues.

  13. I have herd so many of you folks upset at not being able to cancel your subscription with Allure. I had no problem when I unsubscribed, but I called them on the phone and got it done in a snap.

    So please try calling their Customer Service, they were extremely helpful to me (but they will ask for you to stay): 1-800-274-1603

    Good luck!

    • It shouldn’t be so hard to cancel, it’s ridiculous. I tried cancelling last month and couldn’t find anything on the website about cancelling so now I’ve been charged for another month and I don’t want this box anymore, I like my other boxes. Especially boxycharm and birch which are the best

      • Senia, I can’t disagree with you that your account should be more accessible and easier to manage (and cancel). BUT I have had issues with all of the subscriptions I have had…even Boxycharm. I think some of them have methods to follow (Allure = Call, Boxy = email with pictures and Glossybox = Oh forget it…there is nothing about Glossy that is easy.

        That said, I think some of them are growing quicker than they can manage at times and if we hear there is a way to contact them that works (calling)…then let’s do it. Sure it’s not as easy as a click, but at least we know it will get done…and for me, I have found Allure t be worth it.

        • I have to agree with you that Allure is worth it, I have tried a few & Allure as consistently sent the most usable products for me. I’ve not had any problems with them so far…

          • Lori, I like the mix of mainly skin care with a makeup it even a small bottle may be worth,m or two. It’s high quality and IF you actually check out the actual prices of some of these items it is amazing to see just how pricey some of them are. I am happy…also, I learned early on that if you want to get their attention, you CALL them…and then it seems they resolve your issue. I like both Allure and Boxycharm…my 2 main squeezes…

          • I agree! They’re both my favorites right now too! I’m watching a few others and hopefully will be able to add a few others that are cheap to help with holiday stocking stuffers 😉😊😉

  14. And again, charged $16.29 for August! and I cancelled in May!!
    I have emailed I have called and seem to run in circles. At first when I cancelled they offered me four 4 months at $10 each if I would stay. I did not email them back was done with their customer service and lack thereof. So June I was charged $16.29 they said that I did not respond to their lower price offer meaning I wanted the box at full price. What kind of logic is that!?! I am reading more and more horrible reviews.
    DO NOT SIGN UP unless you have the patience of a saint. And the makeup is worth all of the hassle.
    Apologies for the rant. Hope other customers have better luck

    • That’s nuts! I have only suspended my account twice. 1st time through my account settings and I did online chat to confirm. 2nd time via a phone call for August and the status says “discontinued” instead of the previous time it said “suspend”. I just checked and I have not been charged for August. Maybe it is just an issue with the cancels? Good luck! I personally think they should send you freebies for them being such a PIA…

    • Lulu, Call them…their Customer Service department has been helpful to me:


  15. Looks like Sephora will have the living proof dry volume blast as well this month which is a repeat! So glad I cancelled them

  16. Super excited for September’s box, I love every option so far. I don’t know what all the grapes are about, but these are all great friends and great products, what do you expect for $15? These subscription boxes are meant to help us discover and sample different products; if you want full-size products, subscribe to another box that provides that for a higher subscription fee.

  17. I subscribe to several subscription boxes. When I get products I don’t like /want I put the stuff in a box & my daughter looks it over & if she doesn’t want it then I use the stuff as gifts. Recently we also put products in ipsy bags- I have so many- we used them for prizes at a baby shower & the girls were so excited. I love getting my products- feels nice to spoil myself.😊

  18. THis looks very similar to the Sephora spoilers!
    Glad I didn’t sub to Allure this month!

    • The blush is full size though in Sept Allure Box. Play only gives samples. A lot of the same free gifts and deluxe size you can get when ordering from Sephora w those codes they email when you’re a vib member, but you have to spend $25-$35 to even get them.

  19. OH MY GOSH! I might need to sign up for September only! I use Full Volume Blast, it is my favorite for my long layers. Drunk Elephant? YES!

  20. Nope. I was pretty excited about the spoilers but now that I’ve seen the super teeny tiny sizes of the elephant face cream & the eye cream, I think I’m done. This looks like a play by sephora box which is $10.00. This is $15.00? No, I’m done after I get my August box.

    • Sephora Play would never give us a full size Tarte blush like this though.

      • True but they are sending out 4 different colors of the blush. There’s no way of knowing which one we will get. With my skintone, there’s only one that I would like or wear.

    • Dawn, you really need to remember there is a Full Size Tarte Blush, a Living Proof Dry Volume Blast and a Mini Beauty Blender in this box. Yes, the Kiehl’s Recovery Eye and the Drunk Elephant Whipped Cream are small, but with the other 3 F/S items, I think it is not only a good value, but one of proven quality. Besides, it given me a good chance to try Drunk Elephant for a few days…something that I wouldn’t normally do.

      I just resubscribed again and after trying lots of other boxes, I am putting in my chips with Boxycharm and Allure at this point…all around good value and superior cosmetics overall.

      • Oh, and besides, the blush will be a random color, not necessarily one that suits you. It’s really hard to get excited about that.

      • I agree!! I’m a boxy, ipsy, allure girl myself. Allure does send some small items sometimes but there is always a full sized something, and as far as a Tarte blush goes……I’m excited to try. I have had my eye on it for some time and even if it’s not a color I would have chosen for myself at Sephora, I get to try the formula to see if it’s worth the money for me to buy it. The point is to try the products. I have found many of my every day products from Allure. Plus several that I hope to get again since I would never slurge that much on myself (drunk elephant) To me it’s worth the $15 for the sub especially since I have 3 girls that will use anything that I don’t love. Oh and if I do get a wonky colored blush I will either use it as an eyeshadow or give it to a friend, and with 4 women in the house I’m always happy for a dry shampoo it will get used. It’s win win.

        • I totally agree with you! I’m a boxy/ipsy/allure girl too 😉 and if I sometimes get something that’s not tailored to me I have a few friends who would love to try it out for themselves and aren’t my skin type etc so I can always find a good home for them. I’ve tried some great items that I never would’ve been able to use so for me these subs are worth it for sure!

      • I don’t know why my first comment on this wasn’t approved, but I was saying that the only full size item that’s worth anything is the Tarte (and then there is the issue of the color, of course). If the Lala Retro cream was at least 15ml and the number of items was six instead of five, then I’d agree that it’s a tremendous value, but as it is, plus the runaround they give you now when canceling, I just can’t get excited about this. Certainly not enough to subscribe. Would be easier to just swap for the Tarte (and in the specific color I want).

        • I just can’t get upset about something I spend $15 on when it’s advertised as travelsize samples and occasionally full sizes. I subscribe to these low cost boxes (play, allure, ipsy, etc.) with the understanding that I’m paying to test out products and some months will be a hit and some not. We’re getting exactly what’s advertised.

          • Oh, I am not upset, just indifferent. The box ended up not being as exciting as when the spoilers first came out three months ago.
            And, well, the customer service issues so many people are reporting give me pause.

          • Understood. I don’t get why they took off the button to cancel or pause your subscription. I paused last year for a few months because we were in the process of moving and it was super simple. The only time I’ve ever dealt with their customer service was when I had a broken product – they never responded to any of my emails so I would have to say their customer service is lacking. So unfortunate.

      • I just cancelled this is the nest box in months

  21. Ugh. I was waiting for the previous spoiler that showed the full size beauty blender (they definitely showed the Bubble variation a few months ago)

    This isn’t bad though, I’ll take it. Tho I’m annoyed I signed up with the promise of a free Marc Jacobs gift that I NEVER got. This sub, I tell ya..

    • I always understood that the blender was a mini…

    • The spoilers always indicated it would be a mini.

    • i re-subbed in june after getting an email about getting a free marc jacobs gift (mascara and lip gloss) if i gave them another try. never got the gifts either!

      • I never got my gift either. False advertising at its finest. Does anyone know anyone who actually got the mascara and eyeliner gift? Everyone ive come across has not gotten it.

        • They are horrible about this. Back in I think it was maybe January when they sent that eyeshadow in the box mine was shattered. I contacted CS on 3 occasions about it over the next two months or so and each time they said they’d send it out or send “another one” have not received a thing. They have a history of this sort of thing from what I’ve seen and experienced, they just can’t be trusted as far as I’m concerned.

    • The spoilers always showed the Beauty blender as a mini, never was advertised as full size.

    • Hi Alice,
      Me too , got the email for the Marc Jacobs lip gloss for a free gift , same as you. Never got it. Received another email asking how I liked the gift. LOL.
      I did reach out to customer service and they said they were going to send me the gift. ( MJ lip gloss) Never got it. Emailed again & was told they were going to send me something comparable.
      Never got it, then asked about it again and told me to give it a week and that was weeks ago.

      I was not happy about that, kind of was looking forward to try it. 🙁

      • You know… I think I also get those emails about gifts, but I ignore them because I have not been a member of the Allure Box for about 2 years! At least they have an excuse with me!

    • I did get two full size Marc Jacobs lipglosses in the mail but because I’ve been a member. The colors didnt suit my tan skin so I just gave them away

  22. Hey Liz, I was wondering if I subscribe now if I’ll receive the august or September box? Because when I go sign up for allure in the top right corner it says ” your first box will be September” but from reading some comments it looks like ppl may have received a box before september..?? So I’m just a little confused. Thanks!

  23. i’m spoiled because I only counted 5 items lol…I can use everything but the dry shampoo…I will gift it to someone. Also, I love how Allure and Ipsy release spoilers because i want to see what i am getting. i do respect the surprise factor but it’s not for me. Sephora don’t often release their spoilers soon enough before they send them out so that’s another reason why I cancelled them.

  24. Having had my fill of Glossybox’s crumbling box quality, constantly broken or deleted items along with the worst Customer Service I have encountered in a very long time; I just re-subscribed to Allure and am delighted by what I see.

    Not only are the items of superior quality, but I also really like the assortment.

    I say Bravo Allure! Glad to be back with you.

    • Like musical chairs, but with sub boxes lol

  25. So the Kiehl’s is a foil packet?..

    • Ah, never mind, I didn’t realize where it was in the photo at first.

  26. That looks like a really good box, and it’s the first time in a while I’ve seen one that I’d actually be thrilled to get if it wasn’t for my horrible experiences with Allure’s box in the past. That said, I already have all of these things, so I’m thankfully not experiencing the FOMO that I likely would otherwise.

  27. If you go to sign up, the gray bar at the top says your first box will be September. That doesn’t seem right considering I subbed at the end of last month and still received July. How many boxes can we sub to? I would love more than one of September!

    • I think as long as you use different email addresses, you can sub to more than one box. However, I remember last year a lot of people tried that to get multiples of those mini Foreos (my namesake? I can’t remember which one), and I remember reading that a lot of peoples duplicate accounts were cancelled by Allure.

      • Ah that makes sense. It’s too bad they don’t let you do that. I think Ipsy and Sephora do. Oh well, I’ll be happy with the one box I do get 🙂

  28. I like that the Allure box always has one thing I absolutely love in each box!!! Still the box I look most forward to, and most of my go to products I have learned that I love because of Allure. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  29. I am very excited about this box!!!!

  30. Yay for this box! I want the peachy blush!

  31. love this box!! Yaay allure box, you rock!

  32. I received the Tarte Amazonian Bronzer last month in my Ipsy bag and really like it a lot. Not subscribed to Allure yet, but just dropped Glossybox. September Allure looks very tempting! VERY TEMPTING!!!

  33. With the exception of the Living Proof spray, I’ll use everything. Hooray again, Allure!

    This is my 2nd Tarte Amazonian blush, I already got Paaarty from anothet sub this year.

    • I’m looking forward to the spray most of all 😉 I love dry shampoo and with my baby fine hair if it gives me volume even better! Now the whipped moisturizer? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use it cuz I have an oily t zone….

  34. Wow, this looks amazing. I’ve never subbed to Allure, when can I sub so I can get September but not August?

    • You would want to subscribe in September

      • thanks! Do you know if there is ever a wait list?

  35. I’m really excited for this box. I almost bought the Drunk Elephant cream the other day but remembered seeing the spoiler on here. Fingers crossed I don’t get the dark blush and my box will be perfect!

  36. I am really looking forward to this box. This isn’t random stuff or new stuff on the market, but actual Allure beauty winners. Tried and tested.

  37. I love that Kiehl’s eye cream! That little sample will last quite a long time. Make sure to cut the tube when you feel you’re almost out. The thickish plastic can make it hard to squeeze every last bit out, plus there is *a lot* of product that accumulates at the end of the tube even though it feels pretty flat. (just personal experience 🙂 )

    • The Kiehl’s sample looks to be 1/5 of the full size. Does anyone know how long the full size typically lasts? Thanks!

      • Ya, it is quite small, but the sample lasted me ~3 weeks. For me, a full sized eye cream (.5oz) lasts a few months.

        • That’s encouraging, thanks. 😀 I’ll be cutting the tube for sure!

    • I cut all my tubes! I am so glad I am not the only one😜

      • Me too! A tube *never* leaves my house uncut. 😀

        • hahaha….cute…! 🙂

  38. Wow! This entire box is amazing! I love Tarte blushes. And beauty blenders and anything Drunk Elephant. And I’ve had that Living Proof spray on my list of things to try for awhile! Allure is killing it lately!

  39. Better than Aug box, but they could at least throw in another sample to make it 6 items. Boo.

    • I am hopeful for 6, but they seem to go from 5 to 6 as the minimum items per box.

  40. How difficult is it to cancel the sub? Can I do it online?

    • I cancelled my sub online by clicking the “Discontinue” button, but I did that earlier this year, and have since heard that option may not be available. If not, then you can either email, call, or chat with them to cancel. I personally would call to make it quicker, but maybe chat or email would be best for documentation.

      • The chat feature is also gone or it was last week when I wanted to suspend.

    • It’s not too dificult. You do have to call them and of course, they will try to get you to stay. I just cancelled because they offered a 2 piece Marc Jacobs set to resubscribe. When I called them about why I never received it they said “oh,we ran out” so I cancelled. I only resubscribed because I was tempted by the the bonus gift.

      • Aye, the bait and switch is strong with this particular subscription. It’s why I cancelled many moons ago.

      • Oh, is that the procedure now? I was on the fence about this box – want the Tarte and the Drunk Elephant, but can live without the rest; didn’t want to subscribe in August to make sure they don’t sell out the the September boxes, etc.

        Your comment tipped me over to the other side – I will definitely not be subscribing now. 🙂 Would be easier to just swap for the couple of items I want to try.

    • You used to be able to unsubscribe or suspend your box right from your account page, but the button isnt there anymore, so you have to email or call. It’s not too difficult but it used to be way easier.

  41. This is the best box ever for Allure, IMO! Awesome brands and awesome products!

  42. Wow, this month looks amazeballs!

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