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5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Autumn Time Box Jewelry Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

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5th avenue style

We have a new spoiler for the Limited Edition Autumn Time Box from 5th Avenue Style!

This box features our Autumn Trend Collection where we made sure to find the right balance between Fall 2017 trends and classic sophisticated style. Every Limited Edition Autumn Time Box features a brand name autumn handbag (France, Italy, Holland, USA) along with a selection of customized jewelry and accessories.

We made sure to find the right balance between Fall 2017 trends and classic, sophisticated style. Valued at a minimum of $700+, this box would make a great gift for yourself or for the loved ones in your life.
It’s the one-time purchase and not a subscription.

The Box: 5th Avenue Limited Edition Autumn Time Box 

The Cost: $270

COUPON: Use coupon code AUTUMN1750 to save $50 off this box. 5th Avenue Style Membership Club members can use coupon code AUTUMN17MEMBER100 to save $100 off this box.

Both codes expire Saturday, September 2nd.

The Products: “These 4-5 items will compliment and refresh your wardrobe perfectly for the coming season.”

Good to Know: If you don’t want a bag, please use the Notes section to opt out. The bags will be selected according to your order’s preferences.

Autumn Time Boxes will start shipping the first week of Autumn (week of September 22).

Check out our 5th Avenue Style reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription box!

And here is the second handbag spoiler:

Please choose jewelry categories that you like and fill out the online form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler style requirements by following the link below. We will choose colors & styles based on your order preferences.
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

In case you missed the previous handbag and jewelry spoilers:

Please choose bags that you like and fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler style requirements by following the link below. We will choose colors for the styles you select based on your preferences.
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

5th Avenue Style5th Avenue Style

Please choose bags that you like and fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements by following the link below:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

5th avenue style 5th avenue style

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate if you want to receive or opt out of Les Georgettes spoiler by following the link below. For those who select this spoiler, we will choose Metal Finish and the Leather Color of the band based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.


5th avenue style 5th avenue style

Please choose the color code of the bag that you like and fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements by following the link below:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

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  1. I would suggest that we all send emails to [email protected] instead of using the “contact us” method at the bottom of the website. That way, we will have a record that we contacted them to figure out why our shipments are delayed by over two months. I personally received a “your order is being prepared for shipping” email in late October. I have received nothing since. I tried the contact us button last week and haven’t heard back.

    I would have been understanding if I had received an email back in September saying that a product was delayed,etc. but this is not professional.

    • Update to my previous post – in the time it took me to post my rant above, the CS team had replied to my email that I sent before I came here. I will always give people the benefit of the doubt, but I would still send an email. Based on how quickly someone responded to my email, my other inquiry might have been lost. I would hate for that to happen to someone else.

      Also, I selected the “Dr. Apple,” and CS said that they are waiting for the bag from Europe and experiencing a vendor delay. That echoes what someone said below, but it is still the situation. Just wanted to give an update.

      • I emailed them and got a response withing 24 hours. They said they were waiting on my bag, but if I wanted to get a different bag, they would be able to ship within a few days. They did not specify which bad I would be receiving, but at this point I am okay with a different bag than the one I originally chose. I had chosen the Dr. Apple bag and they were having vendor delays on that one. I opted to receive a different bag and they have shipped my box and sent me tracking info. It is currently on it’s way. Can’t wait to see it!!

  2. So, I still don’t have my box…this is getting kind of ridiculous.

    • Me either – no notification, no communication at all. Booooo!

  3. Just got my shipping notification!

    • Holy COW! Thank you so much for posting! I’m hoping I will see mine soon 🙂

      • I hope you do too!

    • Hi Jennifer! I still have not gotten a shipping notification. Has your box arrived yet? Susan

      • Hello – yes, I received it two days after shipping. They sent it priority. I suggest emailing them via their contact form on their website. They responded quickly to my inquiry. Make sure you have your order number. I got one of the briefcase bags, a necklace, ring, bracelet, and a little jewelry holder/coin purse as a free gift for the long wait.

  4. Yikes!! I just called for a shipping update. Their 800 number leaves you on hold for a long time and then just says the number you are trying to reach is unavailable! Scary… I am wondering if I should dispute the charge?

    • They are legit so I wouldn’t do that. They answered my email quickly today when I clicked on the Contact Us link on their website. I think it’s just getting the bags to the U.S. From Europe. Maybe they don’t even make the bags until they’re ordered, I don’t know. Still frustrating but I’m looking forward to mine. I know what bag I’m getting from my inquiries so I know I’ll love that! And it’s worth the price of the box itself.

      • It is really frustrating, I agree. I understand a delay, but no communication since before September seems unfair to the customer. Even a proactive outreach with updated information or status of the order would put everyone at ease a bit more. A big opportunity to retain customers that appear to be going rouge here. Is this why MSA doesn’t review them any more? I am on board for the holiday box, too, so hoping all arrives in time.

  5. How about now? Anyone received their stuff yet? It’s now six weeks past when it was supposed to be sent…….never again, 5th Avenue, never again.

    • Nothing. I tried calling and emailing-no response. Im getting concerned. What is going on? Autumn box will be winter box, and that’s if we are lucky. So disappointed.

      • I emailed them on Friday, 11/3/17, and as of now still have no response. Super bummed. I’d rather have my $195 back at this point to use towards FFF add-ons!

  6. Just checking in to see if anyone received their box yet?

    • Not me…wow!!!

    • Still nothing….really? I want to believe in this sub so much but it is really disappointing at this point. No proactive communications – that is just not respectful of the customer at all. Please, I want to love you, but….now it just feels so dysfunctional.

      • Nothing here either, still!

  7. Has anyone received the Autumn Box yet? I haven’t received an email concerning when they may ship ,though I’ve sent a few requests with no response .

    • I emailed this past week and received a response that they are waiting for my purse and will ship as soon as they get it in.

  8. Anyone received this box yet??

    • No, I emailed them and they said they’re waiting on my bag.

      • I sent an email last week and did not get a reply. Thanks for posting that you got one. BIG SIGH on waiting on the bag.

        • I know, I’m ready to get it already. I selected a Dr. Apple bag and the briefcase style one, so I’m curious to know which one I end up with!

    • nope!!!

    • STILL waiting. Anyone got it yet?

      • Nothing here either!

        • Still waiting….weren’t we suppose to have gotten them already??? Anxiously waiting!

  9. I have not selected either Jewelery option yet. I was wondering if thier will be a third? I received a Les Geogettes in my Summer box and love it but would prefer not having a repeat so soon. Not too keen on the last option as it’s really chunky. I’m listed as a delicate style type. Any suggestions? I really love this box!

  10. How many bags does the box will contain? If I choose 2, will you pick only 1?

    • Dear Lis,

      There will be one bag in this box. You are correct if you choose two bags we will ship one of them.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  11. Does anyone know if these rvs are legit? Ive never heard of these brands. Id bite if it were D&G, Fossi, Kate spade..same rv price poibt, just more well known brands.

    • Yes, they’re legit. All of these brands have websites, just Google the brand to find it. That’s what I did, very simple to do. They’re all European. I actually like that they’re NOT D&G, Kate Spade, etc. There’s enough of those items around. I like something different.

  12. Can you guys clarify? How many of these spoilers can we choose? We don’t get something from every category, right?

    • Dear Kendra,

      The way it works is that you will receive one item from each category such as jewelry and handbags.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Thanks for the reply! So, what will happen if I filled out multiple forms? How do I specify which I want the most? For example, I filled out more than one handbag form, but I prefer the briefcase if I only get one bag.

  13. This will be a great piece of jewelry for those that prefer statement pieces. I am not that person and I had also opted out of the first spoiler. Will there be another jewelry item to pick from? If not, then I would opt back in to the first jewelry spoiler. Thanks!

    • Dear Jennifer,

      If you prefer delicate jewelry and specified it in your order preferences, we can choose some beautiful delicate items from this collection, as well. This collection is quite versatile.
      We might have another jewelry spoiler but stop offering this box in four days.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • I selected delicate jewelry as well but opted out of this one. Any chance the brooches from this collection are options?

        • Dear Zo,

          We might be able to include brooches, as well. Please make a note that you are interested in it once filling out the online form.

          Thank you,
          5th Avenue Style Team

      • Ok, thank you. I had submitted to opt out of this spoiler, but then filled out a second form to opt in and notated delicate in those notes. I’m pretty sure my preferences were filled out as delicate as well. I hope the second form does not create an issue! Thank you!

        • Dear Jennifer,

          Thank you, do not worry, it will not be an issue with your form entry.

          5th Avenue Style Team

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