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Nylon Box Subscription – July 2017 Review + Coupon

Nylon Box is a new beauty subscription box from Nylon Magazine! Each month you’ll receive a curated mix of 5-6 full/sample size beauty and skin care products + small accessories.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes). 

The Box: Nylon Box

The Cost: $19.99

COUPON: Use code FIRSTFIVE to use code FIRSTFIVE to take $5 off your first box!

The Products: Curated mix of 5-6 full/sample size beauty and skin care products + small accessories.

Ships to: US and worldwide. (Free shipping to the US.)

This box comes with a folded card detailing the items included:

The illustrated products are accompanied by pricing, where to buy, Editor’s notes, and “Why It’s Rad.”

Now, on to the items!

House of Intuition Clarity Bath Bag – $8

This herbal tea bath smells so good! It’s a blend of Epsom Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Pink Roses, Organic Lemongrass, and Organic Peppermint.

You just fill the included cloth tea bag with the mixture, tie it up, and add it to your bath. Or just leave it on the shower floor to get some of the aromas!

Manic Panic Glitter Jewels in Electric Fuchsia Shock – $8.99

This is exactly the type of beauty product I expected in a box from Nylon, and while it’s a bit outside my makeup comfort zone, I appreciate that this box doesn’t feel like other beauty boxes.

You’ll need a glitter glue primer, or Vaseline, or something else to hold this glitter in place. I tried my best in this swatch with the regular primer I had:

Also, it glows under black light! Nylon recommends setting it into your hair with hairspray for edgy looking roots. (Glitter roots are a thing.)

Cocokind MYMATCHA Stick – $8.99

This is one of my favorite discoveries in the box! It’s an all-over moisture stick, and I love the suggestion to apply it under your eyes.

The light scent is pleasant, and the formula is 100% organic, too!

Hello Kitty Pin – $8

Based on the first box, I’m guessing this subscription will be a mix of beauty and a few accessory/fashion items each month. That won’t be for everyone, but I fall into the category of people who are always happy to see Hello Kitty in any box!

This little pin has silver metal detail and measures a little under an inch across.

Hipstapatch Hot Lips Patch – $5

This patch measures about an inch across and is peel and stick – no worries about sewing! (If you want it to be permanent, you’ll need to sew it, though.)

Floss Gloss Second Base Nail Lacquer – $10

This is a “raspberry holographic glitter inspired by none other than NYLON Magazine’s signature pink.”

It looks raspberry pink in the bottle, but it reads as red to me when on my nails.

Here it is on with two coats:

To get full coverage, you’ll need multiple coats, or this would look great as a sparkle top coat.

Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo – $3.99

(Scents will vary)

This dry shampoo is a cult classic. It adds texture, scent, and absorbs excess oil. (Also, a tip from MSA readers if you aren’t a dry shampoo user – this works great as a shoe deodorizer, too!)

Yeah Bunny Keyboard Stickers – $19

Confession – I am an adult who loves stickers! I already have a few of these plus the patch on my laptop! (And my charger!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $72. I think that’s good for a $20 box, but it’s worth mentioning that $32 of that value comes from non-beauty items. If you like the balance of beauty and accessories like I do, I recommend the box!

What do you think of the first Nylon Box?


Nylon Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (30)

  1. I just got my first box (July) a few days ago and I’m 27 and this is just way too tweeny for me. I’m going to keep it and see if it matures up a little bit for the next few but if it doesn’t get targeted for more of an 25+ audience I’m going to cancel. I also didn’t get the Manic Panic glitter which on the one hand I would probably never use but also like I paid for it so I’m going to contact customer service and let them know.


  3. I sub this box , I got it . then cancelled because it just was a bit too young for me. I reviewed the box on Nylons page after they asked for one. I just received a email from them telling me that they are taking the review to heart and changing the box a bit to be more mature. Then they gave me my own 10% off my next box or anything in there store. That is some great customer service. They are open to feedback of their consumer then immediately applying the feedback to their box. I’m definitely going to give them another shot.

    • I appreciate your comment because it sums up exactly what I see in this box. Cheap body glitter + cheap glitter nail polish + a Hello Kitty pin + tongue stick-on patch? Seems skewed to a ‘tween girl, not a woman. Then you look at the sophisticated bath blend, the moisture stick and the dry shampoo which, to me, seem woman appropriate.

      Maybe if they marketed this as a Mom ‘n’ Me box, it would play but this is a mash-up of two very different target audiences.

      Meh, I’ll pass. But great comment!

  4. FYI anyone who gets this box, please do NOT use the Manic Panic glitter jewels on your eyes/as eyeshadow! I contacted Manic Panic and they told me it is safe to use on face, hair, and body, but it is NOT cosmetic grade and should not be used around the eyes! I don’t know why Nylon seems to be advertising it as a eye product, but it’s not.

  5. I guess I just expected more from Nylon.

  6. Yuck. So happy I didn’t waste even a dollar on this box. I guess if I was a tween I would happy I tricked my mom into buying it.

  7. My 18-year-old self would have loved this box! I think they did really well with curating for their chosen market.

    • Ditto! 🙂

      Although not for me at this stage, it’s refreshing to have a box like this one on the scene.

      Well done!

  8. When I first saw the spoilers, I was like “I’m gonna cancel this box before I even get mine.”

    THEN, when I received the box, I realized that it’s really a nice box. I love the MyMatcha stick and the tea bath. I’m a Hello Kitty fan, so the pin will be worn and the stickers, while I feel like they are too teenager-ish for me, I really like them and will use them. The only thing in the box that I’m not pleased with is the dry shampoo. I have black hair and I’ve yet to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t turn my hair white/gray. I’ll stick around for the next Nylon box before I decide whether or not to cancel.

    • Have you tried the colored versions of Batiste? I am blonde so am lucky that all dry shampoos work for me, but I have several friends with very dark brown or black hair that swear by the colored Batiste sprays. If you live in the US, Ulta has BOGO sales on them a few times a year so you can stock up if it ends up working for you!

    • Amika dry shampoo. Best ever. I also have super dark hair and it’s totally fine for me. Batiste is the WORST. I look like I’m wearing a powdered wig. Also tried the brunette sprays and it stains clothes – don’t use it!!

  9. I’m glad Liz reviewed this box (Thanks!). I didn’t see the appeal of it in the spoiler, but after seeing everything up close and in action, I think its pretty cute.

    • Happy to review it! 🙂 I agree about the cuteness! Such a fun box!

  10. I love my box, I’m still playing around with things. MyMatcha stick is magic. Omg, it’s the best product out there being organic and very effective.
    I also love my stickers, and the glitter I will try on my roots. Great idea 😃
    That will be fun. Hehee I’m all around happy and look forward to my next box. I hope you continue to review Nylon Liz 😃

    • I’m enjoying it! And my laptop has never looked happier 🙂

  11. I loved my first box!

    I have subbed to a few different beauty subs (still do) but was aching for something like this. Like a mini “lifestyle” beauty mash up. I have truthfully become a little bored by so.e of the beauty subs; so, it was refreshing to open this box.

    Thanks for the tip about the dry shampoo Liz! I was trying to remember the alternative use for the stuff since I don’t use dry shampoo and am swimming in it thanks to subs.

    About Hello Kitty’s mouth: I remember reading that she doesn’t have a mouth because she speaks from her heart.

  12. I absolutely love this box!! This is the first box ever that I like and will use every single item from. I love Nylon magazine, and this box is even more rad (one of my favorite words ever) than I’d hoped, and it fits the Nylon vibe and aesthetic to a T. I really like that it’s a mix of beauty and non. Most lifestyle boxes, the ones I’ve found so far anyway, just don’t do a lot for me. This box is also a good mix of brands and products I love — Manic Panic, Hello Kitty, dry shampoo, stickers — and those that are new to me — matcha stick and bath bag. When I ordered this, I thought I’d be only buying this month, and I justified it will the $5 off since my budget is very tight right now. But I’ll definitely be ordering next month’s and cutting something else out of my budget… and then I’ll hope that the second box isn’t a dud!

    Re Hello Kitty: my kid sister asked my mom why she doesn’t have a mouth. My sister was really worried that HK would die because she couldn’t eat! My mom said that of course she had a mouth, we just couldn’t see it because it was right underneath her chin. No clue why Sanrio, her parent company, chose to not give her a mouth.

    Re glitter: I’ve been wearing it in my hair since I learned that Carrie Fisher did. After she passed away, Anna Kendrick posted a pic of the two of them on Twitter and said that once she told Carrie she liked the glitter in her hair. Carrie’s response was to run a hand through her hair then lob the glitter at Anna.

    • If you wear a matte red or burgundy nail polish and then paint a top coat of SEcond base, it looks so edgy and pretty

      • Ooh, I like that idea, thank you, Bella!

  13. I got this today, and it’s a lot of fun! I don’t like hello kitty (why doesn’t she have a mouth???) but everything else is fun. The stickers are reusable and really high quality, like ridiculously so for stickers.

    And the matcha stick thing might actually be magic! My lips were starting to get chapped, and one coat of this stuff a few hours ago has cured them.

    And manic panic brings back fond memories of helping art kids dye their hair in dorm rooms, even though I never tried to dye my own (quite dark brown) hair.

    The box is really nice too! Smaller than glossy box but equally sturdy, and destined for my office to hold stuff.

    • Above they said, ‘Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because she speak from her heart.” aw. I’ve loved Hello Kitty since the 80s…

  14. Totally not for me, but get the appeal for those younger and/or hipper than me. Not sure why “keyboard” stickers are $19 though. Seems like they should be $5. Or at most $10.

  15. I always like to try new boxes so at first I was real excited especially since we had a $5 coupon to use. I don’t mind not getting non beauty items in a box but the non beauty items chosen for this box were not my cup of tea. My other problem as a regular subscription subscriber is that I find myself comparing different boxes in the same price range to see the value for me. And value for me is not always in terms of retail value but also can I use or gift, etc. For example, I can get Boxycharm for $21.00 and there are full size items and not what I would call just filler items in a box. This box I thought would have a hip, edgy quality to it, but for $19.99 per month the value, not just in terms of retail value but quality of products doesn’t suit me. I will find a use for the items in some way, put on stationary, etc., but ongoing this box wouldn’t work in my sub box collection. However, I am excited for those who received it and it was their cup of tea. We all have different tastes and judge boxes that fit us for different reasons. Just a note, I did cancel my subscription last night via their web site through chat offline and an email was sent. I did get a prompt communication today saying the cancellation was completed so I do feel on that aspect their customer service was prompt and receptive which is better than some of the customer service of boxes that I even currently subscribe to.

  16. I like that this box had new and different items and brands. That was very refreshing to see; but on the flip side nothing in this box was for me. Thankfully I didn’t sub, I never cared for Nylon magazine anyway. But I thought it was nice to see new brands and items; it seems geared towards a younger crowd.

  17. I am excited. Not the typical stuff and I love Hello Kitty! Pins and patches are all the rage now (or again)!

    • Your so right! I’m going to put my Patch on my jean jacket on the back and hopefully get a few more to add. This brings out the younger side in me. 💖

  18. I like the lip patch. Its a nice assortment of items. Id probably get it for one of my nieces.

  19. This box is really cute and really fun. When I saw the spoilers I knew it wasnt for me, but the customer service was impeccable. I contacted them and asked to cancel my subscription and if they could refund me and they did both and were prompt and polite.

    I think this is a really fun box for all ages. The glitter jar and glitter polish are cute and the matcha stick looks versitile. I hope whoever got this box enjoyed it!

    • Always happy to hear about great customer service! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

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