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ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Review – July 2017

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

A few times a year, ModCloth launches their “Stylish Surprise”, which are mystery items you can buy at a deep discount. We’re talking typically pricier pieces for around $10-$20! Buying a Stylish Surprise is sort of like buying a blind box toy—you’ll know the category of item you’re buying (like dresses, apparel, shoes, apartment, etc.) and what size you’ve chosen, but you’ll only find out what exact piece you’re getting when you open your box. There are usually a wide range of styles and aesthetics in the mix, so what you wind up with is totally random… and a total surprise!

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

The thing about Stylish Surprise is that items go fast. We’re talking sold-out-in-hours fast. The Stylish Surprises I shopped for this review is now done and sold out, but there always seems to be another Stylish Surprise event right around the corner. Check out the items I got to see the kind of mix of products you can expect and stay tuned for updates!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes)

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

The Box: ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Here were the categories this time:

  • Stylish Surprise Dresses – $20 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Apparel – $15 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Shoes – $10 each, sizes 5-11
  • Stylish Surprise Jewelry – $5 each
  • Stylish Surprise Apartment – $10 each

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It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

As with normal ModCloth orders, the box comes with an invoice, though it only gives the prices you paid for the Stylish Surprises, not the original value of the products you wind up with. I was able to nab items from the Apparel, Dresses, and Shoes categories—everything from the Apartment and Jewelry categories was gone by the time I got to place my order (which was only a few hours into the event)!

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

There are a couple discounts in the box. The first is a Hello Fresh coupon…

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

…and the second is a code for 25% off orders of $100 or more in celebration of ModCloth’s 15th birthday!

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Top – Cost $15.00, Value $39.99?

This top is a little cutesier than what I’d usually reach for, but the fit is amaaaazing! I found similar tops on the ModCloth site (the brand is called Circus), and at the time of this post, they’re on sale for $39.99. That’s still way more than a measly $15.00!

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

The top is made from 100% rayon, but it feels like cotton weave. Note that if you hate ironing, this isn’t the top for you, hehe. It’s really soft, and the fabric drifts beautifully over my torso. It’s loose but not in the sense that it’s billowy or blousey, and it’s just fitted enough to still feel tailored. This is a UK size 14, which corresponds with the large sizing I picked (usually I’m a medium on top and a large on the bottom, but 1) I wasn’t sure if I’d end up with a bottom or a top, and 2) I’ve had experience with pieces from ModCloth running small on me, so I figured I’d cut my losses). The color and print is really cute and flattering, and the pleated, bow-adorned neckline is so sweet! It’s got a bit of a retro vibe. It took me a few tries to get the bow looking cute, but I’m really happy with this leaf-printed design, especially with fall coming up soon.

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Shoes – Cost $10.00, Value $39.99?

Other flats by this brand, But Another Innocent Tale (a.k.a. B.A.I.T.) Footwear, are going for $39.99 at the time of this post, so again, this is a great deal. These shoes are definitely too cutesy for me, but I’m excited to find a friend who might want to take these in. They’re so darn charming with their patent hearts and suede-like bodies. They’re a tad stiff to walk in, but I’m hoping they’d break in nicely. The right shoe had what looks like a little scuff or oil stain on the toe, but it’s not super noticeable given the rest of the personality these shoes have!

It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It's time to review the dress, top, and shoes I got in my ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Dress – Cost $20.00, Value $59.99?

I was most excited to see what dress I’d get from Stylish Surprise, and while this dress isn’t exactly my style, I was really impressed by the quality of what I got! This deep teal maxi dress features a sheer overlay printed with periwinkle- and purple-splashed flowers. It’s got a real elegant, bohemian, sort of 70s vibe about it, especially given the keyhole neckline and slightly puffed sleeves. The brand is Coco Love, and the dress itself is 100$ polyester. It’s not on the ModCloth site anymore, but other Coco Love pieces go for around $59.99, so I’m definitely getting a deal here. While this isn’t my aesthetic, I’m really digging how beautifully this dress fits (with heeled boots on of course), so I might have to hang onto it for awhile and use it on special occasions!

Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised by my first-ever ModCloth Stylish Surprise! The three items cost me as much as just one of these items would’ve been at regular price (at least), so I’m thrilled by the value. The only thing I’m definitely giving/swapping away are the shoes, but I was overall impressed by the quality of the pieces I got, given that this is basically a clearance event. I can’t wait for the next Stylish Surprise!

What do you think about ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise this time around? What did you get?

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (43)

  1. I ordered three dresses and two were identical. I contacted Modcloth and they refunded the $20 for the dress and then, when I said I would really rather have a different dress, they apologized and said all they could do was refund the $20 and give me a $15 gift card. And that’s fine, but I’m bummed.

  2. I think you lucked out! I was nervous about ordering too & should have gone with my instincts not to…but I did it anyway. Ugh! Big mistake! I got two dresses (as apparel picks) & a pair of flats. Both dresses were super ugly & one was even the wrong size. The shoes were ugly too and incredibly uncomfortable. I will not be risking this again. I’ll take my $50 and buy something I really like.

    • Patricia,

      If they gave you dresses when you ordered apparel chat them on their website! I got an apparel instead of a dress and got to keep the apparel and got a full refund for the dress. They are very accommodating!

  3. I ordered 7 shoes and 2 apparel and with the code it was 30% off the total. I was excited about my “score” until the most drab, boring items arrived. I’m not sure that I’ll wear ANY of it, but Goodwill is getting a solid donation from me in the morning! Next time I’ll pass on this “deal” of a lifetime. I should know better than to risk it.

  4. The dress is called “Come Sway Awhile” and was originally $129.99

    The orange top is called “Up, Up and Amaze” in leaves and was originally $49.99

    The BAIT flats are the Ermah Pink and on their website (and other sites) for $57

    You scored!

    • How do you find out that info. I’d love to know what my items retail for. I think I did pretty good.

      • I have been shopping with Modcloth for years and also sell their liquidation clothing so I guess I have become good at id’ing/finding items lol. If you want to pm me pictures I can try and help you find them 🙂

      • I would love to. I have 2 dresses one is by lace and mesh it’s strapless black with a golden floral design. Another is modcloth and navy blue with black and gold thick material with a v neck sleeveless, kneelength and has like 2 black knot designs at the sides of the waist line. Both are very cute. I’d love to know the value. I have a light modcloth blue and white sweater that is kind of cropped in the front and longer in the back. I have 2 pairs of shoes as well. I would have to check them again or email you pics of everything if you think you can figure it out. Thanks. 😉

      • Yea, I definitely need to see pics! Sorry for the delay. I haven’t been around for a few days.

      • Also, Vanessa, in the comment below, has listed some good methods if you would like to try on your own 🙂

      • The easiest way to identify them is to carefully peel off the top sticker and get the original modcloth “PID#” Then use google powers searching “modcloth” with that number and like if it’s a dress or shirt or whatever. If that doesn’t work (sometimes it doesn’t) I do a google search with descriptive terms for the article of clothing and then check “image” at the top of the screento do just an image search. There’s usually some pinterest pins that will have the name of the piece and you can research from there. (Sometimes will even have some screenshots of modcloths web listings for older articles with long dead links. These are the methods I’ve been using with great success. I’m obsessed with stylish surprise, haha!

    • Oh AWESOME! Thanks for digging that info up!

      • No problem! Great haul!

    • I got those same flats as you. The second pair. They’re cute! I wish that I hadn’t gotten 2 pairs of flats though as I’m kinda short.

  5. I would totally be happy with shoes like that. I don’t know when it happened, but a ton of hot pink infiltrated my wardrobe this year.

  6. I love that top, so cute.
    Can’t wait to see what I get in my first stylish surprise, my first modcloth order actually!
    Hope it comes soon!
    Is there a board where people are posting what they got? I’d love to see or maybe it might make me mad? haha

  7. I’m in the “take the sleeves off” camp as I have your same style and proportions but shorter and slightly smaller (still smaller on top bigger on bottom, same hair color and style too). I’d say twinsies! … but man that’s too twee! I think sleeveless, the dress instantly becomes more 90’s grunge. With the boots and eye makeup it would be an awesome statement. I think for the top, you could style with grey or grey and black to stay away from the orange and just black pumpkin look. You could totally work the to with different knot techniques too! You look great as always, love all your reviews.

    • Oh my gosh, these are such rad styling ideas! I love the idea of grunging up the currently-very-boho dress. That’s way more me 🙂 Thank you for being so complimentary and for all of the great fashion ideas!!!!

  8. I wonder if Modcloth knows when they’re sending clothes to a reviewer and then pick better stuff for those people. What I see in these reviews is often much better than what I’ve gotten in the stylish surprise, as well as what other people get based on the comments. I can’t believe they would think it’s ok to send 3 of the same item!!

    • And Anna worked for them for many years….just saying

    • I got the same exact shirt so seems unlikely.

  9. I love the idea of taking the sleeves off the dress! I have always wanted to try an Apartment Stylish Surprise, but they sell out SO quickly!

  10. Urgh I got three crew neck t-shirts with words on them, which I would never ever wear. Then I got three of the same exact dress! The dress is cute but I don’t need 3 of them!

    • Have you contacted Modcloth about the repeats? That’s not right, they should fix it!

  11. I love the top and shoes. Both are very cute.

  12. I say keep the sleeves on the dress but get it shortened to just above the knee and pair with booties and felt hat for fall and maybe a denim jacket.

    • I had the same thought of shortening the dress. Cool 70s retro vibe.

  13. I received the same top in a unicorn print! Fun stuff!

  14. I absolutely agree that if you made a slight alteration to remove the sleeves on that dress it would be gorgeous. And I think that that shirt looks gorgeous.

    I ordered 2 dresses, 3 apparel, and 3 shoes. I’m nervous as to what I’m getting for my first stylish surprise. Mine is 8.8 pounds and should be delivered by Monday at the latest (I feel like I’m talking about a baby). Fingers crossed.

  15. The top is wonderful on you!!! Honestly, I think the dress is a little too much for your stature. I do like the idea that someone said of taking off the sleeves, that would look great on you!

    • Hehe, I agree about the dress – it works, but only because I’m wearing boots with a bit of a heel. I’d never have thought about removing the sleeves but I am loving that idea! Especially since I’m on the shorter side, this dress already feels like a LOT of fabric on me, ha! Taking the sleeves off might alleviate that vibe a bit. Plus, I think it’ll just look really cool. Thank you so much for your kind suggestions <3

  16. That dress would get lots of wear, if you were Loretta Lynn, circa 1972. Definitely retro!

    Nice haul! Love that top on you!

    • OMG!! You took the thought right out of my head. Then I remembered my grandma wore a dress like that to her and grandpas 50th wedding anniversary party!! 20 years ago….

  17. I almost bought an item from the apparel and shoes category, but I’m so picky about my clothes that I just couldn’t do it! 😬 The shirt definitely looks great on you and the dress is nice too , but I completely agree that the shoes are way too cutesy for my aesthetic!! Based on Mod Cloth pricing…you got a good deal! 👍🏻

  18. …. I think you SCORED!!! 🙂 ……. LOVE that shirt on you…… great fit, great fall color….. and great retro vibe…… shoes are a bit Mary Poppins but someone will love them too……… the dress looks fab on you !!!

  19. I like the dress but I think it would work better without the sleeves. It almost seems like they don’t quite belong on the dress. Now if you were super handy with a needle you could take the sleeves off and make a belt out of them. 🙂

    I am always really tempted by the stylish surprise but can never seem to pull the trigger. It probably doesn’t help that I go to the sale page first pick out the worst dress available in my size and just know I’ll get that one. One of these days…

    • Wow, Helen… I did the exact same thing! It seems to always be my luck !!!

  20. I wish I would of received a dress like that. Very beautiful. Mine are nice but now I’m having a little envy! 😉

  21. I would be so happy if I receive it. The dress is awesome, I have such an envy for you. I 5’11 and I would absolutely love the dress. The shirt is very cute and nice on you. Orange is not my color but it looks so good on you and great for fall theme. The flats are adorable. Ok, ok, I am totally jealous for what you got and you look great in every piece of clothing and shoes. Just add some stilettos for your dress and you will be a red carpet queen.

  22. The fabric on that dress is the same as the Helena Quinn Kimono from Rachel Zoe Box of Style. It’s lovely.

    • That’s what I thought too! 🙂

  23. Great haul!

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