Green Chef Subscription Box Review + Coupon – June 2017

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Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Green Chef is a weekly meal delivery subscription service that sends ingredients to make dinner that are fresh, sustainable, and organic.

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Green Chef has two plan size options, a 2-person plan (3 dinners for 2 people) and a family plan (2 dinners for 4 people). The 2-person plan has options like vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, carnivore, gluten-free, and paleo. The family plan has the option of omnivore or carnivore. I choose the 2-person omnivore plan because I am interested in adding variety to my diet. As I was signing up, I had the option to select the types of meats I wanted or didn’t want to receive. I don’t love shellfish or game, and I was able to remove them from my profile. I saw my menu shuffle around as soon as I deselected those meats, so I’m glad they offer that option right up front.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the Green Chef Omnivore Plan, $11.99 per meal.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

The Subscription Box: Green Chef

The Cost:

2-person Plans:

  • Vegetarian $10.49 per meal (3 vegetarian dinners)
  • Omnivore $11.99 per meal (3 veggie, meat & seafood dinners)
  • Vegan $11.99 per meal (3 vegan dinners)
  • Carnivore $13.49 per meal (3 meat & seafood dinners)
  • Gluten-free $13.49 per meal (3 veggie, meat & seafood dinners)
  • Paleo $14.99 per meal (3 paleo-friendly dinners)

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Family Plans:

  • Omnivore – $11.99 per meal (2 veggie, meat or seafood dinners for 4 people)
  • Carnivore – $12.99 per meal (2 meat or seafood dinners for 4 people)

COUPON: Get 4 meals free in your first order by using this link!

The Products: Quick, chef-created recipes using organic, sustainable ingredients.

Ships to: Continental U.S. (except for some parts of Louisiana) for &9.99 shipping & handling per box.

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Meal subscriptions are such a great thing. If you struggle with the “What should we do for dinner?” question, like I do with my fiancé, then you already have a great reason to test one out for yourself. It is so nice to have everything ready to go without a trip to the grocery store. It also makes for an easy choice when you have only 3 meals to choose from. There are so many boxes out there, so how do you pick the best one for you?

One thing I have noticed with meal delivery boxes is the amount of packaging. There is only so much space for freezer packs in my freezer! Green Chef makes a great effort to use recyclable and compostable packaging. They also have a page on their site that walks you through preparing the packaging for recycling. Pretty responsible!

Green Chef also makes sourcing sustainable, organic ingredients top priority and provides options for customization of your meals. They are thorough in the ingredient list and allergy warning on their recipes. The prices per meal are higher than some other competitors, but like eating high-quality, organic food from the grocery store, it costs more. Plus, we found that we spend much less than eating out.

As for shipping, you get to choose from a delivery day of Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. They say that their box is well insulated and you don’t have to be at home when it is delivered. Your food will stay fresh and cool. They make it very easy to change your delivery schedule or skip a week anytime. You don’t have the option of switching out meals, but you can see your menus a couple of weeks in advance so you can skip whatever weeks you don’t like.

Let’s see these dinners!

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken

Pesto & chive polenta, warm tomato and olive salad

Calories per serving: 610

Total time, according to Green Chef: 30 minutes

Actual time: 45 minutes

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

The recipe cards that come with these meals are printed in full color on cardstock so they are great to hole punch and put in your recipe book if you want to reference them later.

There is a short description of the dinner, prep + cook time, calorie count, and each meal is color coded to help you organize your ingredients.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

On the back, you will find a list of tools you will need from your own kitchen, items from your pantry, and a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your meal. You’ll also find chef’s tips and helpful bits of info to help if you aren’t a seasoned cook.

Right away I noticed that this meal had a lot going on. I ended up improvising on the timing of some things. The recipe instructs you to do certain tasks, like chopping, or boiling water, during other steps and I just ended up waiting until I was done with something before moving on. Thankfully, my fiancé, John was cooking with me and we were able to multi-task a bit. First, we grilled the chicken and cooked the polenta. Then came a bit of chopping and sautéing the veggies. We mixed the salad and added the dressing.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

The next step, making the balsamic glaze, was a little tricky. I have reduced balsamic before and it took me much longer than the 2-3 minutes this recipe suggests. In the end, it turned out well with a few instances of adding water and reducing again. Here is the balsamic vinegar starting to simmer. I would recommend using a smaller pan so your balsamic covers the bottom.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

This meal was good and incorporated a lot of flavors that I like. The balsamic vinegar with dijon mustard dressing mixed with tomatoes and olives was punchy and very flavorful, I loved it. I love olives in general! The pesto polenta was subdued but was kicked up with the balsamic glaze and grilled chicken. This is the first time I’ve worked with polenta, but now I know that it is an approachable dish similar to grits. And, I think I’ll keep some pre-made balsamic glaze around to add to anything that needs a little flavor punch.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Chermoula Beef Kebabs

Bulgur wheat, chard, artichoke & snap peas, mint

Calories per serving: 630

Total time, according to Green Chef: 35 minutes

Actual time: 30 minutes

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Kebabs just in time for summer grilling season! And a fresh salad using an ingredient from last month, bulgur wheat.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

This meal was pretty easy to prepare and had minimal prep. We had to remove the stem from the rainbow chard, de-string some snap peas, and grate a carrot. We seasoned the meat and rolled it into oblong pieces to place onto the skewers. While those were cooking we cooked the bulgur and blanched the snap peas (an easy, quick way of cooking veggies). We tossed some ingredients together for the salad and plated. Each step was laid out and easy to follow. We lost a skewer somewhere in the cooking process because the meat did not want to stick together, but it still ended up like the rest just no stick.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Our skewers grilling. This was so messy! I would recommend using a splatter screen or better yet, cook on a grill.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

This meal’s flavors kind of reminded me of a gyro and the info card says it has a North African flair. It is nice to be able to experience and associate flavors from other countries. The kebabs were spicy and garlicky and the flavors were enhanced by the acidic chermoula sauce. Our sauce did look different than the sauce in Green Chef’s pictures but tasted great. The salad had some great textures with the crunchy chard, soft bulgur, and grated carrot but we were a bit surprised that the flavor was not more complex with all of those different ingredients. It was still refreshing and I felt like I was getting a great serving of vegetables. Also, I am glad to have had a step-by-step on how to blanch veggies. I’ve come across recipes that call for that and have always just taken the wing-it approach.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

Zucchini Fritters

Sweet potato, spinach & black bean salad

Calories per serving: 740

Total time, according to Green Chef: 30 minutes

Actual time: 35 minutes

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

It seems like Green Chef is going to give us a meatless meal each week which I am fine with considering that the meatless meal was our favorite last time. And, can you go wrong with fritters? They even sound fun!

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

I’ve never made fritters before and I am glad that the instructions are so clear with Green Chef. It’s not intimidating at all. We grated up the zucchini and squeezed out the moisture but otherwise, the prep was done for us. We mixed in some egg, flour, and cheese and patted them up to fry. We made half with the included pepper jack cheese and half with some lactose-free cheese (John is lactose intolerant) and both sets turned out great. The black bean and sweet potatoes got a quick roast and were tossed in with some tomato and spinach for a hearty salad. That’s it! So easy!

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

The roasted black beans and sweet potatoes.

Green Chef June 2017 Meal Kit Delivery Service

I am always surprised that the meatless meals have more calories than the meat based meals but the flavors are always spot on. This was our favorite meal this week and we could easily replicate it. The salad had excellent taste and texture and the cilantro-apple cider vinaigrette was a perfect contrast to the warm, rich flavors of the beans and sweet potatoes. The zucchini fritters were crispy on the outside and soft and gooey inside. I didn’t even miss the meat in this meal and was left feeling full and satisfied.

Verdict: Green Chef did a great job again this time. We enjoyed all of the meals and felt great about eating organic, sustainable ingredients. The meals were quick and easy to make. Now that I have had a couple of boxes, I feel more comfortable with changing the order of the instructions a bit. I am more of a prep everything before I start cooking kind of cook and next time I’ll try that instead of prepping while other things are going on. It may take a few more minutes but I would be ok with dinner taking a little bit more time. Both John and I had plenty to eat with each meal and I can see taking a leftover serving for lunch the next day if you cook for one. In terms of cost, we save money by using Green Chef. A meal for both of us breaks down to about $24. If we were to go out we would definitely spend more than that and to purchase all of the ingredients (at the quality level of Green Chef) would probably be more too. I’m looking forward to my next box because the menu looks good!

Do you subscribe to Green Chef? What dinners have you made?

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Written by Tiffany Waldorf

Tiffany Waldorf

Tiffany found out about subscription boxes from a friend who followed MSA. The curiosity started with mystery beauty boxes and grew into an addiction from there. Beauty, clothes, home…she loves the sight of a subscription box in the mail.

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  1. I have been with Green Chef for a year now and am very pleased. I recently tried Sunbasket and Marley Spoon and will stick with Green Chef. In comparison I feel I like the recipes better from Green Chef plus feel that they provide a generous, full meal. The other two boxes felt more like just an entree based on portion.

  2. I think that’s what these food boxes account for – their cost vs. eating out. I can’t even try to think of it like that! You’re paying about the same cost, as a dinner plate, at a restaurant, but YOU do the cooking AND cleaning up after it. I love to cook, maybe that’s why I don’t see the value in it either tho. (for the cost) Maybe for someone who is just learning…

    • I have not done Green Chef, but I have done Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Home Chef. One value of the boxes is that I have all of the ingredients to make the meals at home and I don’t buy a lot of waste at the grocery store, plus it eliminates figuring out what we are eating all week. I feel like I would go shopping and buy things with the good intentions of cooking it and would end up with produce that goes bad or a lot of leftovers I didn’t really want that I would throw out later. This eliminates the waste and also the decisions of what to eat all week long. Also, instead of being tempted to go out, I’d feel too bad wasting the food in the box, so I will spend the time cooking it. As a bonus, my husband and I are eating much healthier than before because we can choose the healthier recipies from the boxes. We also get to experience a lot of varieties of recipes that we likely wouldn’t have chosen ourselves and now we have some new favorites!

      An extra bonus is that I have also learned a lot about cooking in general that I didn’t know and the things I do buy and make on my own are much better than before. I consider it to be a “hobby box” though. I enjoy cooking it and trying new things, so it’s been a fun way to do that without having to go out of my way to do a lot of research on recipes.

    • I thought this until I started using them. I find them a good value for the following reasons:

      -I save time shopping and meal planning.
      -When I try to recreate the meals by shopping for ingredients I actually spend more than I do on the kits. I do recycle some of my favorite recipes though.
      -They are quick to cook and quick to clean up after and I’m fine with doing the work and enjoy that it’s easy and does not require me to use much creative energy which I am short on at the end of my work day.
      -They get me out of my cooking rut and trying new dishes and preparation techniques.
      -They are healthier and a little cheaper than takeout or dining out.
      -I hate leftovers and trying to use up random groceries so I don’t have to worry about that with these.

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