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Dia & Co. Clothing Subscription Box Review – June 2017

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Dia & Co. is a monthly plus size clothing subscription box that is personally curated for you by a Dia stylist. Upon enrolling with Dia, I filled out an extensive survey asking me about my clothing size/weight/height, price range, and also my style likes and dislikes. Every month my stylist selects five pieces that could be clothes or accessories to try out. If I like them, I have the option of buying them. There is a $20 per month service fee, but the fee can be applied to any purchases I opt to make. A 20% discount is applied if I choose to keep all five pieces too!

The items in my box are chosen personally for me dependent and reflective of my style and price preference, so the package you receive from Dia & Co. may be entirely different than mine!

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Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: Dia & Co.

The Cost: $20 Styling fee (Pay for whatever items you keep minus the $20 credit)

The Products: 5 plus-size clothing items selected for you based on your Style Profile.

Ships to: U.S. only, shipping is free both ways

Good to Know: Dia & Co. will price match! So if you like something and want to keep it, but find it for less somewhere else, Dia & Co. will sell the item to you for that price.

Also Good to Know: You can exchange pieces for a different size at no charge!

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Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

The packaging is so colorful and adorable. It has lovely touches like this envelope even; I feel like I am getting a little present in the mail!

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Included in the previously mentioned envelope is a note from my stylist, Kiara, detailing why she selected the pieces that she did and suggestions on how to style them.

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

The other form is an invoice that has a detailed list of the brand, name, color, size, and price of each item she selected for me along with the grand total after the styling fee and 25% off ( if I opt to keep all five items) is applied. The savings would be $76.22 if I did decide to keep them all. Not shabby. That is essentially a free dress!

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Severa Dress by Junarose, size 22 – Cost to keep $69.00

I am going to be honest with you guys; when I initially opened my box I was really put off by the tie dye on this dress. I am not a big fan of distressed items or tie-dyed clothes typically. The explanation for it being chosen in my mind is that I said I gravitate towards 60s style clothes in my survey. That all being said, this turned out to be my favorite item in the box! I loved it on me! Go figure! More evidence to back up my theory that you should try everything on; you just never know! The dress is made of a very breezy and light cotton material that is absolutely perfect for humid summer days. It would be great for a day at the beach in sandals and a floppy hat. I paired it with a pair of black cat eye sun glasses and my deep red cowboy booties that I own along with the necklace that my Dia & Co. stylist picked out for me. I could envision this even translating into cooler weather months in the fall with a leather biker jacket (my personal favorite go to) and black tights perfectly too!

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Gold Uma Necklace, OS – Cost to keep $28

This necklace is deceiving in that it comes off as a bit plain, but it stood out so beautifully against everything I tried it on with. I love the gold! I liked the length and where it hit me as well. It is a basic piece that is extremely versatile, but at $28 I just couldn’t justify keeping it in my mind.

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Laurie Peasant Top by d/c JEANS, size 2x – Cost to keep $44

This peasant top is another item that I think was selected because it has a very Bohemian 60s vibe. I put this on and couldn’t help but hum to myself, “If you’re going to San Francisco/Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… “ Don’t you just think of a daisy chain when you look at it? I liked the color orange and paired it with other warm accessorries like my orange jellies and a yellow purse. The top is very comfortable in a  soft cotton fabric. All that being said, I felt as though I could find the top in a Forever 21 or Lane Bryant for less if I wanted to. I felt luke warm about it, ultimately.

Skinny Jeans by Fashion to Figure, size 24 – Cost to keep $39

Jeans shopping can be the bane of our existence, am I right? Seriously, it is like the hunt for the Holy Grail at times. I, myself, am very selective about the rinse and cut of jeans. I am always on the look out for the perfect high waisted, darker rinse, skinny jeans. My stylist did not disappoint with these Fashion to Figure jeans! They hit my waist perfectly; they fit just right! Absolutely amazing. They have a great stretch and the cut is incredibly flattering. I did the sit test too, so don’t you worry: they passed with flying colors. The price is right too at $39!

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Dia and Co June 2017 Plus Clothing Subscription Box

Sophia Mixed- Media Top, size 3x – Cost to keep $45

The mix of the cotton and chiffon like fabrics on this top are interesting and I love polka dots, but ultimately the cut on this was not flattering on me. I am a hippy and curvy girl, but this shirt didn’t accentuate my hips or curves in a way I like. It was just too boxy on me and I wasn’t feeling it. I feel like this top could look fantastic on someone else, but it just wasn’t for me. Sadly, my shoes said it all on how I felt about this shirt on me.

Verdict: This is my very first Dia & Co. box and it had some strong hits and misses. The tie dye dress, jeans, and necklace were my favorite, but both tops disappointed me in terms of style and cut. Three out of five is not bad, though.

The great thing about Dia & Co. is they encourage feedback to tailor their choices to your personal style better. I am definitely taking advantage of that and working with my stylist. I am really looking forward to seeing what they end up choosing for me next month with the feedback I provided! What do you think about Dia & Co.?

Dia & Co

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Written by Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder is a self-proclaimed clothing fiend and is new to the subscription box world. She loves boxes like Gwynnie Bee because she can play around with styles she may not have before!

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Comments (54)

  1. I cannot say enough about the quality of custom service at Dia & Co. I had an issue with my last box and emailed them not expecting too much. Not only did the immediately respond and deal with the issue beyond my expectations, they also had flowers delivered to my house. I am truly impressed with this company and how they treat their customers.

    • Jennifer, that is amazing and good to know! And flowers?!?! Yeah, they are rad in my book!

    • So good to know! Customer Service is so important

  2. I got that same navy top in my Dia box today and I’m equally luke warm on it, BUT I love everything else and it costs less than the whole box discount. Grr…

    I think the recent Dia changes have helped a little. I’ve subscribed pretty consistently for 2 years now and there have been a LOT of hits and misses, but its getting more consistent.

    I send notes when I see something I like on their IG or in the lookbook emails. And this month they sent me a note that said “the dress you noted wasn’t available in your size, but we sent you XYZ instead because it has a similar shape and color palette.” Honestly, I don’t remember what I originally saw but I LOVE what they sent me. Hopefully, they’re on an upward swing.

    • I got that top too, and it was the only thing that I actually kept! LOL! 😀

    • Ooooh, Jessica, thank you. I will have to try that because I did see somethings on their ig that were divine! I will message them for sure. Thanks for the tip!

    • And that is still frustrating that you got that top and loved everything but it. Maybe you could buy the whole box and gift or trade the top with someone?

  3. Everything fit you so well. AND flattering styles…! I was surprised you didn’t buy everything. ~~ Call them back~!!!

    Price points are very reasonable….

    In any case, THANK you for the excellent review…!

    • Thank you, Noelle! I you am going to reach out to them on the jeans. I was trying to be practical since I recently that jeans, but they are too perfect! I am glad you liked the review!

      • Bought. Not that. My phone is g autocorrect crazy! Hahaha

      • Go to the Fashion to Figure website – they have these jeans, your size, for $27.23

        You simply MUST get them because they look amazing on you!

      • Thanks, Maddie in PA! Dia actually price matches, do I may even reach out to them about it too!

  4. All these clothes look great on you, imo.

    • Thank you so much, Jen! 😊

  5. I hope you kept the orange boho blouse…its so flattering on you and I honestly don’t think your going to get a similar blouse at LB or Torrid cheaper…I loved the jeans on you too!!

    • I didn’t keep anything… which I now regret. I should have at least bought those jeans! I was trying to behave!Hahaha.

      • Oh my gosh! If I’d gotten that box from Dia & Co for less than $149, I’d have kept EVERYTHING because it all looks great on you!

        If you really didn’t care for that final Sophia top, you could have swapped it for something more “you”.

        I’ve never gotten a box from Dia that is this wonderful!

      • Agree!! My Dia & Co boxes were always terrible, clothes I specifically said I didn’t want. Black or navy all the time, when I asked for bright colors and patterns. Mine were super disappointing, this one looks fantastic!

      • Yes, exactly! Same experience with Dia & Co. I hung in there with them for 4 rounds, they gave me a 5th box free of styling fee, and I finally just cancelled because they weren’t getting it better, the boxes just kept getting WORSE! Also with the black/navy including heavy polyester stuff that I specifically said I did NOT want. And Eloquii items over and over after I told them that this label never fit me well (too long, too high-waisted, too, um, ugly…) Tunics that came to my knees as I kept reminding them I am 5’3″, colors straight out the early 90’s “design your office cubicle” color wheel (dusty mauve, heathered teal, etc.)

        Final straw was a solid, poly, high-necked, longsleeve GRAY dress with an elastic waist that made me look like a nun, and a frumpy nun at that! Just yuck – hope they either get better stylists or get better clothes. I’m assuming their target client isn’t someone who would want most of the items they sent me…

      • I did definitely mention I love prints and lots of color. They certainly delivered on that in that respect!

      • Oh wow, Maddie! I am sorry to hear that about the boxes you got! That stinks. I am all heart eyes over the mentioning of EloquiI, but I also am 5’6 and haven’the had the sizing issues you had. It seems like Dia & Co are working to revamp themselves, maybe you would have luck with them this time around?

      • Thanks for your reply, Nicole! I don’t know much about the Eloquii label other than the stoic, heavy, dark poly dressy pants, black top with back zip, and straight skirt I was sent over the course of a few boxes. Very stodgy, very plain, not quite what I’d consider “classic pieces” but very old-ladyish.

        Maybe I’ll give them another try if you think they’ve gotten better lately. Thanks!

      • Ooooh, that is rough because Eloquii has such bold pieces, Maddie. If you check out my Gwynnie Bee review, I reviewed one of their dresses. I ended up buying it! Haha. Their styles can be very retro inspired which I like a lot. They are very well made too! They had a yellow leather biker jacket I was pining for months ago. I kind of regret not getting it tbh!

  6. Thanks for including the size of the items. It is so hard in photos sometimes to tell. A lot of time, plus size models wear a 0x (12) and are six feet tall. The jeans were fantastic on you.

    • Thank you, Valerie! Yes, I listhink the sizes exactly for that reason. Online shopping can be hard especially when the models used aren’t the same size or shape as you.

  7. The dress was mega cute, especially with the cowboy boots! The jeans were a wow! This looks like a great subscription box.

    • Thank you, Debbie! I thought the boots really went well with the dress. Felt like something I would wear to a concert or festival. The box was overall decent for sure! Thanks for reading my review! 😊

  8. I’m with you on the tie dye dress — not to my usual taste, but it really works in the piece.

    And, wow, those jeans do fit you perfectly! They look tailored!

    • Thank you, Marion! Yeah, that dress was a happy surprise. I am kicking myself for not keeping those jeans tbh!

  9. I would have told you exactly what you told yourself! 🙂 That dress is sweet and $39 jeans!!!!

    • YES! Thank you, Dawn!

  10. I gotta have those What Ever shoes!! Where did you get them?

    • Thank you, Wendy! I got them from Forever21 a few years back! You may be able to find them on ebay!

  11. I love love LOVE your style!! 🙂 Also your hair is so cute!! How did you learn to style it?? I’m seriously so jealous.

    • Thank you so much, T! I learned my hair hopper ways from watching John Waters movies and youtube videos. It involves a lot of teasing, back combing, Bobby pins, and hairspray! 😉

  12. I have to agree with the others………. LOVE you in that navy top and jeans…… absolutely darling….feminine and fun…. maybe have another look……. !!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! It is a super cute shirt, just not necessarily for me. Though, I am starting to wonder if I would have liked it more with a pencil skirt… 🤔. Hahaha

    • Agree!!!! I love the orange shirt, and the blue polka dot shirt with those jeans. Absolutely darling and very flattering. Also love your hairstyle, so reminds me of Hairspray!

      • Thank you so much, Sara! I really do love the orange color. It is so vibrant! And thank you I consider that an amazing compliment on my hair! Hairspray is one of my favorite movies and Tracy Turnblad is one of my favorite characters ever. Thanks so much!

      • You’re very welcome! I LOVE Tracy and Hairspray, the original is still my favorite lol.

  13. Love your hair, love how you accessorized with the outfits! Looking fwd to reading more of your reviews!

    • Thank you so much, Jen! I am really glad you are enjoying my reviews because I love doing them!

  14. You NEED that necklace! It’s perfect with everything you tried on!

    Do you have any more details on it, so I could find it online?


    • Thank you, Carol! It is super cute. I tried to look up through google… no luck. I may ask Dia&Co. If they have the brand name info and get back to you on here. I sent everything back a few days a go, otherwise I would look. Haha

  15. That tie dye dress is amazing!!

    • Isn’t it? It is soooo cute.

  16. The last outfit looks awesome on you!

    • I agree, the last top is really flattering!

      • Thank you, Michelle! That is nice of you to say. 😊

    • I agree, too! The last outfit is SO cute and flattering! You should reconsider!

      • Awe thanks, Teisha!

    • I agree with Nicole. It was definitely too boxy for her style, and probably felt uncomfortable in it. The jeans look great though, and at $39 you can’t pass that up!

      • Yes, those jeans are definitely a steal! Thanks, Amber!

    • Awe thanks, Michelle!

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