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My Subscription Addiction
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3 Ways to Style Your Summer 2017 Rachel Zoe Box of Style Kimono

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The Summer Rachel Zoe Box of Style included this Helena Quinn Custom Kimono (Retail Value $120) and ever since I read Liz’s review, I’ve been a bit obsessed with it! She graciously let me borrow it, so I could style it a couple different ways!

FYI – this box is still available if you subscribe now – use coupon code SUMMER10 to save $10 off your first box!

When thinking about my first outfit, I thought “OK, what would Rachel Zoe do?!” And with bell-bottoms and bold, chunky jewelry, I feel like I’m channeling her and her vision for this summer box inclusion. The kimono is super easy to wear and I love how it looks with flared bottoms – something that is not always easy to pull off. The floral pattern is beautifully feminine and it looks great belted!

Until it’s officially summer, some nights can get a little chilly where I live. I absolutely love how this kimono pairs with a solid-colored sleeveless dress. The vibrant greens, blues, and magenta flowers really pop! It adds a pretty boho flair and completes an otherwise simple outfit (and keeps me warm!).

I think my favorite way to wear this kimono is a bit more casually. Here I’ve matched the floral greens with an olive t-shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts. I love how the kimono hangs longer since my shorts are a tad short. I instantly feel more comfortable and complete this outfit with my favorite booties. Summertime concerts, here I come!

How are you styling your kimono?

If you haven’t subscribed to Box of Style yet, here are the box’s details:

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $100

DEAL – Use coupon code SUMMER10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Check out all of mLiz’s Box of Style reviews!

CURATEUR (formerly Box of Style) is a luxury subscription service curated by designer Rachel Zoe and delivered 4 times a year. Each seasons box contains at least 5 statement staples (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) valued at over $400, curated to elevate your everyday look. Seasonal subscriptions are... read more.
Sara McClelland
Sara McClelland
Sara received a gift subscription to Birchbox in 2013 and has been intrigued by (ok, obsessed with) discovery and fashion boxes ever since. Her basset hound, Oliver, is a huge fan of Barkbox, too.

Sara McClelland
Sara McClelland
Sara received a gift subscription to Birchbox in 2013 and has been intrigued by (ok, obsessed with) discovery and fashion boxes ever since. Her basset hound, Oliver, is a huge fan of Barkbox, too.
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Selling or swapping this and the hat if anyone wants either!


Is this box still available?


Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style is my favorite subscription box. Each piece she selects for the box is high quality and stylish. I especially love the compass necklace. I haven’t taken it off since I received it. I’m already looking forward to the fall box which I know will be fabulous!


I just got mine. No tie….now for customer service!


I though my tie was missing but it is wrapped up tightly in the plastic packaging. It is in black paper. I almost never found it but it was there! Hope this helps!


Just got my box. I wear a 14 but am an F cup. I couldn’t close this kimono. But it looks ok open. The pockets hit at a weird point though. I like the suggestion of trying it with a sheath dress

I didn’t realize I had a fat neck until I put on this necklace. It hits on my neck not at base like on the models.

The sunnies are awesome. Love them

Hat works for me and I love it more than I thought.

The cream blush is a good color for cheeks and lips.

Haven’t tried the sunscreen yet.


Should all of these boxes shipped by now? I didn’t receive any shipping notice, but my order says “complete” on the account page. I can’t wait for the kimono; it looks so cute on you!

Amy Casaldi

I have not gotten mine either, I ordered June 2nd and it’s been completed for a few weeks.


I’m an annual subscriber and I hadn’t gotten my box or email yet either. I was getting concerned so I checked my email and saw nothing there. I decided to do a search of my email and found it that way….I guess I missed it. It shows the tracking and is scheduled for delivery by FedEx tomorrow. Maybe you can try the search like I did if you still haven’t gotten your email yet. Hope that helps 😀 Loving the reviews and can’t wait to get this box!


I haven’t gotten my shipping notification yet either…which is odd since I’m an annual subscriber. I’m getting a little worried about my box tbh


I’m 5’10” and size 10 or 12 – I have wide shoulders and long arms; I always pull sleeves up to 3/4 length anyway, so it’s not so obvious that nothing is ever long enough. This was about 3/4 sleeve length on me, and was about the length of tunic shirts when it’s on (covers my butt, but not too much extra).

I won’t wear it closed – I have a short torso and am medium amount of chesty, so anything tied at my high natural waist makes me look stumpy, and anything tied lower adds visual weight. OPEN it looks better than I expected, and is actually kind of flattering. I look forward to wearing it with black skinny jeans and a tank or tee, but I’m liking the idea of wearing it over a solid dress. I have similar wrap-type things made out of georgette, but this is more formed and put-together, and the print is really nice.

I did have to ask my husband a few times if he’s sure I could wear this to work (we are business casual). I work with all men, and don’t want it to seem like I’m hinting at lingerie-type clothes. His vote is that it’s fine and doesn’t look like a house robe or anything inappropriate to him.

I think this would be good for anyone who, like me, wants to cover up that little back “bra roll” or arm jiggle, but wear these sleeveless summer styles, or shirts/dresses that are tighter across the back. (It’s nothing major, but it’s something my eye goes straight to when I’m checking out my OotD.)


Hi Cornflake,

We’re about the same size, broad shoulders and short waist, except I’m 5’3″. Had a question since I can’t see the back and read in full review comments the kimono is somewhat fitted with seaming in back.

Wondering if it fits you comfortably through the shoulders and across the back? I’m a newbie to the Zoe Box as of last week, and nervously waiting. It looks Thank you!


I’m loving the Kimono ( thanks for the styling tips! ). For Reference, I’m a size 18/20 ( J.Crew ) and the kimono still fit! ( it’s not going to overlap when I close it but it’s definately throwing me some cochella vibes ^^

heading for the tropics for business, hope I get a chance to wear it!


This kimono is awesome. Can’t wait to wear it and thanks for the styling tips!!

Sara McClelland

You’re welcome! Enjoy 🙂


I am obsessed with this piece as well! Love it! This is definitely one of my favorite RZ boxes to date.

Sara McClelland

Yay! <3


If I don’t have anything nice to say, right?


I’m just going to say it is 90 degrees where I live right now.


I just got my BoS, and I honestly love it! In case it helps regarding the kimono, I’m 5’6″ and a size 4. The kimono does hang on me and is about one “size” too big for my frame (the sleeves are JUST a tad long at the wrist, and the hem could be two inches shorter). I don’t notice that the sizing looks bad when I’ve put it on though, and I think it depends how I style it. I may alter it. It’s very delicate and airy, and frankly, even if I just wander around my house wearing it over shorts, it sort of elevates my mood 🙂

The hat is way too big for my normal-I-think sized head. It’s not my style anyway, so I already planned on gifting or swapping it. It’s a better quality than I expected, and it seems packable which is nice.

The sunglasses, which I got in Tortoise, are AMAZING. I bought this box specifically for these sunglasses and am not disappointed. They are very large, just as a warning, and I don’t think they could overwhelm a very small face. I absolutely love the subtle cat-eye shape and how much coverage they give, and the visibility through the lenses is fabulous. They’re more of a grey filter and not brown, which I like, and both frames and lenses feel very sturdy.

I’ve never tried Beauty Counter before, but the brand is now solidly on my radar. I LOVE the cream blusher which I’m also using as a lipstick because the Hibiscus shade is super beautiful. This will now be a repurchased item when I run out.

The sunscreen is the only thing that disappointed me (because I was prepared to ignore the hat). The formula seems amazing, I LOVE that it’s zinc oxide only, and the small stick packaging is both handy and functional. However, the scent is EXACTLY like orange chocolate. One of those high quality bars you see at Christmas. It’s not synthetic and isn’t terribly strong, but I’m a person who loathes orange chocolate 🙁 My friend who loves it said this was the dreamiest scent she could imagine, so I gave it to her. It will depend on whether you like orange chocolate!

The necklace is much prettier than I expected. From the photos, it looked a little “blobby” where the compass direction didn’t seem so defined, but in person, it’s quite nice and delicate, and I enjoy wearing it.

This is probably one of my favorite boxes I’ve ever gotten from any company.


I agree: the hat is too big but better-than-expected quality; the sunglasses are very large and very sturdy; and the blusher is amazing. It’s lasted all day for me, and still has this lovely, natural-but-airbrushed-perfection kind of look, and this is usually the part of the day that I’m looking ready for some touch-ups! I love the necklace, but it makes the simple one I wear every day look downright chunky, so I will have to save it for the days I remove my main one. 🙂 I had a swap posted for the sunscreen before it arrived, so I’m not testing it or anything to know – glad I swapped by your review of the smell!

I would say I liked this box more than expected, but the only item I would be super bummed to miss out on is the blusher. But… this is a hard sub to beat in general.

Sara McClelland

Thanks for your feedback! I completely agree with your thoughts on the kimono sizing.


I love this over an all black dress of the same size! And also, as a swim cover up or over cute little black pajamas around the house.. I am going to end up breaking down to buy a box just for this.. ANYONE WANT TO GET RID OF THEIR KIMONO hahaha


I’m selling just the kimono if you still want it!

Sara McClelland

I love the idea of wearing the kimono as a bathing suit cover-up!


I am a size 14/36D, size 16 hips. I can just close it. just. But its really pretty and soft and I will be wearing it around the house. It’s not my style to wear it out. I could though if I wore it open. I hope that helps with sizing for people.

The hat is huge though. I do have a tiny head but the hat is really big. I tried the blush and I really liked it. It’s a lovely color, goes on very sheer but with nice pigment. The compass necklace is very delicate and understated.


I love this kimono! Wish there were more colors. To me, it’s an in house only piece but that’s likely more to do with being more classic vs on trend. I love seeing the versatility on others


Thanks, Sara for the modeling. Can you share how tall you are? …if you don’t mind, of course. That will really help with the porportionality, as I’m assuming it’s one size fits all. And I’m thinking, Liz is taller than you.

Sara McClelland

No problem! I am 5’4″. It is one size fits all but I didn’t feel like it was too roomy (I normally wear a size 4).


Is it just me but I think the kimono looks a bit like an indoor robe especially with it being black and the arms being so long.


I feel like I just watched an info commercial. Nice pictures though!


It is really long on me and looks like a robe, so I think I will just enjoy wearing it around the house.


Frankly I don’t understand the complaints. If you don’t want to wear it out, use it as a robe. I am a conservative dresser, don’t like to stand out, never one to seek attention. I think this is really pretty. I’ll probably pair it with black pjs, maybe as a beach cover up. I approach this box as an “idea” subscription. I am a walking fashion rut. This helps me push the border a little.


EWH I hadn’t thought about wearing this over an all black swim suit.. this is also a good idea 🙂 I first saw a guy working at Forever 21 wearing a black kimono maybe 3 months ago and now it seems like they are everywhere.. now I know why- its so versatile!


It may depend​ on the length of your arms. I’m 5’10 and it doesn’t look like a bathrobe on me. I love it and can’t wait to wear it! One of my favorite items that BOS has sent.


Yeah I liked it at first on its heavily photoshopped stock model photo, but the more I look at it from different angles, it just doesn’t seem practical, for both casual daily and out at a concert.

Sara McClelland

I am always on the fence about kimonos because of the flared sleeves. However, this one is effortless and the cut of the sleeves is perfect (I don’t feel like I’m swimming in fabric).

Jessica Hapak

Love this! I am plus size so not sure how it would fit me (which is why I’m on the fence about ordering), but I would totally rock it with my solid color dresses (I have a ton!)


I am an 18/20 2x/3x depending on the style of shirt. I wouldn’t want to wear it closed, but more open like a light cardigan. Think it would work?


I think it will. My 19 year old fashionista daughter borrowed it and wore it to work the day after my box arrived. She isn’t a tiny girl and it fit her well. She paired it with an olive green t-shirt and slim black jeans and it looked great. She said multiple people at work complimented her on the outfit.


Hi Jessica! I’m your size and it fits me, with room to spare in the shoulders. Definitely can’t wear it closed, but it looks great open.


I’m normally a size 16, but I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and I’ve been wearing the kimono open, as a light cardigan with solid tank dresses and I love it. I’m guessing my current size is closer to an 18/20, so I think this would work for you.


If this helps, I’m a size 14 and can’t close it. Definitely have to wear it open.


I’m also plus size (1x) and it fits me comfortably. It doesn’t close like a Robe typically would, but left open, it’s really cute. It’s still nice and roomy for me.


I am plus too. It doesn’t fully close at the chest but it’s very roomy in the arms and gorgeous! I love it open anyway, that’s my preference

Catherine T

I’ve been wearing mine with with capri pants and a black tee. I leave the tie on the kimono and loosely tie it in the back to give it a it of shape. I wear it with the sunglasses and the compass necklace- I have gotten tons of compliments.


That’s a great idea…tying the back so it looks more like a fashion item and less like a bathrobe. I’m going to do that!

Sara McClelland


Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.