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Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Box Review – May 2017

Tarte recently had a create-your-own beauty kit sale that let you pick 7 items of your choice: 5 full-size makeup items (in your choice of shade), plus a makeup bag and brush of your choice for $63!

Your choices were limited to select offerings, and one per category, but there was still a ton of item and shade options to choose from! You can view this post to see all of the items that were offered. This box is no longer available for sale.

FYI – QVC is offering a 6 Piece full-size tarte box with a pick-your-shade foundation for $65.48.

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, lip product, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and makeup brush of your choice!

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I received an invoice listing each item sent.

Unicorn Fabric Cosmetic Bag

With as trendy as unicorn/holographic things are right now, of course, I had to get this bag! It’s actually a nice size and has a good amount of room without being too big! The quality feels nice and it stands on its own.

It’s also lined in lavender and the zipper works smoothly.

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, in Exposed, 0.20 oz. – Value $29

I have to confess that I totally picked this blush as a stock-up on one of my all-time makeup holy grails. This shade, “Exposed,” is the blush I’d pick if I could only ever wear one blush again for the rest of my life.

It’s a matte nude pink and looks great on just about every complexion (especially my pale one) and is neutral enough to go with any makeup color scheme and it looks very natural. When I worked at Sephora, I showed this blush to all my clients and we were always sold out.

LipSurgence Lip Crème, in Serene, 0.1o oz. – Value $24 (currently on sale for $12 on Tarte’s website!)

This lip crème comes in a thick twist-up formula and I love it. Especially for summer, I always keep something like this in my purse to easily apply even without a mirror. This shade, Serene, is an apricot pink and it’s a great natural shade! I also love how hydrating the formula is. There’s a matte version of this product too, but for summer I love some more natural/hydrating formulas!

SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner, in “golden beige”, 0.056 oz. – Value $22 (currently on sale for $14)

The other shades of this product were darker (purple, brown, black, etc) and because this is a thicker pencil I chose the lighter color that I feel I can use as an eyeshadow. I was right – this makes a fantastic shadow in one to two swipes. It’s a flattering, warm shade that has some glitter and shimmer and is easy to wear on its own for a simple eye look. Plus, it stayed all day with no creasing (with a primer, but I didn’t set it with any powder on top).

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara, 0.24 oz. – Value $23

This has been Liz’s favorite mascara for years and she totally turned me onto it, too. While it’s not my all-time fave it’s definitely one of my top picks and the packaging can’t be beaten. The tube is wrapped in leather with gold embosses letters and the packaging just feels so luxe.  The formula is lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning. The pigmentation is great, I don’t have problems with it smearing under my eyes, and it doesn’t clump. They also make a waterproof version, as well as a limited edition version that fulfills all your holographic unicorn needs.

Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in Fair Honey, 0.247 oz. – Value $36

First and foremost, I have to mention my very favorite everyday foundation is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 in Ivory, and it’s one of the few makeup products I’ve actually finished and repurchased more than once. That being said, I chose to try Tarte’s loose power foundation essentially knowing it’d be too dark for my super pale complexion (this has always been my #1 cosmetics struggle) because it was the only one of the options for this kit I hadn’t actually tried yet. Even though Tarte has multiple formulations for foundation/complexion items, their BB Tinted Moisturizer is the only one that has the palest shade that’s actually pale enough for me.

Sure enough, this shade is definitely too dark for me, but the pigmentation and finish were actually pretty nice (especially compared to what I generally think to expect from powdered foundations). I also really like the packaging.

Concealer & Finishing Powder Brush – Value $14 (originally $34?)

This brush has probably been discontinued since I don’t see it offered for purchase, FYI. It’s called a concealer and finishing powder brush but the sizes aren’t quite what I’d use for those things (I’d use a larger, fluffier brush for finishing powder unless using it just to set under eye concealer, and I use a smaller brush for my concealer). These, I’d probably use more for detail contouring with bronzer and highlighter. It’s a really nice quality brush, the bristles feel great on my skin, and I love double-sided brushes!.

Here are swatches of everything for you – first, the Exposed blush, the Seren lip pencil, the golden beige eyeliner, and the powder foundation (which, as you can see, definitely doesn’t work on my skin).

Here’s a look with those items! In fact, I’m only wearing those items, except that my foundation is my aforementioned Tarte Tinted Moisturizer since it actually matches my coloring. I know that the limit of one item per category may annoy some but I really don’t mind since it seems like more people get a fair chance at getting a complete bag instead of being left with leftover brushes or something no one else wanted to pick first. Plus, you get a full look with it! I get a full simple daytime look from this kit! I especially love this lip!

Here’s a better look at that eyeliner used as shadow.

I also received a bubble sampler of their newest foundation formula, Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation, which consists of four shades from the middle of their formula spectrum.

Verdict: I love that Tarte did a kit like this again this year! I love their brand and have a lot of favorites from their product selection. I think this kit is an excellent value for $63! I received $148 in products – not including the bag – or $128 if you use the current on-sale prices. I’m definitely happy with that!

What do you think about the Tarte Create Your Own Beauty Kit this time around? What did you get?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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Comments (28)

  1. I’m pretty obsessed with Tarte right now. This was such a great opportunity to try their products. The Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 mascara is now my favorite. I really like the cheek stain too. The only thing I was kind of meh about is the peony lipstick.

    My package was missing the gel foundation, but customer service got back to me quickly and I have tracking for a new one. That bonus blister pack was helpful too. They really give enough of a sample to cover your whole face. I didn’t love that formula on my skin, but I’m hoping I’ll love the gel.

    Such a great deal. I can’t wait for the next one😀

  2. I’m super pale as well but most bb creams are too pink for me. Is the one you’re wearing on the pinker side?

  3. I’m really happy with my bag and definitely glad I ordered it! My package came super quickly and in perfect condition. I have a new favorite gel eyeliner – I struggle with smudging even with primer.

  4. I love Tarte but I did purchase this create your own bag and I was missing one item when I received the package I was soooo bummed and I emailed them and I guess they are going to refund something back I don’t knw yet because I haven’t received anything yet but I think I just expected something else like if my item was sold out then something else in return but online it did not say sold out I mean that’s why my bag was processed but oh well :/

  5. I am so bummed I missed out on this :0 How would I find out about it for next time? Their email list, maybe?

    • Signing up for Tarte’s list will help but also sign up for MSA’s alerts about it! The next one may not be for another year (the last one was last May) but we post about it and post a reminder as soon as it’s available!

      • Hi Haley,
        Tarte also had one in either late October or early November last year. I remember because that’s when I got mine… I was so excited because I was also bummed I missed out on the one from last May. So hopefully, they’ll do another one again this Fall. 🙂

  6. I can’t believe all the rave reviews on tarte customer service.
    I received damaged (possibly used?) lipstick so I sent email to tarte by replying to the order confirmation email the tarte sent. Overall, I was very disappointed with the level of it’s customer service.
    First off, evidently tarte has issues with QC department by sending damaged product.
    Second, tarte requested me to send you copy of the invoice while it already has information to prove the purchase (payment information, shipping/tracking information).
    Lastly, it requested me to send same exact information that are available in tarte’ddatabase. Funniest of all was CS rep asked me to send my email address…haven’t we been emailing back and forth about this issue?

    Now I have to wait for the return label, find a suitable box, take it to a shipping agent of its choice, then wait for weeks before the replacement lipstick to be delivered to me.

    I find this experience rather ridiculous. I wonder if other people had similar experience.

    • I didn’t exactly have that much hassle and I did get a prompt and courteous response, but I was left wondering about their quality control too…. I ordered a bag and it was delivered OK. But I also put in a separate order for sale merchandise (because I couldn’t pass up those deals plus a discount code!). Well, I got my order confirmation and shipping notice that had every item listed. But when the package arrived, one of my sets was missing. Then I realized that the packing list in the box had qty 1 ordered but qty 0 shipped, so I was a bit more relieved. I went back through all of my emails to see if I had maybe missed something telling me one of my items was delayed or would be refunded…nothing. Then I made sure I was really charged for the entire order (I was). Then I checked online and noticed that item was now listed as out of stock. I sent an email asking what was up and if the item would be shipped separately or refunded. Like I said, they responded quickly and posted my refund to my credit card with a (rather canned) “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” email response, but it left me wondering about their quality control and procedures to check inventory and make sure shipments match what was billed. Would I have even been issued a refund had I not inquired?!?! Oh well, guess it didn’t turn me off too badly because I just put in another order for sale merchandise. Sigh….

  7. I absolutely loved my order. I was nervous about picking a foundation, but the color looks great on me. The only miss for me was the mascara. I picked the Amazonian clay bamboo one. But otherwise, I am 100% happy with everything.

  8. With the sale prices my items were a $152 value. I used the $10 promo code. I saved nearly $100. Even if I were to end up giving away half my order (I’m not) I’d have made out like a bandit.

  9. I love my bags, all three of them despite that they did ship me one item and sent me gloss color that I did not choose.

  10. i always get their boxes when i get the emails. they are always amazing!

  11. I received my bag Saturday and wore everything I purchased Sunday. I love my tarte picks. The first thing my son said is, Mom you look younger, what did you do? I thought to myself, is it Tarte. Lol. I love the gel foundation. I also ordered the silver eyeliner and wore that with my Unicorn look. My eyes just popped on Sunday. Love Tarte ❤️

  12. Tarte also has a No Shower Happy Hour kit on sephora with their tarteguard tinted moisturizer in Medium for only $34…its .84oz, plus a delux blush, liquid lip, deodorant and dry shampoo.
    Did anyone get that as their foundation pick? Is it shiney or matte? Thanks!

  13. That was a great deal! Thanks to MSA I was able to get some awesome items 🙂

    • Yay!! 🎉

  14. Can I exchange any of my items directly with Tarte? I too got a shade of foundation that was too dark for me. (Was worried the holo bag would be sold out by the time I got home to check the shade I’ve gotten before, so I guessed… and was wrong). Also I thought I selected another blush, but they sent me the default selection (Fearless) which I already own. :/

    • All sales are final

      • Bummer 🙁 Thanks for the reply.

      • It says at the bottom of the invoice (shown in pic above), exchanges within 30 days for different shade.

  15. I used this as an opportunity to stock up on a few favorites and to try a few new things (plus the adorable ‘unicorn’ bag). It’s such an incredible deal, I jump on it whenever it’s offered. I haven’t been disappointed in a single product so far. And of course, everything looks beautiful on you, Haley.

  16. I love this deal. I also managed to snag a “sample” of their highlighter blush when I was checking out (but their samples are so big it’s like I got another item!). Always worth it, IMO!

  17. Mine arrived on Friday but was missing 2 items – emailed them that night and my missing items have already been shipped! I’ve wanted to try fiber mascara for awhile so was great to get a chance to try it out (even though I didn’t see a huge difference – maybe I didn’t add enough fibers, I’ll try it again).

    • That’s awesome customer service! I had the same experience with the fiber mascara when I tried it. It didn’t add enough of an impact for me to switch from the lights, camera, lashes mascara.

    • I also received my order missing an item, the shipping invoice showed it had been ordered but not shipped. I emailed customer service and am awaiting the arrival of missing foundation.
      As far as the fiber mascara I’ve used it before the most important part imo seems to thorough mascara application first. I have found when I use Sephora brand lash curler uses (1AAA) to be very helpful and convenient in applying mascara without looking clumpy and lumpy.

      • I was also missing my foundation, and after reaching out to Tarte on Facebook and via email on Friday, I received a notice Saturday that my missing item was going to be sent out – I received the shipping notice today! Very impressed with their customer service.

      • Is there a number I can contact I still haven’t got my refund from them and through email it didn’t go very well anyways so I rather speak to someone ? :/

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