Play! By Sephora May 2017 Spoiler!

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We have a brand spoiler for the May 2017 Play! By Sephora box!

Each box will include an item from:


In case you missed it, here are the FULL spoilers for Box #264:


What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the May box.

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  1. Anyone get #272???

    It’s still not coming up via the link on Sephora & it just got shipped 5/12 :/

    I’m pretty sure this is my last month with Sephora.

    • I also got 272 and it hasn’t even shipped yet. I’m also rather frustrated with Sephora this month

  2. Is anyone getting box #229 or am I the only one?

    • I am as well. No spoilers out for this one yet….

  3. This is my box and think I’m excited for all but the plumper, as I believe I’ve already two samples plus full of it and didn’t like it too much and it stung plus you’ve gotta keep using it! Glad it’s better than last few boxes!!

  4. I am super happy with my box! I won’t use the lip plumper or highlighter, but my niece will <3 LOVE <3 them! I will use everything else, which is well worth $10 to try!

  5. I got a hold of customer service last night and they said they were behind because of a recent promotion (VIB sale) and the item list should be posted in 2 3 days.

  6. Hi can someone help me? I’m fairly new. I just subscribed to Play and I see all this talk about box #, can someone explain and help me find my number? I would really appreciate it!!!

    • To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:
      If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

  7. I cancelled & don’t regret it cos I’ve either tried or have most of these products (I’m set for highlighters, lip products & cleansers til the zombie apocalypse & beyond) but I think this box is at least an improvement over the past few months of Play. The only item I could maybe use more of is the Christophe Robin shampoo; it’s amazing to clean your hair of product build-up or for when you’ve gone a little too long between washes – After having a really bad ‘flu, it was such a relief to finally wash my hair with this & feel super squeaky-clean. I usually follow with a hair-mask, tho it’s not overly-stripping, & my hair always looks fantastic afterwards. My husband likes to use it every couple of weeks or so as it helps with his flaky scalp. And a little goes a long way, which is good cos it’s pretty expensive. If that’s the product you’re not very excited about, give it a chance.

  8. Sighhh, anyone getting #298? cant wait to see spoliers for that.. 🙁
    Miss Impatient here ..

    • That’s my box.

      • Me too

      • This is my box not happy with it at all April box was awesome

        • How can we find what box # we have? This would be my first box and I’m a little lost lol

    • I don’t even have a box number yet…a wee bit frustrating.

    • I’ve got 298 – Mine JUST got tracking and shipped today…

      • I’ve got 298 also ,please let us know what you get pleaseeeee

  9. Hello!!! Has anyone gotten #306 yet??? I don’t know why but my item numbers are never spoiled!!! Very frustrating!!! I never know if I’m getting everything I’m suppose to or not!!! Thanks!!!

    • Mine is 306 too and I can’t find any spoilers!!

    • I’m 306, too, and I’ve been combing the web for spoilers. I cannot find anything. 😏

      • Also 306 and not a peep. I keep thinking I’m going to cancel, especially now that they seem to be giving us less time to redeem those 50 pt cards.

  10. Where are the rest of the spoilers? What is happening this month? I can’t take it! Arggghhh! haha…

    • Ive literally been stalking my email, checking every 5 minutes hoping there is a new spoiler. Im legit dying here. This is my first month and im hoping it a good one!

    • It’s driving me crazy that they haven’t put May on the website, yet. What is going on?

  11. I am extremely disappointed. I can’t even use some of these things. I have coloured hair so the Sea Salt Scrub is out the window. And my skin is extremely dry so a clay cleanser is the last thing I need. I don’t need another highlighter. I’m interested to try the limp plumper I guess, this is about trying things, but I’ve already gotten lip plumpers from them before, and I don’t think they’re my thing. And I’m hoping for good things from the lip pencil, but matte products have never looked good one me. This box really isn’t personalized at all. Ipsy has been consistently good to me, and I guess I just expected more of this beauty box. If next month doesn’t wow me, I’ll be cancelling for sure.

    • I feel the same. I cancelled mine so the May box will be the last one I’ll receive. Still waiting on it. $10.00/mth isn’t much, but money is money and I feel like I’m tossing it out the window. It’s disappointing because Sephora is such a wonderful store with so many vendors. I would think there would be a larger & more varied selection. I’m staying with Ipsy because they do vary the boxes according to your profile and reviews. Every month gets better and better with them. Sephora….disappointed.

      • I am too. Sephora has this wealth of resources at their disposal and they send the most bleh stuff. I think its the box curators TBH .. I think they need some new people with more creative incite and a new box platform that fits into their company’s format of tiered status.. I really do expect more from Sephora just bc of who they are.

        • ***insight***

  12. These items look great,but it’s not my box .Hopefully the other boxes are just as great

  13. I wish this was my box. I want all of these things! I am 272.

    • Me too

  14. Did anyone receive box #280 yet?

    • My #280 is on it’s way!!

  15. Does anyone know if you cancel, can you re-sub or do you go back on the waitlist? These spoilers are super disappointing for me and I was already charged. Not very excited with Play lately.

    • You will be waitlisted again.

    • Let me rephrase that. Yes, you can resub but you will be put on the wait list again.

    • I’ve unsubscribed for a couple months and re-subscribed and got my box right after. I think once you have subscribed you seem to be higher on the totem pole.

    • Last summer, I subscribed to Play and a couple months later unsubscribed. I assumed that when I wanted to start back up again that it would be an automatic “go”. However, I had to wait about 2 months to get back in it! I think it all depends on the demand at that time and whether or not they just opened up their waitlist for new subscribers.

  16. This is the box I’ll be getting and I’m so excited! I could do without the perfume sample, but really want to try the Sunday Riley and lip plumper. I’m also glad the lip pencil is a more neutral color. I usually end up with very bright or very dark shades and never use them. Also glad there is no dry shampoo! I think I have enough to last for the next year.

    • The perfume is really summery and nice…I know every Sephora puts a perfume in as a free, not considered an item. This scent would probably be really nice sprayed on sheets or pillowcases in the summer. I use so few of my spray perfume samples, so I started using them to freshen linen in my bedroom and guest room.

      • That is an awesome idea! Genius!

  17. I *just* canceled and am not getting this month, so naturally I love everything in box 264. If someone wants to sell the whole thing, let me know!

  18. I am on highlighter overload as well. But I disagree with those complaining about getting black eyeliners. I would say a good number of people either don’t want colored liners or can’t pull off the look. I personally fall into both of those categories. Sephora and others are most likely sending black because it works for the majority of their subscribers. They can’t make everyone happy.

  19. How do you know what box number you are getting?

    • When you look at your orders in Sephora and pull up the order number, it will have a Item #. The last 3 digits of the item number should be your box number.

  20. I’m not sure what I’m getting in my box yet, but I always look forward to my Sephora Play! Honestly the 50 point play card makes it worth it no matter if I like the products or not! However, I must say I am so over subscription boxes bombarding us with highlighters! I’d love to get a cream blush or something interesting instead!

  21. Not bad but I wonder what the other boxes will get because I always get the worst one. Definitely won’t use the lip plumper so that’s going up on swap.

    • I got the clear lip plumper a couple of months back. I’ve never, ever liked those things..but honestly, this one was great. Wasn’t too tingily, had a nice feel and scent, and honestly did make my lips a little fuller. I’d want more!

  22. This is the box ill be getting and I am actually excited for it. Many new products/brands to try out only for 10 bucks. However, I am so done with highlighters!!

  23. cant wait to see spoilers of the #272 !!

    • Me too. My daughter and I are both getting 272.

  24. This is my second month and I am glad to say that I cancelled. This is my box and it sucks. Ipsy is way better… I guess I will stick with that.

    • Mindy, I’d be happy to take this off your hands. I JUST cancelled and am not getting it this month so naturally I love everything in this box. dammit. 🙂

  25. This is my first month with Sephora play as well and I’m kinda bummed out. I spent a couple weeks obsessively waiting for spoilers and these brands aren’t really my thing. I would have killed for the March box tho. I think I’ll wait until after June’s box to cancel, unless they f*cking dazzle me.

    • Unless the box we have a spoiler for is your box #, there’s still a chance you could have a brand or two that’s different. What brands were you hoping for, anyway?

  26. This will be my first Play by Sephora box (I just subscribed on May 3rd, billed on May 6th), and, as this is the box that I am getting, I am not impressed. I also just re-subscribed to Birchbox (as well as Ipsy, but only Birchbox billed me so far), so I’m hoping that my Birch-box is better than this. I already know that I’m going to love both my Cocotique and my OnyxBoxes because those boxes are always good. I hope next month’s Play box will be better than this.

  27. Wohoo my box too , I am fairly happy with everything, happy for the sea salt scrub

  28. This is my box…hooray!!!!

  29. I want Sunday Riley!!! But I am predicting that will be a variation.

  30. Why do so many boxes send out highlighters? Given that you have to have perfect skin to pull off the highlighted look, I am genuinely curious if it’s actually as popular a product as they think?..

    I am just wondering why I see highlighter after highlighter in every box, but never something like a foundation (they can ask for your shade after all) or a setting spray.

    Oh, and all the black eyeliners have gotta go. There are other colors!

    • I don’t mind highlighters because they can work with intended use or as a under brow
      or eye pick me up whenever needed even without eyeshadow. Foundation is hard to match and many people are wearing the wrong shade without even knowing it. Why do you say you need perfect skin for the highlighter though?

      • I personally have visible pores, so highlighters are a no-no for me. However, I once saw photos of a girl with professionally done makeup, and she had good “non-textured” skin, however she also had a few fleshy moles right on the cheekbone area and I think on the top of her forehead. Her makeup artist applied highlighter very generously, and I was like, why on earth would you do that? It only drew more attention to her flaws!

      • Also I wanted to say, foundation may be too difficult (although there is a website that matches shades between brands pretty well 🙂 ), but there are still a lot of more universal products that I’ve never seen in beauty boxes, like setting sprays I mentioned above or something like color correctors. I would have loved to try out the Urban Decay ones prior to buying, for instance.

        • They actually sent a UD setting spray a few months ago.

          • Oh, I was referring to the Urban Decay color correctors in that comment. 🙂
            Sorry if it was unclear.

    • I wonder if highlighters are the sub box trend for 2017. My mind is going blank right now, but I do remember there were around 3 or 4 types of products that sub boxes were inundated with last year, like self-tanners, dry shampoos, and sea salt sprays. I may be missing one or two others. While we still get these products now, back then if you were subbed to enough boxes, you were guaranteed to get these in a few boxes every month…. especially in the May to September time frame. I ended the year, with what felt like, 20-30 dry shampoos & self tanner wipes that I gifted. I kept the sea salt sprays. 🙂

      • What are the sea salt sprays used for?

        When I subscribed to Ipsy I immediately told them, please no self-tanners or dry shampoos. 🙂

        • Sea salt sprays are used to add texture to your hair to give you that beachy, carefree look.

          And same on the self tanners and dry shampoos. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong, but dry shampoo makes my hair greasier and flatter instead of how magically it seems to work on everyone else.

          • As mentioned above, I gifted all of my dry shampoos from last year, but I’m regretting that now. By accident, I discovered I really like them… at least based on the one from Dry Bar I tried from a Sephora box. I actually have dry, wavy hair, but I do have to weigh it down a bit with mousse or gel. One time I got a bit heavy handed with the gel, and I didn’t want to wash my hair again so soon after having just washed it, so the next day I sprayed some dry shampoo in my hair (not my head), ran a brush through it, and wah-la!! My hair was so incredibly soft, smoother, and felt light & clean to the touch. It smelled really fresh too! The filmy feeling from the gel just vanished! I was super impressed, that I’m now keeping all of the dry shampoos I get (I think I’m nearing 10 so far this year 🙂 ).

          • Dry Shampoo’s are best applied the night before. So your hair has a good amount of time to absorb the dry shampoo. Also some dry shampoo’s are TERRIBLE. Personally the cheap drug stores ones are horrid, with the exception of Batiste, its OK. I love Amika and Klorane. But I always do my first application the night before in segments finger brush through my hair and then in the morning I reapply a smaller amount to fluff my hair up, but I’ll generally use a colored spray since my hair is jet black. My hair has flounce after that! I also have very fine, thinning hair ( hereditary 🙁 ) and this is a major part of my hair routine. I can usually go 3 days on dry shampoo.

          • I have extremely fine hair and love dry shampoos because they let me go more than 2 days without having to wash my hair. An application only lasts me about half a day, but you can easily get a fresh, clean and volumized look. Just make sure to put your head down and let the hair flow to the ground. If you spray your roots like that and comb through, you will have amazing hair.

    • Highlighters have become the new dry shampoo! Within my first three months of beauty boxes I acquired about 17 cans of dry shampoo. NONE of which I use. I finally requested no more dry poo!

      I really hope I get Sunday Riley & Christophe Robin & the Grande Lips (I got one of their non coloured lip plumpers and I like the way it smooths out my lips before I put anything else on.)

      Two months of Play & I’m not wowed.

      • I only subscribed to Sephora Play for one month and canceled right away because there was literally only one product in the box I thought I would use.

        Seeing these spoilers, I definitely don’t regret canceling.

    • Foundation is a tricky thing to send out. Hard to match, everyone has different skin tones and colors.

      They sent out the Urban Decay setting spray a few boxes ago.

      I wish they’d sent out more things like makeup tools. They sent a “flat” version of the Beauty Blender awhile ago that was nice. And I do agree about the black eyeliners. They sent out a Sephora-branded non-black eyeliner several boxes ago that was really really nice. Wish they’d do more of that.

    • Totally agree about the highlighter overkill. I seem to be getting them in all my sub boxes. How many can you put on one face? Are people highlighting other bits? (^o^)

      I am extremely fair with (somehow, despite being dry) naturally “glowing” skin. Sooo don’t wish to look like I’ve been bobbing for apples in a vat of oil and find it difficult to find highlighters that are actually lighter than me. Ha!
      I also have a fair bit of texture and large pores. I use smoothing/blurring primers and somewhat mattify my face, but I do enjoy a ~SUBTLE~ bit of highlight, high on my cheekbones – ONLY my cheekbones. (^_^)

      I exclusively use liquid (BECCA pearl, CoverFX Celestial drops) and extremely finely milled powder (Laura Geller baked gelato swirl) with a very light hand, and they add zero emphasis to any skin texture. (Though I do not have all that much on my high cheekbone area). These are really good options, if you are concerned with keeping your skin looking as smooth as possible, as they all sort of blend into your skin and add a glow.

      So, yeah… 1) I am SUPER picky about highlighter color/formula/texture. 2) How many
      freaking highlighters does one need for one face? (>_<)

    • I definitely agree with the black liners an I also have a ton of mascara’s! How about anyone else, I say we all write what we don’t want and then they can take that into account! lol that would be nice, but…I say black liners, mascara’s, and totally bright and/or red lips! I am talking anything with the black color, or off the wall brights!

  31. I’m really not excited about another highlighter so soon after the March box. The brands this month look good though. Hopefully there are spoilers for my box soon.

  32. I just chose Trestique Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose Stick as a deluxe sample on a recent Sephora order. I wish I had known about the spoiler and I would have chosen something else.

  33. I am getting tired of highlighters, also I really don’t like the trestique highlighter

  34. I really want the NudeStix but knowing my luck I won’t get it 🙁

  35. Really want that salt scrub for the scalp. Have wanted to try one but don’t want to pay full amount before purchasing. Hoping its in other boxes.

  36. I don’t know if people actually use them, but I personally would be very happy never to receive a Grande Lips plumper in any of my beauty boxes again.

    • I agree 100%.

    • Does it sting like the lip plumper they sent a couple months ago?

      • I’ve never used one. I just think it’s a gimmicky product that doesn’t actually work, and besides, my lips are fairly full as it is.

        • My lips are fairly full too. I wouldn’t mind using it if it looks good as a lipgloss though.

  37. Man, I am kind of disappointed by the above. I have just really been hoping for bolder items to experiment with from Sephora Play. I feel like I am always getting nude pink lip items and highlighters from this subscription. I’d love a turquoise liquid liner or something. Or a neat new beauty tool? I was also hoping that Sephora would focus more on makeup than on skin care, but so far it’s been a comparable mix of products to Birchbox. Sigh…

    • I would love a nude pink lip item. I get deep mauve lip. I am so fair that they just make me look like a clown.

  38. Anyone with Play! and Boxycharm will be glowing to the moon, with all of these highlighter products.

  39. Please no more Trestique lippies – i’ve gotten two through ipsy and that’s one too many.

    • I agree, I’ve gotten them in Ipsy a few times and Birchbox I think, I don’t like them.

      • I love them they have become my lipstick for my no makeup makeup days. 🙂

    • I’ve gotten the highlighters from Birchbox and they suck too.

  40. So I guess we are all getting that highlighter. Not really into that brand but it is still nicer than what we got last month and I hope we all get similar things to the rest of that box because the Christopher robin and sunday riley are both aweosme brands I would like to try more. Those brands are more what I had in mind we would be getting when i signed up for sephora play—luxury brands I could not afford to buy without knowing I will love them.

  41. Wow, I would really love this variation! Unfortunately I’m getting another, hope it’s just as good.

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