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Play! By Sephora May 2017 Box #298 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have a FULL SPOILERS for the May 2017 Play! By Sephora box ending in #298 thanks to pammy709!

The theme for May 2017 is Rising Stars!

Box #298 includes:


Source: Instagram

Box #306 includes:


Box # 280 includes:

Source: ophelianouveau

Box # 272 includes:

Box #264:

The products featured in the May 2017 box are:

trèStiQue Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose Stick
NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Greystone
Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in Clear
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
belif Hungarian Water Essence
SUNDAY RILEY Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser
Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash
Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt
Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask
NEST Black Tulip
CLEAN Reserve Sel Santal
TOCCA Stella

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the May box.

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  1. everyone keeps talking about a beauty quiz, i took one im sure when i signed up (a years or so ago) is there a place we can go in and check and see what we marked or able to switch it up?!
    thanks 🙂

    • Go to your account, select Play by Sephora option, 2nd box down says get started. That is where you complete your profile.

  2. I was so hoping for 298 or 306 – would love to try the grande lips and blur stick. I received 280, and unfortunately I had already received every item in the box except the nudestix as a free sample or using coupon codes (not even using points, but freebies).

    I don’t know whether it is just bad luck on my part or whether Sephora has increased the overlap between the coupon code items and Play items, but this has been happening to me more often in recent boxes. I realize that it is only $10, but it is frustrating to even pay that much for items I’ve received for free in the past. I am going to hang in there for now, but if this continues to happen, I will be canceling, since I signed up to try out new products. Whether I end up liking them or not, at least the Ipsy items I receive are generally not dupes of products I’ve received for free.

    Also, the one item that was new to me, the grey lippie, is probably the ugliest lipstick color I have ever seen, at least on me, lol!

    • How do you get the freebies? Do you shop Sephora online and get a deluxe free sample with your purchase? I have never gotten free deluxe samples in person.

      • That’s what I was wondering also,speaking of freebies I’ve never once got anything from Ulta.Not on line not in the store!! Well to correct myself they have never given me anything just because .I have earned free things with certain product purchases

        • I get free items all the time from Ulta since I’m just a regular member. I got an email yesterday that says I can get a free It’s a 10 hair mask with any online or in store purchase and if I spend $55 on Murad for example I could get a free gift with purchase or something like that. I wish Sephora gave me options like that because I’m a VIB (feels a little overrated because I still kinda feel like a regular Beauty Insider) I’m only ever able to get freebies online and I don’t shop online that much because I can’t use my 50 extra points online and I have to spend $50 to get free shipping unless I buy Flash for $10 which I haven’t. So I think Sephora is better with points and Ulta is easier with freebies in my opinion. 🙂

      • Amanda,
        When you shop n, you can always choose 3 free samples but they are usually perfumes or foil packets. Also, they always run promos where if you spend $25 or $35 you can get a deluxe sample by entering a certain code at checkout. To find them, I go the the Sephora site and search “promo codes”. It usually pulls them up. You can also find them on ebates.

        Ulta gives you 2 small samples of either perfumes or foil packets with online checkout but rarely gives deluxe samples as they have a pretty good point system that rewards with a cash discount.

        • I order from Ulta quite a bit and since we finally got an ulta in the town I live I shop there pretty often and as I said unless I bought a gift with purchase deal I haven’t received anything .And I’ve never been given anything at the store.And yes I do earn points from shopping with a cash value.Heck maybe I just don’t remember getting samples,I have been known to be wrong with my memory

          • Toni check your emails and search Ulta because if your a member you should be getting emails that say free gift in store and online when you purchase anything even cotton balls because it’s anything. They send them every so often and I love it…main reason why I shop at Ulta…hah…because sometimes you could get the same drugstore item for $2 cheaper at Target.

          • You are right about that,here a couple of months ago I got something in the mail from them ,it was a 15.00 gift card.but chances are if they sent it thru my email I just assumed it was a special deal of the day like they send and deleted it .

          • Yeah don’t delete them without checking them out completely since some are deals of the day and a free gift with any purchase so scroll through the whole email. Really a $15 gift card…nice…but why?

          • Lol ,I don’t have a clue why I got it. But I can tell you I used it on a lovely Laura Geller highlighter palette.

          • Good for you… I’m a lil jelly of your luck tho lol

  3. I got box 290, and I am excited to try out this box this month. The only thing I will have a duplicate of is the highlighting stick. I don’t mind though because I just wear it underneath one of my BECCA highlighters for an all day glow. I have never tried Tata Harper, and I just tried the Milk makeup stick and GrandeLips lip plumper.

    I gotta say, the lip plumper is A LOT better than the Too Faced one. It did not sting the crap out of my lips, which is what I was expecting. The Milk makeup stick reminds me a lot of The Porefessional from The Balm. Its good, but I am glad I didn’t buy it for $36.00. The Nest fragrance is wonderful. Its on my list to buy a full-size when I get the chance. I haven’t tried the Christophe Robin hair scrub yet, its on my list for tonights bath though.

    I know people have been disappointed, but I was happy with last months box. Mainly because of the Ole Hendrickson’s Truth Serum(Vitamin C collagen based), and it was .25 oz! Its lasted me all month using it 1x a day. I have noticed a huge difference and will be getting a full size when the opportunity comes up. I have been loving Sephora’s samples, and its nice to get a decent amount in these deluxe products that are so expensive!

    The shipping is slow, but its worth the wait. I wish they would consider combining it with flash shipping for those who have it, especially for the summer time coming up.

  4. Six products (one usually a deluxe) and all high-end for $10. I simply have no complaints. Thank you Sephora.

  5. I received my box 306 today, and hooray! Sephora knocked it out of the park again for me! Every single item in this tiny box is something I have wanted to try. (I’m also glad to not have received the Christophe Robin- it was dreadful on my hair, Belief or lip color products- I am swimming in those.) I’ve really lucked out with my boxes, but it may be because of my profile…?

    • I won’t use the Christophe Robin on my scalp, but it smells sooo good. I think I will use it as a body scrub instead.

      • Jazzjune, I never thought of that! That is a really good idea! I have half a sample container left, and wasn’t sure what to do with it! Thanks!

        • I thought I would not like the Cristophe Robin sample – but I LOVE IT. I have virgin hair though, no chemical treatment whatsoever, and I am very oily at the scalp. I’ve used it three times, it does strip out all the oils, but it also strips out all the dry shampoo build up and my hair is behaving so much better – and I am not shedding hair as much. I think the dry shampoo I was using to get an extra day was clogging up my scalp pores. I do make sure to use a good moisture mask on the ends after using this stuff so the ends dont’ get fried, and it seems to be working well for me.

  6. Is there a customer service email for Play subscribers??? My TreStique came broken (stuck in the lid) and it’s what I was most looking forward to. Also, my perfume sample was only half way full. Is that normal or am I just mad because of my other sample so i’m noticing everything?? Ha!

    • Mine is crushed into the lid too 🙁 I also want to figure out how to contact them

      • Hi, my highlighter was broken too and I did a live chat just now, and they told me that the highlighter was out of stock,but they did credit me with 100 points for the inconvenience. So you probably wont get to try it, but they should give you something. Hope that helps!

        • My highlighter was also melted and broken too so when I opened it, it just dropped to the ground. Sephora’s customer service was great about making it right for me too though.

          People do *not* swap for this item. The sample is poorly constructed and is not stable in transit.

    • Mine was broken too!! Glad I’m not alone.

      • Mine popped out,I just pushed it back in and it works great no problems with it .

  7. I found the spoilers for box #229!

    1.) Trestique Highlight and Perfect Multipurpose Stick in Maldives Luminescent
    2.) Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper in Clear
    3.) Nudestick Magnetic Matte Lip Color (suspect a range of colors as no color listed)
    4.) Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser
    5.) Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt
    6.) Maison Margiela ‘Replica’ Beach Walk (Eau de Toilette Spray)

    • That’s box 264. 🙂

  8. I am recieving box 272 today and everything I wanted is in box 306. Go figure…

  9. Box 298, has anyone ever tried the Nest perfume? I really wanted the Replica!

    • I’ve never personally wore it, but I’ve smelled it in the store. Like all other Nest fragrances, it smells Incredible.

    • Nest Indigo is my favorite, with Midnight Fleur a close second. I have high hopes for this one!

    • I received the Nest perfume and personally think it smells AWFUL 😝

  10. I have box 264. I already have a full size ceramic slip so does some one want to swap the entire box? I’m ok with 272, 298 or 306.

    • Hey Vicky – did you already swap your box #264 out? I received box #272 and would be happy to trade if you haven’t already!

  11. I have box 298 and I prayed and prayed that I would get the milk blur stick. I’ve been wanting to try it out so badly but im not shelling out over 30 bucks for a product that I might hate. and I hate having to bring back stuff because I feel that its wasteful. I’m so happy. x3 Although I eel like Sephora play has been lacking. I want more makeup suff but instead we get mostly skincare stuff. I think skincare is very personal and not everything will work for everybody, so usually those items are duds for me. That’s why Ipsy is so great, they just dont have the higher end items like Sephora does.

  12. Yayyyyy thank you for the spoilers!! This is my box and I am stoked. I have this same exact highlighter stick from Birchbox last year I think?? But I loved it. I always use up highlighters, so getting more is great.
    Nest perfume is good stuff.
    The nude color is exactly what I wanted.
    So so happy!

    • Im also really happy with it. Sephora play never really disappoints me. I won’t use the hair scrub in my color treated hair because im sure it will fade a demi permanent color but the rest is very exciting.

  13. I am so Happy with my box #306. 😍😍😍✅💯 I received my box. Waiting on my daughter to bring it. I Really Like my @Sephora Play Box

  14. I received box 272…not great. I have porcelain colored skin, blond hair and have no idea why in the world the greystone Nudestix was in the box. Unless they were supporting my idea of The Walking Dead extra tryout I’ve been mulling over. I had to try it out for kicks…I totally nailed the corpse/zombie look.
    I was looking forward to the Trestique Highlighter but alas, when I removed the lid, the crayon was broke and smashed. Sigh.
    I have not been overly impressed with Sephora Play. Birchbox catered much more to my skin shade, type and hair needs. And since I do NOT want perfumes, I just told them and they never include it in my box. Lastly, the birchbox actual boxes are beautiful and I reuse.

    • I am wondering if being subscribed to subscription boxes over the Summer is worth it. Like I placed a regular Sephora order and got my package in one day.

      But my Sephora play box was shipped out days ago and I won’t be receiving for another few days. It is like these subscription boxes pick the slowest shipping speed to transport goods and I am not thrilled at the idea of getting melted or spoiled products in my boxes as these products sit in extra hot and slow transit all Summer.

      • That is exactly one of the reasons why I’m taking a break from sub boxes beginning in June (with the exception of a few stragglers from prepaids), and not re-subbing until October, at the earliest. Last year I received far too many beauty products that were very hot to the touch, and I hated to think what the constant exposure to the excessive heat did to the ingredients in the skincare products.

        • You know I have always thought of the melted products but I never considered the molecular changes in creams and things until you just mentioned thank you I think you’re onto something

      • I’ve had the same problem with birchbox (right before i cancelled it). My lip product came in melted and broken 🙁

    • I wish I had 272 or even 280 🙁 Instead I got 264. Thankfully this month I discovered the swap world and I’ll have usable products to keep.

    • I find that sheering out the nudestix really makes it more wearable. Reminds me of 90s brown lipstick!

  15. I got 280 box and I am so so angry. It’s the worst box ever, comparing to other boxes, you guys are getting Christoph Robin, Tata Harper and MILK along with others, and I am stuck with THE WORST box yet. I am finally 100% done with Sephora’s boxes and Sephora in general. After seeing everyone get such good products I would have LOVE at least one in my box, instead I got stuck with the worst combination yet again.

  16. Anyone wanna swap?
    I have box 280 and want 264!

    • I meant I have box 272**

      • I have 264, are you still interested in swapping?

    • Damn! I literally just swapped out all my products from 264 (and i really wanted 272!) sigh.

  17. Holy Crap! Box #298 and #306 both come with 2 highlighters? What For?

    • I’m getting 298 and there is only one highlighter…the Trestique.

    • There are not 2 highlighters. I think you might have mistaken the milk makeup blur stick as a highlighter. In fact it is a primer stick! I’m pretty stoked on that 😍

  18. Happy I’m not getting the nudestix. Too dark for me. Hopefully the lip plumber is one that burns. I already have a sample of the blur stick.

  19. I might be the only one but I’m really bummed they advertised the Tata Purifying Mask as a sample, because I haven’t seen her sample that anywhere yet, and then they actually sent out the Resurfacing Mask, which had been sampled at Birchbox over a year ago. It was even a sample choice many months back. I signed up for Sephora Play in hopes of getting the Tata, now I’m just meh. All the samples feel old/already seen to me now.

    • Me too

  20. I just realized that I received the TRÈSTIQUE Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose Stick in my Ipsy bag last September. It’s nice and creamy and I just recently started using it as an eyeshadow base. It’s the perfect brightening shade for me and holds my powder shadows in place.

  21. 298 looks pretty good ,I’ve got one of those Nudestix but that’s fine I’ve got people who will love it

  22. I am getting box 306 and I really wanted the Nudestix as I’ve tried their other matte pencils and really like them. However, after seeing the swatches online I’m glad I’m not getting it. It’s a straight up brown color and would not look good on me. I’m excited to try the Milk primer! Jessica Braun from jambeauty89 raved about it so I’m curious to see how well it works.

  23. Yesss!! I got #298 this month and feel like I won the lottery. I’ve actually used the Tata Harper mask before and love it, but I haven’t replenished it since I ran out in January (traveling for 4 months). Perfect welcome home gift to me 😘

  24. Yay box 306! I love this box. Would have preferred the nudestix as my lips don’t need any plumping. I don’t care for anymore highlighter either.

    • There are 306 spoilers up?

      • crap, nevermind, just saw it. I really, really wanted the nudestix, too

    • I wouldnt mind swapping the nudestix from my box 264 with your blur stick (if you dont want it that is).

  25. Totally suffering from box envy. So far Play has been a bust for me both months I’ve sub’ed. Really bummed, of all my sample subs I had high expectations.

  26. Yes! No box envy for me this month! 😄 I’m 264 and after seeing all the spoilers now, I’m perfectly content with this box. The only thing I wished I got in my box was the Tata Harper resurfacing mask, but turns out after seeing the spoilers today, I’ll be getting that in my Allure box in June! This definitely makes up for last months blah box!! 😊

    • I got 272 and I’m wanting the nudestix in blossom(I got greystone) is there anything you would be willing to trade for it? I have ALOTA of other stuff for trade as well. I’ll even swap two products. Let me know. Thanks.

  27. If anyone wants to trade their 298 for my 264 lwt me know! :))

    • I got 272 and I’m really wanting to trade someone my nudestix for theirs. Or I’ll trade two items for their nudestix. I got greystone and I want blossom. I have ALOTA of items up for swap. If interested please let me know.

    • I’m pretty sure I have 298 (I’ll know for sure Saturday 5/20 and I’d be open to trade for 264!

      • I’m getting #264 but wanted the tata harper and milk blur stick instead of my nudestix and grandelips lip plumper. I am open to swapping. 🙂

  28. Anyone else getting 296?

    Seems like there are a lot of variations this month.

    • are you sure you have the correct number. I think all the spoilers are posted now. there are 5 box numbers as far as i have worked out through the facebook site.

    • wow, i am soooooo happy with my box 306! everything i wanted ( almost, would have preferred the nest perfume but totally happy with the Clean) thanks Sephora for another knock out box!

      i have been weighing up the different boxes. i ditched Ipsy about 3 months ago because i kept getting cheap samples that were wrong colours for me. I still have birchbox and they do ok, but this last box the perfume had completely leaked. so Sephora for value ( 6 items for $10, instead of 5) and much higher end brands is so worth it.

      giving birchbox one more month try, but with sephoras amazing box this month, i wont be getting rid of them for the foreseeable future!

      • Curious…What’s your subscription profile?

  29. I got 306 box. I’d rather get Nudestix matte lipc color than Grande lips lip plumper. Anyway, I’m excited to try Tata Harper resurfacing Mask and Milk blur stick.

    • I’m getting the nudestix and would rather have the grande lips. Maybe we can swap if you are on the swap site.

      • If you want to swap I received and will swap with you. I have been approved on the swap site but have never swap. Let me know if interested.

      • Hi! I would loke to swap what is the swap site?

        • The swap site is on the title bar of this site. You have to register but it really fun 🙂

  30. just cancelled. getting box 306. time to try a new sub

  31. Dang got box envy…#264 is not the worst but I wish I got #298 tata harper or the milk blur stick instead of the nudestix that’s supposedly a terrible color. I also don’t want the grandelips lip plumper… I’ll put these on swap and hopefully someone will trade the tata and milk

  32. The nudestix color is so dark, I feel it’s a good color for fall. Wish they would have sent a lighter color for spring.

    • Same 🙁 like a lighter nude or bright color

  33. Getting #272 and do not want anything in it. So disappointed as many of the other boxes are awesome.

    • I got #306 if you’d be up for swapping?

      • Hi! I got 272 and I would be interesting in swapping!

  34. So I’m the only one getting box 078?

    • Got my box today:
      Christophe Robin scrub
      Nubestick magnetic
      Trestique stick
      Sunday Riley Ceramic slip cleanser
      Grande lips
      Replica Maison Margiela

      So no one else got Sunday Riley cleanser?

      • Are you looking at the last three digits of your order number instead of the item number? Doesn’t that match 264?

      • I’m getting sunday riley. Looks like you got 264. i’m the same. what shade of nudestix is it?

  35. If anyone is getting box # 298 OR # 306…

    I would LOVE to swap mine with you! (I am getting # 272 this month.)

    My profile & listings are linked to my name above. THANKS!!

    • Heck yeah, I’ll trade! I am getting box 306.

    • My shipment says I’m getting 306, will swap enitre box for 272, if still interested.

      • Hi! I am supposed to be getting 272 and I would love to swap boxes if you are still interested! I’m not registered for the swap site or anything though

  36. I am confused by the Christophe Robin Sea Salt scrub. At first I thought it was for your face, but in reading about it, it says it is for hair…. Is it really a scrub (like with grainy pieces) or a shampoo? Any information would be appreciated

    • Watch the Sephora May spoiler video on YouTube, they talk about the product and how to use.

    • It looks s grainy. Thing of vasoline with salt in it except it’s kind of white and of course not quite vasoline of course. It’s very course because of the sea salt. My guess is it’s a hair scrub to basically cleanse your hair of any impurities and build up. It smells amazing.

    • I used the Christophe robin scrub on my hair today. Yes it’s odd at first but it lathers beautifully and made my normally greasy hair squeaky clean! The only downside is that I love now and the full size is 58 bucks 😂

      • Wow! I’ll cherish the samples I have then. 🙂

      • you can just go to lush and get a sample of their big shampoo. it uses sea salt, probably the same type of product?? i haven’t used the christophe robin to compare, so no clue. but i have used the lush bug many times over the years. it’s half the price, so… maybe a better value if it is comparable. just thought i’d mention it.

        • BIG. not bug. lol.

    • Love that scrub. My hair always feels so soft after using it.

      • Has Anyone that has colored hair tried it ? does it strip your hair color?? That’s what I’m afraid of other than that I will try it

    • I have the Christophe scrub. It’s to please your scalp and hair product buildup. It really works” and I feel super squeaky clean. It lathers well too.

  37. You are
    I’m surprised at how early my box arrived and that it was a total surprise. Sephora is so tight lipped this month. Glad you saw my tag 🙂

  38. YES! I wanted the Milk primer and the Nest perfume so much! I’ll definitely try the plumper. Don’t really need another highlighter but I’m still super pleased with what I’m getting! I had been considering cancelling Play but this month and last month have made me reconsider.

  39. I am thrilled with 298! Glad to not receive the hideous lippie even tho I don’t necessarily need the plumper. Excited to try Tata, Milk, and Christope Robin. hope the sizes are large enough to try a few times!

  40. I’m still pretty excited for my box, which is out for delivery today. Are there some things in other variations that I’d love to try? Absolutely! I wish they’d done the Milk blur stick as the consistent item instead of the Trestique (mine will go to my mom since Ipsy sent me one months ago), and I’d also like to try the Belief oil and the Tatcha and Skin Laundry cleansers. But I’m not truly upset about anything I’m getting, lol.

  41. This is my box and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m on highlighter overload. I’m receiving highlighters from both Ipsy and Birchbox this month too and will have more than I can ever use. I’m not very excited about getting the lip plumper either since we just got something like this a few months ago. I received the Tata Harper mask last month from Birchbox and it’s good, so I know I’ll use it, but I was hoping for the Skin Laundry. I am happy to get the Christophe Robin product. It’s very unique and I can’t wait to try it. I think I might like the Milk makeup primer and the perfume too. It looks like it’s 50/50 for me this month.

    • I know how you feel about the highlighters. I already own the trestique highlighter and I got the UD one from ipsy this month. I’m still happy to get it, I like to use the trestique highlighter kind of as a base for powder highlighter since it cream and it really helps to intensify your highlight if you like that bam in your face highlighter look.

  42. This is my box! I was hoping for the Sunday Riley as I have sampled it in the past, but the Milk, Tata Harper and Christophe Robin will definitely get used.

    STOP WITH THE HIGHLIGHTERS PLEASE!!! trèStiQue is a bust. It and the GrandeLIPS and Nest are all going up for swap.

  43. This is my box and I didn’t want the Milk since I received a primer last month and worried about the reviews about it sticking to dry patches, but happy to finally get to try the Christophe and Tata Harper and very happy not to get the lip color (the colors they pick never look good on me except maybe 2 times), so not a bad month. I think I will use more of the products than the last few boxes. I was thinking of canceling, but they have a reprieve.

    • Never hurts to have more than one primer especially one that everyone is dying to use. The milk primer is good for uneven skin which you may have marked on the beauty quiz.

      • Yep, marked combo skin. It’s getting humid where I’m at so bright side, hopefully there will be no dry patches to cling to! 🙂

  44. Omg 298 is THE BEST BOX! Milk makeup, Christophe Robin, Tata Harper, AND Nest! I’m so happy!

  45. haha – you jerks Sephora, I knew you wouldn’t send me that Replica Beach Walk sample, but you get a pass since I just got a Replica trio GWP with my order from yesterday.

    This is a great box – I always seem to have to wait for spoilers but I’m always happy when I get them!

  46. I’m very happy with this box. I will actually use/try everything.

  47. WOOOOOO!!!! This is my box and this is everything I hoped I’d get!

  48. Omg my first box from Play by Sephora is awesome, I’m stoked to get box 298.

  49. Oh my gosh, I am so happy about this box!

  50. I am getting 298, but wish I was getting 280. I wanted the nudestix and the belief products.

    • 280 is perfect! Too bad I’m getting 298, which has 0 items that interest me. Oh well, maybe June will be my month.

    • I’m getting the 280 and I would love to switch with you for the 298.

      • I would be up for that if Jamie isn’t, but I’m on the waitlist for swaps through this site. gwyllion26 at yahoo dot com

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