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Luxe Pineapple Limited Edition Anniversary Box FULL Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.02.52 PM

Thanks to Jira, we have FULL spoilers for the LuxePineapple Limited Edition Anniversary Box! This was a single purchase box, not part of the subscription.

The box included:


  • Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Liquid Lipstick (color will vary) 0.17oz $20
  • Manna Kadar Runway Ready Primer 0.27oz $18
  • Mavi Bandz Adjustable Non Slip Headband $12.99
  • Cue Beauty Sound Sea Spray 5fl.oz $16.99

Update from LuxePineapple:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.22.41 PM

This box is now sold out but check out allΒ our LuxePineapple Post reviews to see what you can expect from their regular subscription!

What do you think of the Limited Edition Anniversary Box spoilers?

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  1. I just received my box, and even though I knew what to expect, I was underwhelmed. Plus no primer sample in my box (I got caffeinated breathe mints???) so yeah…..

    • I would email or call them. Those breath mints are just a sample throw-in. I don’t even know what to do with my box since I have no use for anything in it. I’m not a swapper and I think I’d be embarrassed to give this to anyone as a gift. Stocking stuffers, I guess! Yeesh.

    • I also didn’t receive the primer. πŸ™

  2. Did anyone else get a broken headband? The cheap plastic ring on mine was broken which makes it unusable. Super disappointed because I always hear great things about LP. First and last box I will order.

  3. I have gotten several really great boxes from Luxepineapple, but the Derby box I got today and this box I ordered have been misses for me. I have really fine hair and most sea spray’s don’t work for me. I have so many I haven’t opened, I am going to have to learn to swap.

  4. This is my first LP box and likely my last. I will wait and see what they send for the home item, but currently I feel quite disappointed.

  5. Not at all impressed with my box either. The salt spray is ok I guess, i dont really use it though so. I wish Manna Kadar products would all go away and not come back. It’s cheap product with a redic inflated price tag and that is it. The lippie is alright. I got a pinky/mauve so it’s not horrible. Headbands NEVER stay on my head (maybe I have a deformed head I dunno?) So I’m not holding much hope here. I feel like i wasted my money on this one.

    • Agreed

  6. This box was a major disappointment. And they made us wait so long for it! The home item they are shipping out to us better be a “wow” otherwise I won’t order another box from them again. None of these products seem like they belong in a “limited edition/anniversary box”. I’m also sorry I bought it.

  7. I didn’t receive my Anniversary box yet, but I DID just receive this email:

    “We hear you!

    We were so excited to curate and ship the LuxePineapple Anniversary box to celebrate the first birthday of our beauty/beauty- lifestyle box LuxePineapple Post. Our marketing included that items in the box would be under the home/beauty/lifestyle catagories. We didn’t include a home item. We made a mistake.

    We have begun looking for a home item to round out the curation on the LE box. It takes about 4 weeks from start to finish to curate a product and ship it to you. We are diligently working on fixing our mistake and will evalauate our processes to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Without you there is no LuxePineapple. We will always try to learn and improve to make sure you have a great first or ongoing experience with us. We value the opportunity to earn your business.

    No action is needed. If you purchased the LE box your home item will ship in the next 4 or so weeks .You can reach me directly anytime by replying to this note. Thank you so much for being a part of LuxePineapple.


    So, at least they’re recognizing that they didn’t send out what was advertised and will hopefully be finding something fabulous for us. I think that’s great customer service!

    • I got that email too. Wow, great customer servic!

    • Got the email, too. Great customer service! Happy that they’re listening to us ☺

  8. Ugh. Just ugh. Definitely not what I signed up for. There’s not a single item I like. I’ll be putting it all up for swap. And this is their anniversary box??

    • Just got an an email, they will be sending everyone a home item. That was quick!

  9. Ugh… got this today and I’m so disappointed. I specifically ordered this because it said “beauty/home/lifestyle” in the description, so I assumed there would be at least one home item. I feel like they pulled a bait and switch on us! This was my first LP purchase and will likely be my last πŸ™

  10. Very disappointed. I was expecting some home items not just a beauty box.

  11. Well this sucks. I was really hoping for at least one home item (like they advertised). Not only is it all beauty, but my box is missing the primer. Done with LP.

  12. Burn…disappointed.

  13. Am I the only one who likes this box? I tried not to look because my box is coming arriving today or tomorrow (home box is one day and this one is the other day) but I saw a comment that it was horrible so I looked. I actually like every item (but still wish I hadn’t looked).

    • I really like it! Mine arrived today and I’m really pleased with the whole thing! It reminds me of the old Serendipity box but with a much sweeter group of people behind it.

  14. Wow, so disappointed with this box! I was just so excited to finally try luxe pineapple out, I literally got it because it advertised home and lifestyle. I don’t really wear much makeup. Ugh. So u dear whelming! Learned my lesson I guess.

    • Same. There is no way I would have bought this if it had been correctly described as purely a beauty box. I was so curious about this company and now…not anymore! Never again.

  15. Liz, would you consider reaching out to LPP about this given that this was advertised as a beauty, lifestyle, and home box, but ended up just being a beauty box? I’ve ordered several one-off boxes from them and have been pleased but this box completely changes my opinion of them and I don’t think I’ll order a box from them again.

  16. Is this the orginal LE box or the Im sorry box? I bought the ” sorry” box anf if this is it, Im sorry I bought it!

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Booooo!!!

    That’s all I got for this box when it arrives today. Thank god I have some new shoes arriving to make up for it.


  18. This is intensely disappointing. I will be giving this whole box away. I will not purchase additional boxes from them.

  19. How is the Manna Kadar primer twice the cost of Smashbox primer? (I don’t mind the quality of the Manna Kadar products I’ve tried, but the pricing is nuts.)

  20. Very disappointing…this will be my first and last box

    • Same here. What a bummer.

  21. Sadly disappointed in this one too, I was expecting at least one home item. I love LuxePineapple so much, but this seems worse to me than a regular Pineapple Post. What is it with Manna Kadar in every box in like the last year? Did they overproduce products and just giving them away to sub boxes?

  22. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  23. How incredibly disappointing.

  24. Boo! I was hoping for more as this is a LE box . Wish I didnt spend my money on such a disappointing box :'( Mystery boxes are such gambling

  25. This box feels thrown together last minute. No home or lifestyle items and nothing I can use. Not what I would expect!

    • That’s how I felt about their April regular sub box. Like it was thrown together with random things that all went to swap. Glad I did not purchase this one. They had a great December box but haven’t been back at that level these past few months.

  26. This was my first luxe pineapple box. Definitely my last. Not as advertised. Definitely wasted my money. Would never have ordered if they accurately listed that it would be 4 beauty items. It definitely said it would be a mix. Where do they get these values? Should be cheaper end of drugstore prices since these aren’t established brands. The headband is made of slick material and slides right off. The red lip is too orange for my skin. Don’t need saltwater on my wavy hair. I have a dozen smashbox primers already. So disappointed.

    • Yep! My first and last box as well.

    • In fact, I expected to be wowed with this being a limited edition anniversary box. Very disappointed.

    • Same here, NEVER AGAIN!

  27. Wow, I waited a month for this? All i see is Beauty no Home and i wouldn’t call a headband “Lifestyle”. Very disappointed πŸ™

  28. Did everyone receive shipping notification for this already?
    First, they sent me the wrong box, I ended up with the regular April Luxe Pineapple Post. They told me to keep it as an apology but that I’d get this too. No shipping notification yet. Not to mention the box looks very underwhelming, except that lipstick.

    • I haven’t received any communication or shipping information and it’s now May!

    • I received my shipping notification and tracking number a week ago. My box is scheduled to be delivered today.

    • I hope they make the mistake with mine! This box is lame. I received notification and mine is due to arrive today. I wish I’d saved my money!

    • Received email on the 24th, that the box will ship on the 28th . I’m receiving it on 5/3 . Everything is going up for swap though

  29. That’s what they came up with to celebrate their anniversary? So disappointed. The description said this box would have beauty and home items. I don’t see any home items here. Wish I hadn’t bought one of these. Will be swapping everything since I want none of this.

    • Ditto

    • This was my first purchase from Luxe Pineapple and I’m so disappointed. I was expecting something fancier, not a summer box. It’s still spring. I will think twice about buying without spoilers from now on.

    • I agree with you. I wanted to try this sub as I had read many reviews for it here. First I missed the box I wanted to buy due to a timing glitch and now I get one that doesn’t encompass all that was advertised. I was really looking forward to see what lifestyle item would be included for their anniversary box. I must say its pretty dissapointing.

  30. yikes

  31. I’m kinda glad now I missed out on this. There really isn’t anything but beauty items in this box. Nothing says “home” or “lifestyle”, and those were supposed to be categories included in this box. Very sad for you all. My LPHome box arrives today, and I’m hoping it will be better. At least the cup is cool

    • Just a warning, I was pretty underwhelmed with my LPHome this month. The cup was by far the best item. This was the first time I have been truly disappointed in a box so I hope you like it better than I did! I’m looking forward to seeing the comments once Liz reviews it.

      • ugh, great. I was really hoping for something better than the last LPHome box. I ended up swapping everything in that one. Such a bummer.

  32. Hugely disappointed. I love Elizabeth Mott but I already have all of her lipsticks so everything will be up for swap. I’ve been waiting a month for this and nothing is “wow” in this box. I’m sick of all the manna kadar products – it’s just chinese-made BS that i would never feel comfortable putting on my face.

  33. Feeling very underwhelmed by this.

  34. Ugh I waited a month for this 😩 ….. Not interested in any of those products

  35. πŸ™ where’s the home aspect of this? Is a headband considered lifestyle? Oh well guess that’s what swaps are for.

  36. The value is there, but why do I feel disappointed?

    • I feel the same way too !

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