1. Oh man, I really wanted to try an Herbivore item 🙁 Any idea the best way to get in line for an item (wish they had a wait list!) I don’t have the time to constantly refresh and hope someone dropped one…

  2. I’m so confused if someone can help me. I paid for the Editors box a week ago (so mad to see it’s now half off, grrrr!) so I could do the add ons. Since I’m a “seasonal” member I have to go after everyone else. I thought it opened up today for everyone else but it still says only to “members”. So I can’t ever shop the add ons?

    • The add-ons open at 9:00am pacific standard time.

      • Thank you Sara!!

        • It says “Add-Ons listed above will be auto-billed on 06/06” So does that mean if we cancel the next box we won’t get the add ons?

  3. I ordered (and received) the Spring box as a one-time thing. If I do an annual sub and subscribe now, would I get the Spring box or the Editor’s box? Or the Summer box? Thanks!

  4. I may end up ordering a bunch of bottles of living proof! I love that brand and never see it at a discount (if you know of somewhere I can buy at a discount let me know!). Now I just have to wait 5 days before I can order since I’m not an annual member.

  5. Is the editors box for sale the original one or the new one they put together?

  6. Has anyone ever gotten one of the mystery bundles? I’m wondering if it’s worth the gamble

    • I got a mystery bundle for spring, and I received the Sterling Forever Nail Bangle, a food cream/exfoliating “surfboard” and one other item I can’t recall. I paid $29 and the value was around $100 I believe. I loved it!

  7. Does the annual subscription ever go on sale?

    • You get a $20 discount if you purchase the annual subscription – so $5 off per box

  8. I’ve already added WAY too much to my cart. Definitely need to whittle it down. Does anybody have any thoughts on the Summer and Rose items? Is that an in house brand of Fabfitfun? I’m looking at the weekender bag in black but I’m not sure of the quality and if it’s really worth $52.

  9. I am loving the add-ins. The variety is great. I am at $51 now and trying hard to hold it there!

  10. Ahhh! Every time I go back through to weed some items out I find something new to add.

  11. I’m at $162. I need to make some tough choices.

  12. Finally pulled the trigger and upgraded to the annual sub. There were several add-ons I really wanted and I’m excited to be able to customize certain box items. Here’s hoping they continue their streak of outstanding boxes.

  13. So happy to see the Palmetto Derma mask, and at such a good price. I hoard jars of the stuff. I buy it when I find it a discounted price; my skin just loves it.

  14. To get the Editor’s Box or to not get the Editor’s Box…

    • Get the Editor’s Box! 🙂 Milly pouch as an add-on is $29. Roundie as an add-on=$35. Dr. Brandt as an add-on=$55. Face mask as an add-on=$19.

      Not to mention Real Her Kit, and jewelry, which are both $$$.

      • That stuff was all that in the spring box….not the editors box… only thing the same from it , thats in the new editors box, is the roundie.

        • It’s also in the 2nd Editor’s Box.

  15. I told myself, Amanda, you have that $10 to spend, please limit yourself we have no room in this appt. I initially added 80 add-ons and saw the total at like $1,300 and almost peed my pants. Finally got it down to 20 add-ons for $190 but that’s still too much. I spent like $350 last time and my husband almost lost his mind. He’s gonna kill me in June when he sees the charge on the card lol. 😛

    • Haha, Amanda that’s hilarious. How did you pick 80 add-ons?? I found perhaps ten things I wanted but only a couple I’d actually buy. Fortunately, I don’t subscribe to FFF so that right there prevents me from buying anything =D

      • Lol I don’t even know how 80 happened…I have a problem 😛

  16. Aw, the A. Marie Jewelry Aladdin Choker is sold out already. It’s the add-on I was most looking forward to! 🙁

    • Same. 🙁

    • I bet it becomes available again. Everything does eventually!

      • It did! Snaggd it!!!

  17. Was anyone able to watch the facebook live video on their site revealing the add-ons? Who was the special guest?

    • Beverly Mitchell a.k.a. Lucy from 7th Heaven.

  18. Hope they add the Bum Bum Cream on soon! 😍🍑

  19. Yay, I was able to have enough self control to not purchase add ons!

  20. Lol, first pass I had $630+ worth of stuff in my cart. Have since narrowed down to $200ish.

    • I logged back in to narrow down my cart and ended up adding $100 more to it. No self control lol 🙁

  21. So this is only if you are an upgraded member?

    • Upgraded members get early access. I think it’s open just to them for like 2 weeks before it opens for regular subscribers. I wouldn’t worry about not being able to snag stuff you want. If you stalk the site enough, you should be able to grab everything you want anyway.

  22. Yay!!! Browgal enhancement serum is back! Great add-ons this quarter……

  23. when I try to do add ons it says I have to upgrade to an annual membership.

    • Me too, and I have an annual already that still has another quarter left. I have an email in to them, but I’m not optimistic.

      • Mine did the same thing. I chatted the customer service and they fixed it in about 2 minutes.

  24. I was expecting to see some roundies in the add-ons. They had all of those other colors during the reveal last quarter and I was hoping they would be available at some point.

    • Ditto! I’m really disappointed that they aren’t offering the other color variations as an add-on!

      • Most likely they will. They often add more items. And up until yesterday you could buy them in their shop for discount prices…

    • They are there now 😊😊💸

  25. Nooooo! Why do they have to be things I like! 😫 Well, I guess I do have time to put aside money so I’m not completely broke when it bills my card. 💸

  26. Anyone new to Add-ons, I would suggest the following:

    -If there is anything that you really think you may want, put it on your list now. They sell out fast. You can always let it go before the deadline.

    -If something is sold out, keep checking back. Very often someone else will change their mind and something you wanted will be available again.

    -If there is something you really liked in an earlier box, you can usually reorder it in the add-ons. Although I was disappointed that the Stemulation face wash wasn’t available this time. that stuff is the BEST!

    • Me too! I got it for my mom the last two rounds, and she was just asking about it the other day. She’s going to be bummed that it isn’t available.

      • Is that the one by juice beauty?

  27. Any select members out there that are still not able to get to the add-ons page? I’m just seeing a countdown to all member access.

    • I was able to get on. There are TOOONNNNSSSS of stuff. One bundle is already sold out.

      • Thanks… I’m so annoyed. I have a bunch of stuff I want to get and its killing me that I can’t log in!

        • I can’t get in either. It says my account is active, but when I try to get in it says I have to upgrade. When I try to upgrade, nothing happens. I tried emailing them, but it will probably be days before they get back to me!

  28. This is my first time being able to order add-ons this early (I upgraded late for the Spring box) but I was wondering if they “typically” put the Editor’s box as an add-on later? I know I can just order it separate now from the shop (I think)…I was just wondering if it’s also offered as an add-on too. Thanks!

  29. I unsubbed due to the lackluster spring spoilers, but add-ons alone are tempting me to resub…gah!

  30. So many things I want. It’s a good think regular members have to wait an extra week. My bank account is praying that everything sells out.

  31. Has anyone ordered mystery bundle before? If yes, could you please share what you received. I just want to get an idea what kind of bundle is it. Thank you.

    • I ordered one with the Spring box and received a Cargo eyeshadow pallet, the Sterling Forever nail bracelet (still available as an add-on) and a full-size shower scrub. I was very pleased with what I got.

      • And somehow the items I received were not duplicates for anything else I had received from them in any previous box or as an add-on. I have subbed since winter 2016 and bought separately the first Editor’s box and over $200 of add-ons with the spring box alone. It made me think that someone had looked through my history to double check that I didn’t get duplicates.

        • I think you may have just been lucky. I’ve been a member since summer 2015, and previous mystery bundles have had duplicates to things I’ve gotten in old boxes. Usually I’m okay with that, but the last mystery bundle I got in the spring had duplicates of two items that I had also ordered in the spring add-ons. I didn’t really need two travel cord rolls!

          Just a warning for anyone who has been a member for awhile, or who purchases a number of add-ons, there might be duplication.

    • Mine wasn’t that great. I got a spongelle body sponge, some weird smelling hair stuff by a brand called Yuni….I think. And two tiny beauty blenders.

    • Ladies, thank you for your replies. Gave an idea what to expect.

    • Bundle #1 – yoga towel, socks, The Essentials makeup kit (it had blush, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc.)

      Bundle #2 – Dr. Brandt flash recovery mask, sterling forever nail bracelet and juice beauty lip crayon

      Winter bundle – Freeze 24/7 skin blizzard hydrating facial serum (love this!), road trip card game and a bracelet that I can’t remember who it’s from now.

    • I’ve had great luck with bundles. Usually something I really wanted. Something I couldn’t care less about and something of decent value. I’ve done it a bunch of times and always get my money worth. This time I’m doing at least two mystery bundles. …

    • In winter I got a tribe alive bracelet, a lip gloss and scrub duo, and a 24/7 freeze face scrub.

      Last season I got socks, a pure makeup palette, and a necklace that was horrible but luckily arrived broken so they changed it out for a Gorjana one.

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