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BoxyCharm June 2017 CONFIRMED SPOILER + Variations!

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We have the confirmed first spoiler for the June 2017 Boxycharm box!

Each box will include:

Real Her Play Book Eyeshadow Palette – Value $28

And it looks like there may be variations!

What do you think of the first June 2017 Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Can’t wait for more spoilers! It seems like this time last month we had full spoilers.

  2. I was bummed when I saw the picture of these palettes…they all looked the same to me with one non-brown color. But when I looked on the realher website, all three palettes look stunning!!! I’d be happiest with the “I feel beautiful” palette (purple one)…so fingers crossed!! 🙂

    • Yes! The purple one is amazing!!!

  3. This will be my second box and I am so excited. Would love to see brushes, setting spray or powder, mascara, primer, eye lashes, eye cream…ok I should just say I want it ALL! :o)

  4. Would love the one with the pinks !!! I cannot wait for Spoiler #2 !!!

  5. Does Boxycharm ever give out perfume? I haven’t gotten one in 7 months.. I feel like that would be a great full size thing to get as if you don’t like the scent it’s easy to gift or swap. I know boxy is mostly makeup but since we get hair and skin stuff…

    • Yes, they just did a perfume in January or February, it was lovely, no way I would swap it 🙂

      • What perfume? Refresh my memory please

        • english laundry rollerball

          • Yes I liked that one ,thanks

          • Jane McBee I received no perfume would love a perfume

    • Ooh i love me my Boxycharm subscription I’ve been wondering why there are no setting sprays and a girl can never have enough brushes and beauty blenders as well and agree on the eyeshadow palettes keep them coming💋😊

  6. Can’t wait but I don’t care for the middle one.

  7. Hoping for the pink one! 🙂

  8. I’m not a huge fan of the one in the middle, but the one’s on both sides are definitely more me.

  9. I’m tickled to get an eyeshadow pallet. So very tired of the highlighters and contours! A woman just can’t have too many eyeshadows, lol.

    • Agree

      • I second the agree 🙂 I have stacks of eyeshadow palettes and for some reason keep buying more. I think I’m attracted to them because they look so pretty!

    • A woman can only have so many highlighters and contouring items!!

  10. Hey all, if you are on the wait list and want this palette, check out the 40% deal offered for the fabfitfun box- the same palette is in that box. I noticed it here on this weeks deals post.

  11. A little bummed at the color options, but the neutrals are likely safer than the alternative. I loved the three random Halloween-esque eyeshadows from a couple of months ago since they were so different than what I’d normally buy. This palette is very similar to what I have already…oh, well, can give it to my niece to play with. I haven’t tried real her eyeshadow, but I hated their lip products, so not holding my breath. I’ve been pleasantly surprised before in sub boxes, so hoping June’s box proves me wrong.

  12. Ahhhhhh!!! I cannot WAIT for this one!! I’m so excited for this eyeshadow palette!! I hope I get the rose/violet one, but I’m excited about receiving any of them!!! I love these neutral palettes especially with more pale colors since I’m a redhead. Love Boxy!!

  13. I hope I get the violet one!
    I wish we could get a nice high
    spf sunscreen for summer also?
    Or tatcha products…

  14. So happy to get an eyeshadow pallet this month !

  15. I’m excited to get an eyeshadow palette! This is just my second box from them, so no complaints here.

  16. I keep looking at the choices on their website and they all look beautiful to me! I’m excited to get a new palette and like that they are sending out vAriations to surprise us. Wonder if we will get the brush too?

    • Where did you find them on their website?

  17. I for one am excited to get an eyeshadow palette. I wish they were a bit more colorful, but honestly, I so rarely buy neutrals that I will have a good use for whichever one I get, anyway.

  18. Love that there are variations in the palettes, but they’re all so warm toned that there might as well not BE variations. No love for the cool toned girls once again :c.

  19. I’m so perplexed by the negative comments. If they give highlighter palates people complain about getting too many highlighters and that they want eyeshadow palates. If they give eye shadow palates, people complain about that. Personally I love this sub and for $21 you quadruple the value of goods you get, you seriously can’t get better than that! I am so looking forward to next month’s goodies!

    • Well said!

    • It doesn’t really seem so much like negativity to me. I don’t see people complaining about the value offered for $21 (just the $ variations, which is valid)

      I get the feeling its long time subscribers to many beauty boxes feeling a bit of product overload, in general. I get that, I look at my stash and think do I really need another one. Boxycharm does tend to milk a good thing a bit too consecutively at times. But I really like this sub, and gift stuff away if I can’t use it.

    • Not negative, but productive. Box companies stalk this website lile hawks so they’ll be able to get the valuable first person inputs and initial thoughts on their products– something you can’t easily access on any other market. They’d love to hear what their customers say, and gain an idea for their following boxes direction. Any feedback is tremendously better than no feedback. And chanting “OMG Love everythinggggg” is probabaly not very useful in production terms either.

    • I agree with everything you said! By far the best subscription box I get and I get a lot!

  20. One can never have too many palettes,but I really want the rose colored one because one can have too many browns lol.If not sombodys getting a present!

  21. I have to many palettes & don’t wear a ton of Eyeshadow so mine will be going up for Swap. Wasn’t another box putting this in also this month

  22. Those are super pretty, but I have so many palettes already.

  23. I reactivated for the May box but being that I only want one of these, I think I will cancel for now. I have way too many browns and a bunch of black shadow I never use.

  24. Yay–I just helped someone get off the wait list!! I am starting to get tired of subs like this so I am very psyched to give someone else a chance 🙂

    • Me too, just cancelled. I currently have enough makeup.

  25. I love them all

  26. I would be happy with the middle one or the one with the Rose color I just don’t like black eyeshadow

  27. I just received one today in my FFF editor’s box (it’s the nudes, I believe). Liz swatched them in the review of that box so you can see what they look like.
    I wish we could skip a month of BoxyCharm.

  28. So excited. Will be happy with any one. Wanted to try their eyeshadow and see how pigmented they are. I do like their lip products. But I still tend to grab my Tarte liquid matte. Looking forward to my Boxycharm box.

  29. I hope I get the palette with the mauve color, that’s the only one I like!

  30. I am happy for those new subscribers who were hoping for eyeshadow palettes, and got hightlighters galore instead for the last few months. 🙂

  31. I only like the mauve palette, so I hope I get that.

    But I was fortunate to get the IBY powder palette in the May one which I wanted, so if I don’t get the colour I want, I guess I’ll be happy to swap.

    I wish they’d allow us to choose one variation when it comes to variations like this.

    • Honestly, only the contour powder/bronzers were that decent in that palette. The highlighters had like no shimmer and were a bit chalky….. I’ll use the bottom row since my contour powder is low and I’m broke right now, but I wasn’t SUPER impressed.
      I’d rather spend $15 on my usual highlighter brand and $10 for MUG contour powder that I love.

  32. I would love the matte colors also. I’m an older lady and most the shimmers just don’t work for me and I have hooded eyes. This will be my second BoxyCharm box . I can’t wait to get my first one….it’s on it’s way!

    • Traci try bringing your crease up higher or create your own crease. It really helps for the hooded eyes. You’ll love it and you’ll love the shimmers all over again.

    • Shimmer can look gorgeous on the eyelid (with hooded eyes). It catches the light and emphasizes the lid area. There are some very good tutorials for hooded eye makeup on youtube, look them up!

  33. I PRAY I get the one with the pinks in it. If not, maybe someone will swap with me.

    • On their site it’s really beautiful and it’s called smokey violet collection.Purple is my favorite color so I’m wishing for this one too

  34. Yay for another palette! Bring on the shimmer shadows for summer sparkle!!

  35. I would love the middle one. I live in warm orange shades !!

    • I think that’s my fave too…but they’re all pretty.

  36. I hope I get the one with more mauvey/purple tones.

  37. I really hope I can get the palette with more matte shades. If not maybe someone will trade with me. I think a lot of younger women want the more shimmery colours.

    • They’re all about half shimmers and half mattes. It’s just that the picture makes one of the palettes appear to be mostly matte when it’s not.

  38. I canceled for May box, now I am on wait list. I like the spoiler, but if I won’t get off the wait list, it would not be end of the world, I have much make up. But box looks great.

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