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Avenue A by Adidas Summer 2017 Box Review – Version #2

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Avenue A by Adidas is a quarterly fitness and running subscription box. Every season they send subscribers at least 3 premium fitness items, (most will be sized).

For the first time, Avenue A sent two variations of items in a box. This is my review of the alternate variations. (See my original review of the Summer 2017 Avenue A Adidas Box for comparison.)

If you are looking for a fitness/workout-gear box – I can’t recommend this one enough. I’m thrilled with the value of these boxes so far!

This box was sent to us early for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Avenue A by Adidas Box

The Cost: $150

The Products: Every Avenue A box is filled with at least 3 premium items (mix of shoes, apparel and accessories) selected by celebrity curators who exemplify style, fitness and performance.

Ships every 3 months

Check out all of our Avenue A by Adidas Box reviews!

The Summer box is curated by Wanderlust.

And inside there is an opportunity for a subscriber to win a ticket to a Summer 2017 festival of their choice.

The info cards are a little different with this box. Instead of a fold-out card, we have cards for the shoe and curator:

And some healthy recipe cards:

Cardamom Cardio Green Smoothie:

Kale Greek Salad:


Now, onto the items!

adidas Edge Luxe 2 shoes – Value $95?

These shoes aren’t available for sale yet, so I’m guessing on the price. (I love that Avenue A subscribers get early access to Adidas products.)

These edge lux shoes have a textured fabric upper, with mesh details on the sides.

These shoes are SO lightweight. They provide good support and fit snuggly.


The patterned material is gorgeous!

Wanderflex Iconic Three-Quarter Tights – Value $55

(Subscribers will receive either this color or the black print.)

Out of all the tights/leggings/capris I’ve received from this subscription box, these are my favorite. The pattern is fabulous (even in the brighter red compared the black varitiona), and my favorite part is the wide waistband. It’s a high waist cut, with a wide, flattering waistband. It’s perfect for making your stomach look just a little flatter 😉

And this capri pant is part of the adidas sustainable product program. The material is 79% recycled polyester / 21% elastane interlock.

Wanderflex Seamless Bra – Value $35

(Subscribers will receive either this bra or a gray bra.)

Out of the two bras sent this season, both are great, but this one is my favorite. It is SO soft and stretchy. I like the removable cups, and adjustable straps, too.

The back panel has a mesh detail for ventilation, too. (90% nylon / 10% elastane seamless)

Wanderflo Tank Top – Value $35

This top has the Wanderlust logo screen printed in front, with a mesh panel in back for added ventilation:

The material is a little see-through. And the arm holes are larger, so you’ll be able to see your sports bra underneath. (50% recycled polyester / 25% cotton / 25% viscose single jersey)

I really like the simple design and high neckline. This is a very versatile piece for me. Here it is on with the rest of this box:

(I added the Adidas jacket from the Fall 2016 Box since my arms are way too pale right now!)

Verdict: First, here’s my original verdict on this box from the first review:

This box has a value of about $220-245 depending on the value of the shoes. I love every single item in this box. The Wanderlust line for Adidas is great – these are pieces I would pay full-price for, and I’ll likely buy some items from their line now!

One thing to call out, though, is that this is the first Avenue A box that has included 4 items instead of 5. (Usually the value is higher, too.) They only guarantee 3 items in a box and made no mention of guaranteed value, but compared to other boxes I first felt like something was missing.

That being said, I think this is the most wearable and versatile box for me – I LOVE the outfit and shoes!

Next, comparing the two variations, I really like both options, but my favorite 3/4 tights are the black ones, and my favorite bra is the coral one from this box.

 What do you think of the Avenue A by Adidas Summer Box? Which variants did you receive?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I filled out the return form a week ago and still no response. Hmmm

    • Hi! I also want to return the whole box and emailed them but have gotten no response… where did you find the return form (I know there is an exchange form but couldn’t find a return form)? Thanks in advance 🙂

      • Sorry, i meant exchange firm, but I also sent them an email with no response.

        • Thank you for clarifying! I still haven’t heard from them. I wonder if I should just go ahead and send back the box… but I assume it’d be expensive without a return label because it’s big 🙁

          • I contacted my bank and let them know I was unsatisfied with the product I received and have tried contacting Adidas with no response. I didn’t know how else to get this taken care of since I can’t get a response and they only have a 10 day exchange window. I’ve never contacted a credit card company for something like this before so I feel bad but at this point if I wait on CS to get back to me I could be waiting for a while.

          • I had contacted them last week several times without a response. I got one today with a FedEx label, they were very nice.

          • They finally replied, after a full week, and with a FedEx label. I bet you will get a response soon.

          • I received a return label today (10 days after I emailed them) too. I think they are overwhelmed with the amount of return/exchange requests but will respond eventually!

          • I received a response for my exchange as well, only 3 emails and 12 days later… but glad to see they will send me the leggings in the size bigger. I will wear everything so I won’t bother returning, still wish there was just one piece more

        • Still no response after 10 days.

  2. Has anyone received the return label?? They haven’t responded to me since last week. I wonder if I should have my credit card company call? I don’t what to do. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I haven’t heard back yet either 🙁 I have the orange pants and I find the seam going down the front really odd too. The seam is bright orange so it’s stands out as a straight line. Wish I received the black pants- would have been less noticeable.

      • I have sent 3 emails – 1 received back saying they would send me a label if I wanted to return. I sent one requesting the return slip – no answer. Then, 4 days later I sent one saying I haven’t received an answer. Still no response.

        • I also sent them email last week and this week but no response received. I really hope they have live chat so I can get response asap…

          • I just got a response after a week, it included a FedEx label. They were really nice.

    • Did you try contacting your credit card company? I’m at a loss for what to do.

    • Did you hear from Adidas regarding the return label? I emailed them on 5/30 but haven’t heard back anything.. I hope they’ll respond soon.

  3. Hi girls! For those who are unhappy with what you got and would like to swap, just swap it here in the MSA group! I just had a successful swap – My top and bra (won’t be able to use it) and some beauty items in exchange for another pair of Adidas from a previous box. A lot of members are looking for Avenue A items and you can swap them really quick if you don’t want to deal with Adidas.

    • How do we get onto the MSA group I’m trying to swap my leggings and sport bra for the black and grey ones in small

  4. This is the box I received. Very happy with the products and color- love the coral/orange. I’m a little disappointed that there wasn’t one more item, especially since the last box had the Stella McCartney bag.

  5. I got my box today. Orange sherbet tank, bra, and orange pants. The tank is not so sheer, but I’m broad shouldered and look redic in a muscle shirt. I was hoping for the black pants. 😕 Shoes seem to run a little snug too. The whole box is going back.
    ADIDAS: please stop sending sports bras. Many women need more support for high intensity activities. Support your athletes (literally) and stop sending bras only good for yoga days.

    • Would love to change my orange yogas in small for the black and grey ones if any one wants to switch will also switch my orange sports bra for the grey one size small as well

      • YES YES YES!!! ME!!! I don’t know how to get in touch on this thing though!

        erodgers 726 gmail

        (no spaces and add the at sign and the dot com)

        • I sent you a email

  6. Would love to change my medium orange pants for the black version!

    • I would love to swap mediums! cdummann at milwaukeelutheran dot org. Email me!

  7. Has anyone else had issues trying to exchange sizes? I was trying to go online to exchange the leggings for a different sizes and the form isn’t working for me (I’ve done exchanges with previous boxes and never had this issue). I have also emailed their customer service and have not gotten a reply (or even an automated reply like most CS send out to let you know they received the email.

    Has anyone else had these issues? I’m hoping I hear back from CS soon.

    • Same issue for me.

    • Having that issue too. Maybe they are overwhelmed.

      • I am having the same problem too!

    • I am having the same issue too! No response and I tried emailing the orders email and those just keep bouncing back.

    • Same. I emailed them almost a week ago. Crickets.

  8. I LOVE THIS BOX! Although at first glance, my heart didn’t skip a bit, after trying everything on, it’s fantastic! Every piece is super comfy especially the leggings. My husband thought they were really cool (I got the black and white version). Now, I’m going to order the online since someone mentioned they are on sale. The stretchy fabric on the leggings makes it easy to wear and it does hold in the tummy a bit more. 🙂
    The shoes, bra and top are terrific too! I’m glad I withheld judgment until actually trying them on. I will keep my subscription for sure!

  9. Despite the cost of $150 I still feel that this is great bang for your buck. I have a larger chest DD so o really want them to stop sending sports bras that just look cute or all together. I think that anyone with a c cup or above has to choose their sports bras personally for what works for them. I love the leggings I have gotten many compliments on them. I use my shoes just about daily and would say after 4 boxes I’m probably a pair ahead but I use them all for different reasons. It’s also great when running in rain to have a nice dry pair for next time. The tank is cute I was hoping for a higher priced item to put this box over the top. All I ask is instead of a bra send some accessories or sweatshirt. I subscribe to other boxes that are over $100 and I feel this is the most sensible and offers the biggest bang for your money.

    • I agree!! I hated this box before I got it and I opened it yesterday and everything fit perfectly. I also actually really liked all the items too!! I live getting sports bras! I’m disappointed the jacket Liz is wearing didn’t come with my box but everything is amazing and the quality and customer service is too good! I canceled my subscription but will subscribe again. My husband actually thought the orange leggings were cute on me!

  10. I have to say, at first when i saw the reviews for this box, I was so disappointed and thought that it was a huge let down compared to past boxes. Then when I found out there was 2 color variations I prayed I did not get orange. My box came, and of course I got the orange box. I hesitated in sending a request return email and decided to try on all the items, and I have to say, other than the tank top which is too big, everything fits perfect. And the color actually isn’t so bad because the leggings are a good material and don’t show off imperfections (which is usually why I don’t wear any color other than black or gray leggings while working out).

    I think I am going to keep the box, knowing that this is the first off month they’ve had and hope for the best for next month. But if the same happens for Fall, I will cancel. I saw some people saying they “pause” their account, but I don’t see an option for that online. How do you do that?

  11. I hate these orange colored leggings! Anyine want to swap? Size is XL.

    • I’ll swap, I have the black in xl

  12. I love this box! It’s my second. Great value, fun pattern, good materials. Plus SO MUCH fun to open and try it all out. It’s a bummer to see the complaints. Part of getting a subription box is the surprise/risk.

  13. I just noticed that the orange tights are already on sale on Adidas’s webpage… Kind of a shame that they sent out a “stingy” box (compared to their other offerings) and included a sale item!

  14. I almost caved and bought the summer box because I love adidas and their past boxes have been mostly awesome. However, I decided not to and feel like a dodged a bullet. Maybe next time around they’ll make up for it… I might cave for Fall.

  15. Liz: you are such a good writer and reviewer. Fyi….it should be “on to the items” not “onto the items” because you’re not actually getting on the items (except in this case the shoes sort of…lol).

    • Thank you so much for letting me know!

    • lol grammar nazi! haha 😉

    • 🙄

  16. I took my new outfit (well, the tights anyway) out for a run. I can see now why people are saying the bra doesn’t match – in some lighting the strip matches but if I put it against the lining of the leggings it’s a different color. I had been very excited by having a top that looked like a perfect match indoors but wasn’t when I got out in natural light.

    It’s funny how everyone wants more color in the shoes but then so many don’t like the color in the leggings – unless they start letting us specify preferences there really won’t be a way to keep everyone happy (if you’re listening Adidas I’d love hot pink or neon yellow sneakers!).

    A lot of people had said they wished there were slides. A hat would also have been a nice addition (and appropriate for summer). Or socks, or a water bottle… I’m guessing that Avenue A didn’t make the profit they had hoped for on the Winter box with all the returns due to shoe sizes. I do hope that they return to the value we’ve come to expect. It will be hard to keep justifying the $150 cost for workout ware and more shoes than I can possibly wear (if I could run in them it would be worth it but I need orthotics and the lightweight sneakers aren’t enough support).

  17. I know this collection has gotten a lot of hate but I actually really like the leggings. I tend to be a little boring in my workout attire and wear mostly black but I am loving the pop of color from this collection. Hopefully I will be bold enough to wear them in public! I do agree with the other reviewers that we have been so spoiled in the other collections that this one felt that something was missing or like the quality may have been a little off. Very interested to see what the next box looks like and if this decrease in quantity and quality is the new trend.

  18. Anyone else still waiting for their box? I got shipping Notification on May 24th and the tracking said that it would be delivered on 5/26. It is 5/27 now and now the tracking says it won’t be here until Wednesday. I’m annoyed by this delay in shipping

    • Still waiting. All mine says is that the label was created… similar problem last time.

    • I’m still waiting for my box. Received an email saying that it went out on the 25th with a 2-3 day delivery date and now it’s saying that it’ll arrive on Tuesday.

  19. Adidas nailed the theme, but appear to have offered it to the wrong audience. No wonder they streamlined returns…the horse isn’t taking a drink anytime soon.

  20. I got this variation and while I still think the value is lacking compared to the other boxes I do like everything. I am going to write to Adidas to ask where my insert is…

    I think the coral of the bra matches the lines on the leggings, or at least close enough. I’m not totally sure I like seeing it show through the tank.

  21. Anyone want to swap leggings? I got the orange and I’d LOVE the black! In a S!

    • yes i will swap with you! how do we get in touch?

  22. Just got my box and I’m thrilled I got this coral version! The fabric is durable and luxe (unlike those awful, cheap, thick fabletics leggings), the fit is extremely flattering, and the colors complement each other nicely. The bra IS supportive (you might need a smaller size if it’s not) and matches perfectly with the lines on the leggings. The white top is thin and airy, and I prefer that it’s less opaque, in order to show off the pop of color underneath.

    Plus, the shoes are more sturdy and better for running than the cheapy pair from the last box that I barely use but already has loose threads.

    I got a little more than I paid for, and all in-season colors, unlike the last box, which I loved, but was clearly full of off-season selections and cheaper shoes (and a hoodie that doesn’t zip and wrinkles like mad).

    I am a happy customer. This is one of the coolest workout outfits I’ve ever owned and I didn’t have to search for it myself. I hope all this anger and unjustified returns from other subscribers doesn’t make Avenue A close up shop!

  23. It’s interesting to me how people see this color legging differently. Some think it matches the bra, while others don’t. In the pictures it looks a maroon with coral, not orange at all to me. I’ve seen some people call it brown too. I have the black leggings and think they are black with grey stripes in person and don’t match up color wise with the white/off white top. I still like them and wore them this morning with a grey tank. This is random and off topic. Just an observation.

    • I noticed that too! I think the color is bright pink/orange with maroon. I also think the bra matches. Interesting how we all see colors differently!

  24. I wish this sub let subscribers choose a color or customize in some way!

  25. Yep, I was hoping for the black version and of course I get the orange colors that are hideous and that I’ll never wear! So disappointed in this box and customer service denied my request to exchange colors.

    • What size are you? Maybe we can switch

      • I got orange in medium and would love black if that is our size.

  26. Oh dear. I got this version and it’s just a big NO all around. I’ve never returned a sub box before but this one is going back. 🙁

    • What size do you wear? I have the black version (medium leggings) and would love to trade for this colorway!

      • Hi Heather! I have the orange pants in a medium and would love the black! Let me know if you’d like to swap.

        • If this doesn’t go through, I have the orange pants in medium and would love to trade.

  27. I used the new shoes in my HIIT class this morning and they worked great! They provided more stability than I thought they would. I’m very pleased. The bra was a joke but I’m hoping to exchange it and size down to use as a doubled up bra. It’s cute, just so flimsy! I love the higher neckline on the shirt. I was expecting to hate this box and it’s better than I thought it would be. I just wish there was one more small item, anything.

  28. I wish I had gotten this version:-/ I do not like the other sports bra at all… it is a little to big (I went with Medium because I had to up my sports bra size with my Ellie sub) and I feel like if I raise my arms the band will just come on up and expose all:-/ This was my first box with them so I knew there could be problems arise with sizing but it still stinks when it happens. Is there anything that can be done… like will they exchange sizes by chance or am I SOL?

    • They are usually great about exchanging sizes!

    • So some further research and it seems I can exchange but I can’t get the order # correct, I have went through each email they sent me and put in the order # provided and they all are kicking out. What the heck?

      • The same thing happened to me. I just sent a email to [email protected] and told them I didn’t have my order number. It wasn’t a problem they got me fixed up and told me to keep the item I wanted to exchange (which I see is common) They have really great customer service.

      • Use the order number from your shipping email. I was having the same problem.

  29. I keep thinking about subscribing to this. I would actually probably use that many athletic shoes.

    Also, embrace your pale arms. Have you seen me in the Unique Vintage review?

  30. My box is scheduled to arrive today. Still REALLY hoping I’ll get the black tights (which means I’m probably destined to get the orange ones). I also should have paid better attention, of all the shoes they’ve sent, the previous pair of Edge Lux are my least favorite for running. I really appreciate the quarterly update to my running clothes and the shoes, but in retrospect I wish I’d skipped this box.

    • Hah! Right after I posted that it showed up and I lucked out and got the black tights! The material does seem nice on all three pieces, though I am worried about how supportive the sports bra is. Seems VERY unlikely it will be ok for running.

  31. I am really hoping for this version! I don’t need another white Adidas tank top. I would really love some color for summer. My box is out for delivery today!

  32. I got this version and actually really love the orange tights and sports bra. It’s cool because the colors are so unusual. The pants are super flattering too.
    Like everyone else, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t one more item. It felt like something was missing
    Avenue A should consider including a backpack in future boxes. And maybe shoes that are a color other than gray. :))

  33. I actually really love the shoes! Neutral shoes are always a win for me since they go with everything. The seamless bra is a waste – if you have a larger chest that type of fabric does nothing. Tank – just okay. Leggings – fun color that I wouldn’t buy, so I’m happy to have them. I also wish that there was ONE more item. I was really hoping for a hoodie, but even an accessory would have been nice. I’m hoping Adidas will rectify our displeasure some way, but that is wishful thinking that I do not think will happen. Anyway, I will keep on subscribing because I’m a sucker for athleisure 🙂

  34. Is there any explaination from Adidas why things seem to be different/off from past boxes? If they had an item issue? I really lived the last 3-4 boxes. This one is not for me, but i do love the sneakers. So I am happy they spoil the big item.

  35. This is the version I got and I love it! It’s cute, colorful, flattering and comfortable. I subscribe to Avenue A because I don’t want to shop for fitness clothes and want a whole coordinated outfit in one box…so this does it for me.
    However, it’s a shame they didn’t include one more item. The clothes are great…so one more item and this would have been an AMAZING box. Instead, they’re dealing with returns.

  36. I love those shoes! I have a question…
    What clothing/ bra sizes does this sub offer?

    • BONNY — I think it ranges from XS to XL.

      You can go to the registration form and look at all the options before you sign up (That’s what I did)

  37. I like this bra better but I really hope I don’t get the red tights.

    • Same here! I like that the back of this bra is solid straight across, & doesn’t have the awkward back ledge/cutout things like the variation grey bra does. But, I would never wear this red/orange color of tights, so I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place bc the two items I like are in separate boxes :S

  38. I got really excited when I saw this review on the main page because I thought you had been sent another version with more items.
    I think it’s really weird that they sent you both variations. Any other sub probably wouldn’t send two whole boxes just to show you both variants.
    This is the box I got and it definitely seems like it’s missing something. I would have even been happier if we had just gotten something more substantial than that sports bra which is going to do nothing for anyone bigger than a B cup.

    • Cheyenne — I thought the same thing about maybe I’ll get a different box. And was also surprised to see a whole 2nd review of the same box with the different color.
      Was hoping I’d get a different box.

      This is my first & possibly last Avenue A box.

      Curious if they’ll send me that “sports bra” in an XL or if they’ll sub out for something..real…

  39. This edition seems off. For the first time, they used the same interior box where every other one had a different pattern. Also, instead of the usual fold out itemized card, there’s just the one showing the shoes and her wearing the outfit. I wonder if we initially were going to get the mat she’s sitting on in the pic and they just figured shipping wasn’t worth it

    • I noticed the box thing too! And I got a different box style than Liz did. the box just seemed so empty when I opened it, past boxes have been stuffed full and this one wasn’t fullon either side.

      I’m also missing the info card and recipe cards.

  40. Oh no!!! I was already super bummed with this box, but figured at least I could wear everything. If I get the orange I’ll be really sad. Looks great on Liz, but I couldn’t pull it off.

    • And…. I got the orange version. I wish I had cancelled after the Rita Ora mess. Really sad because the shoes are so similar to past ones, and the orange just isn’t flattering on me. I know not every box can cater to everyone, but this just seems cheap and off. Like no effort was made whatsoever.

      • I have whatever the phobia or aversion to orange is called. The only color I won’t wear. I remember thinking I would be happy with anything on their website except for those orange maroon ugly pants. CS hasn’t responded to me so not sure if a refund or color exchange is possible. Crossing my fingers for a swap in the black, xl, for the pants if anyone is interested!

  41. I got the orange version and orange is literally the only color I won’t wear. I’m deciding whether to try to swap for the black ones or request a return label and refund. Hmm…

  42. Am I the only one who got the orange tank top? Ha. I got this variation but the orange tank instead of the white. I don’t think it really matches the pants but I really like the orange top with different pants. 🙂

    • An orange top?? I have seen any posts about that variation yet. Wow, did Adidas just run out of stuff this month or what? Seems like such an off box for them. So disappointing.

      • I don’t know. It’s a pretty normal size I think. Ha. Just a large. It is the orange tank from this line. Same style as the white one but a different print. I am quite happy with it but it does seem a bit strange that I seem to be the only one who got that. Haha

  43. I wish there was one more item but I really like this box. The orange outfit is a win for me!

  44. How do the shoes fit true to size?

    • I think so, I’m a size 9, and the size 9 shoe fit me well. (They are designed to be snug on your foot, though.) Hope that helps!

      • Thanks that is what I was hoping to hear!

    • I tried boost shoes and they ran large on the previous box so I switched from a 7 to a 6.5. Now these edge lux 2 in 6.5 are too snug for me. So I have to exchange. Hope they can do this since they say they’re limited edition. I love the shoes but so stupid to be inconsistent on their sizing.

  45. They seem to be offering a full refund. The rep said they would send a return label. Normally a one off box wouldn’t be too bad….but this is ridiculous.

    • I emailed them and haven’t gotten a response, how did u go about getting a refund? How long did it take for someone to get back to you?

    • I haven’t been able to get my return label or any response from them. Were you able to get one? Thanks

  46. I got this variation. I would have preferred black but the red orange color has grown on me and it does look fun ! Beside, I have way too many black outfits, time for some color. The coral bra is so comfortable and I think it does match the tights. The white tank top is okay. I love the shoes! Cannot wait to use them. Ahhh it is light in terms of the number of items but still a good value. Are the weaning us after spoiling us. Still a fan of Adidas Avenue A. Thanks Liz!

  47. I really don’t think Avenue A should do 2 separate versions when subscribers get no say in which color or style bra they get. I wouldn’t be as unfair if it was a lower priced box.

    • Absolutely agreed. Orange is the ONE color I won’t ever wear, and of course that’s the variation I received. This is the first box where there’s been variations in the main items (there were variants in headband colors early last year) and the first we even knew there would be variations was when Liz did the first reveal. When other subs like FFF have variants, there’s at least some way to indicate preference (for annual subscribers anyway). I’m waiting for a return label from them, a box featuring orange stuff which looks ridiculous on me is not worth $150.

  48. I got this variation, and it is even more disappointing than when I saw Liz’s first review. Getting just these 4 items seems so light. Even my box was only half full – it just looks like it’s missing something. Then to open it and see these red/orange tights and bra (that don’t match, by the way). So disappointing. I really liked the shoes in the pictures, but I don’t like them in person. This entire box is a complete bust for me. What happened?!?!

  49. I’m so jealous that some people got this fun pop of color. Not that I mind getting items I can mix & match, but these seem to go together better than grayish bra & black pants that I got. I also wish we would have got some kind of accessory or something. Oh well, it’s still fun to try new things

    • I’d totally swap leggings with you if you want. I’d love the colored ones.

    • I have a medium orange leggings I would love to swap for black!

  50. Saints preserve, it is even worse than the other variation… do they hate us?!?!?!

    • Please help. My first avenue a box. Need to exchange 1 item for another size. Won’t take my confirmation #. Also kicks me out of email. Called adidas in Portland they told me sorry no other way to reach them.

      Please help!!

      • Log into your AvenueA acct to do the exchanges- its on the left side. They should get back to you pretty quickly about switching it all out.

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