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April 2017 New Subscription Boxes – Which Should We Review?

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It seems like we learn about a few new subscription boxes every day – so we decided it would be fun to try a little roundup of some interesting new boxes at the end of each month, and let you vote for which ones we review next.

(This list isn’t strictly boxes that just started last month, but boxes new to us and boxes we want your feedback on!)

Before we get started on new boxes, below is a quick update on your favorites from last month’s post:

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As always, thank you for being an MSA reader and telling us your thoughts! The April poll is at the bottom of the post. And if there are other boxes you’d like to see us review that aren’t listed here, please let us know in the comments!

A box for families who love the outdoors: Little Hiker, $24.99/month + shipping

The Box: Little Hiker

The Cost: $24.99 monthly plus $3.49 shipping

The Products: This box is developed in partnership between outdoors subscription IsleBox and Hike It Baby, a non-profit that encourages parent-and-child hiking meetups across the country. Each box contains at least $30 in value, with an item for parents, and item for kids, snacks, outdoor themed products, and kid’s activities. Annual subscribers also get a free year-long membership to Hike It Baby.

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A box for fans of true crime and mystery: Hunt A Killer, $30/month + shipping

The Box: Hunt A Killer

The Cost: $30/month plus shipping

The Products: Each month, a “Killer Curator” will send you clues, tools, and “correspondence” from the suspect in question—items that will immerse you in the experience and which you’ll have to interpret in order to solve the mystery.

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A subscription to keep moms “uplifted, motivated, and inspired”: Mom Fuel, $26.99/month + shipping

The Box: Mom Fuel

The Cost: Standard size is $26.99/month plus shipping

The Products: In the Standard Mom Fuel Box, “you will receive 4-5 items with additional samples and goodies! Our Standard Mom Fuel Box, is created just for you and each month, you will receive a themed style box that will include items for relaxation, motivation, accessories, planner accessories, snacks and so much more to keep you uplifted and inspired! Each box will ALWAYS more than double in value!”

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Curated by 90210’s Jennie Garth: MomGiftBox, $49.99/month

The Box: MomGiftBox

The Cost: $49.99/month

The Products: MomGiftBox is a monthly subscription that delivers a mix of items like skincare products, stylish accessories, fitness products, delicious treats, technology items, and all natural cosmetics.

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A low calorie snack box: Low Kalz, Starting at $12.95/month + shipping

The Box: Low Kalz

The Cost: Plans start at $12.95/month to $39.95/month, plus shipping

The Products: Low calorie drinks + snacks

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A coffee subscription that doubles as brewing equipment: Kit & Coffee, $30/month

The Box: Kit & Coffee

The Cost: $30/month

The Products: “Kit & Coffee allows you to discover coffee shop quality, personally tailored coffees without the cost or complexity of typical home brewing. All you will need is hot water and a coffee mug. Each packet of coffee includes a disposable dripper that fits over any cup or mug, so anyone can easily make premium coffee at home, at the office, and while traveling. Each coffee we offer has 15 different factors that allow us to better understand your taste preferences. As you rate each coffee, your Kit Box will continually become more tailored to your coffee palate. Start your journey now.”

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A box to encourage leadership development: MotivaBox€38.49 + shipping

The Box: MotivaBox

The Cost: Approximately $42 USD/month plus shipping (ships from Spain)

The Products: “Each month you will receive 5-7 inspirational and motivational items (book included). The box is built around a different Interpersonal Skill e.g. Leadership, Time Management, Public Speaking and much more. These are the skills that make the difference in your personal and professional life. You will also receive a guide to help you getting the most out of every product (this guide also contains your monthly goals), an e-book created by Motivabox team around the skill of the month, and a small quiz that will help you track your progress. We work hard every month to keep you inspired and with the right mindset to achieve success.”

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A premium supplement & shake subscription: Nourish + Bloom Essentials Collection, $200/month

The Box: Nourish + Bloom Essentials Collection

The Cost: $200/month

The Products: A 30-day supply of three Nourish + Bloom products: Multi Plus vitamins, Greens + Vitality superfood packets for blending into smoothies, and vegan protein Whole Food Shake packets. You also get access to their app plus a free tote and shaker bottle in your first month.

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A box of goodies straight from Portugal: SaudadeBox, $30/month + shipping

The Box: SaudadeBox

The Cost: $30/month plus shipping

The Products: Products from Portuguese small businesses. Each box includes 4-6 items including: a vintage product, a contemporary product, a gourmet product, and other Portuguese goodies.

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A meal kit box from a Food Network star: Homemade by Ayesha Curry, $59.99/week

The Box: Homemade by Ayesha Curry

The Cost: $59.99/week

The Products: A box of fresh, pre-measured ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes by Ayesha Curry. Most meal take 30 minutes or less to prepare.

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For fans of country music: Opry Box, $59.99/quarter

The Box: Opry Box by The Grand Ole Opry

The Cost: $59.99/quarter

The Products: Each box will include one-of-a-kind Opry merchandise, an exclusive magazine, recipes from Opry stars, music, and more. The first is, “Opry Friends,” featuring Brad Paisley, his new album Love and War, and stories about his many friendships at the Opry.

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A fitness snack & supplement box: box, $34.95/month + shipping

The Box: box

The Cost: $34.95/month + shipping

The Products: “Each month, you’ll receive 5-7 items: an assortment of clean, delicious fitness snacks, protein powder, and all-natural, workout enhancing supplements. Some items are full-size and some are trial; but the retail value of the box will always exceed your monthly subscription cost!” This box has vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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  1. Honestly I don’t think any of these really warrant a full blown review. The snack box reviews with a description of each individual item are a little tedious to go through. Maybe you could just have an abbreviated review of the low Kalz one with 1 photo of everything in the box, a total retail value and an overall summary of the box (most favorite, least favorite). The photo of the Mom Fuel box suggests it is way over-priced. Unless there is enough of an audience here for reviews of the niche ones like the Portugal box of the Hunt a Killer box I don’t think they are worth it.

  2. I would really love to see Fruit for Thought (available through Cratejoy) reviewed. I have received 2 months now and it’s so fun. It smells great when you open it, and there is just nothing else like it. Each month is a creative fruit theme, and you get jewelry, snacks, beauty products, and other random things that match the theme. Not only is the box a unique treat (products are from Etsy stores) but the owner is just so lovely and personally responds to all correspondence.

    • This seems familiar – I think maybe it’s been reviewed in the past? It’s a super cute idea and they really did a great job with the curation of it.

  3. I’ll take murder and coffee. Ooo and the Ghoul makeup one too. That sounds very ghoul I mean cool. Hee hee.

  4. Hunt a Killer sounds really interesting. I wonder if it’ll feature real cases or just be a totally made up thing? It got my vote!

    I agree with everyone who has commented on seeing more boxes that aren’t as mainstream – boxes with more creative themes in mind. I’m so tired of seeing mom boxes (I won’t rant about that – I’m not a mom what do I know blah, blah) and boxes that “empower” women with crap that has obnoxious sentiments on it (which I ranted about yesterday).

    Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading the PSMH box review every month, but how many PSMH knock off reviews do we need to see?

    I always enjoy reading reviews for hobby related boxes, meal services and personal care boxes.

  5. Long time reader, first time commenter. I would love to see a sub aimed at professional women that is not primarily makeup/jewlery/office decor but things I can actually use in my career. Also, I don’t need “bossbabe” or some variation emblazoned on everything. I was excited about covet Crate initially but it quickly decreased (for me anyway).

    • Yes, yes, yes! I would love a subscription for this.

  6. While not on your list, I’d love to see a review of Glamour Ghoul. I love spooky stuff and have wanted to get my hands on one of these boxes. Sadly, I had an unfortunate experience with the service (I was billed monthly for 3 months straight and never received a box. After contacting the service, which appears to be a very friendly one-woman operation, I was told my mailing address did not transfer from PayPal to her mailing labels and was promptly refunded). I doubt you’d have a billing issue like I did but nonetheless, it’d still be nice to see professionally reviewed. I’d like to actually sub to this but don’t want to get burned again.

    • Try notoriouslymorbid dot com . Their sub box is Vanishing Cabinet though not reviewed here it has many facebook posts. There is a waiting list.

  7. i have been eyeing sabatical beauty lately

  8. I love the idea behind Hunt a Killer and want to see what all is included for $30. I also like the idea of Kit & Coffee and the new food sub. The coffee sounds like something I could maybe do at work (no coffee pot) but I would want to know what it looks like first. The new food sub looks interesting too. Still interested in seeing Terra’s Kitchen reviewed.

    Speaking of food subs, is Lindsey still reviewing?

    • We have a Terra’s Kitchen review coming soon! 🙂

      And Lindsey had to take a break from reviewing 🙁 but we’re working on getting more food reviewers!

      • Aw! I loved Lindsey’s reviews, but I understand! I’m enjoying the other reviews too and looking forward to Terra’s! Thanks Liz!

  9. I would love to see the Fortune Cookie Soap box reviewed, too! I don’t know if that was one of the options (and I voted for something different) but I saw it in the comments & I’ve always been interested in it.

    On a wholly unrelated note, could you please let us know if there will be another spoiler for Avenue A before billing? That would be great, Liz!

  10. Please review Hunt a Killer! I have listened to all of the Up and Vanished podcast, and loved it. Hunt a Killer is one of their sponsors, and definitely piqued my curiosity! I think anyone who likes True Crime/ID etc. would like that.

  11. Hunt a Killer definitely. In general I would love to see more reviews of less mainstream, for lack of a better word, oriented boxes. I appreciate seeing Medusa’s Makeup and Horror Block and goddess provisions but I’d love to see reviews of more like them as someone who loves subs but also has more subculture tastes. For example I would love to see a good review of spooky box club or notoriously morbid vanishing cabinet or things in that vein. Or see some pagan boxes reviewed other than just goddess provisions. I’d just like to see a wider range of interests represented.

    • I agree. My personal interests are different than yours, but it seems like I’m always drawn to the smaller, less well known, and less mainstream boxes. And after a couple negative experiences, I’m hesitant to try again without seeing some other experiences first.

      • Oops, “less mainstream boxes” as in, some reviews of some boxes that aren’t super mainstream, not quit reviewing so many mainstream boxes 😀

    • I’ll third the idea of less mainstream boxes. I recently saw an unboxing video for a new lifestyle box called The Black Unicorn, which was some goth, some creepycute, some just unusual. There was a black bathbomb, a candle with some more exotic scents (though I don’t remember what), a unicorn cookiecutter & some cookiemix, some makeup items. This might still be in the kickstarter stage, but it’s something I saw that was a little different.

      It must be difficult to get niche market boxes off the ground, since the general audience won’t be as big. I’d like to even just have a post with URLs and a sentence or two about more unusual boxes. Even Happy Rebel is too mainstream for me. It’s not that I dislike the items in it and boxes like FabFitFun and PopSugar, most of the items just don’t excite me. I’d love something with bold, bright, and/or playful jewelry and/or makeup, lifestyle boxes with items that are offbeat/off the wall. I would pay so much for a box curated by Lady Gaga, because you know that box would be so out there in very good ways.

      • Ooh that Black Unicorn one sounds pretty cool! Like I know my kind of goth subculture taste isn’t a huge market but I would still like to see some of the offerings that are out there represented. I’ve looked through the directory on here before and seen ones that look cool, clicked them, and there’s no reviews, and going in blind makes me nervous. The last goth box I looked at turned out to have gone out of business in 2015 and didn’t even have a notice on the website about it. I know I’m not really part of a big market group I’d just like to see a few boxes catering to alternative tastes. For example I’ve noticed some christian themed/owned boxes get reviewed but the closest thing to a pagan box is Goddess Provisions, which sometimes seems to skew more towards the yoga crowd

    • Adding my voice as an “alternative” leaning person; while I enjoy the reviews (it’s fun to see what’s in boxes), the stuff reviewed is almost never something I’d get for myself because my tastes are so dfferent. I’d love to see Notoriously Morbid’s box, or Glamour Ghouls reviewed. Something that isn’t gold and pastels would be awesome.

  12. I voted for the Hunt a Killer box because I think the reviews would be hilarious. i.e. It was the brother-in-law’s dog walker. I figured it out because he left the hair of a goldendoodle at the third crime scene.

  13. Fortune cookie soap box of the month! This is different from the season box. The box of the month has themes, full size products and guaranteed 50% off retail, and you can skip if you dont like that months box. Its $28 plus shipping.

  14. I am receiving this week one of the first month box of Lip Junkie. Some persons receive a Kailijumei lipstick! I really do hope I’m one!

    • This would be a good box to review. It reminded me a lot of Lip Monthly. A side-by-side comparison of the two would be fun to see, like how MSA does with some other beauty subs.

    • This actually reminds me of OC Lipstick Club more than Lip Monthly. Lip Monthly is more like So Susan LipLove, because they both come with cute little bags. Lip Junkie is in a box, and I just got my first box. It was great! From the Cratejoy page, I was thinking it was going to be all bright colors, even some non-conventional colors, but it wasn’t. There was a vivid purple in there, which I do love, but also some more everyday shades, like a mauvey rose and a reddish brown. And I got that Kailijumei lipstick as a bonus! Mine is a really sheer peachy color. Looks like clear yellow in the tube but swatches more sheer peach.

      • Ohh my! I’m so jealous! Mine got delayed in the mail and still not here. 😑
        Can’t wait to see whats inside

  15. Excited for MomGiftBox! And I’d love to see a review of BadAss Mom Box, that’s one of my favorites!

  16. What happened to Sisley!? I love that box

    • Agree.

  17. I just signed up for lowkalz today, seems like they really pack the box full! And if you contact them they have some pretty good promos for first box!

  18. Witch Baby Soap box, please. 🙂

  19. There is this new supscription, Lip Junkie, on Cratejoy. I’m receiving one of their very first box this week. Some subscribers get a Kailijumei lipstick! I hope I’m one. Its sooo gorgeous!

  20. Fair Trade Friday – the regular monthly box, not just the earring of the month club.

    • I second that.

  21. Was there an April 2017 Robb Vices review? I’m convinced I missed it. Thanks!

    • It should be up later today! 🙂

      • Woo! Thanks Liz! <3 I've been so curious to hear what you think, especially about all the coupon/value drama.

        • Me too! I think a lot of people have something to say about that, and I think RV needs to hear them.

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