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Allure Beauty Thrills Box May 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Pre-Sale Available Now!


The May Allure Beauty Thrills Box is available for presale now!

You’ll receive four boxes — May, August, & December, plus our new, limited edition, October Breast Cancer Awareness box.

The pre-sale for all four boxes is $223.95 ($199.95 + $5.99 shipping per box)

(For pre-sale, you have the option to buy all the boxes for the year up front. If you want to purchase only the May box, it will be available for sale on May 15th.)

The May Beauty Thrills Box will include 22 full-size items. And here are the FULL spoilers:

DESSANGE PARIS Professional Hair Luxury Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil 

REVLON Super LustrousTM Love Is On Lipstick 

BABO BOTANICALS Super Shield SPF 50 Zinc Sunscreen 

NIVEA Moisture Lip Care 

WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Ultra Nourishing Intensive Body Treatment ($80 Value!)

Chapstick Total Hydration Natural Lip Scrub

RITUALS Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel – 50 ml

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil – 4.2 oz


What do you think of the spoilers? 

Check out our review of a past Allure Beauty Thrills Box to see what you can expect!

FYI – the Allure Beauty Thrills box is separate from Allure’s monthly subscription box – check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews for more info.

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Comments (89)

  1. I got my box today!!! This is my first Allure Thrills box and I love everything except the fake nails and hair spray. It was a great deal for me, as I will use most of the stuff, and I will gift the few items I won’t use.

  2. Is the One Time Purchase availability going live today? May 15? I am waiting!!

    • Sorry. I’ll reach out to Allure. I think it might end up being tomorrow.

    • I can’t find a link either. Maybe that’s a sign that I should not buy,,,,

      • The Pre-Sale link is above in this post. Click on the highlighted blue “Allure Beauty Thrills” wording…

      • It’s up now… Check this site under the ‘ALL’ posts tab on the home page.

  3. I thought the 15th was the date to buy the box separate and not thru pre sale

    • I can’t find a link either.

  4. I’m going to do the presale. I figure what I don’t use or give away by the end of the year will be a welcome donation at a women’s shelter, so it’s a win*-win**-win***-win**** scenario.
    *good stuff for me
    **good stuff to give as gifts
    ***feel good for donating
    ****tax write-off

  5. At first I was also shocked that there were so many repeats from the December box and said no way will I do the pre-sale again, but then I realized that last year I paid the same price for only 3 boxes. Allure listened and gave a discount for pre-sale rather than charging more for the ability to do so and they added an extra box!! Sure, i will never use some of these products but I will share unneeded or unwanted items. The last box only had 17 items plus a bonus nailfile and now it’s 22-another plus! The final reason I went for the pre-sale is who knows what Allure might do in the next boxes and I never want to have to deal with trying to get a GREAT box and missing out. I love the Wen cream so much, that I feel that I am paying for that and getting everything else for free. Now that’s a deal!

    • And, you’re getting that Wen product for almost 40% off too(!), plus all of the other stuff for free. 🙂

      • Luna, you hit the nail on the head! When I said I would have bought this for the Wen alone , I should have said this amazing cream was at a discount as well. This box is a total all around win,win for me and I am so glad others realize what a great deal this box is. I am so looking forward towards using this all over, rather than just my arms and legs to stretch it !! 🙂

    • I thought the same things. I’m hoping maybe we’ll get some extra “thrills” w/ the October box? Hope so – these boxes sometimes get discounted so much.

  6. I’m new to subscription boxes, and I’m hooked. I would easily spend more on a trip to Walmart…. and I will use everything in the box, or gift or donate (toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. are excellent!- make bags to give away) Maybe since I didn’t get the awesome boxes everyone is speaking about, I think it is a great deal. I love my cheaper sub boxes! It is the really pricey ones I’m more apt to really look at value, and can I find it elsewhere cheaper! The beauty boxes give me the opportunity to try new things, to continue the things I like, and to share! I hope allure does read the comments, and they bring the boxes back up to the level they once were. I actually do save money, as for the next year or two I am really hooked up with a beauty product for every inch of me!

  7. Posting anonymously to protect my embarrassment…..I bit on the presale. I know this first box is a lot of repeats, but I am hoping that they are really going to go full tilt on the next 3….especially the Breast Cancer Awareness box.

    I justified it because I cancelled all my other subs, it’s going to be my birthday gift to myself, I sold some leftovers on ebay and can apply the money, I have unused points on my credit card……wow, it’s sad for me….so many excuses…..LOL

    • Girl, if you are embarrassed to admit it even to us fellow beauty box addicts, it’s time to stop. 😃😀

      I definitely can’t judge, though. 😄

      • Well, I AM admitting I have a problem…that’s the first step right? LOL

        I’ll just have to press on my fake nails and march proudly down the street with my head held high…no shame!

    • You shouldn’t be embarrassed! I bought it too…hoping that the next one will be better. If I get a year of repeats, lesson learned. But I almost certainly would have bought these boxes individually so why not? Lol…after all my hemming and hawing about not wanting to go over $200. You don’t have to justify to anybody, unless they are paying for it.

      • Ahhhh…..embarrassment easing! I knew I wasn’t going to resist though….I’m too weak!

        Here’s to 3 fabulous jealousy inducing boxes coming in August, October, and December! Cheers!

    • you never need an excuse to be good to yourself!

    • Believe me…. there are far more people purchasing the prepaid boxes than you’d think. 🙂 While I still haven’t done it yet (but, I’m very close, and I’m sure I’ll cave), I like to look at this box for what it is at face value, rather than comparing it to prior thrills boxes. Since all of the products I’d keep are of good quality, and I’ll only be gifting a few of the products, it’s worth it to me. But I’ll admit, to bring back that “thrill” of getting these boxes, I do hope they continue to get better & better.

  8. Not going to buy the box, love both the salt spray and the regular dry shampoo already I’m going to be buying the beach babe dry shampoo though, so thanks allure.

  9. Seriously still press on nails?!?! Nothing wow’s me. They’re giving things that are not new to us. They’re not trying with these boxes anymore. Some things are good, but most are old things that we’ve seen before. When we received the first 3 spoilers I thought that I would buy a full Sub, but after seeing this. I will not be purchasing the full Sub or this box.
    Very disappointed!

    • I agree with you about these press on nails! They are definitely not taking in all the feedback. I, too, bought these boxes when there was not a deluge in the market. They always had toothpaste and such, but they also would have an IT Cosmetics or Algenist product when it was new. The only product I see on that level is the Wen body butter – which I personally love but is too expensive for me to be a daily product. Some of the repeats they just need to say no to!!!

    • I agree with you about these press on nails! They are definitely not taking in all the feedback. I, too, bought these boxes when there was not a deluge in the market. They always had toothpaste and such, but they also would have an IT Cosmetics or Algenist product when it was new. Some of the repeats they just need to say no to!!!

      • Sorry about the duplicate, I didn’t think my comment submitted!

  10. What is that white pencil on top of the toothpaste? I don’t see it listed.

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • It’s the Rimmel Moisture Renew (lip liner)

      • Oh! Okay, thanks

  11. Can someone please explain why those dang press-on nails they keep including INFURIATE me so?!

    I know SOMEBODY working at Allure has had to have trolled this site and read the comments over the past year! It’s almost as if the curators are giving us a proverbial middle finger at this point.

    I have loyally purchased 2-3 boxes per season in the past, and December, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was so excited for the next box and I see it’s the SAME box! I still have four of those unopened toothpastes in my bathroom closet!

  12. Looks like a fancy Walmart box. 😕

  13. This is really bad Underwhelming doesn’t cover it.

  14. I started buying these boxes more than 10 years ago and back then, they really were thrilling! It’s a hard pass for this pre-sell and for this particular box for me though. Extremely disappointing.

    (Oh, and I’ve gotten three or four of the boxes with that toothbrush and none, not one, have worked.)

    • My toothbrush from LAST MAY’s box works. But it sounds like an 84 Corolla stopped at a red light!

      • Haha! I’m still using my toothbrush too, with the others as backups. I really like it, but it does seem like it loses the battery power quicker the older it gets. I guess the motor can only last so long.

  15. Same stuff as last year :(. Still working my way thru the three toothbrushes…and for the love of Pete…what is with more fake nails! They got me last year….but not this time around!!!

  16. more of the same stuff…..did the pre-sale last year and was not excited at all. Going to pass.

  17. I remember when they first started doing their beauty boxes. They were filled with great summer time products (sunscreens, eye creams, moisturizers, lip balms, hair products). Guess with the advent and deluge of so many subscriptions, it’s hard to come up with new things that people still want to buy. I agree with a previous poster – the beauty thrill should come to a end if Allure can’t do any better.

    • …and tanning creams, make up, a variety… Heck, even last summer we got a hair brush and make up bag! I agree!

      • And that Tangle Teezer brush is one of my go-to’s. It’s one of the things that keeps me interested in these boxes. Overall, they are pretty ho-hum, but when I looked at the review for some of the boxes gone by, I realized how much of the items I actually used. So I bought it.

  18. Kleenex and Arm & Hammer?? 😂😂

    • I hear you on this one!
      Last year I pre-ordered all 4. And 2 of the 4 boxes where exactly the same stuff!!
      It used to be filled with really great stuff!! BUT toothbrushes, fake press on nails? Toothpaste? I agree with a previous post! Walmart boxes!!
      I order beauty boxes for the purpose to try new things.
      Not for for cheap fake nails, toothpaste & brushes.

    • Arm & Hammer toothpastes have peroxide in them + baking soda so they truly whiten. I am an Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste loyalist and I have big, white, chompers!

  19. Passing on the presale. I definitely will not do that again. I received last year’s boxes and have many of the items already so buying this Spring box is not in my plans. Waiting for others to come.

  20. Liz- what do you estimate the value of this box to be? I’m on the fence, and I’m not certain I believe that the four boxes will end up at $1,000+ total value.

  21. The value might be there, but I got so spoiled with sub boxes, that this kind of product is not appealing to me, even not a full size. I have so many luxury sample sizes, that would last me for long long time. I rather get another sysley paris sub for this money then box full of drug store product.

  22. I just don’t get the duplicates within the box. 2 eye make up remover pads and 2 sets of nails (which I already still have so this will make 4).

  23. Again, another disappointing “thrills’ box. Looks like they need to re-read the definition of “thrill.” Have not purchased a box in over a year and will NOT be purchasing this box.

  24. I going to wait for the CEW glossy box…hopefully prestige items in the box.

  25. (Posted on wrong thread!)

    So 4 boxes….good. But apparently our first box will basically be December 2016’s box with a few differences. Works out to about $56 a box with tax/shipping. It’s not a bad price, but that repeat box is just wrong.

    I’m not sure why they are keeping the Thrills box alive if this is the best they can do.

  26. Doesn’t look like all full size to me. A lot look like travel size items. Not worth the $50 plus $10 shipping

  27. More than half of the items are unusable for me. I tend to lean more toward their fall and winter boxes anyway. Glad I did not do the pre-sale again.

  28. They need to change the name from Beauty Thrills to Beauty Staple items. Nothing thrilling here. This box used to be amazing a few years ago!

  29. I know I said I would not but I did the whole pre order thing! Yes its a lot of repeats but they are good ones , and now with 4 boxes I think those will be better and sell out so I went for it! I am looking forward to getting $1,000 worth for just $200 !!

    • That’s what I’m struggling with…. will the boxes get better? Do I prepay now in case they do? Despite the repeats, there are some new things I’d like to try, and even most of the repeats aren’t bad to me. The press on nails & white liner would be gifted, but everything else would be used. I’m actually currently using the Almay eye makeup remover pads I got from either a Target or Walmart box, and I definitely wouldn’t mind having more.

      • Guys, you aren’t getting anywhere near that kind of value, though. I mean, it’s up to you, obviously, if you want to buy, but the truth is you’ll be just barely getting your money’s worth.

      • I totally agree the value of the boxes (and curation) aren’t anywhere near what they were pre-2016. My 1st thrills box was the December 2015 that was valued over $400, which set the bar pretty high for me. 🙂 However, while the RV is still higher than the cost of this box, I also take personal value into account as well. As I mentioned in my other comment, virtually all of these items would be used, plus there are a few new-to-me items I would like to try, and to me, the repeats aren’t bad products either. While this box isn’t “thrilling” it is quite useful for me.

        Having said that, I 100% understand others frustrations and lack of interest in this box.

      • Of all the items in this box I would probably only use the toothbrush and toothpaste, and maybe the Rituals shower foam. All the other stuff I couldn’t care less about, these are not the brands or things I normally use. So my “personal value” for the box is like $15, ha. 🙂

      • Ha! Then I would definitely skip this box too!!! 😀

    • I did it too. The only things I don’t really like are the Rituals and they Almay pads. I do like the Burt’s Bees, but I didn’t find the Almay pads really got my eye makeup off. I normally use Vaseline to gently and completely take off eye makeup and I had to go back in and use that even after the Almay pads (I received them in another sub). So for me, the value is there. Yes, I have 4 of these toothbrushes, but I gave one to my boyfriend and one started going so I used a new one so it’s nice to have one on deck. I do wish they had more makeup/nail color. they used to have a nail polish, a lipstick (which they do this time), and at least an eye shadow. Yes, I’ll use the press-ons, but I prefer actual nail polish.

  30. This is definitely of more interest to me than a 5 or 7 dollar box of samples from Walmart or Target, but I was capped at $200 for this (in my own mind). Now that I see it exceeds that, I will probably not be prepaying for this.

    • Me too! It’s NOT $200; it’s $223! Big difference!

      • Plus sales tax!

    • Im with you, this is definitely more interesting than tiny 5-10 sample boxes, but also not $200 worth to me…SO im passing on this AND unsubbed from walmart! and every time a target box (5 samples at $10 = 25 samples for $50) comes out I will remind myself that allure has 22 FULL size products for just $10 more ($60 w shipping) if im patient. 😀
      I wouldnt mind swapping my $10 box for 2 of these every year…

      ** im totally on product overload**why am I stilll on this site?***i have enough beauty for 5 large families** still have acne, wrinkles and large pores and havent learned how to apply eyeliner or liquid lipstick** WHEN are we getting a recovering addict site (THIS IS A REAL question, not just the end of my midnight rant)** …help before I start giving my 10 cats facials :/ jk i dont have cats 😀

      • I am far from advanced in makeup myself, but as far as eyeliner and liquid lipstick application, the only way you’ll learn is by applying them. 🙂 I actually find liquid eyeliner (the brush type, not the hard felt tip) to be the easiest kind of eyeliner to apply, since it’s easiest to control line width with it.
        And as for your skin issues, I would genuinely suggest that you check out the brand The Ordinary – it’s outstanding skincare on the cheap. Read the reviews on Beautypedia to learn more about it (both the expert and the customer reviews, since they don’t always agree). I personally have also found the reviews on Beautylish very helpful, since it’s a new brand, and there aren’t many places yet that you can read about it.
        What it really comes down to is a consistent skincare routine. This was something I learned the hard way back in my teens: if you have problem skin, it will only look good for as long as you take care of it. So… I try to take care of it, lol 🙂 , although in my case it’s more of a sporadic, rather than consistent, routine. 😉

  31. Glad I decided not to! This box has gone down hill fast! Only if there is a steep discount like last time. Which I have a feeling they will because they will have lots unsold.

    • Yep, will wait for the steep discount also like I did for the last one. Too many repeats. Love the Rituals but the size is so small. This used to be such a great box….

    • How long does the discount usually take to kick in? I would like to buy but $50 plus shipping seems high for drugstore brands

      • Last year, when the next season’s box went on sale, at check out, you were offered the previous season’s box as an add on. (I think it was an additional $25.)

  32. This looks like a dorm box.. like something I would send my daughter when she’s away at college..

    • Right.

  33. Mind blowing to the amount of repeats. I mean this box is incredibly similar to the Winter box, which I liked (yes, even the press on nails!), but I don’t know if I need the same items again.

    Echoing others here, half the fun of these boxes is trying new things. The sunscreen and shampoo/conditioner is it for me in this box. Everything else I’ve got in last season’s Thrill box, Walmart or Target boxes…

  34. I might be in the minority here, but I actually like this box. I added up the value of items I know I will use and like, and that came to $80, so it is worth the price to me (I consider the rest to be freebies to test). And that doesn’t include any value attributed to the $80 Wen body treatment, which I am interested in trying!

    I do agree that there are too many repeats in the box these days – since I have an electronic toothbrush and can’t use toothpaste with SLS, I could really do without another set of that toothbrush and toothpaste, not to mention the fake nails/press ons that they keep including! But as of now, I still consider it to be a good value.

    • Yes, the Wen body treatment makes it worth it to me. Also, I received the email today from Allure and this year it is four boxes, as they are doing one in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    • Why press on nails???? So bizarre! At least modernize and include those patterned nail decal things. Man. So strange it is funny. I keep laughing about them.

  35. I’m glad I didn’t buy the December box back in 2016, it looks like half of the products in the may box are the same as the December box? I’m seriously disappointed, I haven’t gotten an Allure Thrills box in I think over a year because honestly the quality seems to be slipping and the amount of repeats that they foist off onto subscribers is appalling to be honest, these are supposed to be the top picks from people who work for the magazine, I doubt that they “loved the product so much that they just HAD to put the same one in three boxes in a row(the foaming body wash)” This is why I would never at this point pre-purchase any of these boxes, unless you fall in love with a product why would you want to risk getting it every time, I’m convinced they purchased a warehouse of those stupid battery operated toothbrushes the way they are in EVERY SINGLE BOX. Perhaps if they picked better items they wouldn’t have quite so many that they then have to push off into the next box. Seriously re-considering if I even want to go for one this time around, they used to have actual useful things, like one face wash(maybe two) a moisturizer, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorant, it was a fun way to try different brands or new products. Now it’s like you are lucky to get a set of shampoo and conditioner, and the same stupid foaming body wash you’ve gotten for the past three boxes, but hey, you get two sets of stick on nails?

  36. Wow…this is one big rerun. The cetaphil, the redken triple take, the beach babe…almost everything here we’ve received before.

    It seems like they’re just repackaging junk they couldn’t sell and trying to sell it again at full price (well, their bundled full price) instead of discounting the old boxes like they used to do. That kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  37. Yup…I am glad that I forked out and got a LMDB sub. If I want these brands, I’ll just go to Walmart.

  38. This is an easy pass. It doesn’t feel worth $50.

  39. So many repeats. If you’ve never done these boxes before, it’s a great deal. But so many of these products are exactly the same as year. Part of the fun of boxes for me is trying new stuff. Pass.

  40. I’m sad!! I really wanted to get this….but it’s going to be a hard no (considering I have the last two boxes piled up just waiting to get used…and this has the exact same products as them!!)

  41. It seems like allure is veering toward drug store products now. Very similar to target and Walmart boxes.

    • Except 10×more expensive 😐

      • Hmmm…these ARE mosly full size…and @ 5 items/ $15 box if you break it up this is comparable… i guess with target its $7/box so 10 smaller items/ $15.
        If i had to chose between $3 full size item or $1.50 sample, id probably go with the full size- i say probably bc I still wouldnt buy half the things in this box for $3 (nails/toothbrush/toothpaste, balm/lipstick/etc)…. fine…the only thing i need is shampoo and that facewash…and this is me tryin to onvince myself its a good deal but havin a hard time…guess im not paying $60 for shampoo this time 😥

    • When I canceled my monthly Allure box two months ago, that is exactly what I thought. What is so sad is that at one point(quite awhile back) I swore that I would never cancel my subscription. It has changed so much since then. The thing is, is that you would think that Allure should have enough influence to draw some amazing brands/products to feature in their boxes.

      • I think that it used to when they had a high readership but between magazine subscriptions being down in general plus they lost a lot of readers when they stopped doing the summer blow out sweeps or any sweeps really to do these sub boxes where they figured they’d make money on both ends and ended up losing most of it.

  42. Awesome! I just saved $50!! And I didn’t even have to switch to Geico!! 😝

    • Lol! Ditto!!! 🤣

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