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5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Summer Time Box Handbag and Jewelry Spoiler Update + Coupon!

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We have updates on the spoilers for the Limited Edition Box from 5th Avenue Style! Both of the jewelry options are still available but two of the handbag options have sold out!

First, here’s some general information about the Limited Edition Summer Time Box:

Every Limited Edition Summer Time Box features a brand name summer bag along with a selection of customized jewelry and accessories. Also, this year we are shipping some fun Summer items with your box.
We made sure to find the right balance between hot summer 2017 trends and classic sophisticated style. Valued at a minimum of $700+, this box would make a great gift for yourself or for the loved ones in your life.

The Box: 5th Avenue Limited Edition Summer Time Box 

The Cost: $270

COUPON: Use coupon code SUMMER50 to save $50 off this box. 5th Avenue Style Membership Club members can use coupon code SUMMERMEMBER100 to save $100 off this box.

Both codes expire Sunday, May 28th.

The Products: “These 4-5 items will compliment and refresh your wardrobe perfectly for the coming season.”
Summer Time Boxes will start shipping the first week of Summer (week of June 20).


Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate if you want to receive or opt out of  Les Georgettes Handbag spoiler by following the link below. For those who select this spoiler, we will choose the Color based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements by following the link below. Both styles are available in Rose & Cognac/Black colors:
Please click here to fill out the form

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate if you want to receive or opt out of Les Georgettes spoiler by following the link below. For those who select this spoiler, we will choose Metal Finish and the Leather Color of the band based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate if you want to receive or opt out of Zacasha jewelry spoiler by following the link below. For those who select this spoiler, we will choose  the colors based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form

Are you picking up a Limited Edition box? Which items are you picking?

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  1. Yey! I finally finally finally got tracking information today✨✨✨✨ I am over-the-moon! I hope the box arrives quickly! Ladies, be on the lookout this week for tracking information❤️

  2. I received my box today. I love the bag and the jewelry! In fact, I’m delighted with everything! I think that I only chose a bag spoiler, and I don’t remember that I tried to opt in on any of the jewelry, so it was all a surprise. I’m really excited by all of it! It was very luxurious and I’m beside myself!

    • That’s awesome!!! I wish my box would ship. 😪 All I’ve gotten so far isn’t an email saying they are still waiting on their shipment to arrive! I’m sad!

  3. My box came in on Monday. Love the bag, but I didn’t get the jewelry I selected. In fact, I got the bracelet I specifically opted out of. A CS rep responded to my email and said that they will send me a label to do an exchange, but that label hasn’t arrived yet.

    So… for my first experience with 5th Ave I have mixed feelings. However, if they can straighten this out and get me what I asked for I may have to go ahead and order the Fall Limited Edition box. The value is certainly there if you can handle the shipping delays.

    • Thanks letting us know your box! So glad you love the bag. Mine also just got a shipping label, finally! As you it’s also my first box and I may go for the Fall box if I like it well enough.

  4. I spoke with them last week and my Mutsaers bag hadn’t arrived yet. They offered me a different bag that was in stock, but I didn’t like it so I declined. I ordered a fall-colored bag since shipping delays are common with them.

    • That’s so smart! I selected a pink Mutsaers, I hope no one will stare if I carry it year around 😀

    • Yeah, they offered me a different bag too. Both selections were a style from last year, and both were colors I said NOT to send me in my profile (peach and teal).
      Regardless to say, the “option” they offered was not really an option to me – just them trying to get rid of old stock.

      100% holding out for my Mutsaers! I hope we love our bags!! 😀

    • They just emailed my shipping info yesterday.
      Can’t wait to see my Mutsaers!!

      • Have fun tracking the box! Still not shipping info for me, but I suppose it should be soon. Yes, hope we all like our bags 🙂

  5. Still no shipping information for me ;(

  6. I haven’t received my box yet either. Also, does anyone know if this is a one-time box, or do I need to cancel this before I get charged again for another box? I tried to contact them to cancel, if that’s what I need to do, through their site via chat, but there was no one there (despite it being during business hours) so I emailed. No response. I looked all through my account details on the site but did not see any cancellation areas, so I wonder if this is a one-time box? Anyone?

    • Yes this box was a one time purchase (all of the limited edition boxes are one time purchase) so you don’t have to worry about anything.

      • Great, thank you.

  7. I’m still waiting for my summer box. Are other people still waiting? Is there a new ETA? Any updates? Also, has anyone received the complimentary anniversary gift 5th Avenue promised to their subscribers/members?

    • Yes, I’m still waiting too. I have heard nothing since June 29th. Everyday I cross my fingers hoping to see an email saying that they shipped it.

      They said their was a delay on receiving bags from overseas. That shipment was supposed to arrive to them last week. If I don’t hear from them by Friday I’ll be calling again.

    • I’m still waiting as well. I’m a little disappointed because I intended to order the Fall LE box, but now I’m not going to. I really wanted to have this Summer box for the Summer. July is half way over and still no updates. I won’t be buying anything else from them😪. As much of a deal this is, and as much as I was anticipating the box, now I kind of just want a refund. It’s almost 30 days past the day we were told they would be shipping out. If August 1st gets here and I still don’t have a box from them, I’ll be requesting a refund.

      • Same! I was very much on the cusp of ordering the Fall box as well.
        The hassle just isn’t worth it. The only reason I got this Summer LE was because I wanted to try out 5th Ave before getting a membership. I left Luxor and thus have a void of fancy boxes. 🙁

  8. I just received my summertime box. The jewelry is just beautiful and I love all the items. The only thing I was disappointed in was the handbag. It is snake skin and althought it’s a lovely bag, its so small and snakeskin and I would never carry it. Does anyone know if I can exchange it for another bag? Or if anyone would like to swap, let me know!

    • I haven’t gotten my box yet. I don’t even have shipping info yet. However, whenever it comes I wouldn’t mind swapping jewelry for the purse. I don’t wear much jewelry.

    • I don’t see any spoiler with snakeskin, did you choose a bag from spoiler? I hope I don’t get a snake bag, I dislike any animal prints in general. You can contact CS if you don’t like the bag, they might be able to help, of course you can also swap it.

      • I read the rules and looked at my previous spoilers and although the bag style was an option, a snake skin bag was not pictured or shown. I emailed them and asked if I could exchange it and it’s only at their discretion, so I’m hoping I can exchange it. The tag on the purse says it cost $398 retail. I would never carry a snake skin bag so if I can’t exchange it not sure what to do. So am crossing my fingers it can be exchanged.

        • Brenda, if you want to swap (if they don’t let you exchange it) I’ll give you the jewelry I get (whenever my box finally arrives). I’m on the swap site here but my email is ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

          • Thanks so much Courtney!

        • Good luck with the exchange! I really hope they can help you out. With a box like this it’s so important to love the hero.

          I might consider swapping if you’d be interested in a Cherry Red Mutsaers Galore? I don’t have my box yet, but that is what CS said was coming.

          • Ok, thanks so much. Let me see what CS does if they let me have a bag more suitable for me

          • Just got a return mailing label so I shipped the snakeskin bag back. The shipping was prepaid. I hope I get the pink mutsaers bag i wanted 😊

    • You’re lucky! I haven’t received my Summer box, nor have I received shipment confirmation.

    • Hi Brenda. I’m interested in swapping if the bag is still available! I have 1951’s and other nice items up for swap. My email is awenzel101 at aol dot com Thanks

  9. Spoke with CS today. They said there is a week long delay as some of the bags have not yet arrived from Holland.
    Apparently shipping delays are not too unusal with these guys. So happy I know that now. I was getting worried!
    Super looking forward to this box (my first from 5th Ave)!!!! 🙂

  10. Charged my credit card May 10th.
    Supposed to ship on the 20th, still have not received shipping info.

    This will be my first 5th ave box, so I don’t know how they typically have shipping delays or what I ought to expect.

  11. Does anyone know when it will ship?

    • The 20th or a few days later.

  12. It will be my first box, too, and I can’t wait 😀

  13. That’s a lot of money. Holy cow! I must be in the minority because the purses and jewelry is just ugly to me. I’ve never been a “purse” girl. I can’t comprehend spending a ton of money on a purse and I’ve never been impressed seeing a woman carrying a Coach, D & B, etc. That’s just me though.

    • Yes it’s just you lol! No it’s not, but that’s your opinion. I’m not impressed when I see other women carrying a purse either, I’m impressed I see me carrying a purse I love! It’s not for others enjoyment, it’s for yourself!

      • Have you ever seen the women strutting around toting their “expensive” name brand purse and it’s OBVIOUS it’s a stinking knockoff. Lol. I’ve honestly said out loud (under my breath though) “girl please!” when I’ve seen those women. I have name brand purses BUT I got them at Goodwill and yard sales. I wasn’t looking for them though. Iike you, I look for what I like. I had to pick up a dresser for my Mom a few weeks ago. A lady was selling stuff due to moving. Anyhoo, I saw purses she had and they were $2.00! Yes! $2.00. I told her she was selling them too cheap. I grabbed the ones I liked and a BRAND NEW w the TAG COACH. I told her I’d give her more $ for it. She said no. I think the Coach is ugly and I’m not using it. I’m going to resell it. I also grabbed 2 Lucky brand. Nine West and 2 B Makowsky purses. I never heard of them and looked it up and about had a stroke when I saw how much they cost.

  14. This will be my first 5th Ave box and I can’t wait! The spoilers have been out of my dreams!! 🙂

  15. I want this box but looks like its sold out.

    • Dear Veronica,

      The box is still available for a few more days, just first two handbags spoilers are sold out.

      Thank you,

      5th Avenue Style Team

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