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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Coupon – Save $20 On the Spring Box!

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Flash Sale! For a limited time, use coupon code SPRING20 to save $20 off your first Box of Style box! (Regularly $99.99)

Your first box will be the Spring 2017 box. Here is everything in the Spring box:



Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to see exactly what’s in the Spring Box, and to learn more about this quarterly subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I finally caved. I’ve been wanting the Tribe Alive bag forever and it’s RV is too high to swap for so I’m excited to be getting the scarf too to add on to the bag. It’ll be a great summer bag for running errands. The BKR is also an amazing product that’s pricey and I’m excited to see what I can use the voucher on. Have so many face products that I don’t know what I’ll do with this one and may end up swapping it for some unicorns. The earrings I can’t seem to make up my mind if I like them or not and had been trying to swap for them but glad I’ll have the opportunity to decide in person now. I’m now a bit nervous about the stories on canceling since it’s so pricey I dunno what I’ll do when the summer box comes along and have to figure out the deadline and hope for spoilers. I drop $100 no problem or second thoughts on POPSUGAR LE pre-sale so it’s funny I’ve been so hesitant on this sub.

  2. I’m hoping that they send it to me at some point….not even a tracking number yet. CS insists its on its way though!

  3. I love the box and curation. I hate the fact my bag arrived so damaged it won’t stand up after several weeks of stuffing it to remove the creases. I asked Rachel Zoe to replace it and their response is….nada.

  4. Do anyone ever get the gilt city voucher to work?

    • Oh spell check why do you taunt me.
      Did not do.

    • My voucher worked. Got my box last week. Loved it!

    • I did the voucher and it worked just fine. I just got my bag in the past week.

    • Did you have to open a new account or will it work on an old canceled account?

      • Mine worked on my old account that I had canceled previously. I had. They Gilt City voucher for 60 something ( the first one)

    • I did. I also had a Gilt City coupon for 40% off the price so it was a really great deal by the time it was done with. I also had no issues or discoloration with my bag as some people have been saying. I ordered a few weeks ago with my voucher and got my box last week.

  5. Can you choose earring color still?

    • Yes

  6. This box is amazing. When I first received the box it had a horrible gasoline smell, and I was extremely disappointed. However, I let the bag and the scarf air out, and washed the bottle, and everything was fine. I get so many compliments on the bag. The water bottle is great, as I am trying to stay away from plastic. The earrings are really cute and the chalice is beautiful. I use it for sparkling water, to feel more fancy. I paid $90 for the box and do not regret it. I always break it down by how much I would pay for each item, not looking at the inflated retail value. I think it is a great deal. I have used every item, except for the scarf. Still not sure what to do with it, but it is beautiful.

    Overall, this box did not disappoint, if you are on the fence, I say go for it. To me, it is well worth the money. Also, whoever posted about the hoop idea for the earrings, that is great! I am not a huge fan of the barbell, but the hoop would look pretty with a simple stud. Anyways, my first RZ box was a success! I still cancelled after, because to commit to a $100.00 box, I need to see spoilers first. 🙂

    • I tie my scarf around my pony tail with the 2 ends hanging down, it adds volume to my otherwise scrawny looking hairstyle and always get complements 😍

  7. I remember when the review came out and a bunch of people were b*tching about the smell of the bag and made a big deal about throwing it away or giving it to goodwill….when I got mine, yes it had a smell. But it’s what they used to treat the leather. (Personally, I like the smell…one of those weird ones like gasoline) The smell has diminished to almost imperceptible after a couple weeks, and the leather has softened considerably. I love the bag, and everything else in the box. I have yet to try the earrings (I got gold) but I’m not a big jewelry person, so these will probably be worn for a special occasion. The Tatcha is wonderful, and I’m glad I got a chance to try something I wouldn’t go out and purchase on my own (considering buying the cleansing oil that they give us a coupon code for). If I got rid of all my other subs, I’d probably keep this one. Can’t wait to see what comes out for summer

    • Remember, you can use the hoop on any pin earing you already have to spruce it up…i like it under stud earings for after work. Not a huge fan of the dumbell..but ive mixed it up a few times with other earjakets i own.

      I like the purse a lot too. But i can see where some people are coming from with the quality issues mostly bc of the promised rsv i think. Its a handmade bag and looks like it…which i dont mind but it was shady of the company to sell it at the same pricepoint as producers with quality control and quality materials.
      These bags had serious quality control issues, so we basically got shipped the leftover defective batches or practice purses. And any decent purse….say coach all leather…if defective, goes on the sale rack/ outlet where the rsv is slashed…yet rzbos is using the full value towards the promsed miimum box value, and to me thats de3ptive.

      • The quality of the bags must have varied a lot. Mine was perfectly fine. The only issue I’ve had is the dye from the leather handle has transferred to the fabric on the side I wear against my body. I do agree the supposed $238 RV for the bag is ridiculous.

        • I think the quality did vary from bag to bag, and understnading that this is an inherant quality of the product and its purpose (of helping women) could help negate the desdain some people have for it. It wasnt mass produced by robots in china (target bag) or labored over for hours on end by professional italian leather craftsmen.
          I just wish the “handmade” aspect would have been brought to light a bit more, since these products are not typicaly what grace the runway….and this is more of a “style” box..vs…Globed in, thats not to say the bag isnt stylish for what it is. I love it.

      • Good idea! I like the barbell but it seems I’m allergic to it, I emailed them and they didn’t care!! This way I can use hoop. I didn’t think I had any metal allergies but my ears turned red & itchy burned!

  8. I am kicking myself for not jumping on the $65 deal a while back. Simce I missed that, I can’t get myself to pull the trigger for more than that now. But I really, really want this box!

    • $80 is a good deal for this box. I paid $90 and don’t regret it.

      • I know but when you had the opportunity to get it for less, it’s hard to justify.

  9. Well worth it!

  10. Ugh.

    My Tribe alive bag came with a stain on the leather near the zipper in a completely conspicuous place and cs claims that they don’t consider that damaged and won’t replace it. Seriously, their cs sucks.

    • I don’t know if it would help at all, but you could try to contact Tribe Alive and ask if it was a manufacturing defect. If so, most reputable companies will stand by their products and maybe either make it right themselves or encourage Box Of Style to remedy the issue. It might be worth a try.

    • My bag came with a stain as well . Customer service took so long to answer my inquiry about it and offered me ten dollars off my next box . Big deal when we see $20 off and gilt deals

    • I could not agree more! Two of my items arrived damaged and their response was all sales are final. So basically in their opinion they could knowingly put damaged products in a box and I should be satisfied. Only once I bluntly told them I was disputing the charge with my credit card did they offer a return if I mailed the items back. Their curation is amazing, but I will never buy from them again solely because I refuse to support a company with such openly poor business practices.

    • I just had to chime in on their lousy CS – my story doesn’t relate to this box, but it’s so bad I thought I would post it here…

      After receiving their fall 2016 box I cancelled my subscription. Then about a month or two later they sent me an email offering me a deal to resubscribe for $50 for the next box, so I took the bait and signed up again. But when they sent the next box about a month later it wasn’t the winter box, it was the same fall box I had already received (the winter box had already been released and was being distributed…it made no sense). I called them immediately and they said they would “make an exception and accept my return” but woukd charge me $30 to ship the box back. Huh??? It was their mistake and they were acting like they were doing me a favor by charging me $30 to correct their error and then charge me the full $100 price to send the winter box, so I’d essentially be out $130 for the winter box…thanks RZ…what a deal! I was floored. I ended up just keeping the duplicate box and washed my hands of them for good. So far I’ve stayed strong (hopefully I won’t cave and give them another chance if something really catches my eye)…they truly have the worst CS in the business.

      • I have been trying for 10 days to cancel my subscription (it was automatic with the Gilt City deal). So far nothing. I still have time, but seriously, this is nuts. And their customer service is terrible!

        Has anyone had luck canceling? How long does it take?


        • I was able to cancel by editing my profile to delete my credit card. They sent me annoying emails for a month saying that they needed my cc to process the next order, but then those stopped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          • Thanks, I may have to do that. And can you believe you had to go to that length? sheesh

        • I filled out the cancellation form on their website on March 30. I received an automated reply that they received my email and would respond in 5 to 7 days. I have not received a response yet and it’s past their deadline.

          • Oh my, thank you ladies!!! I just noticed your comments on the side and you just saved me $100. I’m going to change my cc to the one that just expired if I don’t hear a reply back. I had no idea it was this ridiculous to cancel.

          • monique – leave the credit card area blank as sometimes even though a card is expired charges may still process – be very careful with them, i’ve had a horrible experience in the past with CS….

    • Update.

      I contacted Tribe Alive and told them what happened then cancelled my box of style stating poor customer service and damaged product.

      I received an email saying I’d be credited $15, put on a list to replace the bag if they had available inventory and that my account was canceled.

      A hassle but better than nothing.

      Thanks for the pointers!

      • I had an orange stain on the white part of my bag and got the response it couldn’t be exchanged because “It’s handmade.” Um, it looks like the person packing the box was eating cheetos when they backed my bag, what does that have to do with handmade. I bought the box specifically for the bag because I’m interested in buying more of their bags but wanted to try them first since they aren’t cheap. This isn’t doing much to make me want to buy their bags, it looks like it should be on the seconds rack. Did Tribe Alive respond to you directly? I was thinking of emailing them too because it’s not helping their business to have these issues especially since I’d like to use the code and buy another bag but what if the one I pay $200+ for is jacked up. Grrrrr

  11. Can I purchase as a gift 🎁

    • You will still be signing up a sub. I have a sub since the first box, and bought a second one when they were on sale at ruelala. I had to enter a cc # in order to redeem, and it took more than 2 weeks 4 emails and finally messaging them on fb to get the sub cancelled.

      • Ok mean gilt city, not ruelala

        • I cancelled between winter and spring via email and had no problem, heard back in a couple of days. I am holding the gilt city voucher in the hope that spring sells out and I can use it for summer. I won’t be too disappointed if I have to use it for a second spring box because I really want another chalice. My voucher is good til may 10.

          • I don’t know if you’ll get another chalice…from comments on a previous post, many people were told that the chalice was out of stock, so a replacement couldn’t be sent. I think your best bet would be to swap for one.

          • Those chalices are $13 on Amazon.

      • Thank you! I love this box and would like to give one to my sister so I asked if it could be a gift.

    • I’m hoping it sells out too so I can use my gilt city coupon for the summer box.

      Seems like they are having trouble selling this box.

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