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Pusheen Box Spring 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for the Spring 2017 Pusheen Box!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.14.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 3.19.57 PM

Source: Instagram

  • Pusheen T-shirt
  • Pusheen Bento Box
  • Pusheen Utensil Set
  • Pusheen Pennant Banner
  • Pusheen Bottle Opener
  • Pusheen Party Balloons
  • Pusheen Wireless Speaker
  • Pusheen Photo Booth Props
  • Pusheen Vinyl Figure
  • Pusheen Selfie Stick

What do you think of the full spoilers for the Spring 2017 Pusheen Box?

If you haven’t signed up yet, the box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US (ships worldwide).

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  1. I think this box was actually more enjoyable then the last one. I wish I know how to give a idea to them.. I’m a artist and would love to get my hands on a mechanical pencil of pusheen! but there none out there.. that be something honestly to be able to draw with alittle Pusheen on the top of the pencil looking down at you while ya doodle.

    I’m not sure if I’m going to use the bento box for food or actually use it to carry some of my art supplies.. its tempting! I can’t wait to see what coming up for the next box.

  2. The boxes keep getting better and better. I love this sub! Also they’re definitely listening to our comments on their survey. I totally recommended bunny pusheen. I’m using the photo booth props for my wedding this summer! And the party supplies for my cat’s 1st birthday! I saw spoilers for the shirt and kitchen items and I thought the surprise was ruined but it wasn’t! I OMGEEED and squeed when I opened it!

  3. In my opinion, this box is the best at curating—the items are always cohesive, related to the theme and useful! They did the “party” theme well–decorations, speaker box, photo props, etc. I’m turning 31 next month and am seriously considering using everything on my birthday, even if it’s just me, my sweetheart and the cat lol. But I’ll probably use them to convert a mini “loft” area in my apartment into my cat’s “room”—how cute would the banner be there? It’s a 4’x4′ area between the ceiling and top of our entry closet.

    For those of you on the fence of subscribing because you’re not into the clothing designs that are sent in this box, you’re probably out of luck—they are consistent with other designs that they sell. Consider checking out the heychickadee website, which sells Pusheen merchandise, to see other pusheen clothing designs.

    Overall I’m really happy with this subscription box, it’s probably the only box that meets my personal criteria in delivering value, usefulness, and gift-worthiness.

  4. Meh, just ‘ok’ this time. Party decoration items I already listed for swap. Just sucks three things out of the box were party decorations and my birthday was last month! That automatically made three items out of my box kind of redundant. Oh well, it happens.

  5. I just got my box and everything is so much cuter in person! I got the shirt big and it will work as a night gown or large sleep shirt. The speaker is super cute and the bento has packaging w pusheen drooling and eating sushi! Too cute!

  6. I just got mine and I LOVE the bento and the speaker! The rest is adorable for a party but I’m probably not going to be having one of those any time soon. The shirt is a bit of a miss in that hospital scrub mint green color. Still, I adore Pusheen!

  7. Seriously, all I can actually use is the bento and possibly the speakers. That’s pretty much it.

    -pennant (seriously, they don’t even light up. who wants that hanging in their room?!)
    -balloons (they pop eventually…and what’s next? Garbage!)
    -selfie stick (so not jumping on that selfie bandwagon)
    -shirt (looks hideous like a hospital gown design. though its a cute color)
    -selfie props (again..i’m not jumping on the selfie bandwagon)
    -bottle opener (I don’t drink!!!!!)
    -vinyl figure (just sitting on my desk?)

  8. Most the party items are not for me (I will never use them, I never use “disposable” things like balloons and plates and fancy napkins i get in boxes like this… too cute to ruin!), but I think this was a great themed box and I am not sad I got it, though I am hoping the shirt fits nice… if its a normal boxy t-shirt im going to be kind of put off. I am way pumped about the bento box and the utensils!

  9. Got mine yesterday and I LOVE it! They get so creative with each theme. Pusheen is by far my fave subscription box. Can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Sad that a lot of people are not liking this box. As for me, I love it!! All the items are unique and I am a huge Pusheen fan. I am very much looking forward to my box arriving. And I will be using everything in it! 😉

    • I think it’s become a trend to complain about every box, I also don’t know why a new subscriber would judge things off the spring 2016 box instead of the winter 2016 box. Although I have to agree about the holiday themed figure being strange when it’s a month late, apart from the banner, I can’t wait for everything in the box especially the bento, bottle opener, and speaker

  11. I may catch some heat for saying this, but I’m not in love with this box. The bento box and utensil set are awesome, but my excitement stops there. Definitely don’t feel like this was $50 well spent.

    • I agree. I stopped subscribing to the Pusheen box because although the stuff is super cute, it’s stuff that I will most likely never use or wear.

  12. Can anyone let me know if the utensils are plastic? And if the bento box is microwave/dishwasher safe? Thanks!

    • Yes and they are bpa free.

  13. I really wish they would do more spoilers before closing subscriptions. 1 spoiler just isnt enough for a $50 box 🙁 …
    (figurine doesnt count bc its in every box)
    Either way, im ok with missing this one. Not glad, but not sad either. It would have been my 1st and compared to the spoilers from last yr, its just not even close. 3/8 items are 1x use?? Still, I like the other products enough to think I would have purchased it bc the value is there in the there 5 items…kind of/ just barely/ but compared to past boxes not really… Previous boxes didnt have this much filler…hoping for better summer spoilers :/

    • The shirt was the second spoiler. I remember that cos I saw it on fb and notified Liz

  14. so why are they sending out easter-themed vinyl figure in May? lol they need to improve their timing a bit. It’s kind of like the fall box showing up only a couple of days before Halloween.

  15. I LOVE that speaker!!! I wish I had ordered this box. I used to have a little wireless speaker that my daughter would carry around the garden and listen to music. Sadly it got chewed up by the pup. If anyone wants to sell theirs I would gladly buy it from you for my little girl.

    • I will gladly sell mine when I get it, it’s super cute, but I just bought a wireless speaker yesterday! Darn these late spoilers!

      • I would love to buy it from you. My little girl will love it! Thank you!

      • Were you still willing to sell your speaker?

  16. Meh…. I’m kinda disappointed. I know it’s hard for them to top that awesome spring box from last year. I’ll use the tee, the speaker and the bento box but that’s it. I guess I was hoping for more.

  17. Love the bottle opener, bento, utensils and balloons. The rest will be swap bait 🙂

    • I would love to buy the speaker from you if you dont want it. I’m not on the swap site (no time for it, but always wanted to participate). Will pay through PayPal.

  18. I love pusheen and am always tempted to get a pusheen box, but it comes out very expensive for me as a Canadian with the conversion rate, shipping and duties. I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of most of these items so I’m content I didn’t miss out on anything this time around. I do want to see what the balloons look like though, and the bento box could be cool.

  19. So cute!! Love it all!! Can’t wait to get my box on Tuesday 🙂

    I don’t know how they do it, but box after box is just incredible! Cute AND useful items!!

  20. My kids are so excited! Which makes me excited!

  21. They really come up with the most creative and (mostly) useful items! Bottle opener – Wireless speaker – Pusheen party on my deck! Just need a wine bottle opener…. 🙂

    Can’t wait for my box to arrive!

  22. Guys they actually listened to the list of recommendations. I put on speaker and bento thinking they would just be a product dream.

    • Well thank you for those, because those are the only two items I like. lol whoever suggested selfie stick and photo props on the other hand… 😐

      • lmao

      • I’m with you there sister lol

  23. Love the bottle opener!

  24. So cute! Can’t wait till my box arrives! 🙂

  25. I canceled my Pusheen subscription for this season. I’d previously received the summer, fall, and winter boxes and took a chance canceling for spring. I don’t have much FOMO but I would like to snag that bento box!

  26. OMG I love it! Im getting my box on Tuesday and this is perfect. My daughter birthday is in 2 weeks and I will be using this stuff.

    • Yay! Perfect timing! A Pusheen birthday party sounds amazing!! 🎉

      • Yes! She will love it, she loves her kitty cat, as she calls it 🙂

        • Aww! I love it! 😻

    • LOVE it! Take some pics!

  27. That lunch box and utensil set are too cute!

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