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Luxor Box Sale – Inventory Closeout Mystery Boxes, March 2017 Boxes, & Gift with an Annual Subscription!

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Luxor Box

Luxor Box is having a sale that includes Inventory Closeout Mystery Boxes, March 2017 Boxes, and a gift with Annual subscription!

UPDATE (11.20AM): The Luxor Box site went down from the sale traffic but I’ve reached out and they are working on bringing it back up now!

11:40AM: The Luxor Box site is back up!

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Are you going to grab a mystery box, March box, or annual subscription? Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about what types of items Luxor Box includes.

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  1. For $258, I can do some serious damage at Sephora and walk out with an entirely new skincare routine tailored to fit only me. I don’t know why people bother to spend so much on boxes they don’t know will have what theyre hoping for. Too much money for a surprise, for me!

  2. This last box was not a big hit with me, but I’m lucky because I joined right away back when the box just started and so I’m locked in at $95, unless I cancel. I’d have to have multiple misses in a row to decide to cancel, because I would not re-subscribe at the current cost. The cost of the mystery box is just too high when you have no idea what you’ll get.

  3. I might just be a “grammaratarian” but to spend that much money on a yearly sub, I would hope they could at least hire a web designer who can spell. Sneek peak much 😉 on the sites tabs?

  4. I’m a little confused the march box RV is $570 and it costs $139 to buy but they want you to get a mystery box with a retail value of at least $30 more but pay almost a hundred more for it? Is it me or is that pretty crappy logic? I would bite for a $150 mystery box but even that is scary if there is an “as is” clause.

    • I agree but I interestingly enough it looks like the more expensive box sold out the fastest. I guess people are willing to pay a premium for a little mystery 🙂

  5. I so want to like this subscription but I just can’t get on board. I love luxury boxes and some of the items in this box are admittedly absolutely gorgeous, but too many of the items that they out are just a straight-up miss for me. I have zero use for tiny cross-body bags and I still can’t get over that diffuser. To each her own, of course…I’m obviously not the target demographic for this box since $750 makes this an easy pass.

    I’m happy for everyone who’s excited about this box and who’s able to sign up for the annual subscription! That tote with purchase is one of those admittedly gorgeous items 🙂

  6. Ugh, I so wish that this was in my budget this month!! I’m saving up for a Luxe splurge box and I’m not ready to buy one yet. Hopefully, they’ll do another end of summer one. Those totes are gorgeous, congrats to those that are able to snatch one up.

  7. The price points for the boxes are a huge deterrent. A year membership that costs $750 upfront? How about starting with a 6 month membership instead? A mystery box that costs $258 for a mixed bag of their leftovers and overstocks? I might have bit at $100, or since the values are more than standard boxes, maybe even $150. Seems like they’re clearance out their old stock at even more than people would have paid in the first place! Pass.

  8. I want to buy the March box but the disclaimer made me reconsider. I don’t expect to get refunded if I don’t like it but if things come damaged, I would expect some compensation. The “as is” and no refunds, not responsible after leaving their warehouse is worrisome to me!

    • I agree. The “as is” clause makes me worry. Anyway to find out more on this?

    • I agree too. I’m afraid this as is clause is due to all the people who got damaged Brandon Blackwood backpacks. Those were from a $650 box. I would have expected them to be undamaged. Between this and the its your problem if USPS marks it delivered clause I’m concerned about sending so much money their way. I’ve had USPS mark something delivered when my hd video camera security system could prove it was not delivered and they still said sorry it says delivered. We don’t have the option of using a different service or requiring a signature so why should we be penalized by their choice of cheap shipping? Which they charge you for anyway lol.

      • USPS stole my Vera Bradley purchase which came in 2 boxes a couple of years ago. They scanned the 2 boxes outside my house, because their scanner gun has a GPS. So when I called VB, and they investigate and when I complained to USPS, they said both boxes were scanned at my house. So I filed a police report and filed the claim with my cc. Got all my money back. But 2 weeks later I saw a refund from VB on my cc, which is only a partial refund, I called them and they said I had returned one box out of the 2! Well USPS returned the one he/she did not open because I complained. But the one that was opened could not be returned without paying for additional postage

        • In my case none of it made sense. The gps locator had it about a block away. Well in a big city with free parking in front of my building no one would park a block away and walk. We had video to prove no one delivered any package at that time or any other that day. The post office just said yes it was. End of story. I couldn’t get a refund or claim the insurance on the package because it was marked delivered. The video convinced the company at least and they sent me a new order. It was gold custom jewelry so someone made out great with that theft. I never us USPS if given a choice and my ups account requires a signature. If a company refuses to give me that option then they are choosing to put the package at risk not me and I don’t think it should be my responsibility to eat the loss if it backfires.

          • I feel your pain. I live in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and delivery here is a fricking nightmare! I’ve had packages that were never delivered, while online it said they were. Our regular UPS guy is great, but if he’s out, all bets are off! Don’t even get me started on FedEx…….

          • How do you set your UPS account to require a signature for all packages?

    • Agree. I’ve had issues with stuff from Disney or Sephora disappearing, but the companies always have made good. Not giving my money to a vendor with a shoddy fulfillment/return policy, but I guess I appreciate them being upfront about it.

    • I feel exactly the same way! I went to order the March box because I love the scarf but the disclaimer made me change my mind. Money saved!

      • I just ordered the March box bc I wanted the bracelet. I did not see the disclaimer! Ugh…..

  9. would a new annual membership include the March box?

    • If you sign up for a membership today, May will be your first box.

  10. They also confirmed what Kimberly posted that if you have the bimonthly sub you can sign up for the annual and email them and they’ll cancel the bimonthly so you won’t be paying for two of the May boxes. 🤔💸💰 I don’t know if I should sub to the annual, keep my bimonthly and/or buy the mystery box…I’ve been disappointed by their mystery boxes before but I haven’t sub’ed in a while so I would be receiving all new things (one would think) oh gosh…choices choices! I don’t know if I can throw my money at them fast enough. Lol! 🤣

    • That’s what I was thinking too. I went ahead and bought the mystery box because I’ve never gotten a Luxor Box so it should all be new to me. I just hope it’s good stuff.

  11. i think my browser is politely informing me that i do not need another mystery/subscription box

  12. I think it is back up now. They emailed me back almost immediately when I emailed them about the website. They said they had over 1,000 hits to their website immediately after sending out that email. WOW! Better grab your mystery box/annual sub ASAP!!!

    • I think I’ll just buy the mystery box…$750 is a LOT to spend and I think my husband would KILL me if he found out. 😬

      • I just ordered the March box bc I wanted the bracelet. I did not see the disclaimer! Ugh…..

  13. Their site appears to be down.

  14. Their website isn’t loading…what gives Luxor! 😒

  15. I just got an email from Luxor Box and they are offering annual subscriptions for a discounted rate and a tote bag. I just subscribed last week! Anyone know if I might be able to change my sub to an annual and take advantage of this offer? I sent their CS an email but noticed that they say it takes from one to three days to respond.

    • Wow, they responded much quicker than I anticipated and all I have to do is sign up for the annual and cancel the regular.

    • What is this deal? What rate and what tote? I’m interested lol.

      • Nvm I’m an idiot. I didn’t read beyond the mystery boxes part of this lol. Disregard my stupid question lol

      • Luxor Box has a current offer of an included tote bag as an incentive to sign up for an annual subscription. When I originally signed up last week there was no annual subscription option.

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