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Ivory Clasp Handbag Subscription Review + Coupon- April 2017

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

Ivory Clasp is a monthly women’s accessories subscription that focuses on one of my favorite accouterments… purses!

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

When you sign up, you’ll fill out the Ivory Clasp questionnaire, letting their stylists know what patterns, colors, materials, and shapes you prefer in the bags you buy. Shortly thereafter, you’ll get a designer bag picked to match your preferences—and a new bag to add to your collection each subsequent month!

My Subscription Addiction received this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

The Subscription Box: Ivory Clasp

The Cost: $45.00 per month (or every other month, if you prefer) with free shipping and 100% refunds and returns.

COUPON: Use code MSA25 to save 25% off your first month!

The Products: On-trend, brand name (though not high-end brand name) purses, including handbags, satchels, crossbody bags, boho bags, tote bags, fashion backpacks, and more.

Shipping: Free standard shipping to the U.S. International shipping varies by destination.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

Ivory Clasp comes packaged in a big, but still cleanly designed box. Inside, the bag is tissue-wrapped and topped with a few pieces of paperwork—one of which is this thank you note hand-signed by the folks behind the company.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

The other card features information on A.V.I., the brand that created this month’s bag. 

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

In my questionnaire responses, I tried to convey my love for simple, effortlessly modern designs. From the looks of this card, A.V.I.’s “minimal luxury” aesthetic sound right up my alley!

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

AVI Black Karolina Handbag – Value $118.00

I was right. I LOVE this bag! It was surprisingly difficult to find online, given how nice of a design it is. The faux leather material has a smooth, crisp finish to it and an elegant, subtle sheen. Most importantly, this bag didn’t come with the plastic or chemical smells that sometimes surround new faux leather products.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

The bag itself is about a foot long at the base and around 6-inches wide. The pockets poke out about 3 inches from either side at the top. In other words, this bag is as big as it is beautiful. It was a tiny bit tight, but I comfortably fit my 13″ laptop (inside its sleeve, no less) into this bag, and I still had plenty of room to pack my phone, my water bottle, a rolled up hoodie, and a small makeup pouch before things started getting tight. I’m the type of person who probably needs about 1/8 of that space, but who loves having the ability to carry around all kinds of knickknacks. (I like to be ready for anything!) I love that this bag lets me carry a whole (literal) mess of items while maintaining a polished, put-together facade.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

My favorite feature is the crossbody strap. Clip it to loops that are on the left-hand side of either handle (so, if the bag is facing you, one loop is on the left side of the handle facing you, and the one on the back handle will be on your right). At first, that seemed a little weird to me (I’m used to loops being on the short ends of the bag, not the handles), but it does help the bag hang in a neat, level way.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

Inside, there’s a pinstripe pattern (again, so polished!) and a zippered compartment for smaller trinkets.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

The zippered side pockets are legit, not just decorative. My only complaint with these is that they don’t run the full depth of the bag—they stop about halfway down. I was hoping to be able to drop my big plus-sized phone in one of these side pockets, but they’re probably better suited to change purses, Metro Cards, and other small items.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

I doubt these feet will stay super shiny for long, knowing how busy this bag will be on my arm. That said, I love the extra bit of gold!

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

Bonus Item: Gold Bar Pendant Necklace – Value $35.00?

I’ve seen necklaces like this one before, and my reaction is always “…Is that it?” I love minimal design, but this is pushing it a bit for me.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

The gold bar is about an inch long, and it just seems a little… incomplete in a way. I’ll definitely try it in a few outfits, though—it seems like the kind of thing that works best when you need just a touch of sparkle, but not too much.

Check out my review of what I got in my April 2017 Ivory Clasp box!

I will say that, judging by weight and feel alone, this doesn’t seem like the highest-quality piece. (The value I listed above was for something that looked equivalent, since I wasn’t sure where to find this online.) But hey, it’s a free bonus item. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it!

Verdict: I am so pleased with what I got this month from Ivory Clasp! What bag you receive will depend on what you say in your questionnaire, but it seems to me like the Ivory Clasp team does a pretty solid job of picking a perfect bag. As with most of these styling services, I think it’s important to be as thorough and thoughtful about your responses in the quiz as possible. That way, you’ll have the best chances of getting something you really love. Don’t just fly through it absent-mindedly at work! I’ll be interested to see what they send along next month. They’ve sent me a really minimal, classic bag that’s probably a guaranteed crowd-pleaser—sort of a safe choice, though I do love it. Will next month be equally “safe” or will they inspire me with something unexpected? For $45.00 (and free standard U.S. shipping), I’m happy to find out. I’d probably expect to pay around $50.00 for a bag this nice in the store. Instead, I ended up getting around $150.00 of value (the bag and the necklace) in this $45.00 professionally curated box!

What did you get from Ivory Clasp this month? Did they capture your style?

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (23)

  1. I got a beautiful Betsy Johnson bag! It’s something I would have just salivated over, but never bought. It’s a pretty black and white rose design with some little splashes of color. Not too big, not too small. Just perfect. Thanks ivory clasp for a great first box!!

    • I got that one too! Love it. Don’t you love the cute pink rosebud lining too? And does yours have jewels on it?

  2. Bag twins. Very pleased.

  3. I just received the blush AVI Gemma bag. It’s not at all what I would have chosen for myself – but that’s the whole point! I LOVE it! At first glance it looks very simple, but it has snaps on either end so the zipper opening on top actually opens wider than first appears and it is tall for a small bag so my Kindle, book, etc will fit in nicely. I think it will make a great flight bag for when I travel and will even hold a change of clothes and toiletries/cosmetics, with room to spare. The material feels soft and the zipper is smooth. The Ivory Clasp customer service department has been excellent to deal with (I was out of town for a while so they volunteered to hold my subscription until I returned home and they emailed me to clarify a style choice and make a recommendation). Let’s be honest here: this is a deal where the mystery is a good part of what makes it fun and the bonus item is a nice touch. If you are not prepared to take a risk then don’t participate, but keep an open mind and you might be surprised.

  4. Ivory Clasp has a lot of work to do if they want to keep people subscribing to this service. I think most of the reviewers are purposely getting better bags. When I say “better,” I mean better than mine. I still am not impressed with the better bags. They state they don’t send knock off bags. This is true since most of these bags no one has even heard of in the first place. Who would knock off an unknown bag? My first bag was horrible. Fringe, hard, stiff and I’ve seen better at Walmart. Felt like it was cardboard with fake leather sewn over it. It was nothing like what I was seeing on reviews. I think most of these bags are collections that wouldn’t get picked up by retailers, so they are looking at any options to pass these things off. I think they originally had a retail value of $100+, but no one would opt for that, so they sell them to us for $45 and we are supposed to pee ourselves with joy because we think we got a deal. Then we are supposed to carry these things around and hope someone compliments our weird handbag – are we really this crazy? Anyway, my second bag took over a month to get to me, terribly slow shipping and it was just as bad. I have canceled. I like the idea of this, hope it gets better, and wish the company luck. I know there are a lot of kinks to work out with new ideas 🙂

    • Did you really need to post that? Did you know you can send your bag back and get another, just pay your return shipping? Did you know that you can request they not send you things like fringe? I really like Ivory Clasp and no they aren’t perfect, but no company is just like no human is. They have excellent customer service and the bags they send are good quality bags if taken care of. I feel like you posting this was mean spirited like your experience is the only experience that matters. The reviewers don’t always get amazing handbags either. It’s hit and miss. For the price, you get a great handbag that you may not buy on your own at Macy’s or Walmart! Good luck to you ma’am and I hope any other subs you get make you happy. Peace and love!

      • I did return my bag and got a similar bag which still was not even close to my profile. The shipping takes forever. Yes, I did know I could request not to have fringe – they ignored my profile totally. My post is not mean spirited, it was honest. I do think they are trying, it is a new company, and they do have work to do. I think a better idea would be to have a preview of 3 bags per month which you can select your favorite and be sent that. Then you know what your getting. I would feel better knowing that my money is well spent on something I actually want. Just my opinion.

      • I get it and I agree. I think they should do a preview of 3 options also each month after we pay and 2 days before it’s sent out. They should also have an option (a 4th option if you will) to surprise me! That’s letting them pick and no returns unless there are defects. That would be a great way to cut back on consumer dissatisfaction. The problem I see with that is everyone gets a variation of a brand or bag each month. Like this month, I believe everyone got an AVI bag. I could be wrong, but I did. I’ve seen 3 others who have also (including this post). So yes the company has some work to do, but overall they are a great company! I believe once they become a larger company, they will exceed our expectations!

      • Yes she needed to post that! It’s called a review!!

      • Her honesty was great! That is what made me realize this is NOT the sub service for me!

    • Thank you so much for your candor! I took the quiz and then backed out. Thanks again!

      • I wouldn’t take one person’s experience as that of everyone. Mind you, this is coming from one other person, but both of my bags have been beautiful and unlike everyone else it seems, both were genuine leather. I am not a reviewer and gotten gorgeous bags, maybe some people need to get more specific with their style quizzes?

    • I just got my first bag, and it’s a beautiful Betsey Johnson! Seems like it’s about the size of the AVI that so many got. It did take a while, but they emailed me and said it would take a little longer because they didn’t have anything in stock that they thought went with my style. Worth the wait! I specified no fringe, no tassles, no blue, and no backpack, but that I was open to most other things. I did say that I especially like studs, grommets, and jewels, and my bag has jewels on it! And here I was thinking how much I would like the AVI that I keep seeing in the reviews…this one was even better!!

  5. I received a very similar black AVI bag. I would have loved the pink one they advertised! I did not get a bonus item though. 🙁

    • I got the pink one surprisingly! I was very happy with it. It’s small but not to small and the design is simple. Nothing fancy, which I love! I don’t like patterns or fringe and I love the color pink (my favorite color is neon pink but for a purse, soft baby pink is best).

    • That pink one is SO cute, isn’t it? I needed a nice, sophisticated black bag, so I’m glad I got the one I did, but that pop of color sounds so fun, especially for spring and summer! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. So I signed up last night for a subscription and all I received was a confirmation and a receipt email. There was no style survey. Do they send that in a separate email before they ship since they say that they will ship within 48 hours of subscribing? Should I just email them to find out?

    • Just go to their site and fill it out. It’s asks for your email address so it’ll save to your account. Log in and take the survey.

  7. So pretty and simple – exactly my taste!

  8. Oh man. I hope I get that black bag. Love the inside fabric.

  9. Cute bag! For the necklace, I would add a simple charm like a gemstone or initial to create some interest, easy to do.

    • Ooo, not a bad idea, Julie! Thanks for the creative tip!

  10. That is a beautiful bag! I got the pink AVI bag that is on the card. Ivory Clasp did an excellent job this month. I’m very impressed.

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