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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the April 2017 Glam Bag!

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Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.40.19 AM

The April 2017 Ipsy reveals are up!

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.40.00 AM

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I still cant see what Im getting is everybody using apple app to see theirs or is anybody seeing theirs on the ipsy site yet?

  2. I feel a little silly asking this, but are we supposed to review the actual bag itself on the “Review The Glam Bag” link in our reviews? I have been giving it a rating based on the overall contents of the bag and realized it probably means to rate the actual bag.

    • No that’s not a silly question at all! I believe that it’s just to review the products and not the bag. However I like your suggestion of reviewing the bag itself, they should do a rating system where we can rate how we liked the bag itself each month so they know what styles or designs that subscribers mostly prefer in the future!

  3. My 2nd bag. Yet to see a bag twin. Getting:

    LF blush brush 🤔
    Mica highlighter #3 😮
    H2O cleanser 😀
    Tonymoly lip 😄
    LB cream 😮

    Didn’t bother to request since I’m a newbie but was excited that I get the lip product!
    Not sure with the rest as I was hoping for a nail polish or toner. Still a good bag I suppose?

  4. Does anyone else have a problem of not being able to see what they’re getting? It’s driving me crazy, haha! It’s on my second account (different email, different first name, different credit card, different profile), but I make sure that I always log out of my first account. I’ve tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome, AND my iPad, with no luck.

    • I still cant see mine either. I emailed them but was told it hasnt been made yet.

  5. My Bag:

    OFRA Cosmetics
    Peach Blush, Format Blush, or Rendezvous Blush

    defy & Inspire
    Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer in Paradise Island

    Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush

    SKIN&CO Roma
    Truffle Therapy Face Toner

    I’m happy about the Lisa Frank brush– Love. But I’m super bummed/disappointed/mystified…. because I spoke to an agent earlier in the month & requested Colorpop eyeliner in Swerve & was told I’d be getting it… Another agent took over & seemed confused (hadn’t read all the past messages?)…. and well… no Colorpop eyeliner. Fail. =(

    Anyone was to trade? I’m pretty flexible… The only thing I really want to keep is the brush.

    • Oh and TONYMOLY
      Liptone LipCare Stick in Rose Blossom, Honey Moisture, or Mint Light

  6. I was really hoping for the Lisa Frank brush, but didn’t get it:(

  7. I am getting a very nice bag!
    Ofra blush
    Peek eyeshadow
    Ciate bamboo bronzer
    Adesse lip butter
    Theorie marula hair serum
    I love it all! And the cute bag=)

  8. I swear they must be messing with me. I have two subs that are completely different and ended up exactly the same and no twins here. I love the bag, but two is overkill. They’re on to me hahah

    2 Lisa Frank brushes
    2 Colorpop eyeliners
    2 Mint Pear serums ($100 for the full size)
    2 Dry shampoo Yayyyy I can’t ever have two many of these
    2 Paradise nail polish.

    • *too many… dang spellcheck is determined to embarrass me today.

    • OMG you want to trade something for the eyeliner if you get one in swerve? I requested… was told I’d get it & then … umm didn’t … see my comment a few above yours.

      • Ellabella are you over on the swap site? I’m Monique over there. Send me a private message and we might be able to work something out. I can only wear a specific type of eyeliner due to scars. Most likely will swap both.

  9. I’m pretty happy with my bag! I’m getting:
    SKIN&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner
    Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush (requested this and I am SO happy!)
    Adesse New York Cupuacu Butter Lip Balm (looks amazing!)
    Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Honey Dew (will probably swap this out)
    ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Eye Pencil in unknown color (always happy for colourpop!)

  10. I’m getting the:
    *touch in SOL primer
    *aloe soothing gel
    *PEEK eyeshadow
    *luxie foundation brush
    *thebalm in mary-lou

    I am a bit envious of those getting the colourpop eyeliner, but I think I’ll get a lot more use out of my items! With the coming of warmer weather, that aloe gel can’t get to me soon enough

    (and while I enjoy the selection, I’m confused that they chose to match it with a carnival theme? The pool of april items seems biased towards skin care and pastel/neutral colors, not really jiving with the Outcast message lol)

  11. Getting the following:
    Elizabeth Mott
 Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter
    ColourPop Cosmetics
Crème Gel Pencil
    H2O+ Beauty Elements Keep It Fresh Cleanser
    Adesse New York Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm™
Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush

    Would had loved to get the SkinFix Cleanser or the Avene cream instead of the Glamour Dolls brush though.

  12. Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get an invite to the swaps site? I just put in to join and am hoping someone will swap the Lisa Frank brush.

    • I emailed them and told them that I don’t do social media and it felt a bit off putting having to use it to get off the list. They emailed me immediately and told me I was off the wait list. It was true that I wasn’t on social media at the time because I needed a breather.

    • Mine took a few weeks! Hope that helps!

  13. Totally love everything I’m getting besides the Lisa frank slanted brush, that’s not rly my thing. But I’m getting a Colourpop liner which is what I wanted the most! Mica beauty highlight powder, hanalei aloe soothing gel, hey honey besame mucho lip balm. So I’m happy with everything except the Lisa frank brush, I’m most excited for the colourpop eyeliner and can’t wait to see what color I get!

  14. Here’s what’s in my bag:

    OFRA Cosmetics Blush
    Defy & Inspire Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer
    SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner
    ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil
    Peek Beauty Naturally Long Wearing Eye Shadow

    I’m pretty excited to try all the items in my bag this month especially the face toner.

  15. I got:
    MicaBeauty Highlighting Powder in Shade #3

    SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner

    Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush

    Ciaté London Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Star Island

    Hey Honey Besame Mucho

    Love most of the items other than the fact that comparing them to full size, they are pretty small.. and the Lisa Frank brush is only $5 so im a bit worried about the quality. But the bag is cute 🙂

  16. I don’t think I have a bag twin yet…

    First of all, I am so bummed I didn’t get the Lisa Frank brush! 🙁 My childhood self wants it so badly but my adult self is telling me it’s not that big of a deal.

    I’m getting:
    – H2O+ Beauty Cleanser
    – ColourPop Creme Gel Pencil
    – Hey Honey Besame Mucho Lip Balm
    – Naked Cosmetics Heavy Metal #04 (are we all just getting the reject leftovers?)
    – Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush (660)

    I’m… a little underwhelmed. I pretty much got the same “formula” as my last month’s bag: a cleanser, a brush, an eyeshadow, an eyeliner, and a lip product (March: lip paint, April: lip balm).

    Has anyone used the ColourPop pencil? I seriously cannot wear anything but liquid eyeliner because any other type of eyeliner tugs on my eyelids (no matter how “smooth” or “creamy” they claim to be).

    This will be my third month in a row of non-liquid eyeliner and I want to know if I should try this one or not. I tried the other two, and they didn’t work for me and I don’t want to give them away now because they’ve already been used.

    • Haha but if you really wanted to on the Glamour Dolls website the Lisa
      Frank brush is only $5 🙂 and Your lucky you get eyeliner! I’ve had ipsy for a bit now and its the one thing I want but the only thing i don’t get lol.

      • Ah, thanks! 🙂

        • Their eyeliners are stupid creamy I’ve had a bajillion eyeliners from subscription boxes so far and that’s the creamiest I’ve encountered but it doesn’t smear like you would expect. The only better liner I’ve encountered is the smashbox Always Sharp liner, not because of creaminess but because of overall resilience.

          • Thanks, Emm! 🙂

  17. I don’t love nor hate the bag design this month. I think the idea is cute but I wish they used different colors 😕

    This month I’m getting-

    – OFRA Blush
    – EM Illustrative Eyeliner Brush
    – Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
    – Hikari Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Honey Dew
    – Hey Honey Besame Mucho

    I’m still upset that they kept sending me eyeliners 🙄 It seems like I get an eyeliner almost every month. I love eyeliner but I only use gel, not pen or stick. I’m curious about the Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel & the Hey Honey Besame Mucho though! Not a bad bag 😇

    • I can’t wear mascara and only can wear eyeshadow sticks. I reached out and they let me opt out of both and then I asked if I could opt out of bronzer too. They said no problem and I haven’t received one since. They are really really great about using this feature. Good luck.

  18. Pretty happy with my bag this month, I just wish they would send me nail polish more often! I honestly don’t know how I continue to receive products from TheBalm, I always rate them poorly.

    *Mint Pear Vitamin C Serum
    *Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer
    *Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank brush
    *Jessie’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner (black)
    *TheBalm Cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer

    After subscribing for over 2 years I’m finally thinking of “saving $5” a month by adding a second Ipsy subscription and cancelling Allure.

    • Bag twins! I absolutely love this bag! I cancelled Allure in September and haven’t missed it once! 😊

      • I’m holding out yo see that next month’s Allure looks like, it seems like the boxes have gone down a bit since they offered the $10 Black Friday deal!

  19. So happy with one of my bags…

    Mint Pear Vitamin C Serum
    Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Angle Brush
    Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey
    ColourPop Cosmetics Creme Gel Pencil
    Naked Cosmetics Heavy Metal #04 Eyeshadow

    Still waiting for Ipsy to post my second bag 😀

  20. This hawt red-orange bag is clutch for rides on the ferris wheel, killing it at the arcade, or you know, just being your uniquely awesome self all month long.

    touch in SOL
    No Poreblem! Primer

    Aloe Soothing Gel

    Hikari Cosmetics
    Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Honey Dew

    ColourPop Cosmetics
    Crème Gel Pencil in Best O, DTLA, Mr. Bing, Show Me, or Swerve

    Luxie Beauty
    Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation brush

  21. Not a big fan of the design of the bag this month, but can’t wait for my products!

    1. OFRA cosmetics blush
    2. touch in SOL! No poreblem primer
    3. Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank brush (which I requested thanks to your previous post Liz!)
    4. Skin&Co Roma Toner (I sampled their eye cream from the Amazon beauty box and really like the brand)
    5. TonyMoly Lip care (this is the first time I decided to add lip balm to my profile…can’t wait)

  22. I’m so excited with my bag and I didn’t see anyone else with the same one yet.

    theBalm Cosmetics Betty-Lou Manizer (bronzer/eyeshadow)

    Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in black

    Adesse New York Cupuacu Butter Lip Balm

    Lisa Frank Glamour Dolls brush

    H2O+ Beauty cleanser

    They absolutely do consider reviews and preferences, based on this bag. I don’t know how they can afford to provide this value for $10, including shipping and the make up bag.

    • They’re (ipsy) not buying this stuff (other than the bags themselves), companies are giving them the samples with the hopes that we’ll stumble across something we may otherwise have never known about & become a loyal customer. This has worked for me several times such as with ColourPop, It Cosmetics & theBalm.

      • That makes sense and it absolutely works. I’ve purchased so many full size things that I never would have heard about (most recently, the Milk to Foam coconut cleanser and Ladykin snailcream.

      • I fell in love with Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Mascara this way so it works!

  23. This month I’m getting:
    The Base by Lara Bingle LB Cream in Beige ~~super excited to try this
    PEEK Beauty eye will stay Naturally Long Wearing Eye Shadow in 250k8 ~~these colors are in my wheelhouse, so this should be awesome
    Eau Thermale Avène Rich Compensating Cream ~~meh. I’ve found that with moisturizer samples, there’s never really enough to tell if I actually like it or not
    OFRA Cosmetics Peach Blush, Format Blush, or Rendezvous Blush ~~I’m not huge on blush, and especially peach colored, doesn’t work with my skin tone so this will be a throwaway item for the month for me most likely
    Ciaté London
    Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Star Island or Palm Island ~~ both of the shades shown look pretty orangey to me, where for a bronzer to actually blend in well, browns work best. I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t have high hopes for this.

    After scrolling through all the available options for the month, I guess mine aren’t too bad since there’s not much else I see that I would have preferred. I know it’s a good thing they didn’t try to drop some Ponds into my bag because I would have cancelled in a heartbeat.

    • I’m pretty disappointed I got the Pond’s product. So many other items I would have LOVED to have. Not impressed, but I don’t wanna cancel 🙁

      • Yeah, I would have been super upset with Ponds, but I’ve been getting bags from ipsy for a little over 18 months now, so they pretty much know what I like at this point.

  24. Got the Lisa Frank brush (requested), Elizabeth Mott shadow highlighter – ok, Colorpop liner – ok – waiting to see color.
    Seychelles hand and nail cream – happy, and Adesse lip balm – happy

    Bags getting better. Excited!

    • Bag twins! I’m very happy with the bag this month! Mostly, I get excited about make up and brushes, but also can’t wait to smell the hand cream!

  25. Love my bag! After 2 years with this sub – I’m adding another sub to it!:)

    MintPear Vitamin C Serum

    Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter

    EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip

    touch in SOL No Poreblem! Primer

    Luxie Beauty Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660

  26. Lisa Frank Brush (my request because…UNICORNS! YAY!)
    Mica Beauty Highlighting Power Shade #3
    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner
    Hey Honey Besame Mucho
    ColorPop Liner in an unknown shade (hoping not black!)

    This is the first month of almost a year where I really am excited about everything 🙂

    • Bag twins! I’m excited about mine!

  27. This is my first Ipsy bag and I just love the design. Adorable! I also like what’s in it:

    – EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip
    – Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
    – THEORIE Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum
    – Adesse New York Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm
    – PEEK Beauty eye will stay Naturally Long Wearing Eye Shadow in 250k8

    Can’t wait ’til it arrives!

    • You got 2 brushes? Oh I’m jelly!

      • That’s an EM eye liner with a brush tip – not a cosmetic brush.

  28. I haven’t seen anyone with my bag yet so:

    The aloe moisturizer
    Defy and inspire polish in paradise island
    Jesse’s girl eyeliner
    Ciate London bronzer
    Tony Moly lip

  29. MicaBeauty Highlighting Powder in Shade #3
    defy & Inspire Wear Resistant Nail Lacquer in Paradise Island
    SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner
    Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
    TONYMOLY Liptone LipCare Stick in Rose Blossom, Honey Moisture, or Mint Light

    These and the fun bag….love Ipsy. I can attest to the fact that reviewing helps to get the best stuff. I have tweaked it over the past few months and I have only had one bad bag but I hadn’t reviewed in a few months. Lesson learned. I hope they keep up the fun, colorful bags. There were a few boring/yucky colors there(Dec/Jan/Feb were complete clunkers)

  30. I requested the Lisa Frank brush, and it is in my bag. That makes me happy!

  31. I am getting:

    -Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank angle Blush Brush

    -Seychelles Hand & Nail Cream

    -Meg Twin Nail Polish in Lovey Dovey

    -Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner

    -TONYMOLY Liptone LipCare Stick

    I LOVE my bag!!!!! This is one of the best bags I have ever received. The only thing that I am NOT loving is the red movie ticket bag!

  32. 1st bag
    Mintpear Vitamin C Serum
    Lisa Frank Angle blush brush
    Colourpop Cosmetics Pencil
    Lara Bingle The Base in Baige
    Naked Cosmetics Heavy Metal #04

    2nd bag
    Tarte Cosmetics matte lip paint in Delish
    Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow
    Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
    Theorie hair Serum
    Dream by PS Cosmeceutical Nail Lacquer in Southern Sand

    Over all very Happy with my bags!

  33. I was bummed at first but once I looked at all of the products offered this month, I’m pretty happy with my samples and the bag is cute and quirky:

    Adesse New York Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm™ (retail price $24 – really looking forward to trying)
    SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner (love a toner)
    Ciaté London Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Star Island or Palm Island
    Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Honey Dew
    ColourPop Cosmetics Crème Gel Pencil in Best O, DTLA, Mr. Bing, Show Me, or Swerve (I’m hoping they send me a different color other than Swerve as they sent me that last year).

    • Almost bag twins! Instead of the Ciate bronzer I am getting the Lisa Frank brush – which I’m super happy about! I had requested the eyeliner in DTLA, the dark blue one. I wasn’t too excited about the lip balm until I looked it up! Can’t wait for my bag to arrive, already! 🙂

  34. I absolutely love my bag! I’m getting:

    – Elizabeth Mott Show me your glow shimmer shadow and highlight
    – Lisa Frank brush (requested, I love Lisa Frank)
    – Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
    – Dream by PS polish in Southern Sands
    – TONYMOLY liptone lipcare stick in rose blossom (I love TONYMOLY!)

    The brush and the lipcare stick more than make up the cost of the bag to me and I’m happy to give the other items a try. I’m not sure about that nail polish color but my mom loved nude nail colors so if it doesn’t work for me I’ll give it to her.

    • Great bag! I really wanted the TonyMoly and Lisa Frank brush!

  35. The bag is ugly IMO, but like my contents.

    Lisa Frank Brush
    Jesse’s Girl black eyeliner
    TonyMoly Liptone Lipcare
    Eau Thermale Cream
    Meg Twin Polish in Lovey Dovey

    • I don’t like the bag either.

    • I agree about the bag. But I can probably find a friend who would like it.

  36. At first glance I wasn’t sure stoked about my bags but then I took a look at all of April’s products and I am very pleased with my bag. Based on my profiles and what I requested, these are pretty awesome bags considering they are only 10 bucks each.

    My 1st bag:
    Theorie marula hair serum
    Adesse New York butter lip balm
    ColourPop gel eyeliner
    Peek eyeshadow
    Luxie foundation brush

    2nd bag:
    Ofra peach blush
    The White Company Seychelles hand and nail cream
    Meg twin nail color in lovey dovey
    TonyMoly liptone
    Peek eyeshadow tin

    • Bag twins (bag #1)!!!

  37. Lisa Frank brush- requested yay
    Meg twin nail polish in lovey dovey
    Tonymoly liptone lipcare in rose
    Hanalei aloe soothing gel
    Ciate London mini bamboo bronzer

    Pretty good bag overall

  38. Super excited about this month!!!

    * H2O+ Beauty Elements Keep It Fresh Cleanser
    * Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush (requested)
    * TONYMOLY Liptone LipCare Stick (1st request but they said they couldn’t promise I got it…so yea!)
    *The Base by Lara Bingle LB Cream in Beige
    *Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Black (I can do without this, but everything else is right on the money!)

  39. I didn’t request an item this month. I decided to see what I would get and I’m happy.

    I’m getting

    MintPear Vitamin C Serum

    touch in Sol Primer

    Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush (YAY)

    Jesse’s Girl Eyeliner in Black

    TonyMoly Lipcare Stick (YAY)

  40. I don’t like my bag! I am getting another brush which I told them a hundred times no more brushes! I have gotten 9 out of 10 months!

    *H2O+ Beauty Elements Cleanser
    *Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Angled Blush Brush
    *Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Black
    *TonyMoly Lip care in Honey which I picked
    *The Base by Laura Bingle LB Cream in Beige.

    Yuck! I only like the TonyMoly. Everything else is going up for swap! I hate liquid eyeliners. I really wanted the Josie Maran Face cream & the truffle toner. Hopefully someone will swap with me.

    • You should email Ipsycare and ask to opt out of tools. Then you won’t get anymore brushes! It works!

      • I already opted out of nail polish bronzer eyeshadow. I emailed several times to not send brushes every month and they said they wouldn’t but they still do. I rate it low every month too but that doesn’t work either.

        • Ugh, Ipsy loves to send me brushes despite my protests. I’d love a powder or blush brush but I’ve received over a DOZEN shadow brushes in the last two years.

        • Well, you can only opt out of 3 categories.

          If you’d rather not get brushes, over one of the other items, just change it. I opted out of blush, mascara and bronzer. I haven’t received any of them since doing so.

  41. I am very impressed with my first ipsy bag! I’ve been subbing to the more expensive boxes like glossybox and such for a couple years now but I decided to give ipsy a try and I’m so glad I did because there’s a Lisa Frank brush in my bag! I was debating on buying some of those once they released anyway! So happy!

  42. I’m actually really excited for my bag this month! I didn’t pick an item, I didn’t really care for any of the spoilers. I’m getting:

    Ofra blush (I love blushes)
    Touch in SOL primer ( I love primers, always excited to try a new one)
    Lisa Frank brush
    Skin & Co toner (I love toners, I never get them in boxes)
    Tony Moly lip balm (only thing I’m not excited about)

  43. My bag is just “ok” this time, which is fine ’cause the past few have been great lol. I really wanted that brush, but we can’t have everything!
    I’m getting:
    -OFRA Cosmetics Peach Blush, Format Blush, or Rendezvous Blush
    -Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter
    -EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip
    -POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser
    -Hey Honey Besame Mucho
    I really like this month’s bag design, though!

    I also am getting tired of lip balms lol! So I checked it off for next month. Yes I love lip balms and stuff but I have so many now xDD I don’t need anymore, at least not till next winter 😉

    • I’m super disappointed I got the Pond’s in my bag (actually, I only like 1 thing I’m getting). I mean shoot.. I can run over to the local Dollar General & pick that up if I wanted :-p

  44. This is my first IPSY bag – so had no idea about requesting anything – i’m just kinda stoked to try something new. So I am getting:

    Tarte Cosmetics – Tartiest quick drying matte lip paint in delish
    Elizabeth Mott – Show Me Your Glow Shimmer Shadow & Highlighter
    Glamour Dolls – Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
    Theorie – Marula Oil Transforming Hair Serum
    Dream by PS Cosmeceutical – Nail Polish in Southern Sand

    As a first bag – I am very happy – I didn’t know what to expect, and will use all of these products – WIN-WIN!

    • You are my bag twin (down to the colors even) and this is my first Ipsy bag as well!!

      The odds of us having picked the same answers in the profile are low so they must have a set bag for new subscribers (two makeup items, a brush, hair product, nail product).

      I’m very happy with the bag as well.

  45. I am getting : The White Company
    Seychelles Hand & Nail Cream, Ciate London Bamboo Bronzer, Peek eyeshadow, Luseta Dry Shampoo and OFRA Blush. Other than the blush I am happy with my bag.

  46. How do you find out what is in your bag? I haven’t gotten any emails about what’s in my bag.

    • After logging in, I believe you just need to click on “Glam Bag”, and that will show you what’s in your bag. I’m no longer subscribed to Ipsy, so I just get a Re-suscribe Now button, when I click on Glam Bag, but I think that should do it.

  47. I’m so so disappointed that I didn’t get the LF brush (or any brush for that matter, it’s my favorite thing to get in Ipsy bags)!

    I’m pretty indifferent to my bag this month:

    OFRA blush – the offered colors look more like bronzers to me? At any rate, any of these Ofra singles that I get just end up staying in the sleeve and not getting used because I don’t have a magnet palette to put them in. Fail.

    Elizabeth Mott Shadow/Highlighter – I love highlighters and if this is a good one it will be nice to travel with because the size is small and it’s solid packaging (like the bronzer I got a month or two ago from the same brand). Win.

    Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel – aloe gel is always nice to have in the summer after a burn, especially for your face. It’s just not something I’m excited to have in my Ipsy bag. Sort of win.

    Meg Twin Polish in Lovey Dovey – I do like getting nail polishes in my sub boxes, but I feel like I’ve gotten the same gray polish color from Ipsy the past three times they’ve sent me a polish. ENOUGH IPSY! Fail.

    TonyMoly Lipcare Stick – people seem to love this and I am running dangerously low on my lip balm that I put on when I get out of the shower, so this is coming in at the perfect time. Win.

    Everything is usable in the end. The blush and polish will go into my Project Beauty Share box this month and the rest will get used. I guess 3/5 is a decent box despite my saltiness about not getting the LF brush!

    • Bag twins! I’m happy with this bag!

    • What is your beauty share box? Just curious… is it for swaps or do you donate it?? Because that is a good idea

      • Project Beauty Share is a west coast non profit that takes new and gently used cosmetics and other personal care products. I send them cosmetic bags I get (I get so many from sub boxes), send them Bath and Body Works stuff that I get on sale because I dont know when to stop buying it, make up from sub boxes I don’t like and other make up that I buy but end up not liking (I don’t do returns).

        It’s not local to me (I am on the east coast), but it’s really a great organization and I appreciate that they will take gently used items and sanitize it because so many places won’t.

  48. I’m extremely happy with by bags! After looking at what others are getting, I feel like ipsy is really taking into account my reviews and preferences since I’m not getting polish, bronzer, highly pigmented lip colors, or eyeliner (yay!).

    Bag #1:
    OFRA blush (keeping)
    H20+ Beauty cleanser (keeping)
    Lisa Frank brush (keeping)
    Adesse New York lip balm (keeping)
    Colourpop creme gel pencil (likely keeping)

    Bag #2:
    OFRA blush (swapping if it’s a dupe color from Bag #1)
    Hanalei aloe soothing gel (keeping)
    Hikari cream pigment eyeshadow (keeping)
    Colourpop creme gel pencil (likely keeping unless it’s a dupe color from Bag #1)
    Hey Honey Besame Mucho (keeping)

    • My bag is exactly the same as your bag #2 🙂

  49. My glamroom isn’t live yet.. I resubscribed on 4/1 so maybe that’s why? Because I was billed for April.

  50. -Ofra blush (needed this. I haven’t had one since April 2016)
    -hanalei aloe gel (meh, I like skincare so cool)
    -hikari Cream shadow (it looks similar to the 6 colors I already have but cool)
    -ColourPop eyeliner (hoping for burgundy or navy)
    -hey honey lip treatment (still working on a stick from aufust, Balm from oct, Stick from December and something tiny from birchbox but it feeds my lip balm obsession)

    A perfect bag would have been a cleanser, a Serum or a foundation brush as I could use any of those. This is a pretty strong bag though, depending on what shades I get.

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