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GlossyBox Mother’s Day 2017 Box Available Now + FULL Spoilers!

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The GlossyBox Limited Edition Mother’s Day Pink Diamond Box is now available! This box is $35 for subscribers and $40 for non-subscribers.

And we now have FULL SPOILERS for the box!

Each box will include:


What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. I was charged and my box never shipped 🙁

    • What day did you pay?

  2. I received this box today. The only “what on earth were they thinking?” item for me turned out to be the chakra boost roll-on. Such an unpleasant fragrance, not sure why they thought it would make a good gift for anyone.

    But I received a Nudestix pencil in a color I can actually use, and I think the Vichy thing is going to be similar to the Japanese Hada Labo hyaluronic acid lotion I’ve used (I just wish the HA wasn’t all the way towards the end in the ingredient list).

    The illuminating powder I will just need to swap (for my skin I need matte, not shimmery), but I am not hating this box after all like I initially thought I would. It’s definitely a good value.

  3. If anyone just wants the Josie Maran compact her site is having a sale that’s 22% off right now. The promo is earth22. I love her stuff and keep getting that offer in my email lately.

  4. The Rituals is definitely better for Mother’s day…but I love the Vichy and intrigued by the Josie Maran, everything else is extra for me ❤

  5. I like Sephora, the quality is always there…

  6. So glad I held off. I had a feeling they were releasing the best spoilers first. It’s one thing I dislike about GB – they always release the best spoilers first and the full spoilers show the “leftover” type of products. I still think this box COULD be worth $30, but I wouldn’t gift it to my mom. And $40 is too much.

  7. Now that I’ve seen the full spoilers, I still think this is a good box, but only for $30. I would’ve felt like I got ripped off I’d paid $40. I agree this almost just seems like how a regular monthly Glossybox used to be a year or two ago when most of the items were full sized.

  8. Speaking of GlossyBox, when do the regular subscription boxes normally ship? I subscribed on March 31st, haven’t received my first box yet, but today was already charged for the second.

    • It’s strange they would’ve charged you for a second box so soon, unless since you technically subbed in March they’re sending you the March box and the second charge was for the April box, that seems likely. To answer your question though, I think they ship pretty quick. I usually get my box by the 15th every month. This month I was charged on 4/1 or 4/2 and my box arrived on 4/10.

    • Same here! Not a good start! 😕

  9. Omg I love it!!! Good thing I already ordered mine!! And I looked at all the pink polishes on ncla website and they are all to die for omg!! I need them all😍😍😍 plus Josie maran?!? Yaaaasssssss

  10. For those planning on actually getting their mom a box, I would recommend the Rituals one over this one. I loved that box. This one I would never actually send to my mom.

    • I agree! The Rituals box was well worth the price! This box doesn’t really have anything interesting for both my mom or myself.

  11. More than worth the $30 deal! Yay!

  12. I found myself looking to buy that Josie Maran powder so for just $5 more than I am happy to get all those other things. Cute nail polish and always wanted to try Nudestix.

  13. Nothing too exciting. I ordered it bc i want to try the powder even though its overstock with bad ratings. The other stuff is just the same old every day box items. At $35 + $10 april box i had to buy, i think its…okay…hindsight, id still pefer my $45 back :/ ….only because i already have 100x lipsticks/ polishes/moiturizers. These are good ones though…so im …okay…with it. Nothing “special” about this special box. Feels like a monthly box back when monthly boxes used to be good

  14. I am new to subs so I am super excited for all the boxes I ordered my first month (7) . Especially this one… this is all new to me – a newby….. 🙂

    • That’s awesome! Welcome to the club!! I remember my first month of boxes I was immediately hooked and still am! Watch out because one day u might be like one of the picky ladies saying “oh another boring box!” Lol

    • I just started in November 2016, and I was up to 14 boxes, Ipsy, Sephora, Birchbox, Look Fantastic, Glossybox, Target, Walmart, BeautyFix, Lip Monthly, Allure ,Petit Vour, Love Goodly, TestTube, Beauty Beyond Borders, .. and I was also buying Beauty sample lots off ebay… I think that’s Now that I have a nice stash going on, I was finally able to cancels some. Now I get.. Allure, BeautyFix, GlossyBox, Look Fantastic, TestTube, and Love Goodly. Also.. sometimes the Target and Walmart. I’m still trying to get lower, but it’s hard! I just can’t choose! I don’t even need all this stuff! It’s truly an addiction… but the excitement of the boxes is slowly going away now, thank goodness, so I’ll definitely be cancelling more.

      • Melissa, our addictions are running parallel. My gateway allure box was last november, and I escalated pretty quickly with PSMH and BOS. Then came more beauty boxes. I cancelled all the little ones but stuck with beauty fix and glossybox, to which I recently added love goodly, good being, and look fantastic. And then of course there’s FFF and Robb Vices. And how could I forget bespoke and sugarbash. I’m going to dial it way back for summer and fall to work through my stash, then dive back in on black Friday!

        • I’m telling ya,,,,,was I ever surprised to find this other world of subs…LOVE it. I started March 28…no boxes arrived yet…..I ordered Allure, Sephora, Look Fantastic, Glossy Box, Boxycharm and a coffee subscription 🙂 so I have coffee each morning when Liz’s email comes through with the Sizzle…what happens on Black Friday?

          • A lot of boxes have sub deals, and last year MSA had collaborated with some subs and had “Better Than Black Friday” deals. 🙂

          • Thank you, Luna! I’ll keep an eye out for those deals…:)

        • I agree, great plan!!!!!

      • AND my cats are getting me this one and beauty report for mothers day!

        • lol, that’s a great idea

    • Yea!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of sub boxes!!! It’s like Christmas every month! Enjoy it!!!

  15. I think this is a good box even for my CAD 45. I’ll use 4 items, gift the other 2. Brow pencil and chakra thing will have to go.

  16. I think this is a very good box: I will use 4 items, gift the other two. My chakras are just fine, thank you (whatever that is) and I use eyeshadow for my brows. I prefer regular lipstick to any crayons or liquid, but I’ll take Nudestix. $30+$5 shipping * 1.3= CAD $45. Still happy.

  17. It’s a pretty box. Sent one to my sis. She does not sub to any. So getting a box every now and again is a treat for her and very much appreciated.

  18. I like the box just fine, but what I’m really excited for is the BeautyFix Mother’s Day box. When is that one going on sale?!?

    • I know I’m so excited as well!!

  19. Unlike others, I thought all the items looked good, and even went halfway through checking out…then I thought, well with $40 I can get four months of ipsy, which I’ve been wanting to try. Yes, I probably will only like half the items and they’re only samples, but I think what I like to pay for is the surprise of not knowing what’s coming!

  20. I just want the May box spoilers. I loved my March and April box. Still debating on the rituals box. But this box is an easy pass for me.

    • Oh I completely fell in love with the RITUALS box! Wish I would’ve gotten 2! The scent is heavenly and the products are top notch quality, I get excited when its bathtub time just because of that box! The shower oil is AMAZING as well as the body mist! I get SO many compliments! And the value on that box was outstanding! If you’d like to trade or sell your box please let me know on here!👍🏻

      • That box is still on sale, btw.

        • Thanks, I just randomly read that and went to the site to get it. I would love this box but I really really wanted the Rituals and had serious fomo.

  21. Loving 4/6 things from this box. Soooo glad I bit during the flash sale. Would have preferred a palette for the final item since I don’t fill in my brows, but spending $30 for over $100 in actually usable products for me is great!

    • I’m the same way. My eyebrows are amazing as they are, I don’t need to fill them in, and honestly, I dislike the look when others do it. But I’m loving everything else.

  22. 4 of the 6 are items I’ll use and want…so glad I bought it!

    • Me, too. Rough crowd today.

      • Yeah – the items look great. Not sure about the 1990’s comments. There aren’t even any color items except the polish which is a very on-trend bubblegum pink for spring.

  23. Easy Pass…. they’ve not shipped the Rituals box orders from back in March…. how will they get this out in time for Mother’s day!? …. anyone else not get shipment on Rituals?? …. 3 weeks later… 🙁

    • Oh no u definitely should’ve gotten that by now I would call them asap!

  24. For some reason, this gives off a vibe of ‘box from 1995’ or something like that. It’s sort of a random bunch of mildly useless stuff in dated colors.

    • More like something from Mad Men.

  25. No. Nope. Nada.

  26. I am not happy but I am not complaining either. I love nudestix and I want to try out the highlighter from JM and buying them in a bundle like this is a lot cheaper than buying them individually, even with the 15% sale at Sephora for VIB rouges. The rest is whatever to me.

  27. Wow, I have purchased this every year and this is sooo not exciting at all! I was excited to see these spoilers, now I’m going to pass on this purchase. Seems like this box is less exciting every year…

  28. Easy pass.

    • Really easy pass…. seems like an inventory clean up box?? ….. they will get this out in time for Mother’s Day when they haven’t even shipped the Rituals box ordered back in March?? GLOSSYBOX customer service is not what it used to be……… 🙁

      • Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me (inventory cleanup). There doesn’t seem to be a theme to this box.

  29. I can’t cancel my order for this now, can I?
    Not excited for anything in this box…

    • I wish I could cancel too…..Not one thing is to my taste. Sigh….

      • GOSH I wish I waited till the spoilers to order! I am kicking myself now for my impatience.

      • Would any of you guy be willing to sell the josie maran, vichy, adoratherapy, and nudestix, for maybe a little less than the cost of the full box? I’m not a subscriber after being screwed over by them I’m not sure if I want to risk dealing with them again.

    • My thoughts exactly! I mean, it’s made up of amazing products, but it’s just that there is nothing that I’m interested in. The Josie Maran and Vichy are it.. Not worth the $30 though.

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