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Ellie Workout Wear Subscription April 2017 FULL SPOILERS

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Ellie is a workout wear + gear subscription. And we have the full spoilers for the April 2017 box.

UPDATE: Not all subscribers may receive the same items. We’ll reach out to Ellie to find out what might vary this month.


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What do you think of the April spoilers?

More about this box:

The Subscription Box: Ellie

The Cost: $49.95

The Products: “Every month you’ll receive 5 amazing items for your active lifestyle. Your usual box can include a sports bra, a top, leggings or capris, a jacket, accessories (a tote maybe), and a piece of equipment.”

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  1. It looks like Ellie is run by Marika. Marika also has a VIP program for $19.95/mo. This gets you a free item plus you get 60% off anything else. You could basically customize your own box and spend about the same. I would be more interested in that since their fitness items don’t really appeal to me. For $36-$40, you could pick out pants and a top. I browsed but really didn’t think any of their sports bras looked worth the price tag. Their site does have a plus size section so you could still do VIP. You can also find Marika at stores like TJ Maxx and on sites like Groupon frequently…

  2. I received my March box yesterday and I had a couple different items (bra, tank and water bottle was pink)- however I thought they did a great job with the substitutions (all correct size)and still was a cohesive look. I will change my billing date to earlier in the month so hopefully that will help – however I do really like the feature of choosing your own billing date so I guess that’s the risk if you don’t want another box billing on the 1st of the month. And at the end of the day I’m getting a workout outfit with accessories for $50 – if they didn’t release the spoilers I would never have known the difference.

    • If I have been subbed to this box for several months, why am I getting substitutes when new subscribers are not?

  3. I’m done too. Why fall in love with any of the revealed items if you’re not going to get them? I just got my March box, and I did not get even one featured clothing item. Not one! While I understood from their FAQ that they could substitute, I never imagined it would be every single item. No more. It’s too disappointing.

    • Oh man, I am waiting for my March Box. My sign up date was the last week. I will let everyone know- what I receive. I am one of the few people that have been very happy with the boxes.

  4. I really wish they offered plus sizes. It baffles me that fitness boxes don’t. It seems like it is common sense that overweight people might be trying to lose weight. Just as smaller people are trying to maintain. As a plus sized woman, I would love to see a fitness wear box that provides extended sized without the “fat tax” or “fat fee.” I would love to be able to receive this box.

  5. I guess that I am one of the few that love this box. All of my items have fit perfectly. I like the bright colors. I sent many emails before purchasing and subscribing to the box in January. My emails were answered quickly. Before the launch, I wanted to subscribe but I could not find a size chart. I was sent a size chart the next day. Then I had trouble signing up, and I was sent a link right away. I have been happy with this company, and I give them a thumbs up. I am anxiously waiting for my next box. I feel that the quality is very good for the price. You do receive, I have so far, a bra, shirt, bottom- leggings or work- out pants, a piece of equipment, and another item. My bottle has held up very well. This box is comparable with The Buff Boxx by Rebock. So I feel that the box has value. Hopefully this box continues.

    • Last month I would have agreed with you – then it happened to me. I was sent items that were different than what was pictured and did not coordinate well with each other. I sent an email inquiring about the variation and heard nothing. I asked if changing my anniversary date would improve my odds of getting what was advertised and heard nothing. Just this weekend I asked them to cancel. I will see if they respond to that. I found the April outfit online for cheaper than $50 anyway – and I do not need hair ties or towels.

      • Sorry that that happened to you. If I am not sent what the bloggers are sent- I will cancel also. It has been just 2 boxes that I have received. I am getting the March box- this week- due to my sign up date. There are a lot of boxes for fitness out there- so we will see. Hope that you get everything cancelled ok. MIZZ Fit From Quarterly also has a kick a** box that does not disappoint.

        • Thanks. I lift for my fitness so I was going to give Barbells a shot.

  6. Thanks everyone for the warnings, I was going to tell my mom to subscribe but now I wont!!

  7. Do NOT sub to this box!!!!! This company is a nightmare to deal with. They dont answer the phone or return emails. I got the Feb box at half off too but the crap they sent me wasnt worth 25$ either. Got screwed out of the water bottle, they sent me the wrong sizes, and different items than the spoilers showed. Took 2 MONTHS to get a replacement shirt in the correct size (still not the shirt they showed on the website) and the bra wasnt avail anymore, so all i ended up with was a cheap pair of pants. They really need to just exit stage left and call it a day. Buyer beware!!

  8. I wanted to add myself to the warnings. I went through a lot of aggravation with this company recently. I signed up when they had the promo in February for the first box half off. That went ok. Then when I started getting emails with the March info, I didn’t like what I saw in the box for the month and was planning on skipping when I received the promised email notification “five days before” being rebilled. My rebill day was March 26. I did NOT receive my email five days before, only three, on March 23, which was a Thursday. I immediately tried to look for the infamous “skip” button in the email as they promised, but found nothing. I sent them a nice email asking where I could find it, since I wasn’t able to skip within my account either. They responded March 29 (long after being rebilled and my package was already sent out). Meanwhile, I even tried to contact them via their phone number but no answer. The woman who responded to my email sounded condescending IMO and reiterated stuff that wasn’t applicable in my case, ie telling me I had five days if I wanted to “cancel” (when I had clearly written that I had been given only three) and basically admitting there is no real way to just “skip”. I was not informed in that email of the skip button having tech issues like I’m reading on here, which she should have told me. Of course she said she couldn’t do anything for me since my package had already shipped. How convenient. So I told her to cancel, because there’s no way I want to babysit a sub every month and then have no way to reach them if I want to have them manually skip a month for me.
    Shady! And I agree, $50 is too much for the quality they send. Just go to TJ Maxx and you’ll get the same brand lol.

    • On a side note, tj max is my go to for this stuff, but i have had a few favorites from sales at gap (and also aeropostal 😲..better than VS sport imo)that have lasted years! Dont count those 2 out if you need something to hold you over or fill your stock between adidas boxes 😎

      • Linda, I absolutely agree! I have a ton of workout pants from the Gap, and feel the quality is absolutely there, and no need to spend the crazy amounts for a VS pant! And now I’m going to head to Aeropostale 😁😁😁. Oh also, Athleta on sale is a good find too.

    • I got the February half-off deal too, but I canceled afterward and am happy I did. I’m swapping out almost everything I received that month. The style of most things just isn’t for me and it’s not worth the sub if I think I’ll maybe like/use one item per month. I didn’t have any difficulty canceling by email but I did it a few days after I got my box so I wasn’t up against their deadline. As for this month’s box I think that top is cute and I’d use the hair ties and headband, but that’s it. Even on that model the cutouts in the leggings (which are fine in theory) totally give her muffin top of the calves, which…I didn’t even know was possible. I don’t want clothes that make parts of my body pooch out.

  9. Thanks for the warnings, I’ll spend more on the adidas subscription and see how that goes.

    • You can’t go wrong with adidas AND their customer service is amazing!

  10. I really wanted to love this subscription, but Ellie’s not for me. I received a different top than advertised, and the leggings feel really cheap. I also don’t feel considering the quality that it’s worth $50. Luckily, I had purchased my first box at 50% off which feels more accurate of a price range (I can get similar quality items at a local discount store for under $5 each). I emailed them to question the top because it’s not a style I would choose and also ask about a free item I was offered. 3 times. No response. Fed up, 2 weeks later I requested to cancel. 4 days passed, suddenly they respond. Made no attempts to rectify the situation or retain me as a subscriber. Also, it’s sketchy to remove the “skip” button and claim it’s a technical issue that now a month later they still haven’t corrected. Buyer beware.

  11. I would be wary of this company. They do have variations and are hard to get a hold of. My March box had a different top and weird bra than what was advertised. I reached out to customer service and had no response. I asked to cancel and have had no response. It seems once they run out of inventory they start putting in substitutions.

    • Agreed. I was able to cancel via email, but they won’t let me return my March box – none of my items matched the spoilers. They did allow me to return the previous month in which they substituted XS for xl, like that was going to work out for me. So I’m done.

    • THANK YOU for the warnings!!!!! I was tempted on this one, but I will save myself the aggravation. Substituting clothing sizes is definitely not OK!!!!

    • Thanks for letting us know. I’ll update this post.

    • Thanks or the warning, i really like these pieces 💔. On the bright side, its sunday and warm out = perfect for shopping and now i know just what to buy

    • thanks for the warning. I’m looking for a fitness sub and will now pass on this one.

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