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BoxyCharm May 2017 – SPOILER #3!

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We have another spoiler for the May 2017 Boxycharm subscription box! All boxes will include:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.12.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.13.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.12.12 AM

What do you think of the latest May 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? What item from The BrowGal are you hoping for?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does anyone know if I can do anything to avoid the darker cream contour palette?

    • Nothing 🙁

  2. Does this have coupon codes or good deals periodically? I have been waiting to join but I really want Mays box!!! Any help is greatly appreciated.

  3. There is a Boxycharm Facebook page and Gabby posted a video of a sneak peak and it is The Brow Gal “The Convertible Brow” which are brow powder with brush.

  4. There is always going to be something someone isn’t going to like. I love Boxycharm. I also know I will not always like everything they give me. That being said I’m excited about the contour either way.

  5. I literally only subscribe to this box for the “play” factor. People shouldn’t be expecting to find their holy grail products from Boxycharm. You really have to pay high end prices for those. But I like how Boxycharm gives us a lot of mid-market products of all types to try for fun.

  6. April was my 2nd box and both were spot on for my profile I filled out. Colors were what I like and products I will use so I’m happy just wish I signed up a long time ago When you get repeats or stuff you won’t use sell it on eBay or one of those other sites like Poshmark or Let Go. I have done that with stuff from other boxes and it’s covered the cost of the box. Lots of people like the deluxe samples for travel. Can’t wait for Next months box😊 LoL I said that the past two months.

    • I never thought of selling it. Duh! Thanks for posting. 🙂

    • How long were you on the waitlist or were you not on it at all?

  7. Another contour pallet ? I am not sure how I am feeling about this box. April was my 1st one, and although I do like the products I wasn’t “wowed” . I am hoping with all hope there is going to be something in this box that will make me happy

    • April was my first box also. I’m supposed to get in tomorrow. I would love to be getting more eye shadows, blushes, brushes…..maybe some brush cleaner?? Primers?? SOMETHING I know how to use. 😀

      • Trust me, in my year plus with boxycharm I’ve had multiples of those items, so i’m sure you’ll get them at some point if you stick with it. I think they are going for a balance of difference stuff at the moment, cause it wasn’t so long ago here a lot of regular subscribers here who were complaining about too many eye palettes. LOL

        • Thank you!! I’m going to keep boxy for a while. I think I just get too excited. LOL!!

    • I noticed that in April a lot of girls who like to buy and swap items (I have a FB group in which this is done with any makeup products not just Boxycharm and I am not advertising as I am not even putting the name) were looking for the Ofra product and most people where only swapping or selling the sponges and/or the concealer palette and compared to other months I did not see much in any of facebook groups. The concealer palette was great for people who work on others due to the range of colors. The sponges some found them a bit too hard even when saturated in water but the Ofra Highlighter seems like it was an item most wanted and loved.

    • April was my first box too and I feel exactly the same! I’m hoping for some eyeshadow, blushes, etc. I’m not great at cream contour so I’m hoping I don’t receive that in the May box.

  8. Well, I guess If I stay with boxycharm I’m going to have to visit youtube (a LOT) to learn how to contour & highlight. 🙁 LOL

    • lol me too ! I am already visiting You-Tube after this months box, , I don’t know anything about Contour and Highlight, but that’s the beauty of it I guess,, ( no pun intended )

      • LOL I’m just not all that excited about learning how to use these. 🙁 I’m pretty simple, I’d just like some pretty eye shadow, blushes, some unique colored eye liners and mascaras. Things like that. I’m not going to spend an hour putting on a face that looks nothing like me! LOL Teehee…..

    • A few tips

      1. Don’t get intimidated! Contouring and highlighting isn’t as difficult as many make it out to be.. you’re basically just deepning the natural shadow under your cheek bone and brightening the top of it.

      2. Remember anywhere you put the darker (contour) shade, it’s going to “push back” that part of the face and anywhere you put a lighter (highlighting) shade is going to be brought forward. Ie. If you have a bigger chin, you may just want to dust the contour shade lightly at the top to make the chin appear shorter and if you have a less than strong chin, put the brighter color to create the illusion of it looking a bit bigger.

      3. There is a difference between normal matte highlighting powders and the highlighting glowy powders. It can get a bit confusing so try the basics of contouring and highlighting first, then research glow powders.

      4. Make sure you know your skin tone before picking your contour shade. There are two main undertones, cool and warm. Look at the veins in your forarm, if they appear slightly blue and your skin has a pinkish hue and silver jewelry looks best with your complexion, you likely have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear to be slightly green and your skin tends to look a bit yellow and gold is your go to jewelry pick, it’s safe to say you have a warm tone. There is a third tone that may suit you best, neutral. Neutral skin tones can usually wear cool or warm contour powders depending on their preference, they also look good in both gold and silver.

      5. Most folks will tell you that when you contour, you’re going to need a more cool tone powders to create a realistic shadow under the cheek bone… while that’s kind of the standard rule of thumb, it’s not always the case. If you have a cool undertone to your skin and you wear a warm contour, it’s likely that it will be a bit too orange to pass as a shadow. On the flipside, if you have a warmer tone and you wear a cool toned contour powder, there’s a chance it may just look ashey on you.

      6. Have fun! While these tips are kind of the beauty world standard when it comes to highlighting and contouring, they are more like guidelines than they are rules. Don’t forget, make up is an art form and a creative outlet (for me anyway).. let your creativity guide you.. if you like wearing something contrary to the “rules of makeup” who cares?! If it works for you, you do you boo!!

      Hope these tips help, even if just by a bit!

      • Thank you so much!! That helps A LOT!!! 😊❤

      • These are awesome tips, thank you. I learned something new from them. I had no idea about the vein colour being a good way of telling your skin tone. 🙂

  9. Cancelled a month ago and don’t miss the palettes one bit. CS is horrid, so happy not to deal with it either.

    • Did you sub to something else?? Any recommendations? LOL

  10. I absolutely love Boxycharm! I’m a highlighter girl and contour gal too. So I’m loving all these products from BoxyCharm . BoxyCharm is hip and knows what is great and knows when they see a great product. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointmented in a product from my Boxycharm box. I belong to 8 sub-boxes and BoxyCharm is my favorite. 🏆

  11. The Brow Gal is probably a highlighter.

    • I would hope not considering there are highlighting shades in the contour palette. I got a clear brow gel from the brow gal and it was decent. Hoping for some brow products 🙂

      • She’s joking because we are all getting sick of so many highlighters.

        • Oh well I must be the odd man out here. I love getting highlighters because they make great shimmery eye shadows. And if I don’t like something I pass it to family or friends or make a care package for the local women’s shelter. No products go to waste here.

  12. I just really don’t want the cream contour. I already have one that is my hg

  13. If it turns out to be their brow gel, I am cancelling. That stuff is awful-super flaky. I like the paddle brush, but that’s it so far.

  14. OMG !! I am so sad. I have been on the waitlist forever,and god im in love with this box!! I have a few subs but it looks as if boxy is so much better!! Hopefully I will be off in time to receive this box!! I wish I could have got Aprils as well! I really loved it to!!

    • Amanda, you should try and e-mail them. Just remind them your still waiting and if they know when you’ll be off the wait list. I was on the wait list too and a couple days after I e-mailed them, I was off the waitlist. 😃 Most likely you’ll get May box if you e-mail them.

      • What is their email? I have tried to email them through the site but it wouldn’t go through.


  15. Powder pallet please….This is a big price difference in pallets can’t wait to see how they make up for the value of the box to those who get the cream contour pallet…

  16. fingers crossed for the iby powder as this will be used for eyeshadow. I dont contour, bronze or highlight and I never will. I have been completely enamoured with boxy for almost a year. last 3 months have been very disappointing, but others like this stuff so I’m holding out for them to swing back around to the products i love to get… but I’m only waiting for one more month after this.

    • It seems boxycharm thinks I love zombie lavender/gray and dark purple lipsticks/lip glosses and contour kits. Ummmmm I’m set on contour kits and the lip products have been terrible for me lately. I hope boxy starts changing it up a bit. I want to love their box again.

  17. Not into contouring, although I realize others are. I’m giving it a break for a couple of months.

  18. With the concealer palette that came for April – and knowing people will have to use most of the colors as contour or eye shadows, it’s a little annoying that they’re doing a contour palette the following month.

    Enough for the contour and bronzers! I hope all sub box gods hear it!

    • This is exactly how I feel. Theres no way ALL those colors in the concealer pallet could be used on my face, it screamed contour when I saw it. Now another one with colors way out of my skin range. I waited on the waitlist 2 months for this?!?!

      • Right??!!! I was SO EXCITED to get off the wait list and get my first box. Well, not too terribly happy with it so far. Getting my first box tomorrow (April’s).

    • I can’t have enough of the highlighters and bronzers lol. Please more BRONZERS. We love them. ❤️❣️

  19. Waitlisted 🙁 Hope it opens up soon!

    • I just cancelled Gina. Hope you get my spot!

  20. I’m still on the waiting list from April 6th I wish they would at least take your money or you know allow their subscribers to skip a month it seems like every other month I want in. Even if you sign up in the beginning of the month you’re not going to get what is advertised. Looks like everyone wants the powder, I still want the Ofra Highlighter.

    • I was on the waitlist for about 2 months then I received an email that I was off. Click on the link and go through the steps only to be told I was waitlisted AGAIN! I was beyond upset. So I emailed and received no replies. Emailed again and told them what happened and that if I am going to be waitlisted again after receiving the “your off the waitlist” email that I would just like to be removed completely. Got an email to that saying I was removed and sorry to see me go! WOW way to go Boxy! SO needless to say I will not be getting Boxy!

      • When everyone was getting off the waitlist 10 minutes after signing up and I was on the waitlist for a month, I emailed them with a screen shot of them saying people will be off in the order that they are put on off their website and they canceled my waitlist spot for it.

      • Wow! Both of these comments are disturbing. I’ve never contacted CS but would certainly expect better treatment than this! It almost sounds like what people were going through with LLB.

  21. Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure these are great products just not for me. Another box with so far items I will never use (my luck I’ll get the cream palette) Two boxes in a row. It’s looking like Boxy isn’t meant for a 48 year old woman with simple makeup use. I hate to cancel for if I do May probably will be awesome !! I’m guessing as well if I cancel and rejoin I’ll be back on the waitlist and potentially miss out on a great box like February. I guess I’ll try swapping most of this one.

    • I keep swapping most of my boxycharm boxes, if not the entire box lately. I’ve decided to go 3 more months, and if I don’t like what I’m receiving in my box, I’m canceling. I used to love this box!

    • I cancelled after the wild eyeshadow palette in March. I swapped that entire box. No regrets for April and so far no regrets for May based on these spoilers. I think they’re trying to appeal to a younger crowd. Or I’m just showing my age maybe 😉 Do you get Beauty Fix? That’s my favorite right now, always a hit. I decided to try out New Beauty Test Tube, too, and so far so good on that as well. And, to be honest, I loved the spring BeautyCon, too, all the makeup in that box was very usable for me and I made a few surprising discoveries I would never have thought to try.

      • Boxy wait listed me when I went to reactivate after being a long term subscriber so I went for Beautyfix in it’s place and I love the skincare. I doubt I will be going back to Boxycharm even when I do get off the wait list.

        • I agree, for a few more bucks beautyfix is better for skin care. Even when I’ve cancelled many beauty subs, I’ve kept beautyfix. It’s always been a great box and items I don’t like are easy to swap.

      • Lol after reading these responses I just went an started Beauty Fix!! I got the last test tube Beauty I liked it. I liked the idea of beautycon but kept reading issues with cancelling and having to buy months at a time I think. Or buy the full year. Can’t remember now.

    • Been wondering the same thing knowing if I cancel I’ll miss out on something I really want! These are items I don’t use!

    • Susan Donahue—– EXACTLY!! I’m 46 and can SOOOOOOOO relate to everything you said!!

      • I’m 44. My only save is I pass what I won’t use to my 19 yr old daughter and her friends. It’s to the point where they can’t use anymore contour/highlighters from my boxes though.

        • My daughter is 13. So she isn’t into makeup just yet. I’m sure some of my friends will appreciate them though. 🙂 Call me selfish,…but I kinda wanted to be the one who was excited about getting my box though. LOL 😀

    • I haven’t even been able to swap my April box. All I wanted was the highlighter and it seems like no one else wants the rest either (Farmacy gel masks, noyah gloss in Malbec, that dratted palette…)

  22. I also hope I get the powder, I’m absolutely terrible with cream anything. This months pallet was disappointing for me (did anyone else’s have moisture on a few of the shades?) I’m going to write them and ask if that’s normal. My moms had a bit too but not on the same shades. Sorry a bit off topic. Still love boxycharm over a yr straight 😊

    • Every one of my shades had moisture on them. But I live in hot, humid Florida so I chalked it up to that lol

    • All mine had moisture as well and the concealers seemed really dry. I live in Canada and it’s pretty cool here right now so I was surprised to see that much moisture.

  23. I don’t mind powder contouring palette, but would love to see something colorful for spring as well! Looking forward to more spoilers 😊

  24. I truly want the IBY CONTOUR SET!! I already have a cream contour set and don’t care for it… I really need a powder one.. because that is what I’m always using is different powders and don’t have any good contouring powders other than my bronzer. This would be so exciting to get!! 🤞Fingers crossed cuz I don’t own any IBY makeup yet other than a lip liner that I adore, as well, and have been wanting to try the IBY cosmetic line. I think crown is very over rated and I get many items from crown in all my subs… but this paddle brush is definitely a keeper… I love paddle brushes.. they work so great… and have changed the game for me… can’t wait to see what the BrowGal has in store for us… I love and go through brow products more than anything!!! Especially seeing that all my brows are blonde and I like them to show as a nice medium to dark brown!!! How exciting!!! I love BoxyCharm! Definitely one of my favorite sub boxes out of the 7-8 that I receive!!!

  25. Brow Gal is cool. I’ll love this box if I get the powder pallet, hate it if I get the cream. Powder please! Powder please!!

    • Same. Hate the variation…

  26. ❤️💕 Boxycharm! Cannot wait for this box since I don’t have any contour palettes as most boxes are sampling highlighters. The paddle brush is too cute. I hope they give out a special pencil for eyebrows from
    Brow gal. Thank you for the spoilers Liz! You are the best!

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