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BoxyCharm May 2017 – SPOILER #3 Confirmed & #4 Sneak Peek!

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We have another spoiler for the May 2017 Boxycharm subscription box!

All boxes will include:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.12.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.13.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.12.12 AM

We now know that The BrowGal item included is:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.30.48 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.31.14 PM

The Convertible Brow

The also included a sneak peek swatch of a 4th product!

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.37.02 PM

What do you think of the latest May 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? What do you think the 4th item could be?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. Liz, I tagged you in a pic on Instagram of spoiler #4 that was announced on Laura Lee’s Snapchat. Its the Temptu x BoxyCharm liquid glow!

  2. The 4th product is a temptu x boxycharm collab. Laura Lee posted it on her snapchat!

  3. What’s on her hand looks like jelly pong pongs liquid gossamer. I received one in a bb5 and it looks identical to it. (At least it does to me)

    • It is some type of liquid illuminator by temptu! Its on Laura Lee’s snapchat

  4. How long is the waitlist normally?!?!?!?!?!

  5. So excited! I’ve been subbed since last year and I don’t have not 1 complaint except I wish my boxes would get here sooner!!! I love all my products! There has only been 1 product I wasn’t thrilled about and my mom was happy to take that off my hands lol!! I’m a boxycharm subber for life!

  6. Does anyone know what color/shade the brow kit is?

    • It has 3 shades. The first one is for dark the second is medium and the 3rd is light

    • I’m not sure, since the kit comes in 3 different shades (with 3 colors per shade). I’d guess brown since it would be the most medium of the shades

    • The one she’s holding up looks like the one for light hair based on the placement of the dark shade and the fact that the middle one looks more grayish.

  7. WARNING: RANT! I was floored reading the comments.. I wanted to see what people thought that 4th liquid highlighter could be… But no.. its endless comment’s from people who think this is their Ulta Favourite’s list or a Sephora Love’s monthly sub box and they are somehow being sent random product instead of what they want/”need”…

    And the absurdity of people who don’t even wear makeup that subscribe.. WHHHYYY?? Talking about “I don’t do my brows, I don’t contour, I hate highlighter. I put my makeup on with my hands -this box sucks” NOOOOO girl its you! Don’t sub to a makeup box if you don’t wear makeup.. They can’t stop sending out -xxx- product to thousands of people because YOU don’t use it. Boxy is for makeup junkies/HOARDERS LOL, people building their makeup collection, trying new products, want something different that what is sitting on the store shelves or are MUA’s, etc… Boxy is going to send you 5 FULL SIZED products every month.. that’s 60 different full sized products a year- they have to get creative.. If you are someone who only wears specific or limited product then don’t sub bc you will be disappointed.

    The unrealistic expectations of people is out of control. People with 3-4-5 sub boxes complaining they get repeat products. Hello, there are only so many areas of makeup! Or the best one- “product overload” DUUUUUH when you get 15+ products a month what do you expect?!.. if you have 3 subs, that is a new product every other day. Not including the ones we go out and buy. The expectation SHOULD BE a product over load, because we are not going to consume an entire product EVERY DAY..

    Just give them credit.. they are actually good at sending products that aren’t basic and have an amazing value for what we pay- not to mention being full size.. Is every product in every box a winner- NO. But these are sub boxes- not mind reading, wish granting, “need it” list fulfillment boxes that will only be sent to you. That’s called a shopping cart.

    • Well said Jen, Yeah reading some of these negative comments from subs they should just cancel there sub and move on , where in the hell is anyone going to get over $100 worth of product for $21 a month …. these negative comments make me sick, boxycharm does there best every month…. And i am happy to be a charmer 🙂

    • While I agree that complaining about every last little product not being suited to individual needs is silly, there’s obviously times when company is just dumping extra stock and we’re supposed to pretend that we love it.

      Beauty Box companies make a killing most of them that I know of do not pay for the product so we’re getting what the brands want to get rid of or what they want to push most on to the consumers.
      I know that I subscribe to Beauty boxes for less than 6 months and already the last thing I ever need to see is Benefit they’re Real mascara because it’s not better than drugstore and everyone knows it, the the weakest brushes of crown and Luxie’s product line comma yet another champagne highlighter, or times like this people are complaining because it’s month after month of the exact same product and people who have subscribed long enough know very well but that’s old stuff from 5 months ago.

      I subscribe because it’s awesome to try new things it’s fun to get mail every month I love having tiny samples of expensive Brands I would usually never try but sometimes you do get a little fed up with the process. Thankfully there is swapping and you can always give what you don’t use to family and friends I think it’s really rude to just say that people threw it in the trash now that is annoying.

      • The old saying different strokes for different folks certainly applies here because that benefit mascara is one of the few that work for my post chemo eyelashes I’ve found two so far Benifit and Bobbi brown.Luxie brushes are my favorite I’m trying to get the whole set before I use them.And I don’t think I will ever tire of highlighter its simply beautiful in my opinion .Now fan brushes are coming out of my ears good thing I’ve got a daughter in law and three grandaughters who will love any extra I get.

      • PS I too get annoyed when someone says they trashed something ,there are too many people who would love said trash

      • I absolutely love getting highlighters. Send me one every month! I hate how high priced they are and love the subtle differences in them. I absolutely agree about the Benefit mascara though. Another one we see over and over again is Smashbox photofinish primer. Even if I loved it, I wouldn’t have to buy it because between ipsy, glossybox, boxycharm, and samples from Ulta orders I get it constantly and in large enough quantities that purchase is unnecessary.

    • 👏👏 Wish these posts had like buttons! Lol I agree! I’m not always super excited when I see what’s coming, but often the most unexpected items surprise me! I think that’s the point…to try things you wouldn’t normally pick up as well as things you might be thinking about purchasing. I know some of the items can be similar but not all highliters, palettes or whatever are for everyone and it’s nice to know I may get something that works or I like better later. Things you don’t like, and don’t plan to use, make nice gifts for friends too if you’re not into swapping.

    • OMG Jennifer you are spot on!!!!!
      I love love love Boxy! I enjoy the mixture of products and the creativity they show as well as pleasent customer service.

      I’m fairly new to BOXYCHARM and I’m hoping they have mystery boxes you can buy too💅🏻👄😊

      I’ll never cancel this sub😊

    • Prefect!!!!! Thank you!!!! I agree if you don’t like be then move over and let someone else enjoy these great finds….

    • I think I might love you lol😍😍😍😍😍 not that I haven’t griped before but mine are always box envy .Boxycharm is the best sub hands down fir the price.

    • This was the best rant I have ever read!!!!!! So well said!! Some people aRe never happy no matter what!!!! They can receive

      • Thank you ladies for so much positive feedback! I’m so glad other people feel the way I do 🙂 I just couldn’t keep seeing my beloved boxy getting bashed on anymore LOL

    • Jennifer, you’re my new girl crush 😍 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Well said! I can’t stand Debbie downers!

    • YES!!!! A Million times YES! I LOVELOVELOVE Boxy and get so sick of all the complaints. I seen one woman complain that she paid full price for the box and expects to get items she can use! When they were doing eye palettes everybody was pissing and moaning about that. Truth of the matter is in this entitled society some ppl are NEVER gonna be happy. Jeebus, unsub and move on and let someone else who wants off the wait list. Go to Sephora or Ulta or Target and buy 21.00 worth of makeup and see how far that gets you.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Preach!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Could the spoiler on her hand possibly be glam glow? I have a small sample from Sephora and if we aren’t being honest I have no idea how you are supposed to use it haha. It does smell really nice though, like orange creamcicle.

    • Oh its awesome, you use it just like moisturizer and skip the primer 🙂 or you can put down your primer and then mix the GG in with your foundation for more of a lit from within glow

      Hope that helps <3 Jen

    • I wish but no. Its a liquid glow from Temptu. They collabed with boxycharm. Its on Laura Lee’s Snapchat

  9. If anyone is getting this box and doesn’t want it, I’ll buy it from you (the whole box unused). I’m still on the waiting list so I can’t get it yet, but I’ll buy yours at cost plus shipping ($21 plus $6 shipping). My email address is ms dot (a period not the word dot) otg 2010 at gmail dot (a period not the word dot) com

    • Has anyone repliedown to you? There’s a real possibility I will be not using any of the box. My email is whatafox at Gmail. This month I didn’t even open the concealer palette, and I pulled one Pur sponge out but left the other two which I’m not going to use- I should’ve just left all 3. I’d rather someone who wants them get them then have unused products!

  10. I’m actually really excited for this box!!! This is my birthday month, and 4th month and I’m actually super psyched 😁 I would like to see an eyeshadow palette soon though, I signed up because of those and I still haven’t gotten one yet😂 BUT I’ve loved all the boxes and use every single thing in them so I’m happy! So glad I cancelled ipsy for this! Only wish it was more personalized like ipsy.

    • I’m sure we will see one in June or July for sure! They go through these sort of phases.. cycling through products and we’re due for eyes again soon since being in the face phase LOL 🙂

  11. I am so disappointed with this box especially since May is my birthday month but I had to cancel after seeing the last spoiler. Nothing I will use in this box, and definitely happy I canceled after seeing the new spoiler. I don’t use brow products and that other thing looks like liquid highlighter, um no. I know it will be a pain to be wait listed again, but I don’t want to spend money for a whole box I won’t use.

  12. Yea, so far also not thrilled with this box. Will definitely not be using the cream contour/highlight palettes, eyebrow palette or the paddle brush.

    I still have two of the three PUR sponges from last months box untouched as well as the Ofra highlighter that I already had.

    Let me know if you’re interested in swapping/buying them.

    This is getting sad boxycharm 🙁

    • Are you using the concealer palette from April?

      • I touched it, yes. But it’s nothing special. You aren’t missing much.

    • Exactly also why I just cancelled it’s more like for people who cake up on a daily basis

    • I’ll buy this months box from you if you are getting it

      • Deal. Let’s connect. Autumndorsey at gmail dot com

    • You could just as well be getting the powder contour palette, though. Thought I’d issue that reminder since there are two different palettes and that’s the main difference.

  13. I hope they go back to giving is color makeup products. This is a nice experimental box, but it is Spring and I want Spring appropriate color makeup now like an eyeshadow palette.

    Thank you for having covered the pragmatic stuff these last two months Boxy (beauty blenders last month, concealer palette last month, contour products this month, brow color this month, and paddle brush this month).

    But it is time for fun Spring and Summer eyeshadows, lip colors and eyeliners in the next few boxes!!

    • Yep I’m not complaining about the products they just won’t work for me 🙂

  14. Totally not thrilled for this box at all! Will be swapping the entire box. Not a win at all for me 🙁

    • How do you swap boxes?

      • Through email or on the swap page here

  15. We just got a Brow Gal palette that I was NOT impressed with. Stop with the repeat products. Please.

    • It was in my BeautyCon to clarify…I’m just tired of the same brands, same products, same stuff in all of the beauty boxes. I need to cut some, for sure!

      • You can’t really call it a repeat or blame boxy for that, though. They didn’t give it to you, how could they possibly know what other boxes you have? I’ve had them for like almost a year now and have never even heard of browgal so yeah.

  16. after having cargo eyeshadow and the highlighter broke in my april box, i’m totally stoked about this box!!!!I like the shiny stuff on her hand…whatever it may be!

    • It is a liquid glow by Temptu. They collabed with boxycharm so it’s a new product. I just saw it on Laura Lee’s snapchat

  17. Cancelled when my three month sub was up and these spoilers don’t have me missing the box yet….

  18. Ahhh, really hoping I get the IBY palette now. That would at least make this box worth it to me, although I’m okay with the brush too.

    I’m pretty sure I got that Browgal eyebrow palette recently in a beautycon box. :/

    • Yes. So many repeat products in the boxes. Maybe this is a sign that I am in product overload.

    • Yes, that browgal palette and brush were both in BeautyCon. I didn’t love them, but that’s the breaks sometimes. I actually liked that brow powder a lot better with a firmer brush, and did get some use out of the spoolie, so BoxyCharm is giving us value. It’s just that we did just have that in BeautyCon.

  19. 😍

  20. Love Boxycharm always happy to try new items.Eyebrow products are a biggg yes for me since I have barely there ones, so I’m always happy to try a new product. Again I ask the subscribtion gods to please not give me the creamy contour palette or I will be one big oily mess and scare children everywhere.

    • I am with you on that! Please no cream for my super oily skin!

  21. Ugh. This will be my third box and so far I’ve only received two items total that are usable for me. I swapped everything in my first box and it looks like I’ll be swapping everything in this one too. If anyone wants the brow palette, I have one listed on Swap from the BB5 box last month.

  22. Im not interested in ANY of this. So unless there is someone that wants to purchase the full box, or certain items out of the box, or whom want to swap for the whole box or parts of the box for things that make the swap worth the cost of the box and shipping for me then I’m going to cancel for the month and put myself back on the waitlist when a spoiler that interests me comes up.

    • I will buy your box. Email me at ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com and if you have PayPal I’ll pay you through paypal

    • I feel the same way…I got April’s box today…I loved it…the blenders made me smile…! Will be giving April’s contour palette to my DIL….This box is strike 3 for me….I wish there was a skip feature to the subscription….it’s my first box from Boxycharm and I may be cancelling already…On the bright side, it will open up a spot on the waitlist… 🙂

  23. Might be the first time I swap the entire box. Not thrilled about any of it.

  24. Is there a waitlist?!?!?!?!

    • I just cancelled mine and it said, “We currently have a waitlist.”

      • Ok thank you 😊

  25. I was hoping it was the convertible brow, only thing in the box so far I really want !

  26. I would love this May box but have been waiting for a coupon or promo code…are there usually any for these boxes? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Typically Boxy doesn’t do promo codes. I’ve only ever seen one and that was around black friday I think and it was for a bonus blush.

    • If you sub for longer months I think you get a discount.

  27. I am SOOOOO excited!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to try The Convertible Brow FOREVER.

    • I got the brow palette through Beautycon and I love it. I really like the brush/spoolie, too. I’m glad BC is sending one out because even though I dumped this sub a few months ago, that means there will be more of them up for swap!

  28. I just got off the wait list for this site so I may be putting these items up! I hAve zero use for contour palettes, another brow kit or more highlighter OR another paddle brush. Hopefully my loss in May can be someone else’s gain.

    • I don’t think I’ll use any of them either.

    • I’ll be looking to swap for the powder contour kit, I’m Monique over on the forum and swap site. I have a pink forest picture.

      • Hi Monique!! Those paddle brushes are the coolest thing! I got one from Beautybox5 last year and it is sooo soft!

        • Just wondering if the paddle brushes are too soft to be used as cleansing/exfoliating brushes? I’ve never used one and didn’t know.

  29. Yeaaahhhhhhhh!!! I so want to try that brow thing 😬😬

  30. I’m happy I canceled. I’ve been a member since November or December and this box looks disappointing. I don’t mind chancing a waitlist when I decide to re-sub, I just really have zero desire for brow products or more contour palettes.

  31. Do you think they will give us the brow trio for dark hair, brown hair, or light hair? I wish boxycharm actually let us pick our preference 😞

    • Also, does anyone know if the brush/spoolie comes with the brow trio?

      • Yes. We got the trio and the spoolie already from the Spring Beautycon Box.

  32. I want to cancel but I am worried that I will end up on the wait list if I decide to sign up again for the May box. Does anyone know if the wait is the same for a resubscriber as it is for a new subscriber?

    • I was a member for over a year, cancelled in January and re-subbed April 4th. (I wanted the April box!), I was on the wait list for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, after my box ships I will probably cancel again. I only want the oval brush for May and that’s just not worth it to me. I don’t do my brows and I’d like the IBY palette, but only have a 50% chance of getting it. Sad face.

      • I don’t want the oval brush because I have too many already. Do you want to trade? I don’t want either of the concealer palettes either.

    • I just canceled and worried too, but from previous messages, it appears they give preference to re-subers on waiting list then to new subscribers. I am planning to re-sub first day of June. I am on six month plan, so hopefully they will take me off wait list right away. Plus, I do not think May will be a popular box and wait list might go away completely.

    • I was a subscriber till March and then cancelled stupidly so then I regretted it and signed back up but was put on a waitlist.

    • I had this question myself. Loved February which was why I joined. Taken off too late in February to get it. Disappointed in March and April. May does not wow me at all. This was the response I just received

      Subject: Waitlist
      APR 24, 2017 | 04:35PM EDT
      Jorel replied:
      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for contacting BOXYCHARM! We cannot guarantee if there will be a wait list or not, however, if ever there will be a wait list, unfortunately, we will need to prioritize people who were currently active and active on the previous months before we take off people who recently subscribed from the wait list.

      We hope this helps, if ever you have any other concerns, feel free to email us so that we may further assist you! <3

      Stay Charming,

      Jorel and your BOXYCHARM

  33. I’m guessing the swatch is of the Crown product and I think it’s the FK165 Illuminating Liquid Highlighter. I’m glad it’s not looking like another regular highlighter palette, but I’m not sure if I would mix in my foundation… We will see!

    • I thought the crown product was the brush?

      • I forgot about the brush!

    • Yes that’s what they’re saying in a Boxycharm Facebook group, that it’s a Crown liquid highlighter and brand new product.

      • But didn’t they say it’s a product that hasn’t been released yet and that the Crown one is already available?

  34. Maybe it’s Benefit High Beam?

    • It’s supposed to be a brand new, unreleased product that’s from a brand they’ve teamed up with? That means not the High Beam, at least.

      • It is the liquid glow from Temptu. They collabed with boxycharm. Its on Laura Lee’s Snapchat.

  35. I would love another highlighter! I can never have too many

  36. I’m in love with this box so far, and I hope that is a liquid highlighter fingers and toes crossed….

    • It is a liquid glow from the brand Temptu. They partnered with boxycharm. If you follow Laura Lee on snapchat, she just showed it about 45min ago

  37. I’m excited to have a brow pallet, yay! Not super excited if I get the cream contour pallet since I’m still working with last month’s…hopefully that will be given to new subscribers so they don’t have overlap. The 4th item I’m hoping is a body illuminizer….I think from the Ofra highlighter last month, my face will be well covered in glimmer until next year!

    Love boxycharm ❤️ !

  38. ugh….so tired of highlighters…Love the other items though………..

  39. I’m happy it’s not their brow gel. Looking forward to playing with the powder. So is that a liquid highlighter?

  40. 4th item…another highlighter? sigh…..
    This might be the push I need to cancel and go try Lola beauty box

    • Me, too!

    • Oooh, I tried that for a couple months and got the cheapest, unusable products. If you drop boxycharm for them, I think you’ll regret it.

  41. Excited for the convertible brow, the last brow trio I received from them was May 2015! I always high hopes for my “birthday” box 🙂

  42. I love boxycharm, but my brows are so light, there’s no way these will work :/ Just a matter of preference, but I also don’t contour or wear foundation, so I don’t think I’ve ever goten a boxy that suites me less 🙁

  43. My brow is albino, and skin color of porcelain doll I dont think any of these items would fit me :(((. too dark :((((

    • Swap, swap, swap!

      • Just canceled

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