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BoxyCharm April 2017 FULL SPOILERS!!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for one of the variations of the April 2017 Boxycharm subscription box thanks to MiniMeeshie! (Thanks for the heads up, Courtney!)

What do you think of the April 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. Got to say, the Measurable Difference Concealer Palette is very disappointing and not cause of the reasons some people have already. I was at a store called Five Below this past week and they had those palettes in stock for $5!!! So I feel a bit deceived this palette is showing as $20.

    • I agree but I think those ones have minute flaws in them and that’s why they’re only sold for 5 dollars. I’ve also seen this palette at Ross for I believe $6.99 but when it’s sold from the actual brand, it’s $19.99 because it passed all the requirements and quality control. Even though you may not see a flaw in the 5 dollar ones, they’re there. So even though you can find them at a discount, they retail from the brand for $20. I’ve bought higher end makeup from Ross and TJ Maxx at a hugely discounted price but they always had some type of flaw with them that’s why they’re so cheap. Hope that helps a bit. I got my box already and absolutely hate the concealer palette. It did not apply well, it was very thick and didn’t blend right on my skin. So I would not pay 20$, nor would I even pay $5 for it. I’m glad I got it in a sub box instead of spending money on this product by itself because I would have been highly disappointed.

  2. I guess there are more variations. I got the Pur brushes although I have been subscribed since February. I didn’t get the hairgurt or lipgloss. Instead I got an eyeshadow from Cargo cosmetics in the color Yulon and Aloepure Time Repair serum by Aloette.

    • How much did your box weigh? Hoping for this variation!

      • It weighed .9 lbs. the box was labeled kit #17 so I think a lot more variations will be coming out soon. 😃

        • My box weighed .9 and I got kit #3 which had the hairgurt and cargo gloss and sponges. I liked this box!

        • Thank you! Just got in my box and unfortunately didn’t get the same one you did 🙁 Still happy about the highlighter though 🙂

  3. My favorite highlighter right now is naked cosmetics Sierra Nevada.

  4. Anyone else sad the hair yogurt is from September 2016

    • Its not tho. In Sept we got a hair mask this month is shampoo

      • Yes, Jackie is correct. The September product was the masque and this month it is the shampoo!!!

  5. I subscribed to Boxy a few years ago and had a bunch of shipping issues, so I let it go. But their boxes have been pretty amazing and I’ve let go Allure, Ipsy and Birchbox, so I just resubbed. Which I was getting April but I’m on the waitlist.

  6. The Ofra highlight alone makes the cost the box worth it to me. I just hope it looks okay on my super fair skin. I have a slight tan going on right now from being outside a lot lately (FL girl!), but I’m still pretty light. So fingers crossed this doesn’t look like a stripe of highlighter on my cheeks! I’m also glad that I’m getting the PUR sponges instead of the brushes. I’m already on brush overload (thanks to Boxy and other sub boxes) and I’ve wanted to try the PUR sponges ever since I heard Kathleen Lights rave about how good they are. So now I’ll get to see how they compare to the Real Techniques sponges, which I love way better than the beauty blender because of its shape. These PUR sponges are supposed to have a flat side on one side like the RT sponges, so I’m excited to see if I like them just as much or maybe more! 🙂

  7. Okay, I think I’ve decided to cancel Ipsy (and maybe Allure) and get this instead. But I can’t until next month because I already paid for this month.

    • Hey girl. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait to sign up. I’ve heard some people being on the waitlist for almost 2 months while others were off in 3 weeks or so. There is a pretty long waitlist right now

      • I was on it for about 4 weeks,, if people sign up now they more then likely wont get this box but May’s , unless of course if a lot of people un-subbed then there would be a chance.

      • Wow, I must have lucked out because as soon as I saw the items (mainly the Dr. Brandt scrub) for February’s on YouTube, I signed up and was off the waitlist within two days.

        Either way, I agree, I’d go ahead and sign up asap.

    • I did the same. I cancelled both Ipsy and Allure. I love this subscription.

  8. Im super excited about this box and just received my shipping notice yesterday…which is great because i just got march’s box literally 2 days ago,lol…. I hope i get the shade in the video (of the gloss) or a similar shade,but i have to admit since i started getting subscription boxes i have been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying (and loving) a lot of products and shades i normally wldnt try 😍

  9. My favorite highlighter is the Clinique liquid illuminator. Hope you feel better!

    • If you want to enter the giveaway you need to comment on her video over on YouTube. She won’t see your comment in the MSA comments thread. They just linked to her video.

  10. Yaaaaassss I’m OFF the waitlist!!!

    • Me too! Wooo!

  11. I am beyond excited for this box!!! I thought the Pur sponges were going to be tiny, for like under-eye concealer but I’m so happy to see they are full size. I have never owned a beauty blender and I had one in my cart and decided not to get it! I can’t wait to try these and I’ll be interested to hear other’s reviews about how good they are compared to the real beauty blender. I am so excited!

    • If you’ve never used any type or brand of sponge becareful with nails when your using it & cleaning.. I think the texture of a real beauty blender & others are so similar don’t waste your money ! I love the beauty blender blotterazzi

    • Kathleen Lights says these are the best dupe of the Beauty Blender!

  12. I hope I get the Cargo gloss. It is my favorite brand.

  13. Love the video and your highlighter is on point! My favorite highlighter is the “baked gelato” by Laura Geller, definitely a must try! <3

    • You have to comment on her video section comments not MSA to be entered in the giveaway 🙂

  14. There’s a variation for the lipgloss, Allegory Story brand.

  15. I’m finally off the waitlist yippeee

  16. thank you for sharing my video 🙂

  17. The only thing I’m not excited for is the concealer palette 🙁 Pretty sure it’s going to flood the swap site as well >_<

    • lol, the concealer palette is the one thing I want

      • You can have mine 😉

        • Can I buy it from you?

          • I’m on a swap site, will list mine up there once I get the box!

    • What is the website for the swap site?

      • It’s part of – if you look at the menu/directory you’ll find a link to ‘swap’

        • Thank you for your response! ☺️

    • What is the swap site

      • MSA has a swap site so that people can trade things they don’t use in their sub boxes 🙂

        You must become a member before you can start swapping.

    • Can you tell me the link to the swap site please

  18. So excited! I loved the Hairgurt conditioning mask they gave us a few months ago, so I’m really excited to try the Hairgurt shampoo. And the Ofra highlighter looks awesome.

    I don’t really know what I’ll do with the majority of colors on that concealer palette, so I’ll probably be trolling YouTube for tutorials, but hopefully it will give me the chance to learn some new techniques!

    • You can use some as a contour and even as an eye shadow base! 🙂 I’m looking forward to experimenting! 🙂

    • you can also mix shades to get the exact color you need/want. I feel like no one is thinking about mixing them and just see the pallet and write it off that they’ll never use the super dark colors. I’m sure you’ll find a favorite in the pallet that works perfect but when that runs out you can mix a light one and a dark one for the same effect. Hope it helps

  19. Why would you need a whole palette of concealer shades, unless you worked as a makeup artist for others? Each one of us can only use one concealer shade on her face. I don’t get it.

    • I thought the same thing when I saw it listed in swaps.

    • i think it is because if you get tan during the spring or summer, or if you go on vacation, its meant to be super versatile all year! you can also use the darker ones to contour and do a cream bronzer. thats just my take on it 🙂

    • I know for me I lay out and tan in the summer mostly because it puts my psoriasis in remission so i get really dark, and i know not everyone tans but thats why im excited to get it because ill b able to use more than a couple of the colors

    • I’m sure many people will use it for contouring- and for contouring, this is likely a great palette. But even then, not everyone contours, myself included. So like you, I won’t get much out of this palette either. :/

      • Lets not forget that not everyone is white. This is a great product because you may only be able to use one shade, but every person will get that opportunity. And with summer coming, you may get a tan so you can always mix colors to get your perfect shade all year round.

      • You could use it to fill your brows or as an eyeshadow base or as a highlighter or to mix shades with

    • Not really. I blend and mix various concealer shades and I am sure others do too. There are plenty of uses for most of the colors for many people.

      • Thank you everyone for explaining!!! I feel better now about the possibilities 🙂

    • The deep peach color would actually be perfect for color correcting dark circles and noticable veins under the eyes if this turns out to be really good quality. I’m sure one of the lighter yellow based shades could work great as color correcting as well.

  20. I absolutely Loved the hairgurt conditioner I ended up buying the shampoo but I’m just about running out so I’m super excited about this box!!!

  21. Only excited for the sponges and highlighter…

  22. I’m hoping the hairgurt has a variation. I definitely don’t want my hair smelling like banana and I don’t have dry frizzy hair so it wouldn’t be useable for me.

  23. Ughhh I can’t wait for this box!!! Hope mine comes earlier than last month 🙂

  24. I got the Hairgurt conditioner and it smelled fabulous, so I am really looking forward to the shampoo! I also need some concealer, so this month should be great.

  25. This box looks good. I’m excited 😊

  26. I think the Hairgurt we received a few months ago was a conditioner/mask. This is a shampoo so I’m excited to try it.

  27. I keep hearing about people getting off the waitlist in a week or two, but I’ve been on since the first week in Feb. Boxycharm, take my money!

    • Have you tried emailing them to ask what is going on?

      • I have emailed them twice and no response. I really hope I get this box!

      • Yes, this is their reply:

        Unfortunately, we are unable to determine how long you will be on the waitlist for. Once you are removed from the waitlist, you will be billed and sent an order confirmation.

        • I just re subscribed on April 29th and my card was just billed today and I received an email saying I am off the waitlist. ❤❤❤

    • This is strange because I subscribed on Feb 16 and rec’d an email 12 days later saying that I was getting the march box. But then I signed up for 6 months sub, still you should have gotten something by now.

    • *update* They just removed me from the waitlist! Thank you, Boxycharm! I can’t wait to get this box. 🙂

    • I’m off the wait list. I just received am email tonight. Halalola

  28. Is there a waitlist for this box? I signed up but it says my subscription renews on May 2nd. Thank you!

    • Yes, there is a waitlist. But if your subscription says “Active,” and if you were charged for this month (check your statements for April 2nd), then you should be getting this month’s box. If you haven’t been charged for the April box, then you’re most likely still on the list.

  29. We did get that hair mask/conditioner that the link is taking us to but it says shampoo so maybe it’s linked to the wrong product…?

    • That link has been updated to go to the shampoo – thanks!

  30. I’m excited! Hoping the gloss will be a nice shade for me and nothing too dramatic since I love lip glosses!

  31. Unfortunately going to be putting this entire box up for swap. This is the last month in my 3-month purchase and I’ll be canceling. February was decent but March and April have been awful for me. I really wanted to love this sub but I guess it just isn’t for me. I had liked most of the previous boxes I saw here on MSA but I don’t feel that way anymore. But for those that do like the products they’ve been sending this is an amazing value!

    • Yeah, looking at these spoilers I am glad I am no longer subscribed.

    • Hey! What are you looking for? I’d really like the concealer but will take the rest! I do have unlisted stuff!

    • Hi Lindsay, let me know what you’re interested in. Would love the PUR sponges if you get them!

  32. Am I wrong, or did we get that hair product in a box months ago? I remember getting a hair yogurt thing previously in Boxy…

    • It was a hair mask back in September I believe. This is the shampoo!! 🙂

  33. I received the hairgurt last year in my boxycharm, I won’t mind getting again, it smells so nice!

  34. I’ve gotten that exact hairgurt before a few months ago. It smells AMAZING, but didn’t work that well on my super thick wavy hair.

    • This is the shampoo This time! Hope it works better than the hair mask. Loved the smell of it, but it didn’t do anything for my hair and my hair is very thin and poker straight.

  35. Concealers and lip gloss will be for swap. But the rest looking good. excited for the highlighter ! The highlighter alone makes the box worth my money

  36. The word “hairgurt” isn’t the most appealing to me.

    • Totally gross, I agree.

    • 😂😂

    • I keep reading it as “hairgut”

    • I thought the SAME THING!! 🤣🤣🤣

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