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Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box Review – April 2017


Amazon has launched a new Prime Surprise Sweets Box exclusively for Prime Members in January 2017!


You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to buy this box – If you are not already a Prime Member, start a Free 30-day trial. It’s currently on invitation-only mode – so sign up today and request an invitation and be next to get your prime button!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box

The Cost: $18 (You’ll need to buy a Dash Button first for $4.99 – and your first box will only be $13.01)

The Products: Each box is filled with artisanal sweets and treats from small-batch makers across the US.

Ships: Worldwide

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This is an on-demand Dash button box. You order the dash button for $4.99, then press it anytime you want a new Prime Surprise Sweets Box. (And you’ll get $4.99 in credit back to you toward your first box.)

Each month comes with an information card that includes details about each sweet in the box.



Mrs. Prindables Triple Chocolate Petite Caramel Apple – Value $10.99

The first sweet I tried in the Prime Surprise Sweets Box is this chocolate covered caramel apple. Mrs. Prindables sells a petite size, which serves 1-2 people and a jumbo size, which serves 3-4 people.



Despite being called petite, I found this to be the same size as what you may buy at a local fall festival. The granny smith apple is dipped in caramel and then coated in white, milk, and dark chocolates. The taste is incredible!




Annie B’s Triple Threat Popcorn, 3.6 oz. – Value $4

Gourmet popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and I enjoy different flavors mixed together. So this mix of caramel, cheese, and white cheddar is an easy win. The popcorn tastes fresh and each bite is full of flavor. I can’t put this bag down!





MarieBelle New York Running Espresso Bar, 2.82 oz. – Value $8

This bar is made of Honduran Trinitario 70% cacao that is infused with espresso. And wow is it good! I also love the cratered design in the chocolate. Overall it’s a high-quality treat that I will eat in small doses or share because I can really feel an energetic boost and try to refrain from caffeine if at all possible. This bar is definitely on the pricier side but the beautiful packaging mixed with the chocolate goodness would make a great gift or party favor.





Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Milk Chocolate Truffle Collection, 2 oz. – Value $10

This four-piece truffle gift box is another win (and potential gift, maybe for Mother’s Day?)! The collection includes a Bailey’s Irish creme truffle, Mayan truffle, which is coated in crushed almonds and cinnamon, milk chocolate truffle, and honey vanilla truffle.


Each truffle is rich and creamy and truly awesome – I wish Amazon would have sent the 24 or 40-piece collection 🙂 Moonstruck is also sold on Amazon, but this collection is currently unavailable for purchase.





Fran’s Chocolates 64% Dark Chocolate Bite – Bonus! Value $0.69

The Prime Surprise Sweets box also included a bonus bite from Fran’s Chocolates. The single bite is 64% dark chocolate, vegan, and pretty good.

Verdict: For $18 (and free Prime shipping), I received about $34 worth of fantastic sweets. I am so thrilled with this box and am pleasantly surprised that Amazon sent brands not really found on their marketplace. I love discovering small and artisan US brands and the Prime Surprise Sweets box definitely delivered this month. I now have five more brands to consider when thinking about gifts (especially with Mother’s Day coming up!).

What did you think of your latest delivery from Amazon’s Prime Surprise Sweets box? Are you off the waitlist yet?

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Written by Sara McClelland

Sara McClelland

Sara received a gift subscription to Birchbox in 2013 and has been intrigued by (ok, obsessed with) discovery and fashion boxes ever since. Her basset hound, Oliver, is a huge fan of Barkbox, too.

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Comments (50)

  1. I got my button after a 4 month wait. My invitation went straight to my spam folder, it was a miracle I noticed it. I received my first box today. Completely different that the pictures. I got cinnamon cookies, caramel pop corn, chocolate drizzle party mix , and a super sized rice crispy bar. Not bad, but nothing exciting. Maybe becauseI live in Florida I will not be getting any chocolate. UPS delivered my box and the chocolate in the party mix was melted and gooey. Will have to get my apple somewhere else😥

    • I received the same items, and I’m in NC. I really wanted some chocolates, so I might wait (if I can!) until cooler weather to push the button again. Even so, the caramel corn and chipotle chocolate snack mix are delicious. My hubby and I are trying to hold off in breaking into the crispy cake and cookies for a bit to make the box last.

    • I got my first box a couple weeks ago, and received 2 large squares of edamame-sea salt chocolate, 2 large squares of macadamia dark chocolate, a bag of the most delicious sea salt caramels, a small stack of buttery almond cookies, and a sample square of smores chocolate. I think that’s everything that was included, but I might be forgetting something.

      My second box arrived yesterday (the button does NOT stick to my fridge. It fell off and placed an order haha) and received the same items you did. I live in Ohio. I luckily got home 20 min after mine was delivered, so it did not sit out in the hot sun very long. The party mix is incredible, but that’s all I’ve tried so far.

  2. When is the may box supposed to come out? I haven’t seen a review

  3. I requested my button in January when it came out and just got the official invite. Finally! Can’t wait to try it out!

    • I requested mine in February, and finally got the invite. I can’t wait to order my first one!

    • I requested my button, I think in February. Just got my button today and set it up and made my first order. Excited to see what I get.

  4. I ordered a dash button right after I seen this review. I was approved and had my box in hand by April 24th. Which I was quite happy with that part going so quickly since I’ve heard so many horror stories. Anyways my box was different completely, too, it had some sea salt caramels, mix of chocolates, and cookies. I really didn’t like my first box at all!! I really wanted the one they said you were getting which was the one in the picture. This box is the reason I went ahead and ordered the box!
    Does anyone know if they’re still sending out the ones in the picture?

    • You may receive a different set of items not pictured, but they are coming from similar artisan boutiques and candy shops in the U.S. If this Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets is a success. I hope they get connections with other artisan candy shops, bakeries from different countries and include on their service. Great way to get a sweet surprise and try your new favorites. Yummy!

  5. I just ordered the box, but got completely different items than you! Do they offer more than one version each month?

    • I got a different box too. Mine had sea salt caramels, almond butter cookies, edamame chocolate bars, almond chocolate bars. Meh, but hopefully my next box will be better.

  6. I had my button immediately, probably the same day as Liz & crew. No idea if demand went up after that, but I’ve never used it, since my excitement dwindled after seeing the reviews here 🙁 This seems like the best box yet, but the first boxes had dark chocolate, which I’m not into. I have some other dash buttons now, but this was my first one at the time. I do live in cold area. In fact, we still have snow on the ground!

  7. So, I have been on the wait list since the beginning… I emailed them, did a chat and did another chat. They first told me there was a glitch in the request then I got an email today saying they weren’t granting them for people who live in areas where the chocolate to melt in transit. Specifically “mindful of issuing buttons in areas where the chocolate can melt”. I did finally get off the wait list today though!

  8. I requested a button on 2/8, and STILL haven’t received it. I can’t believe that others are getting theirs much sooner than that. I’m definitely reaching out to Amazon on this.

    • Me too – I requested one on 2/19.

    • I requested yesterday and got it today. You should contact them.

      • Yes, I sent them an email, and they said they contacted their development and fulfillment team for research. It sounds like I was missed altogether. I don’t yet have any dash buttons, and I wonder if that could be the cause. Whatever the cause, this seemingly random application of their rules is extremely frustrating.

      • This is my first dash button too. I hope they figure it out and get one to you right away.

  9. I’m trying to wrap my head around an apple that serves 1-2 or 3-4 people. How do you split an serve and apple on a stick? OK everyone, take a bite and pass it to your left. 😉

    • Hi, yes, bite, pass, bite pass, etc….

      Just kidding. I have ordered the big ones from QVC a long time ago and they were really good. You actually cut or slice them into as many pieces you want. The big ones………the apples were so big and so much stuff on the outside making them bigger. these i would probably just cut in half or quarters so easier to eat.

    • I was wondering that too! lol! No thanks on the apple sharing! 😀

  10. So, this is random, but that chocolate with the divots would really drive someone with trypophobia crazy!

  11. Still waiting for my button! I’m dying to push it! I love caramel apples!

  12. Can you note food allergies so they don’t send something you can’t eat?

    • No, there are no request options.

  13. I just ordered and am getting the same box. Yay!

    • Me too! I ran home and pushed it because if this review, and I too am getting this variation 😀

      • How do you know what you are getting in your box? The two boxes I ordered were surprises until I opened them.

      • Go to your orders and then click on “Invoice” for the order of your Sweets box.

  14. I just got my button today after waiting about a month for the invite. I’ve already pressed the button and can’t wait for all the wonderful treats. My girls are also going to go crazy once we receive the box.

  15. I got my button within a week of requesting it. Have already pressed it 3 times. I get it shipped to my office and share with my co-workers. My last box had cinnamon almonds and a raspberry lollipops.

  16. Looks wonderful. I signed up for an invitation.

  17. I got the same box. I was shocked to see that the expiration date for the apple was 4/14/17.

    • They typically don’t have very long shelf lives unless beat to death with preserving chemicals.

      • That’s probably not supposed to be funny but I found that comment to be hilarious!

      • Apple abuse

  18. Oh no I am in Miami, where it’s hot hot hot! So according to posts above I may be out of luck. Maybe these should be added to Prime now so the package is delivered in 2 hours.

    • Hey Lisa,

      I am also in Miami, got on the waitlist as soon as I saw Liz’s writeup in January, and JUST received my invite on May 13. There is hope for us South Floridians yet! I’ll report back on the state of my sweets as soon as they arrive. 🙂

  19. I have been waiting months for my button and still nothing!
    I heard rumors that they aren’t sending buttons to people in hot states since they don’t have a way to mail stuff with out it melting?

    • Update, I emailed Amazon earlier (right after the above post) and they got to me just now. They said they are looking into why I haven’t gotten mine since it has been months, here is hoping!

      • I requested an invitation MONTHS ago, after the first post describing it. I have called them twice, and they have given me all sorts of comments, from “just be patient” to “I’ll contact someone for you right now” and then never getting back to me. I do live in the South, but this has been going on since the beginning of the year, when it was cold. I suppose they could have had the foresight to predict they would have a problem in hot months, but I just don’t know. It’s VERY frustrating. I can guarantee that it has nothing to do with how much you spend on Amazon, because I get my money’s worth out of Prime!

    • I also requested one MONTHS ago! Good idea to email them! I may do the same!

  20. I want to go home and push my button right now! I still have so much candy left from my first two boxes and I told myself I can’t push the button until it’s mostly gone. Sigh. I just want the apple…one bite.

  21. I am so frustrated that I have been on the “waiting list” since early January for an invite and have heard nothing. Other people request an invite and get it within a few days.

    • I followed up a lot for the same reason. They finally sent me a button to shut me up, I think. Actually, I read between the lines to guess they were not sending as many to the southern states, maybe. CS kept insisting they were sent in order of request date, to which I replied that was simply not true.

      • Of course, they did send one to me and I’m in GA, so location may not have anything to do with it!

  22. If I order now would I get this same box? These all sound yummy. I am enjoying my boxes but not everything has been a hit for me.

    • The boxes seem to be sent at random – so I don’t think there’s a guarantee that you’d get the same box.

      • I know that the last one I got had some of the same things. The whoopee pie and the peanut butter cup. So it seems some things you will get and others maybe not? That is the unfortunate part that you can not fill out some kind of survey to say you like certain things. Nuts are not a problem, but would love to get the apple and popcorn. Oh well part of the idea is the SURPRISE!

      • Agreed – I’m hoping, if it gets more and more popular, you might to see personalization options – fingers crossed!

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