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Whole Foods Hello Beauty Bag FULL SPOILERS – On Sale 3/24!

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Thanks, Helen, for sharing more spoiler details on the Whole Foods Hello Beauty Bag!

The latest Whole Foods Beauty Bag launches Friday, March 24th! Some readers have let us know that they were able to buy this bag early, though! (This is available in stores only. Call ahead to your local store to confirm they have the bags!)

The Box: Whole Foods Beauty Bag (IN STORES ONLY!)

When: Friday, March 24th

Where: Your local U.S. Whole Foods Market store (I recommend checking the facebook page of your local Whole Foods for specific details).

How much: $18

What’s in the bag:


A $90 value. The items included:

Bags are only available while supplies last. There are 50 per store. Make sure to call ahead to your local store to confirm that they have the bags.

More pictures from Helen:



Are you grabbing a bag?

Check out our Whole Foods beauty Bag reviews to see what has been in past bags!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone heard if there is going to be a bag this year?

  2. Went to two Whole Foods and they were all gone:( Are you going to review this bag Liz? I really want to see the products and maybe buy some individually. Thanks.

  3. Can’t wait to read your review for this fabulous bag!

  4. I am using the red clay mask right now and OMG does it stink to high heaven! It’s also kinda burning. The carrot stick smells absolutely herbally awful as well. Heads up, this is making me sick!!

    • If there are any acids in it to remove top layers of old skin, then yea, it will tingle unless you’re allergic to ingredients. Things that work well are not always going to smell nice. Active ingredient usually doesn’t smell fragrant.

  5. Kentlands, MD and Vienna, VA bags are full price at $18. 25% off discount does not apply. Still a great value!

    • No discount in Austin, either.

  6. On the off-chance, is anyone willing to sell one to me? I was out of town until yesterday and both stores were already sold out when I came back 🙁 I work 16 hour shifts, so stores open after I start work and close before I leave…

    • My husband’s on a mission to get me some. If he’s able to get extras, i’ll put it up for swap. =)

      • Oh that would be wonderful! Please let me know 🙂 I’m not having luck on ebay. Can’t believe eBay sellers are demanding more than triple the retail price…

  7. I was able to get one last night! They don’t go on sale until Fri but the sweet lady went to back & got one for me. TY Ashley for being awesome! I called another store (Beverly Hills) earlier in the day & she suggested that I get there right when they open at 7am to get one.

  8. My local store has zero. Yep, that’s right zero. Never got any in.

    • Oh, I’m sorry. What. A. Bummer!!!

  9. I went on Saturday and they said they will have them out on Wednesday, today. I went this morning when WF opened at 7 am. It’s not even close to me but I figure its a good deal. they told me Friday, not today. I was disappointed and the girl could tell so she took my number and said she would hold one for me. She then said I could come anytime up to a week after Friday so I will go back on Saturday. I was an an hour and ten minutes late for work since it’s far but at least I’ll get a bag on Saturday. It’s one of those really huge WF stores and there was no one there so I could probably get another one on Friday plus the one they are holding but I won’t be greedy.

    • Same thing happened to me. I called and they told me March 22. I even asked “Are you absolutely sure?” she said “Yes, yes, yes”. So my husband went today and they told him, no it will be on sale Friday. I called back and complained, that my husband was late to work because of their misinformation. They told me how sorry they are and said that he can come back anytime and get it, it will be under his name. So he went back and HE GOT THE BAG!!! But unfortunately, I am on business trip and won’t be able to see it till Friday.

  10. I also got 25% off! I was shocked that they did that with the bag, but I just thought that the cashier just had no idea what he was doing. What a great deal! Can’t wait to try everything! I agree that if something is wonderful this is the time to buy.

  11. Just called my local store and very nice man told me that they aren’t allowed to put them out until Fri and it signifies the end of beauty week where all the products in whole body are 25% off. He said the event is once a year! I think I’m going into work late as they will sell out by early afternoon or before he said!

    He also added it’s a great bag1 :-))

  12. I’m in midtown NYC and the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle has them out today. I don’t know how many they have but there is a 25% off sale on all facial care items so the bag came down to $13.50

    $13.50 Y’ALL

    • Awesome, and same thing happened here. When the cashier said the total, I was, what?? YAY! So glad I checked earlier in the week. The person in Monday told me they were selling them starting today, so I went in on my way to work this morning. Since Monday, they were told not to get them out until Friday, but they, as a store, had decided if anyone came in and asked, they would go in back and get them one. I am so excited with this bag. Seriously, the BAG alone is worth it! And the stuff inside is over the top. Whole Foods has a “25% off all beauty” now through the 28th, so I will be trying stuff out to see what I want to buy. Thanks you mysubscriptionaddiction for the heads up!

    • Sheena!!! Thank you so much for the Columbus Circle tip!!! I live in Manhattan, and after spending part of my day calling several Whole Foods here, to which every single one said they would not put them out until Friday, I stumble upon YOUR post and rushed over to the Columbus Circle Whole Foods after work and bought FOUR Hello Beauty Bags!!!! AND GOT 25% OFF FOR ALL OF THEM! Amazing. I basically ran home after that and had an impromptu spa facial session. First I had to try on the Pacifica lipstick- it’s in shade “Tender Heart” and is a wearable shade for pretty much any skin tone, although may look a little pale on tan/olive/darker skin tones. It’s basically like a rose nude sandy color. I then put on the red clay mask. Washed that off, then spritzed on the Dr. Haushka toner, rubbed the little mini serum everywhere, and then lastly put on the eye balm. I am in hog heaven right now. Will be giving lots of items as gifts and keeping the things I want for me-self ! ! !

      • Love your post!! I too love each everything in the bag especially the eye balm I’ve always loved balm size things cuz they are so easy to carry around! I saw a lot of people grabbing this bag in the store even though they previously didn’t know about this bag!!

        • Yessss love the balm 😉 Enjoy Ariel!!

      • I’m so glad I could help! I didn’t see any references to Nyc so I figured just let you guys know- I had been popping in and out, scoping out the location for days!

        I wanted to try the clay mask and was thankful that it was in the bag! But DAMN, it’s a steal too??

        • Thanks so much again Sheena! Your post saved the day!

        • And yes— love the red clay mask!!! It works! Such a steal!

          • I went back to the store to get another bag cuz I loved trying out everything last night but they stopped applying 25% coupon to those bags.. according to the cashier its because they changed the regional pricing I think the 25% off on the bag yesterday was a glitch but they fixed it today. A little disappointed but still a great value at $18! I grabbed the last bag.

    • I went to the one in Gowanus, Brooklyn and the 25% did not apply to the beauty bag.
      🙁 Maybe Whole Foods fixed it today. It’s still a good price of $18, so good that the lady at checkout thought I needed to purchase something else in order to get this bag for $18!

  13. For anyone in Winter Park/Orlando Fl. I just called and they “think that it’s Friday”. The sweet kid is going to find out all the details (the day and quantity) and let me know around 4:30 today. I’ll update for anyone living in the area.

  14. I was able to buy one this afternoon at my whole foods in the San Francisco area. I had to hunt for them, they were on a shelf in the back without any signage and it looked like they had about 20 left. Your local store might already have them available too. The sales clerk was checking out the bag & products and couldn’t believe the price. It’s a great set and I’m so happy I was able to get one! Thanks MSA for sharing!

  15. My Oakland Whole Foods starts selling them tomorrow (3/22) and a lovely lady in the beauty section put one on hold for me! They have 30 bags available. This looks awesome!

  16. Called my local store and they said selling on Friday, 3/24, and they have 85 bags. They open at 7 and I won’t get by there until 8:30-ish. How quickly do these sell out?

    • it seems to depend a lot on the store! I called both stores in my area, and the first didn’t have any info to offer, but the second store person I spoke to was very friendly and said that previous bags were in stock for days. But I’ve read some stores sell out within an hour or less!

      • Oh wow, if there’s really 85 in stock at the store I called I should be ok. We shall see!

      • All of the Whole Foods around me sold out in minutes last year (however long it took to hand out to the ladies lined up at the doors). But, that was last year, when I think most stores only received something like 12 to 20 bags. It sounds like most stores are getting at least 50, so I’ll still give it a shot after work on Friday, but if I miss out, oh well… at least I can get something yummy for dinner. 🙂

  17. I live in San Francisco and bought mine a week ago. It is a great set for $18.

  18. My store said they are selling tomorrow the 22nd and they have 52 bags. So happy I checked on this or I would have been out of luck!

  19. I called my two local stores. One sells them on the 22nd and the other 24th. And each only has 40 something bags T_T I missed out last year and got major “bag envy”. Might miss this year’s too because of work. If only WF sells more of them:(

    • Woke up at 6 am to get to the store that told me they’d have theirs today for sale but when I got there, the employee told me it’s Friday. -_-

  20. A tip for anyone who calls the store about these, ask to speak to someone in the “Whole Body” department. You can also ask the same thing when going into to store to look for them. Even if they are not displayed in that area, the person working near the body care will know what they are and where they are at.

    • My ‘person at the store’ showed me their sign that says they will be out on March 22. I’m going to stop in on my way to work, fingers crossed.

  21. I just know they will be sold out by the time I get off work. I missed out last year, too. It looks like there are some really good products in there!

    • Perhaps you can go on the way in? My store opens 7 am. I’m usually at work by then but I don’t mind being a few minutes late for this!

  22. Does anyone know if you’re allowed to get multiple or can you only get one?

    • The sign in the photo at the top of the page says 1each, and since they are so limited I would assume (but of course don’t know for sure) that you can only purchase one. Though I’m sure it depends on what store, how busy they are, how many people showed up when they opened to grab one.

  23. I know I wont get one just because I have no mode of transport but is it weird if I say I really want an just the bag as in even empty 🙂

    • I’m sure that you’ll be able to find the bags listed on eBay in a few weeks. That’s where I find all sorts of subscription box items :).

      • They are averaging 50 bucks on Ebay. I hear that employees buy most of them before the public gets a chance. I’m sure some of them actually use them but many of them probably re-sell on Ebay and make back 2-3x what they paid. Not fair. Also not fair that you can’t buy online.

    • Lisa D,
      if I get am able this, you can have my empty bag

    • Lisa d
      If you want the bag itself so you can have mine reply wirh your email and I’ll get in touch with you

      • Hi Kathy,
        If Lisa doesn’t get back to you is love the bag!! Let me know your email and I’ll send you a note!!!

        • Hi
          I’ll give Lisa another day or two if I don’t hear from her I’ll send it to you
          I just have more little bags then I could possibly ever use

          • Thank you! I actually grabbed the LAST one at my store yesterday, but planned to grab 1-2 more for my sister/bestie/mom, etc.
            I decided to gift the one bag away to my bestie for her upcoming birthday, but I reaaaalllly loved that bag…. so I appreciate you keeping me in mind!

        • was just checking back to see if you wanted the bag,
          but looks like you were able to get one – awesome!

          • Hi – If you were writing to me I’d still love the bag! My earlier response was supposed to indicate that I needed just a bag for myself, since only ONE bag was available at my local WF store when I went on the day they first put them out… and that full bag I was able to purchase is going as a gift to my best friend!
            If yours is still available my email address is going to be split into 2 comments below (since posting email addresses here just lures scammers to grab emails):
            1st part:

          • 2nd part:

            321 at hotmail dot com

            If you already promised it elsewhere no worries…. sorry if my note was confusing. I would have bought 2-3 bags if possible for my sister and mom too, and I was so bummed that only one was left when I got to WF. But at least my friend will get one 🙂

      • *i’d love the empty bag

        Silly autocorrect….

          • Hi Kathy – you need to add claireb to the beginning of it, before 321.
            Sorry if that was confusing…. i added my email address to the mailing list here once and somehow spambots found it and I was getting 200+ emails a day.

  24. Is this available in Canada?

  25. I called to Whole Foods, and none of them had any idea what I was talking about

    • two stores

      • That happened to me last yr, and then when i dropped by the shelf was empty where they went 😑

  26. Hey guys I just called to ask my local store to ask if they had/where going to have the beauty bags and I told them that I was worried they were going to sell out and they offered to call me when they get them and put one on hold for me!! So excited didn’t think I was going to be able to get one!!!!!

    • You are lucky! My store is only getting 44, which they will be putting out on Fri. They refused to hold one for me.

      • I had the same thing happen when I checked a store here in San Diego. No, not available until Friday. And no, will not hold for me. I tried to explain it’s hard for me to get here tomorrow, and he responded it’s a pain every year for them. Just my luck I got a guy, have a feeling a woman would have been more sympathetic to my cause. Oh well, at least I consoled myself with a cupcake from Sprinkles nearby. Hubby had their ice cream, which was really good.

  27. I’m thinking if I get a chance to grab a couple extra this time since there are a couple items I’m interested there. I’ll put the extra in swap board for folks don’t have a whole food nearby by but would like to try one. Of course I’m not swapping for RV but rather swapping based on cost vs. cost.

    • Hi,

      I really want to get one bag but the closest Whole foods is 90 miles away from me. If you can get extra, I’m interested in swapping (though I never really do it on MSA).

      • Hi Hanh, I didn’t forget to reply you, but I also didn’t want to reply until I actually was able to get the bags.

        I just put the bags in swap board. Cannot guarantee we can swap successfully, especially if you are swapping beauty products only, I’m extremely picky on ingredients :(.

        Regardless, I hope you are able to get a bag. There are lots of them in swap board, and most are probably not ingredients picky as me 🙂

  28. Very excited, missed out on last years so I’m determined to get this one. Its my moms Birthday present to me (Bday is the 21st), cant wait!

  29. I don’t have a Whole Foods anywhere near me. I’m was pretty bummed out. So, to make up for it.. I got the Love Goodly Beauty box sub!!! Now I’m happy again!!

  30. I checked out the WF near me and they said they are getting it in on Wed. 2/22 so you may want to check with your local WF as I know someone on here said they got theirs already.

    • Are they putting them out on Wednesday, too? Or are they keeping them in back until Friday?

      • My store said they’re putting them out on the 22nd as well

    • Okay, just called the two Whole Foods in my area. Both confirmed they got 54 bags (random number), but they won’t go out until 8:00AM on Friday. So I’ll be sending my husband to one first thing in the morning!

      • 54 @ my store too … friday 8am

  31. Ohmygod! Want! I work on Friday, so I’m going to have to send my husband out in the morning to get one for me!

  32. Thank you for posting. I will be passing on this one. I am in dire need of a moisturizer and there’s very little here. Hoping to get a box that is heavy on skincare – moisturizer in particular because I have tons of scrubs to last me a lifetime. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Last yr Macys Sun Essetials was on clearance for $14 around May…it was the 💣

    • Hey Lia!!! Have you tried BeutyFix by Dermstore? They’re usually ALL skincare with maybe a lipstick or gloss every now and again. I’ve gotten wonderful products from hem – lots of new discoveries and the value is always phenomenal.

      By if you’re looking at staying strictly organic / natural then my fav box of all time is prob Terra Bella bad they have 2 options – makeup and skincare and they’re wonderful. Vegan Cuts also has a makeup as well as a separate skincare option. Hope this helps you.

      • I agree — BeautyFix is my all time favorite sub box. I rarely get something I won’t use and their customer service is hands-down the best. And you get 20% off at Dermstore on any product in your box each month. I can’t say enough good things about them and I’ve discovered many great products that way.

      • I love both Beauty Fix & Terra Bella too! By chance, I happened to meet the owner of Sugar Dunk at a women’s show I attended last weekend (a set of her sugar scrubs was featured in a recent Terra Bella box). We both got a kick out of meeting each other, and she was super nice. What I love most about Terra Bella is that they work with a lot of small, entrepreneurial, Etsy-type companies.

  33. The date on the title is wrong. It says 4/24. 😊

    • Oops! thank you! Fixed!

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