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Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017 Classic Box SPOILERS

Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017

We have SPOILERS for the Spring 2017 Walmart Beauty Box!

Here is are variations of the Classic (Over age 35) box:

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.35.47 PM

Source: Instagram user lfeizguud

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.35.32 PM

Source: Instagram user happyeverafter1973

And here is one of the Trendsetter (Under age 35) box variations:

Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017 Unboxing

Source: Instagram user shortcake_nails

This Trendsetter box includes:

Hopefully, we should have full spoilers for the Classic box (Over age 35) soon!

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2017 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (68)

  1. Just got my Classic box– Gliss Hair Repair duo, Optic White toothpaste, Soo AE Nature Mask, and Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, plus Aveeno dual packet facial masks, Burt’s Bees night cream packet, Palmer’s Coconut Oil facial moisturizer packet and a small vial of Palmer’s facial oil. Must be near the end, with more tiny samples and fewer regular size ones.

    I don’t miss the deodorant, but I did want the Soapbox body wash and either a nail polish or a lip gloss. I never use masks so that’s three samples I’ll give away. I used a full size of the Colgate Optic White last year and got a bad result at the dentist, with way more scraping of plaque and stains than usual, so I won’t use those samples either.

    Disappointed, but I also get Trendsetter, which arrived over a week ago and is a close match for the listing above. But I am over the toothpaste in every box!

    • It is so frustrating that they do NOT put same things for everyone in box. I understand different items for classic and trendsetter but each of those should be same value for all subscribers. I always get my boxes later and ALWAYS MISSING things that earlier boxes received. I know it’s only $5 but I why give less to later boxes, come on Walmart!! I am sure you can find other samples. My classic did not have nail polish body wash or deodorant. Has this happened to anyone else so fewer items for boxes that come later?? This is not the first time it has been like this for the last 4!

    • Your box is identical to mine! I was so disappointed, I had also really been looking forward to the Soapbox and a nail polish or lip gloss. I’m really thinking about cancelling. I know it’s only $5, but the range of products/prices is so inconsistent across subscribers, it just isn’t worth the $5 to me some months if I’m going to donate almost the entire box. I can’t use the toothpaste, I don’t care for the haircare brand, I don’t use facial oils since I’m already an oily mess, and for whatever bizarre reason, those in-shower moisturizers seem to make my skin even more dry! I also got the exact same Aveeno card from an Allure magazine insert! (And didn’t even really like that either 😕) So that leaves the Soo Ae mask and the Palmers and Burts Bees, the last two of which are foil packets. I guess I’m a picky mess? Lol, I think this may be worse than the winter box.

  2. Received my Trendsetter today (Classic is yet to arrive). Oh my god, I am so happy I did not receive yet another Neutrogena lip gloss! I got it last month in the Target box, still wonder which genius designed a wand that’s wider than the tube opening.

    Instead I received a very nice shade of limited edition Sinful Colors nail polish.

    Did not receive the John Frieda conditioner that’s in Liz’s picture. However, I didn’t even know there would be an Aveeno facial in the box – that’s so awesome! I just wish it was a bigger size to make up for the price difference.

  3. I subscribed initially to the Trendsetter box, thinking I didn’t want the Classic because of yet another wet skin moisturizer and yet another Soapbox (between Target and Walmart, I feel like there’s been a lot of these). But then I thought I would like to sample the different varieties of Gliss shampoo and conditioner, and I didn’t notice initially that this box has a mask – I am totally obsessed with sheet masks! Plus, for a box for supposedly older people (ahem 😉 ), that shade of nail polish is really cool!

    So I am going to end up with two Target boxes and two Walmart boxes this month, what I am gonna do with it all, lol.

  4. I got my Classic box yesterday–received the exact same contents as pictured above, but with a lovely deep turquoise nail polish instead of the purple shade. I’m very pleased with this month’s contents!

  5. I got my classic box . I’m very happy with it ! For five bucks it was a great box. I did get some repeats . I didn’t get the nail polish or the glitz shampoo . I got the ponds, curel cream ,avenno lotion,ban deodorant, soapbox body wash ,soo as mask,tooth paste and the frizz eazz . I get both boxes I change my age to make my self older to get the classic and I enjoy it more than the trendsetter honestly lol

    • I got the Classic box today. Got everything shown in the first picture except I got a great neutral nail polish (Satin Ribbon). I love the Glow after shower moisturizer and am happy to get another one. I’ll give the deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste to a friend. Great box for $5!

    • Box twin! I was really happy with my box! I put on the Pond’s cream immediately because I’ve been really having trouble with dry skin, and it feels soothed right away. I would like to try the Glitz shampoo and conditioner at some point, but I’m sure with all the boxes I sub to, one of them will have it.

    • Got the same variation as you…was disappointed at not receiving the nail polish, but oh well…it was 5 bucks! 😁

    • I got this exact box Danielle. Very Happy! 🙂

  6. Received the Trendsetter box today and it was ok for 5 dollars.

    I’m just wondering though about the Neutrogena lip gloss. The little applicator has major issues and the product is very sticky and chunky, almost seems old.

    Anyone else notice?

    • i got the lip gloss, too, but hadn’t tried it yet, because i got the exact same one (color and everything) in the last box. it very well may be leftovers from the last one and getting old.

    • It was in the Target beauty box last month and I noticed how the applicator was hard to put back in the tube. I wonder if they had a problem in production and realized they couldn’t sell them so they gave them away to Target and Wal Mart for their boxes?

  7. I got the email for my first box a couple of days ago…I am super excited for the Classic Box…I think all of the ‘spoilers’ would be great! (I’m 58 and I love getting stuff in the mail ha ha)

  8. I get both boxes and the Trendsetter was exact but I just got the Classic in the mail today and well, ugh lol.
    I know it’s $5.00 but I have so many of the products in this box already, no one who would use them and throwing them out seems wasteful 😨
    I got the Soapbox, Colgate, Ban and SOO AE Sheet Mask but that’s where the similarities end. The rest of the products include

    *Curel Wet Skin moisturizer (third one now, two in both Winter boxes and I don’t like it too greasy, mineral oil NO!)
    *Aveeno body moisturizer
    *Ponds Anti Wrinkle cream (ugh third one I’ve received, I got two in both Winter boxes and mineral oil is a yuck! Makes my face greasy)
    * John Frieda Frizz Ease conditioner (received in the Trendsetter box but this I’ll use!)
    *Aveeno Positively Radiant foil packets (Love Aveeno facial products and I’ll use them but the dreaded packets haha!)
    *Coupons for three included products and one for Gray Away temporary root concealer lol where’d that come from 😂

    I was looking forward to the nail polish the Gliss Shampoo and Conditioner and the Jergens self tanning lotion.

    Classic ladies, beware lol I’m in the first batch so who knows what’s coming in the next 😁

    • Hey Bwitched, another idea for samples you won’t use is to donate them to a local shelter or similar place. There are plenty of options and I am sure your generosity would be greatly appreciated!

  9. My box just shipped today can’t wait to get it 😍

  10. I have always had the classic box,but signed for an additional subscription when the Trendsetter became available.At first,I thought the trendsetter was much better,But I think they switched it up for the last couple of boxes..because the classic has been a little better.The trendsetter is repeat items(but good ones) So if I am right,the trendsetter for Summer is going to be really good.

  11. I just signed up for this box and they charged me two days after sign up, but my shipping says “pending.” I never got an email before they charged me or anything. Is this the norm for this box? I am asking so I know what to expect when the summer box comes around. And shipping…how long does that normally take? Sure hoping I’m not billed twice. Thanks in advance for whoever can answer this for me! 🙂

    • Each quarter, more recently, I have received a notice that the boxes are getting ready to be sent out, a reminder to update your billing info if needed. Shortly after that, they will charge your account $5. In the past, I have always received an e-mail with a tracking number when the box ships, but this time I didn’t get that, and my box came today.

    • And, since you just signed up, I would say that, yes, that is probably normal, since a box was just in the middle of going out.

      • Thank you for explaining. I’m not new to sub boxes, but I am to this Walmart box and they are all so vastly different in my experience! I know it’s only $5, but the unorganized structure is enough for this woman to cancel. lol

  12. anyone know how to cancel these walmart boxes?

    • There should be a cancellation button somewhere after you log into your account. It’s pretty easy to cancel.

  13. I recieved the trendsetterbox yesterday and I am so happy that 90 % of my box was new goodies that I haven’t recieved in other Walmart boxes in the past. All were deluxe sizes or good sizes ….The box got shipped fast and with no issues. And top off everything they really stepped up the over all look which is so amazing…. All all for 5 dollars… Loving this new WalmartBeautyBox…. Keep up the great work because it shows…. Loved my box.. Yay. 💋

  14. A lot of these samples have been in past Target boxes but for $5 dollars…

    • The Walmart Box is only $5

      • I know the walmaft box is only 5 dollars, I was saying for only 5 dollars, the box is still worth it.

  15. I’d be happy with any variation of the box, but I opted for the Me Time box instead of the classic box.

    Wouldn’t mind trying the Frizz Ease, Soapbox or face mask. Love to get deodorant too.

  16. I was billed for the Trendsetter box yesterday, finally! I say it like that since I’m usually in the first wave of these and was worried I’d be at the end – and get the foil packet version.
    I opted in for the “me moment” box and that isn’t supposed to be ready until early April…and will be billed then. I’m hoping the regular box will still have all these goodies! Can’t go wrong for $5!

  17. Just cancelled. Mine hasn’t shipped yet and whenever it ships this late I end up with assorted 💩

    • The fall boxes were my first, and I got them early. In the winter boxes, I ended up with about 2/3 of the items from the spoilers (and nothing else to fill the empty space). I then said that I would give the spring boxes a fair shot before deciding whether or not to can them. I haven’t been charged for either box, I have no activity for either one in my account (not counting fall and winter box activities), even though I got an e-mail over a week ago that my classic box was “in the works”. I’m tempted to cancel or try cancelling and re-subscribing immediately, but I think I’m just going to wait and see so that I know whether it’s worth sticking around for the summer boxes.

      • right. I have had that issue the past 2 boxes. I would be really happy if I got either one of those boxes, I ended up basically with lotion sample boxes last 2 seasons. I a, hoping for a better box this time around.

    • It’s not that late yet. They only began billing on the 20th, I’m pretty sure! If it were another couple of weeks, I’d agree with you.

  18. I received the email to opt in for the new box and still have not been billed. Hmmm, weird….

    • same here

      • the invite for the new box said it wouldnt ship until may, and walmart charges closer to ship dates so id just be patient. they havent shipped or charged my old account (bc i also opted in) but at the same time i created a new account so i wouldnt miss out on at least 1 of the regular boxes and that one was charged and shipped right away. LOVE the new box…pink and GOLD lid…yesssss walmart!!! i think the pamper one is going to look really pretty too with the flowers <3 <3

  19. I’m still weirded out that neither of my boxes (Classic or Trendsetter) has been initiated. I got an e-mail on 3/21 (today is 3/29) that the Classic box was “in the works” (their words, not mine). When I log in, neither box has any status info. Only info from the fall and winter boxes is showing. It seems like a lot of people have already received their boxes.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much. Last time mine came almost 3 weeks after I got my “in the works” email, way after most people got their boxes. This time I was one of the first. If you still haven’t received anything in a month or so, then that’s when I’d start to worry. I don’t think they have any rhyme or rhythm to when they send them.

      • Thank you 🙂 My concern isn’t so much that the boxes won’t show up but that they’ll have less than half of the stuff shown in the spoilers. My winter boxes weren’t as late as these boxes, and they had about 2/3 of the stuff the spoilers had :-\

      • I received a very late box, as well as an earlier box. For winter. And they were exactly the same. I keep hearing people talk about 2/3 of what others get, or just foil packs. That didn’t happen at all to me.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how much stock I put into the account page/email notification stuff from them. I get both boxes. I got an emai last week saying my Trendsetter box was in the works. Checked my account, neither box had any info except for the winter order. Then a couple days ago I was charged $5.00 (I assumed for the Trendsetter) so I thought I’d check tracking in my account.

      Well, in my account I now have an order for a spring box, but it’s for the Classic version! No info for the Trendsetter (for which I got an email) and no email for the Classic (for which I have an order)! And to top it off, even the one order I do have info for says it’s pending and hasn’t shipped (as of today) but I was charged the 24th, and they say they don’t charge until the box has shipped.

      I don’t know what to believe hahah.

      • Oh, they definitely fall behind on the shipping front and updating our accounts. I got the fall and winter boxes, and I remember that I received at least one of them before the page was updated with shipping information. This time I haven’t even been charged, so I highly doubt anything has shipped.

      • Just chiming in to say I had the same issue with my subscriptions and just received the Classic box today even though I received an email about the Trendsetter. No pending order for the Trendsetter showing up yet. I’m wondering if they’re automatically giving some people who have two subscriptions the Me Moment box for one of them. I guess we’ll see.

  20. This box looks good to me! I wouldn’t mind getting all of these products (got my shipping notification last night, so maybe i will get this variation!). The deodorant is my regular brand, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/toothpaste samples are always welcome, and I love getting nail polish!

    • I agree! I thought this was the best one I’ve received so far. Never got any sort of shipping notification – just showed up yesterday. Not a bad surprise, though!

  21. I hope I receive something other than the nail polish…I have tons and the wet moisturizer. I received one of those last term.

  22. For $5, I hate to complain about these boxes and I’m sure I won’t be cancelling anytime soon. That being said, I do wish I didn’t get so many super-moisturizing shampoos and conditioners in them, especially at the start of spring. I prefer to use volumizing shampoos and somewhat lighter conditioners (with the occasional heavier conditioning treatment), especially in spring or summer. I primarily use moisturizing products in the winter since I live in Pittsburgh and have to crank up the heat in my house, which makes the air pretty dry.

  23. I can’t wait. I will be getting both. One of each for mom and daughter!

    • Same here! I try my hardest to grab what I want, doesn’t always work haha…Looks like good boxes.

  24. Couldn’t resist so much for going spoiler free, lol.

  25. Wouldnt it be heaven if walmart (or target) did what birchbox soho does…
    A build your own beauty box in their beauty isle??? At least as a special event….like to celebrate national beauty box day…. because how is that not a thing yet???

    • If they can have national waffle day, certainly they can have national sub box day! Right? 😉

  26. Ohhhh now i want the classic too! I got trendsetter and loved it, but 24hr deodorant i must try! And like soapbox scents so wonder if their bodywash is moisturizing….and face mask = yessss please…even though ive got one coming in the special pamper box.
    This would put me at 3 walmart subs…and i know later shipment are not always the same….uggggg

  27. Resistance is futile – when it’s only five bucks.

  28. This is the 1st one I think I will really like! Good job, Walmart!

  29. I received an email about 2 weeks ago from Walmart, asking me if I wanted to opt in for the “Me Moment” box, sponsored by Canada Dry and Southern Living magazine, in place of my primary membership box (which for me is the classic)- I receive both. I’m now really glad I opted in, because I’ve received all Classic box items but the polish in other sub boxes. Instead I’ll be receiving some different items, including a Purifying Charcoal mask, and a different polish. The email said it was not good for new customers- I’ve had the Classic sub since 01/15, and the Trendsetter since 03/16. Looking forward to it! For $5, I think it’s one of the best deals out there.

  30. I get one of each box (classic & trendsetter) and was honestly thinking of cancelling it just because I rarely use what they send me, but I’m excited about several product in each of these boxes!

  31. How do I select the trendsetter sub? I signed up but there’s no option to select classic or trendsetter. I’d like to buy both.

    • You just adjust your date of birth to make your age under 35.

      • But if I want the classic too, do I have to put the new box as a gift? Or there’s another way? I tried and in order to change the birthday I had to check the gift option.

      • Order it as a gift but you can send it to your address and use your email. Just change your birthday and I use a name abbreviation or nickname for the 2nd sub.

      • Who says you can’t send yourself a gift! Go on…you deserve it girl! Lol. I actually put my trendsetter box in my teenage daughter’s name bc I figured she’d steal all the stuff from me anyway. 😂

      • No, when you log in, at the bottom, there is an option to add another subscription. I still send it to myself, in my name, and with my birthday only 10 years younger so that I can get the Trendsetter box, too.

      • So the Trendsetter is for the under 35’s? This didn’t exist when I signed up.

      • I am over 35 and they always send me the trendsetter box and I never asked for it.

    • same here

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