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That Daily Deal Ultimate Mystery Box – Available Now

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There is a new Limited Edition Ultimate Mystery Box from That Daily Deal.

The Box: Ultimate Mystery Box

The Cost: $99.99 + $9.99 shipping

The Products:

If you’ve ordered any of our mystery boxes in the past, then you know they live up to the hype. We have been doing mystery boxes for 10 years because we don’t let our customers down.

This ultimate mystery box.. well, is just that. Your retail value will greatly exceed the $99.99 price tag. While you will not receive a 3D curved TV, you will receive all brand new items. Keep them, resell them, or gift them. NOTE… If you order more than one, MOST of your items will NOT duplicate. You WILL receive MOSTLY different items. Also, yes, there is a shipping charge. We must do this as your box will be big and heavy, and we don’t have to have to reduce the amount of items just to save on shipping.

These take a long time to put together, so extended shipping time is required.

Are you going to grab a mystery box?

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  1. This box reminds me of the clearance section at Walmart.. I always have to look but I’m never really tempted to buy…

  2. Mystery box of crap. Got 2 Christmas mystery bags & donated the majority of it. Also, they were pretty much duplicates. Will not order anything from them again.

  3. Don’t buy is all I can say.

    • I agree! This should be called Big Box of Junk.

  4. I recently bought their mega candy mystery box for $19.99 it was supposed to be $99+ worth of name brand candy. When I got it, it was mostly M&M’s and a couple snickers that MAYBE covered the $20 cost. It also btw took them a MONTH to ship this. I’ve contacted them 3 times about it only to hear “all the managers have left, someone will have to call you back”. So careful with any mystery items because their customer service is non-existent, and the value isn’t isn’t as promised as or even close.

    • I ‘am sorry that happened to you now I will NEVER buy from them.

  5. If you can spare $110, then just buy whatever you want from PopSugar or GlobeIn.

  6. I think these are the same people who do Peaches and Petals which I hated and cancelled. I recently purchased their light box hoping to get the bbq light set. I didn’t get it but got way above the RV for what I paid.

    • What did you get in the light box?

    • Yes what did you get? I was tempted to get the light box but didn’t know the company well enough.

      • I know I’m forgetting some stuff but I got two mini flashlights, a large lantern flashlight, two head lamps, a nice quality lighted hiking stick, a string of decorating lights, light up marvel coasters, candle with discs. All tested and in working condition ( I was worried with this company’s history) My family are big hikers so we were able to use everything except the coasters. My husband said he liked it better than his Robb Vices lol.

    • I have that bbq light (got from them in a monthly box), never used. It’s yours for the cost of shipping if you want it – just let me know!

        • Oops sorry Annabella . That daylight savings time change is killing me since I get up at 4:30 am every day.

          • @lisamarie, I’m so sorry for going MIA like that, life got in the way! I tried to go to the link you posted but ‘don’t have permission to view the page’. I also don’t think there is a way to search by user name. Maybe you can tell me an item you have listed and I can find you by that? I would still like to send the light to you.

      • Thanks for the offer Annabella! In the interim I ordered a few from Amazon to give for father’s day “BBQ Basket”presents. I hope life getting in the way was for happy, good things 🙂

  7. I’m not even willing to gamble $10 on this company lol

  8. If it’s anything like the Mystery Santa “bag”, save your money!! Trust me. They hyped it up like it was the biggest, best thing ever and all they did was send what appeared to be what was left in their inventory. Nothing really useful or good. I would not have purchased a single thing they sent me if it was in a store, ended up donating everything. Very disappointing. And they didn’t send anyone the cool bag that was in the picture, just a plastic bag.

    • Well that sounds absolutely horrible! I think I’ll just keep my money then. I managed to stay away from the always (at least for me) disappointing Stylish Surprise boxes but was sucked into the RZBOS and PopSugar Resort box. I wish I had decided on the Nina Garcia Quarterly box instead of the RZBOS. I really like the tray and the bag so I’ll have to see what pops up on the swap side.

    • Agreed. I bought their Santas Mystery bag thinking it would make a cool white elephant gift. Unfortunately, I received a ripped up generic plastic bag instead of the cute cloth bag pictured. It was filled with the worst junk including the famous bacon calendar and other dollar store junk. That would have been ok and possibly funny IF there were also something decent included too. Basically too embarrassing even for a white elephant gift.

  9. Look up reviews before you buy, for sure.

  10. Has anyone bought this one before? I’m nervous paying $100 especially after paying for FFF (and add-ons), PopSugar LE and RZBOS. 😬💸💳

    • I agree with Christina. Beware. Got the Christmas bag as well. Waste of money. I still remember the bacon calendar, and not in a good way. Just schlock. Donated the whole thing, and was embaresed when I did.

      • I now have 2 bacon calendars . Got another one in the mini mystery. Definitely NOT worth it. I also order additional items to give as christmas gifts and 2 of them were not in the box. Box didn’t arrive until the 23rd so it was too late to order elsewhere. When I called about the missing items, they said they short on them and would refund my money for them. If I hadn’t called them, there sure weren’t going to let me know. I would stay far away.

        • It definitely sounds like everyone needs to double check their orders! 😬

    • I haven’t bought the big crate, but I have gotten various mystery packages from them. (I don’t have a subscription, though.) In general, they end up worth it — some stuff will be super-strange, but I’ve always ended up with enough to more than pay for it.

      That said, their customer service is, uh, challenging. I have been able to resolve my issues but they do not bend on their policies, even when they should. It’s their rules, and they are always right. For example, their website deal gave too big a credit one night. Instead of canceling the order or contacting me, they just didn’t ship. I eventually contacted them and they refunded me — but I had bought things I planned to use for Christmas presents, and it was too late to reorder for holiday delivery. I had also shared the link widely and friends who had ordered were not contacted either. Again, they refunded when I contacted them, but they never did see why I thought they should either email everyone or issue refunds preemptively. (Well, honestly, they should have honored the deal as it was their error, but whatever.) They also said they did email people, but no one I spoke to received it. I found mine in spam – which was odd as all other emails from them arrive.

      So I’d strongly suggest using a credit card that gives you good protection. If you do that, you should be fine — as long as you are prepared for the true, totally random mystery package.

      All that said, I still shop with them. I love love love the mystery packages and the one-time purchases seem to me to be better than the subscription boxes, based on the reviews I see. (Maybe because they need a quantity of items to set up a subscription box?)

      You can look through the website to get a good sense of the kinds of things you’ll get. They always seem to have a lot of different “light” things — flashlights, lamps, etc., socks or gloves, etc. And then it could be any mixture of the kinds of things you see on their sister website, 13 deals. My all time best box had a huge canvas mounted SpiderMan comic cover as just one of the many items for $39. (Which was perfect for my 9-year old nephew, but might not have been a hit with every buyer.) And, sometimes, there is some overlap with the subscription boxes, so check the reviews.

      Another option is their monthly “Stupid Good Deals” club. It’s normally $5.99 a month, but it is free in March (or with a subscription). With that, you are sent emails for deals or can follow them on twitter @ExtremeSGD. You might want to do that this month and then decide whether you are seeing the kind of things you’d find fun to get in a gigantic mystery box. I can’t be positive, but I think it is a good bet that your box would include a mix of items on the site and in the tweets. The deal club also gives you 20% off all their websites.

      • I didn’t realize they had so much to offer. I’m gonna have to poke around their website but I think I’m gonna hold off on this box at least for now. Thank you for all of the information!!! I’ve swapped for a few of their items (the tablet pillow being my fav!) but haven’t ever pulled the trigger and actually subscribed. Thank you so much!!!

        • Maybe Liz will get one and review? It’s $20 off with the ESGD offer. (Although they may decrease the amount in the box — no idea.) They offer it pretty regularly, so even though everyone gets different things, a review would give an idea of what to expect.

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