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Play! By Sephora March 2017 SPOILERS for Box 451!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have MORE SPOILERS! We now have spoilers for 4 of the March 2017 Play! By Sephora boxes! The theme is “The Gleam Team.”

Box #451 (Thanks, Eliz!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.43.22 PM

Box #477 (Thanks, Diana for letting us know about your box!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.44.47 PM

Source: Instagram user _cupofdee

Box #444 (Thanks, Rebecca, for confirming this box number!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.20.46 PM

Source: Instagram user c_moon26

Box #469:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.20.52 PM

Source: Instagram user valtherizzle

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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  1. If anyone is interested, I have a 477 that I’m willing to trade for a 451

    • Me please! Lemme know how I can reach you. I’m still on the waitlist to get approved for the swap site.

      • Send me a message via Instagram – angiesue (Angie Archer)

        • Thanks! Just messaged!

  2. I’m getting box 451 and I’m thrilled!! It was literally the only one I wanted after seeing all the others. I just have to try that verb oil!

  3. Anyone with a 477 or 444 would like to swap for my 451?

    • I have a 477 and I might be game.

      • Do you have a MSA profile? Lemme know how to contact you. I’m on the waitlist for the swap site, so don’t have access yet.

    • I have a #444 and would LOVE to swap for a #451.

  4. I got 469 (aka the worst box). Can anyone else not open their glam glow? Like the tube twists up, and I still can’t open it. Any tips?

    • Mine was tight too but I got it open. Try using a glove or washcloth to get a better grip.

    • What?? I think 469 looks like the best one!

  5. Looks like everyone hates 469…including me and im getting it

  6. Okay, time to unsub. I hate this box. I could MAYBE use the argan thing whatever it is, and rarely wear Big Bang. It’s a fun color that I have a sample of but it’s not an every day lipstick for me. This was Sephora’s last chance and I’m done. I like Ipsy where it’s customized FOR YOU not you-get-one-of-four-boxes-that-everyone-gets.
    Play used to be so good, I’ve found great products but it’s starting to get worse.

    • I’m unfortunately thinking the same thing. There are a lot of great products to try, but I keep getting things I just can’t/ won’t use. A deep pink lipstick with shimmer? If you’re going to send me something unwearable, send me a lavender Kat Von D lip product or something really out there! And tbh it’s weird we’re getting a lip product at all, since there were 2 last month and all other variations had something for the eyes. I’d like a shade of eyeshadow I can’t find in the Naked or Naked 2 palettes…

      • 2 lip products last month (I got the bite and too faced lip gloss) and 1 the month before (the clinique) and now a pink lipstick… so yeah it’s apparently an evert month thing

        • It wouldn’t even be that bad if they made sure the lip products were more varied. They could have lip masks, scrubs, treatments, etc… or just a month with a totally new color. The lip plumper would’ve been a decent choice if so many people didn’t have negative reactions.

          Sephora just has SO MANY products and brands, we could have more variety than the same eyeshadow from August or 20 types of highlighters.

          • Sephora is genius at marketing & where they’ve been very clever when it comes to this sub is the wait-list. It takes a while to get off it so once you’re in, it’s tough to leave (FOMO, and all!). The 50 points card is a smart way to get you in the store but a smarter way to get you to buy stuff would be to automatically make the Play! monthly points perk 100 points so you can cash it in for an extra deluxe sample if you want (you’d still have to make a purchase but it would *seem* like you’re getting more, which people always enjoy) AND you should be able to utilize it online. I understand the reasoning, I just wish the ‘sell, sell, sell’ factor wasn’t so transparent & pushy with Play! It’d be nice too if the sub came included with VIB Rouge status. Spending $1,000-plus in one year should qualify a person for 12 months of Play!, don’t you think? And I can’t fathom why their own-brand samples are so small. It would benefit them to be extra generous with the Sephora brand & really cement it in consumer’s heads. Since they control the box, it’s an amazing opportunity to ‘make friends’ with both serious & would-be beauty junkies & really compete with the better known luxe brands for our love & loyalty (& money, of course). 😉

            They need to mix up their products/brands & be more adventurous. I mean, they can’t be stuck for product – Sephora is such a huge name in the beauty industry, I imagine cosmetic companies would be tripping over themselves to be included in the box. I’ve had Play! for 9 months & it’s getting kind of same-y. Becoming stale & boring doesn’t suit their image. I didn’t get the MUFE shadow (I got box #451) but apparently it’s the exact shade from the Aug box. Really?!?! It’s a great colour but that’s a wee bit cheeky to repeat it so soon.

            Personally, for $10 a month, it’s a cheap-enough thrill to continue for the foreseeable future but if I had to choose between the 2 subs I receive; Ipsy & this – Ipsy would win hands down & twice on Sundays. For the same price, it’s better value, has more interesting products/variations & it’s just waaaaaay more fun.

          • Miss E, I agree with everything you wrote! Even though I live ridiculously close to a Sephora, I love online shopping and think a change in points would be wonderful. And who wants to go back on a waitlist if they see a great month coming up? I’ve been saying the same thing about Sephora’s tiny in- house samples (especially that mascara from last month). I’m not opposed to store brand products, but it feels wrong that my Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown mascara samples are bigger.

            As for VIB Rouge,I have no clue why they don’t get Play for free. I’d assume you’d want to keep those high paying customers, but I personally don’t have store loyalty.

            I absolutely agree that the brands and colors are a bit repetitive. I mean, I love Tarte (just bought some of their LE unicorn themed products that came out today!), but it was in our January boxes and in some February box variations as well (not to mention ipsy this month). When I look at my October box, I see some unique names – Christophe Robin, Skin Inc., Blinc, Belif. These aren’t brands I get all the time. This month, I’m seeing Urban Decay, Becca, GLAMGLOW, and another Atelier fragrance – not bad brands, but ones that are more well known / commonly found in beauty boxes.

            It is only $10 and I definitely don’t want to miss the perfect box, so I’ll stay subscribed for now. I just hope they are seeing our comments and realize that I loved that Caudelie sample and if I’m getting UD, I want a new product. 🙂

          • It’s a bit….I dunno… is ‘lazy’ the right word? Unfortunately, I think it might be. Lately, it feels like Sephora is coasting on its name a little & counting on their reputation to get & keep subscribers. I’m honestly not complaining; I get my 10 bucks worth, absolutely. I’d just like them to know *I know* they’re being kinda lazy. 😉

            Whereas even if I don’t jump up & down over everything in my Ipsy bag, I can see there’s thought & effort in the curation & some products or brands I wasn’t immediately excited by at first ended up being awesome. Discovery is a big part of subs, right? Ipsy’s also improving their customer service (which was already pretty great, IMO) by leaps & bounds – I prefer to be spoiler-free so my bag is a complete surprise when I open it (I’m ALL about the surprise factor. 🙂 ) but from the feedback I’ve read, a lot of people are stoked about choosing one of their samples each month. Or being able to stop receiving up to 3 different products – I like getting lipstick but I’m drowning in them at the moment. I didn’t want to give the last lip product I got a bad review in case I opted myself out further down the line so I wrote them & they’re giving me 5 months off anything lip-related so I can get through my stash. Fantastic.

            Ipsy’s website is bright & accessible & they have some brilliant tips on there (The simple-but-oh-so-clever hack for hanging wet brushes upside down on your towel rail with hair elastics is a game-changer!) They’ve increased the points for reviews too – Sephora doesn’t allot their customers anything for taking the time to review, which is BS when you think about it. And while Ipsy does sell stuff on their site, it’s usually at a deep discount so it doesn’t come across as money-grubbing.

            Now, I don’t expect these 2 subs to be the SAME. Not at all. I understand that Ipsy is a business wholly devoted to sub bags while Sephora is an actual beauty STORE whose main revenue comes from their cosmetics sales, not their sub box. But Sephora is a much MUCH bigger company, one which has a long history within the industry so I can’t let them off the hook for being rushed & half-hearted with Play!. It’s surprisingly short-sighted for Sephora too; the Play! box could be their greatest advertising tool but they’re not using it to it’s full potential right now. Hopefully, that’ll change.

            (Pardon my wordiness! Once again, my 2c is loooong! 🙂 )

          • (And if Sephora doesn’t start changing it up, I might not unsubscribe but I WILL take away their exclamation point. You gotta EARN that punctuation, Play!) 😉

          • Haha I love it. 🙂 I never use the apostrophe – the box is never that exciting. I think you’re right, they’re coasting a bit on their reputation (plus the waitlist makes it even more appealing).

    • If those are the only two items you like… would you care to relieve yourself of the Becca liquid? I really want the Becca and Algenist. 😀

  7. I will be getting 451 and want the variations from 444 or 477. Who wants to trade?

    • Im getting 444, what variations are you wanting?

      • Well we’re both getting the glam glow and Josie Maran, but I would like to trade everything else, or I’d trade everything except the glam glow for the different items in 477.

    • I’d love to trade getting the 444!

      • Ashley, I’d love to trade my 451 for your 444. I’m on the waitlist for the swap site in my subscription addiction. Do you want to swap emails, to set it up, or do you have another idea? I don’t understand the waitlist…

  8. I’m getting box 477….didn’t we get that Makeup Forever eyeshadow sometime last year?

    • Yup. August.

  9. I just received box 451. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is a cream. Not a powder highlight. It’s a 10 ml. tube. Color is Opal.

    • And the perfume sample was Clementine California by Atelier, not the vanilla scent. The Vice lipstick is fun! I’ll wear it to a concert this week!

  10. Liz, is there a way to submit pictures to MSA of our boxes, for future reference? Also, the Becca product is a liquid. It would have been awesome to get the powder version!

  11. Ugh I hate it when subscriptions have so many different box variations. So jealous of the luminizing drops. The Benefit highlighter is such old news compared to it.

  12. hey! if anyone with 477 or 444 wants to swap entire boxes i’m game! i’m getting 451 and it is definitely not a match for me

    • I would swap my 477 for your 451! Interested?

      • I am interested in trading I have box 451

        • Lia, it’s yours if you want to trade!

      • @MissBailey – did you ever swap out your 477? I have a 451 and interested in a swap!

        • Hi AAC, I still have it if you want it,

    • I will swap getting 444!

  13. So no happy with Sephora this month.. I’ve got box 469.. How does old news Watt’s Up or a foil sample of UD primer stack against a Makeup Forever shadow or bottle of Algenist? Or full size UD lipstick.. That Verb hair oil is CHEAP too at $14 for a 2oz bottle too.. Box 469 is seriously disappointing..

    • The UD lipstick wasn’t full size. It was a sample. But I feel your pain. I am a 45 year old woman who just opened a box for a 12 year old. Was seriously disappointed, considered canceling. Nevermind “glow girl,” this was look like a sparkly oil slick month. I was pretty excited about the dry shampoo, so of course I didn’t get it.

      • There is no dry shampoo. It’s a volume spray.

  14. I would be willing to trade my Josie Marian balm and my perfume sample -from box 469 for just the volunizing spray, he’ll im so desperate I’m willing to throw in my eyeko cream stick shadow in satin too.. anyone interested?

    • My eyeko stick is from ipsy***** sorry for all the typos.

    • I have tried to reply twice and it hasn’t shown up. I would love to swap my living proof for your eyeko shadow stick. My email is wendybrooks77. It’s a yahoo address. Thanks

  15. That lipstick looks like it might be a berry. I really hope so. My subscription boxes hardly ever have berry colors and that’s what I like 🙁

    • How do you feel about a berry toned metallic shimmer? It’s really metallic, kind of hot pink in the light. They suggest layering it over another shade in the booklet.

    • it’s a bright pink shimmer

  16. I am not too excited about this box; 444 would have been have been a much better match for me.

  17. I got box 469 and this us the first time that I have hated my box! Anyone would like to trade ?

    • ME TOO!! LoL Its old news.. as a make up junkie and fellow box sub addict, we have all had Watts Up and UD primer in our stashes for years now. IDK what that Verb is and I’ll never be mad about anything from Glamglow but still, just NO… I feel this 469 was a fail…

      • Yes i feel the same way, this box is a total fail!

    • I agree. Box 469 is a bust for me! I was sooo looking forward to trying the Living Proof volumnizing spray. Ugh. I hate it when there are so many variations, and I get the one I don’t want. Overall, I still love Sephora Play, but this box is a bummer…here is to hoping next month’s is better! One can hope! 🙂

  18. Oh why the Sephora make so many box variations each month? I hate getting box envy!!!

    • Agreed 😑

      Still no spoilers for #446?

      I can’t wait!

      • Ohhh, I just got my box and it’s “444 .” I’m with my box, but I would’ve loved to try some of the other items 😆

  19. I would like to swap. Where do we do that?

  20. I got my box yesterday and was excited about everything except the Bobbi Brown eye pencil. I tried on the glamglow this morning and it looked beautiful on my skin, but within 15 minutes my face was itching like crazy and starting to get red! If you have sensitive skin I recommend patch testing. I don’t usually have sensitive skin, but something in that moisturizer really set me off.

    • Ughh, I am so afraid of glamglow. It always hurts my skin or breaks me out and I can’t seem to get away from their samples. They’re everywhere! Leave me alone glamglow!!

    • Have you used your bobbi brown pencil yet? I am willing to swap for something.

    • Same happened to me. I swatched on my hand first and glad I did because my skin got very itchy and red! I haven’t had a problem with glamglow before so maybe its the glitter.

  21. Where is the site to swap? I wanted the becca highlighter and the algenist drops. I don’t need the Bobbi brown eye shadow, the Chloe perfume or the Josie Marian balm.

  22. Ugh…I’m getting #469 and not a fan of the products. I would happily swap my box for any of the other boxes!

    • I’m sorry I don’t know how to make a main post so I am piggy backing off your post (Hope you don’t mind.) I got box #451. I am willing to trade te lipstick and cologne for the eyeshadow from Makeup Forever. Would anyone like to trade that with me?

      • I am also willing to trade #451 for box #477. I don’t know where to show trade requests, so I guess here is ok?

    • I got the same box and I feel so let down 🙁 I hate that sephora is doing so many box variations

      • I feel like they don’t even consider the profiles…my hair concerns are oiliness and volume, and they sent me a hair oil instead of the LP dry volume blast? wat?
        I think I’m also a little sad that I’m getting a kind of boring eyeshadow primer instead of an eyeshadow or lipstick like the other boxes

  23. Yay!!! Finally spoilers for #451! I am soooooo excited to be getting this variation! I already have and love the Becca highlighter in Opal, and I am happy to receive another one. I have the UD liquid lipstick in Big Bang so I’m also happy to receive it in the regular lipstick. I am excited to try the other products, too! So happy happy happy! LOL

    • I’m getting the same box—I already have a deluxe sample size of Opal that came in a Becca kit I got at Ulta, so I may pass that along to my mom, but I’m excited about everything nonetheless. (I’d like to be a variation with a popular perfume instead of Atelier for once, though, but what can you do?)

      • I agree about the perfume. I’ve never really liked any of the perfumes I’ve gotten, but I might like this one because I like sweet vanilla scents.

    • Me too I’m so happy with this box 451

  24. I’m getting 469 and not sure about it…. but wth? $10? I’ll give it a try. 🙂

  25. Curious when these are supposed to ship by. My order has been pending since 3/4!

    • Mine just magically showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I usually get an email that my box has shipped the same day it actually arrives.

      • Same here. I like it.

        • Thanks! I won’t worry about it for now then!

    • If you REALLY want to know when it ships, I recommend signing up for My USPS. You can get notifications of when there’s a package on its way to you. I always get my tracking number for my Play! box this way, otherwise it would just appear randomly. LOL.

  26. My first ever UD Vice lipstick and it’s a color I can’t possibly use! Oh well.

    • I would be happy to swap you the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick for the lipstick if you want.

      • haha if she doesn’t want to, I’d be happy to swap when I get my box!

        • I don’t have my box yet but since the other person hasn’t responded I’ll be happy to swap when my box is in. I’ll list when my box is here or send me your email if you are willing so I can notify you. Thanks.

        • Do you have a swap link set up? Thanks

        • Mariah, my box is in. Are you still interested in swapping for the eye shadow stick for the lipstick? I have it listed on swap site. I can’t figure out how to link the site to my name here but it my swap name is Lola. I haven’t done any swaps via this site but you can check my ebay site under the username rafflewench if you are interested in feedback.

      • I would be happy to swap my UD lipstick for your BB Shadow too!

        • If it doesn’t swap with Mariah I will be happy to swap with you. Will list when box arrives. I need to set up a link to my swap page or need your email if you are willing unless you have a swap link already?

  27. This month looks better than last month, I have been debating on canceling after last month and the teeny tiny samples but think I will stay with it a bit longer after seeing the spoilers, I am getting 451 which I am excited about as I want to try the becca highlighter.I am glad I am not getting the dry shampoo as I do not use it- never works out for me with my curly hair.

  28. Anyone who has box 444 and would prefer my 451…

    Let’s SWAP!

    (Use my profile link above)

    • Sent you a request, and listed my box specified for you

  29. Yay finally we got spoilers! i am pretty happy with this box—I already have the becca highlighter but I’m pretty excited try the josie maron! Im indifferent to the hair oil–i know I would never have used to living proof so at least this I can try. Not sure that lipstick is going to be my color but I have never tried the vice lipsticks so it’ll be good to see if I like the formula. Would have been nice to get the bobbi brown but I would not have wanted the other eyeshadow so in the end I’m fairly happy!

    • This box is beautiful. I love the UD vice lipstick so pigmented. 😍 I will have liked to have had the Ghost oil. My box is 444

      I’m having. Enjoy your Sephora Box

  30. Getting box #444, but someone I am not interested in any of the products. I feel i’ve gotten them all before. Anyone wanna trade? I’d prefer #451.

    • Hi Karin! (Or anyone else who is interested?):

      I am getting box #451 and would be happy to swap the entire box for your #444.

      I’ll list it soon 🙂

      • I’ll be on the look out. Thanks!

  31. Bummer. I really wanted to try the living proof product. I have no interest in the ghost oil. I already have opal and the ud lipstick. This is the first box I’m genuinely disappointed in from Sephora.

    • I also wanted the Living Proof dry volume blast…use it all the time! I will definitely use the Ghost oil…love hair oils for my thick wavy hair. Curious for the GlamGlow, but not really thrilled about the other products. Will give them a try anyway.
      You mentioned you have the UD lipstick….what is the color like? I tend to use more mauvey/light plum/nude colors….this may be too bright for me, unless I have a tan.

      • I have fine, oily, short hair, so I’m really confused why I’m getting hair oil. The lipstick is a hot pink with sparkles. It’s a little sheer, so it’s not totally unwearable, but it’s far from a nude.

  32. I have 444 and would like to trade for either box 477 or 451 🙂

    • I will be receiving 451, I would be more than happy to swap with you!

  33. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna use anything in my box (#444) this month. Anyone with a #451 willing to trade, hit me up! 🙂

    • I would be more than happy to swap for my 451 box! 🙂

      • Thanks Shelby, but I had listed my box and already started a swap. 🙁 Good luck swapping your box!

  34. I’m getting #451 and I’m pretty disappointed because I don’t have dry hair on my profile and oil makes me look greasy as a natural honey blond. I would have rather had the dry shampoo because it’s a staple in my weekly routine, and I love the Bobbi Brown eye cream sticks. I also love the Watts Up highlighter and don’t like vanilla scents, so Sephora pretty much failed with this box for me. I’m toying with cancelling my subscription, but it’s only $10 a month so it’s a hard sell.

  35. I’m going to look pretty ridiculous wearing that bright pink eyeshadow… wait, we didn’t get anything for the eyes- that was everyone else. I’ll try the glamglow.

    • It’s not bright pink if you’re getting the mufe! it’s pretty and taupey.

      • I was referring to Sephora’s choice to send yet another pink lipstick in #451 in place of the eye product in all the other boxes. I don’t follow their thinking.

  36. I’m getting two of this box if anyone wants to trade 🙂 love this box but would love to try the other highlighters and what not

    • I’m getting a 444 if you would like to swap for a 451! [email protected]

    • I’ll trade for 469?

  37. I am getting box #444 and would love box #451 or #477 if anyone wants to trade please let me know! Thanks!!!

    • I’m getting 451, would love to swap for 444

      • Will switch my 444 with your 451. [email protected] (spelling out the dot)

        • Are you on the swap site SC? Would prefer to swap there.

          • I am. I’ve just never swapped before. Should I look for ur swap?

          • Yes please 🙂 I’m user 23715 or just search for the 451 box. Only 2 listed right now.

  38. What did you put in your profile to get #451. I’d love to know! I don’t understand how they pick the products for ppl…

    • This is my Play profile. Ill get #451
      Oily skin, Medium skin tone, Skin concerns – (Blackheads, Cellulite, Dullness, pores, Sensitivity, Stretch marks and Uneven Skin tones), Brunette hair color, Hair (Chem treated, Normal, oily), Hair concerns ( damaged, Frizz, Oiliness, Thinning), Green eyes, Extremely important all things when choosing a retailer shop… and Totally agree for most of the beauty statements.
      I hope this helps 🙂

    • I’m guessing that having “curly hair” on your profile had an impact on getting the hair oil. (That’s me, but sadly my hair is also “fine” so hair oil is a “no-no” for me.)

      When I looked at Sephora’s listing for the VERB oil (thanks for the links, Liz!), there are ads/links for other Sephora “curly hair” products.)

    • I am getting box #451. Here’s my profile:
      * Skin type – oily (it’s kind of combination but I already have too many products for normal to dry skin, so I selected oily)
      * Skin tone – fair
      * Skin concerns – acne, blackheads, dark circles, pores, redness, sensitivity
      * Hair color – blonde
      * Hair description – chemically treated, curly, dry, fine
      * Hair concerns – color protection, curl enhancing, damaged, frizz
      * Eye color – blue
      * All things are important to me except the mobile app
      * I’m indifferent to the statements except I agree that beauty doesn’t have to be expensive (lol)

      I hope that helps! My profile is very accurate, aside from over-emphasizing oily-ness and skin problems (and honestly I’m not sure they even pay attention to this).

      • Yes it does help a ton! Thank you so very much taking time out of your day to be so precise! My profile is just about the same as yours except I put dry skin, straight hair, not chemically treated, and no acne. But the rest seems to match up…. I’m wondering if your right and they really don’t look too hard at the profile…. but thank you so much anyways!!

        • No problem! It was a good chance to review my profile and see if it’s accurate (I added sun damage to see if I get more skin care/ treatment). But I’m not convinced it isn’t random.

  39. I’m so bummed! This is first month that I’ll be receiving my absolute last choice of box. I’m getting 469, and would have preferred literally any other combo. I’ve wanted to try the Bobby Brown eyeshadow stick, the Algenist drops AND the Becca skin perfector! Pity party over here.

    • I feel you I’m at the same party 😛

    • The same!! Love the box but hate my variation. Thinking seriously about cancelling the sub

    • Same!! I want to throw a fit and cancel, but I doubt they care, and I loved last month!

  40. Yay!!!! Finally!!! Love it!!! Good things come to those who wait….Best option this month for me. I really believe they make an effort to suit my profile.❤

  41. Getting 444. Would love to try algenist, becca, or ud…
    Guess no box is perfect, there’s always gonna be box envy lol

    • I’m getting 451, I would be interested in trading you the becca, which urban decay are you interested in? The primer potion or the lipstick? I’m getting the lipstick in my box and I have a couple extra deluxe primer potions.

    • I’m getting the UD primer potion and would have rather had the Bobbie Brown :/

  42. Yay!!! Finally, spoilers for my box. This is an awesome box. I can’t wait to get it.

  43. Pretty happy with my box 451 this month. Just not crazy about the color of the UD lipstick, I definitely prefer more wearable colors. I’m exited to try the Becca highlighter in opal. I own moonstone and I love it.

  44. I got #451 and I am ok with it, except I wish I had gotten the living proof spray instead of the hair oil. It seems like every time I try to use hair oil I end up with break-outs on my face where my hair brushes against it

    • Exactly my thoughts as well. I’ve removed the dry hair from my profile after this round. Oils totally weigh my hair down.

    • I can swap my 444 box with u! [email protected] is my email.

      • @SC – Contacting you!

    • Oh yeah and funny thing, I just put in an order to sephora and requested the perfume I got in my play box as one of my 3 free samples, so they definitely got that right!

    • I put oily hair and still got the dang oil…smells like lemon pledge btw…I’ve tried it before :/

  45. First time I’ve had box envy, I’m getting 469 and 451 is by far my fave because of the Becca product!

  46. Finally!!! Love everything but the color. Maybe I’ll learn to love it once i apply it on

  47. this is my first Play! box and I’m pretty disappointed.

    • Check the swaps to exchange anything you’re unhappy with. I have half my box 444 up for swap.

  48. I am happy with it…I already have Big Bang though. It is a very pretty color but for me, it is very occasion specific since it is metallic. So happy about the ghost oil and the Becca product!

  49. I’m 451, Ive had the small size living proof in my cart because I wanted to try it, but before I pulled the trigger, I saw that it could possibly be in my box, but guess I’m not that lucky. My fine, thin hair won’t be able to take the hair oil in my box. I would have loved 477. I hate that everyone gets different items. Sometime I think for $10, I should get another subscription to increase the odds of different items because overall I am happy with Sephora.

    • Jennifer, if you want to trade, I’m getting 477 and would be happier with 451. Let me know!

      • I’m getting 451 and would love to Sephora with you!

        • Lol swap with you, not Sephora 😉

          • Lacey, you asked first! if you want swap still, let me know and we can make it happen. If not, it’s not biggie! (smiles!)

      • I’m getting 451 and would trade with you for 477!!

        • Hi Megan, would you like to trade?

        • Has it been swapped? I have 451, but I would really love box 444

          • I’d love swap for 451 I have 444. If you haven’t already found someone to swap with u?!?! Let me know.

      • I am willing to trade with you if she decides not to MissBailey

        • iamlialane, Lacy and Megan didn’t reply. Would you still be interested? You are getting 451, right?

        • All these trade threads are confusing, I’m trying to keep up.

          Looking at all the boxes, If I have the choice I’d prefer 444 if someone is still willing. That box makes the most sense for me and of all the boxes, has another item that I wanted. Looking at my box I really wanted to try the Josie Maran and that also appears in 444. Thank You

          If someone is open to that swap let me know. I haven’t swapped before so I’m not sure what to do.

      • Bailey, did you end up swapping? If not, I have 451 that I’d love to swap fo your 477. I’ve never swapped on here before, but you can send a message to me on IG (laurstarks) and we can figure it out.

  50. YAY, finally! I’m pretty happy with my #451 box since I don’t normally use eye makeup.

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