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Play! By Sephora March 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have a FULL SPOILERS for the March 2017 Play! By Sephora box! The theme is “The Glam Team.” Here are the samples from one box variation:


What do you think of the spoilers? 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Nothing here really excites me! Will be swapping most of it. It’s hit and miss for me but that’s how all my subs are.

    • Where do you swap? I have alot of items I would love to get rid of?

      • There’s a swap page on this site but I think there is a wait list.

        • There are a ton of swap groups on fb. I’m in a bunch of them😊

  2. I’m getting box #469.

    • Hi! How do you know which box variation you are getting? New to play!

      • Go to your account/order section. It’s easier in desktop. Click on the order number and you should see an item# next to the Sephora Play. The variation is the last three numbers.

        • Hello, Miss Bailey.
          And,based on the box number what exactly does that tell me?

          • For now, the box number just tells you what variation you will be getting. Others have the same number. Liz will show the boxes here at MSA as soon as she gets the info.

          • Nothing as far as this post is concerned. Usually MSA posts the spoilers with the box numbers. This is one variation, and in time they’ll tell you what each one is.

    • So do I

    • My box 📦 is 444

      • Same box number. 🤗

      • Me too!

    • I am getting 469 too.. do we know if this is 469 or another variation?

  3. Always happy to see GlamGlow…I have loved everything I’ve tried! Also glad to try Chloe fragrance. I’ve wanted to for a while, but I have so many great fragrances. (I’ve been using last month’s Divine Decadence all week).

  4. This will be my first bag. Does Sephora customize their bags. I have dark skin. Their “nudes” don’t work for me. Plus, I have locs so volumizers and hairsprays are useless.

    • Hi, if you have a personalized profile created for your account, IMO chances are they may take it into consideration about half the time. You can also try emailing CS.

  5. 451 for me

    • me too 🙂

      • Are there any spoilers for 451?

        • Mine too, and it says out of stock…no preview for that one

  6. Hmmmm looks interesting ,wanted to try that Josie Maran.I love living proof dry shampoo so wondering what this product is ,hope it’s not hairspray.I already received that eyeshadow so wishing it’s a new color

  7. This is an ok box. I am more excited that I found a new Drunk Elephant kit online at sephora yesterday for $25. 2 deluxe samples and a full size lip product. I bought 2.

    • What is this drunk elephant kit???

  8. If the Bobbi Brown stick is the same GWP sample they were giving away not too long ago, then I already have it. I also had a Watts Up sample from a past birthday gift that I recently tossed because it expired before I could finish it.

    And yet, I’m still excited for this box! The other 3 products look awesome, and I’m most excited to try the finishing balm because my Sephora employee friend has said great things about it.

    As always, forever thankful that the perfume doesn’t take the spot of the 5th sample, that all the brands are recognizable and of-value to me, and that the little card gives 50 extra points! I always go in and buy a Sephora brand foot mask just so I can redeem those extra points.

    • Thats exactly what i used to buy to redeem points when i was subscribed 😃
      And i also STILL have my birthday sample 😲 …highlighter wasnt “a thing” as much when they gave these…i know its xpired but so small and great for travel i cant bring myself to throw ito out 😣

      • Yup, I’ve still got the birthday gift watt’s up too!

  9. I love Sephora Play. Every box has been wonderful.

  10. I’m getting box 451. I wouldn’t mind getting this box at all!

    • I am 451 also. It hasn’t yet shipped.

    • I’m getting 451 as well. I have fair combo skin, dark brown fine hair, brown eyes. I’m intrigued to see what varies in the different boxes.

    • Same 451. Hope it’s this one!

  11. I’m 444, fair and combo skin. I also have fine brunette hair, so the living proof for volume would make sense for us. I’m a big Josie Maran believer so I really really hope I get this box.

    • I’m 444 also but have medium skin and dry skin. Also have thin red hair.

    • im 444 but deep and oily skin with black fine hair

      • 444 blond, brown eyes, med skin, and normal skin type. Sounds like 444 fits a lot of different hair, skin, tone types, hmmmm.

    • Im box 444, I have fair combo skin as well and have thin brunette hair:)

    • I’m 444. Medium combo skin. Brown thick/reg hair

      • I’m 444 with thin blonde/gray hair fair complexion , blue eyes and rosacea

        • Ok so I’m 444 and I’m combo skin and have very thick brunette hair .All the people I’ve seen on here that have 444 are all completely different,so it makes me wonder will all boxes be the same this time around?

          • I’m 444 also I’m medium/dry skin, auburn hair, hazel eyes so there doesn’t seem to be any one thing in common for those of us getting box 444.

          • Right? And also I’m medium skin toned and blue eyed

      • Same 444. Olive skin and thick raven hair, combination skin.

    • Also 444 – fair/oily/cool undertones, brown eyes, black hair.

      • For all you 444’s out there. That’s my number too and I always get the first version of the box featured. As in – this one just posted.

    • 444
      ——-Super fair, warm combo skin
      ——-hazel eyes
      ——-thin + fine aubergine (deep red/purple) hair.

      hrm… `\_(^_^)_/`

  12. This will be my first box. When do you ladies usually find out what you’re receiving? Is it a certain date like ipsy? All of these products look like fun! I’m addicted to boxes!! I started with Birchbox but had terrible luck with shipping so, I dropped them but I had also began ipsy and I’ve loved them! I’ve been on the waitlist for Sephora since December so, I’m very excited for this box!! Thanks so much!!

    • Liz gets spoilers throughout the month for the different variations but it is never a specific date. Play usually ships towards the end of the month. Sometimes you will get a shipping notice other times it will just show up.

      • Thanks for the response!! That kinda sucks but, I guess it just builds the excitement of the box.
        Can’t wait! I’m getting box 451..

  13. Excited about this! Love glamglow and am happy to try tinted moisturizer! I already have a watts up deluxe sample size and it’s a really good highlighter and a decent size so I’m happy to get more. The shadow stick looks nice! And excited for the Josie Maran! Only thing I’m not excited for is the hair product. Seems like just a less effective dry shampoo but I’ll for sure try it out. I also know I already like the scent (if I get this one) which is a first

  14. Super excited!!! Cant live without the hair product this month but super pumped about the glamglow

  15. Is the watt’s up going to be full size? Do we know?

    • Benefit is notorious for small samples, so definitely won’t be full size

    • I doubt it, but the sample size of it still lasts a long time.

  16. when do they usually start showing you whats in your box ? This is my first month

    • I normally receive my box before Sephora posts what items are in the box. My advice if you want to know ahead of time is to log in on a browser (not the app) and check which box number you have. Then watch this blog to see which variation you get!

      • thanks !!

  17. My box number ends in 477. Has anyone else checked to see what theirs is?

    • I’m 444

      • I usually have the variation that has the first spoilers. What about you?

        • mine is 469

          • me too!

          • mine is also 469 ! its my first box so very excited to see whats coming. do you get notifications / emails about tracking or whats in your bag?

        • Didn’t we already get that eyeshadow stick a few months back ?

          • I know that we got a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye color a few months ago. I hated that thing! It never felt like the product dried completely, and my eyelids were tacky all day. Drove me nuts! Hope this one is better!

      • Me too 🙂

      • Me too 🙂

      • I’m 444 as well!

      • I’m 444 also and mine is usually the first set of spoilers but that’s no guarantee.

        • 444 here too. And you’re right, I always have the first set of spoilers as well. Unfortunately, I’m literally the last to receive my bag. It’s so odd. I’m exponentially happier about this month’s already.

          • Also 444
            Also 1st spoilers
            Also last to receive (<_<)

    • Mine is 451.

      • I’m getting 451 too

    • I’m getting 421.

      • How do you know what your number is?

        • Log into your account, find your list of orders, and click on the one that is for your play box. Mine’s dated March 2…. it’s usually going to be the one that has no shipping info yet since they don’t ship til late in the month.

          Then you’ll be on an order detail page, where you’ll see something like:

          PLAY! by SEPHORA / March 2017 Play
          ITEM 1902451
          STATUS: In Progress

          That item number, NOT your order number, is your box number.

    • Mine is 444 also

    • I think I have 477 too, this is my first month with this. how do you find out what you have? I feel like if you took my money then you should reveal the deal.

      • Oh girl… that isn’t how subscription boxes work. That’s how they get you to pay monthly, it’s supposed to be a surprise. If you look at other subscriptions that’s how 99% of them work.

    • 477 too!

    • I’m 477

    • I am getting 477 too, curious what will be in it

  18. I am really happy that I resubbed for this month. I am looking forward to getting everything with the exception of the dry shampoo but I can gift that to my bestie.

    • I don’t think that’s dry shampoo– it says “styling and finishing spray.” But regardless, I have a whole box of other living proof stuff I have yet to use, so I wouldn’t mind if that perhaps was one of the items that has a variation this month. If I have to have a hair product, I wouldn’t mind drybar or something else.

      • They just did Drybar in December, though, so I doubt they’d do it again this soon. They haven’t had a Living Proof item since September.

  19. Does anyone know if this is one specific box #?

    • No, we don’t know yet.

  20. Love the caviar stick so I’m really excited to try the BB shadow stick. And that glamglow!

  21. Glad I dropped!?😊😊

  22. Yay! This is early spoilers we usually don’t get any till the 12th or so! I hope it’s a continuing trend 😜


  24. Ooh I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I LOVE this box and want all the things! 🙂

  25. This will be my first boy and I love everything , really really hoping for Watts Up !

  26. Does anyone know if the watts up can be applied before setting powder? I only use a powder highlighter that I put on after finishing powder and finishing spray. I’m confused how to use this.

    • Yes. A cream highlighter is best applied before powder. You can also layer it under your foundation (assuming it’s not super full coverage) for a nice subtle glow.

  27. I’m stoked! Hope I get this or a similar variation!

  28. I’ve got a couple samples of Watt’s Up already and they are small but they last a decently long time. I’m all in for Bobbi Brown. I wish they’d do a perfume sample of Beach, it’s my holy grail (maybe closer to summer). I’m happy to try the Josie Maran. The Living Proof is boring to me and I’ve never been all that happy with GlamGlow but for 10.83 I’m still pretty happy 🙂 Hopefully the Bobbi Brown and Josie Maran are for everyone.

    • I love love love the living proof, maybe work out a swap if you like.

  29. Very happy with except watt’s up since i have full size of that. This watt’s up says cream to powder- is that new or is thar just the traditional formula. Mine goes on cream based for sure but never really noticed a powder finish. I use it for above blush and above eyeshadow on brow bone. Best highlighter for me so i save this one for when i really dress up. All other products look great to me!!! My first shadow stick!!!!

  30. All the products are new to me. A great discovery box this month. I know the brands just not the items. Can’t wait to get my box.

  31. This is the first time since I started a subscription, back in September, that I’m feeling a little meh about the spoilers. I’m not really a glow or glam kinda gal. And I have a deluxe sample of Chloe that I’m trying to use up. Keeping fingers crossed for some great variations

  32. I was so scared there would be la mer right after i canceled! It’s a pretty great box this month but I still have no regrets for giving it up. I can walk into a sephora and get three better sized samples for the most park than they’ve offered in previous boxes or a much better array with purchase online. I guess I was hoping for something more along the lines of the gift they give around christmas but monthly. Or even foil samples just thrown in for fun would be great.

  33. I cancelled last month – and I feel a twinge of regret… but I am trying so hard to work through my beauty arsenal.

    I loved the net-a-porter holiday box so much – I want to be able to work through my current products so I can justify the net-a-porter box in 2017.

    Hard to resist re subbing!!!

  34. I was still thinking about axing this sub (yes, I’ve been saying this for months), but DANG! They got really good all of a sudden.

    I would LOVE to get the Josie Maran. The Benefit highlighter looks really good too.

    Hope all the variations are this good!

  35. I was so hoping for a La Mer sample since they started carrying it recently. Lol. I know it’s wishful thinking, but a girl can dream. The Watt’s up is my absolute favorite highlighter. I own the full size. The sample is a good size and will be great in my purse. Always happy to get glam glow and living proof.

    • I was hoping for La Mer also. Maybe next month 🙂

      • We need a La Mer subscription box! 🙂

        • oh…..that would be amazing!!

          • Allure included La Mer a few months ago 🙂

    • Jillian,
      Do you think the Watt’s Up would work as an eye shadow? I am very fair-skinned and I doubt I even know how to use it correctly.

      • I tried it a few times in a pinch when thats all ive got in my bag but its too creamy so it smear and creases quite quickly. I do have somewhat smooth lids though so unless its a really good cream shadow or a powder, mine never stay on long. Also, its very light color for an eye shadow. I LOVE it as a highlighter for my undereye area though, i can sometimes even skip concealer with this and i have pretty bad undereye discoloration from little sleep.
        As a comparison, its lighter in color than the caviar stick we got a few months back, and while that one lasts almost 12hr on me, watts up lasts about 1 hr on my lid before creasing.
        …of note im using a watts up sample stick thats SUPER old (shame on me 😝) so if they have changed formula in last 3 yrs or so you might have better luck.

      • I almost always use highlighters as eyeshadow. I guess it depends on your coloring, skin type, and eye shape, but I love how they look. I have skin that’s not too oily and almost always at least lightly tan, and dark green eyes that don’t really have hooded lids. For me, highlighters are among the best eye shadows. Try it!

    • They actually should include La Mer. I mean the alternative is us . . . all eventually and caving and buying La Mer out of curiosity, trying it out for a week or two at home, and then returning if it doesn’t work out for us (e.g., breaks us out, makes no difference). They may as well include in their box so we get a week’s worth of use in sample form rather than them having to deal with all the returns on such a high profile and expensive skincare item.

      I actually like Sephora’s mix of bestsellers and new products in each box. Sometimes new products can be duds so it is good to know you are also getting a few well vouched for products that will work.

  36. Hope the BB eyeshadow stick isn’t the same shade as the one we already received!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wear mine almost every day and I still have a lot left in that stick. A new color would be awesome.

    • So funny, I hope it’s the same color because I am almost out and absolutely love it.

  37. Ohhh..this looks gooooood!

  38. This looks pretty good…I never really like receiving hair stuff but I have been wanting to try the Josie maran finishing balm for a while and eyeshadow is always fun!

  39. Excited about the Josie Maran. I’ve been wanting to try that finishing balm for a while. I’m still hoping for something from Becca.

    • I love that finishing balm. I have been using foil packet samples, hopefully we will receive something a bit bigger now. I am really looking doreard to this months bag, I hope there will be no variations cause I like everything shown.

  40. I love everything except for the glamglow

  41. I had cancelled because of the last box with the super duper tiny stuff.
    But I resubbed. I guess it’s just better to stay for all the new products.

  42. Liz, Do u think that the shadow stick will be full sized?

    • No, it will be a sample. Sorry!

    • This box has never sent anything full size. I wish they could AT LEAST send us Sephora branded items in full size! Everything is pretty small with them tho.

      • They have for their face mask line!
        Sometimes they send tools that are full sized too 😍

        And their shadow sticks even though not full size are usually 1/2 to 3/4 full size…not bad for a $30 product.
        Their lipsticks are hit or miss in terms of size…ive never finished a single one though but im not an every day makeup person
        Skin and haircare i do finish 🙁 wish these were larger samples bc unlike the makeup, with skincare it takes a good while to get a feel for it and know if its going to work for you.

        I would consider their makeup “travel” sized, and skincare “sample” sized but wish it were reversed😣😣😣

  43. Well, looks better than I thought. I almost cancelled and glad I didn’t now…

  44. Love everything!

  45. Glad I cancelled after last month’s disaster. No regrets.

  46. Looks great! I prefer shadow sticks and have a bunch of Bobbi Brown ones on my Sephora wish list. Super excited!

  47. I’m excited to try the Glamglow moisturizer, the Josie Maran finishing balm and the Living Proof spray. I’m pretty much over highlighters in sub boxes since they’re so common, so the fact the eyeshadow color looks like another highlighter is doubly disappointing. I wish Sephora could stick to sending new products and not ones that have been around for years. It kills the discovery aspect of the box for me.

  48. It looks like a nice box happy I didn’t cancel

  49. Any idea which box #?

    • Sorry I don’t have a box number for these samples. I’m guessing since last month’s box variations had so much overlap, all subscribers will receive at least several of the items pictured. Hope that helps a bit!

      • Thanks for the quick response! 🙂

  50. That looks good, I hope I enjoy whatever variation I get as much!

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