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New POPSUGAR Must Have Mystery Boxes – Available Now!

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Yay! POPSUGAR has three mystery boxes available now!


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Spring Break Box

These bright and festive outdoor essentials are perfect for your sunny Spring Break getaways and beyond.

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: Each box will include a set of House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins and 6+ more sunny surprises.

Good to Know: Orders will ship by April 14. Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Healthy Living Box

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation — or inspiration to freshen up your fitness and beauty routine and this box will do just that.

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: Each box will include a Manduka eQua Mat Towel, and 6+ more revitalizing surprises

Good to Know: Orders will ship by April 14. Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Organized Home Box

Packed with home decor, desk essentials, and more, this box will be sure to brighten up your home.

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: Each box will include the Odeme Catchall + Ring Dish, and 6+ more decorative surprises.

Good to Know: Orders will ship by April 14. Boxes will feature products from recent and past Must Have and Mystery boxes; boxes may contain the same items and duplicate boxes will not be refunded.

Are you grabbing a mystery box? (Or more than one?)

Check out my POPSUGAR Must Have Box reviews to see the types of items that might be included.


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  1. I ordered one of the home boxes, but I was too late on the healthy living boxes. If anyone ordered an extra one, I would love to buy it off you! I’m super bummed I missed out on it.

  2. The longer these stay on sale, the more nervous I get about purchasing all 3. 😕

    • Only two left, one already sold out.

  3. Any of you ladies willing to give away your katespade photo album from the march box. ? Let me know. Thanks.

    • Yes, I have four. However, they are in my Animal Welfare Goodwill collection, as shipping is a killer.

  4. So of course these always go on sale before pay day! For all those getting paid on the 1st and 15th. I have been looking for a second yoga mat and towel for my daughter. If anyone gets the Healthy Living box and is not happy with the contents let me know. I don’t have much up for swap anymore (I have really liked the few boxes, RZBOS, FFF, and PSMH, December, January) so I have been keeping everything, but I might could work something out. ryanandbethsmomatgmaildotcom Thanks! Michelle

  5. If I had $30 to blow, it’d be on Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry (either marked down or secondhand)

  6. I got the home box. Can use the tray on my work desk. Since I don’t sub to PSMH, like getting these boxes. Love my umbrella from the last round.

  7. For Christmas this year everyone I know will be getting an umbrella, Popsugar book and an inflatable swan!!!! 😂

    • PS are never going to live those down, are they.
      On a different note, I wish they had sent out all colors of the Camera Bags. I would have loved a holo one, but now I am stuck with a bunch of red ones, and I can’t give all of my nieces the exact same color.

      • Great idea, giving the purse to a niece. Mine’s a bit too young still for that. You could make the purse their Easter basket (fill with eggs and candy) Or – depending on their age – put a bunch of paint/ craft supplies out and let them decorate it! That way they would all be different.

        • Thank you!!!
          Those are FABULOUS ideas.

  8. They used to be so much cheaper..Ugh..$30. I’ll pass!!!

  9. I clearly have the will power of a wet noodle. Just ordered the Home Box.
    I absolutely LOVED the Galentine night out one, so fingers crossed.

    Btw, I was charged tax. Around $1.65. Is that even legal when they don’t have a presence in my State? If anyone here tells me I shouldn’t be paying tax I’ll take it up with Popsugar.

    • It depends on your state. California, for instance, passed the “Amazon Tax” that pretty much requires companies to charge tax even if they don’t have a physical presence in your state. I don’t know the actual details of the law – it may not apply to smaller outlets.

    • I always pay taxes for PSMH boxes. I live in Florida

      • Me too… in Florida.

    • From my understanding it’s every state now. Our local news even did a story on income tax filing… The new part which asks your total of online purchases and the amount of tax you owe if you where not charged, something like that. Some states are exempt from tax on digital downloads, some just music. Hope that helps.

    • I have always been charged tax in NC.

    • Thanks for all your responses re tax. I guess I don’t get to pester Popsugar about my $1.65. I’m in Arizona and taxes round here are 9.5%. Frightful!

  10. I can’t wait until one of the swap items gets to 500 available 🤣.

    I’m going to be one of those ladies with a table at the flea market selling PS goodies.

    • Umbrellas for sale!

  11. I grabbed the home box. I’ve been wanting another set of the tray and ring dish, so everything else will be gravy.

  12. The Healthy living box would have been the one I ordered but it sold out. So it saved me some $ because I have not had a good run on POPSUGAR Mystery boxes.

    • Awww that’s the one I wanted.

  13. Calendars anyone? I feel like we will all be getting those calendars on the plastic stands in the home box!

    • Yes! Exactly my thoughts.

      • I kept the little easels…they may come in handy some time.

        • I use the easel to hold my I phone 7 plus to watch YouTube videos at my desk. Works great.

          • Thank you! That is a wonderful idea.

    • I have mine on my desk at work and I actually like it!

  14. I was able to swap out my entire March box (except the yummy marshmallows) and I have a feeling that I will be getting ALL those items back again 🤔 I still have 3 umbrellas and 3 Popsugar books taunting me…BUT….I could not resist and purchased all 3 mystery boxes. I’m hoping for some older items (from before October) or some items from the mini Popsugar.

    • I have six umbrellas! I will be taking a nice big box of stuff to the Animal Shelter goodwill later this year.
      However, I did swap my book! I added some really nice extras because I felt guilty, though.

      • I was going to wait until it rains and open an umbrella stand!!! Or Maybe hand them out as party favors? Lol…lucky you on actually swapping the book…no one has requested one from me yet. I will probably throw those into my next donation box.

        • Hoping for some of the Items that I wouldn’t mind getting again: Juara lotion, Vanilla shower oil, mint tea, candles, and any of the snacks! I’m stock piling some of these through swaps.

      • Rosemary, I want your umbrella! Please check me on the swap (svetlana7e) or contact me at svetlana7e at msn dot com.

        • Hi Svetlana7e!
          The problem is that they will be expensive to ship, and so far no one will swap for full RV to even make it worth my while to do so.
          I’d love to swap, but the shipping is proving difficult for me these days.
          Please let me know if you are still interested, but having to spend real money on shipping is not possible for me at the moment. That is why I am making a box of items to take all at once to the Animal Shelter, at least that will just be the price of gas once.

        • Hello again svetlana7e.
          I need to let you know that as far as I know, it is not possible to just “look you up” by you swap name.
          Unless you can educate me as to how to do so, you would need to give me an item that you have listed so that I could look it up and find you.
          But seriously, if there is another way, I would be most grateful if you would let me know.

          • Rosemary thank you for your reply, I totally understand.

  15. Bummer. I really liked the boutique idea last time they had extra stock, & hoped PS would do that again. I guess it was a failed experiment. 🙁

    • Ohhh yes! I LOVED that. We got to pick what we wanted. I didn’t have much money when they did that but did pick up a few things, it was great. I even filled out their survey about the monthly box and told them how much I loved that, and hoped they did it again.

      I’m not buying any of these. I already have 2-4 of some of the same items from mystery boxes and my sub. So I’m sure I would just get more of the same items. BUT if they did the boutique again I’d be ALL over that!

    • This is a better value. For the boutique we got $100 worth for $25. This is supposedly $200 worth for $30. We’ll see if the mystery pays off.

      • Ann, either you or me are thinking of the wrong thing (probably me haha) I thought the boutique was that time we got to pick whatever we wanted and got a huge discount, (was it 75% off?) it wasn’t a set price, you could spend as much as you wanted.

        • We are thinking of the same event. The deal now is (supposedly) a 85% discount.

          • Hi!
            Are you saying that the boutique is open? I can’t find it in the PS site.

      • The boutique items were more expensive, but I really enjoyed being able to order multiples of items I wanted for gifts. I make gift baskets for my daughter’s friends.

  16. The Healthy Living box is calling to me, because it says that line about freshening up my beauty routine. I’m thinking surely that means some kind of skincare, which is always welcome. It doesn’t seem like this theme would have much crossover from the Fashion and Beauty box I got in December but it seems that one can never tell with Popsugar. And they have a habit of working those umbrellas into all of their themes. I’ll have to stew on it for awhile, especially for $30.00 when past boxes have been cheaper and there is a high probability that these boxes will contain the same old inventory that we’ve already seen 5 times.

  17. If these were $20, I’d be tempted… but not for $30.

    The “themed” mystery boxes are a cute idea, but I was pretty disappointed with what I saw in the last round of mystery boxes so this is an easy pass for me.

    *Phew*, my $$ are safe 🙂

  18. I used to jump all over these mystery boxes every time Popsugar releases them. However, they have been happening with so much frequency that I don’t really think it’s that special anymore.
    I discovered that I have a ton of stuff in the garage from these sub boxes that I haven’t used so no need to acquire more stuff unless I know I have a good use for each.

  19. So much of this stuff ends in swaps. I quit ordering the boxes and just go there, people are usually eager to trade when there are 200+ available.

  20. Wasn’t it $19.95 then $24.95 now $29.95? I really want to grab one of each but I’m soooooo overly cautious since I got so many dupes of things I didn’t want the last round. So much easier to pull the trigger when the price was a little lower esp since the value doesn’t seem to be changing with the increase

  21. I caved and purchased both the Healthy and Home boxes. Not very impressed with the emoji napkins, so skipped the Spring box. At the very least, I have a use for the hero items in the other two boxes.

  22. I love these mystery boxes!
    Great value to me. I always buy extras for gifts
    I’m hoping for more lemon printed flour sack towels. I LOVE those things!

    • Me too!

  23. I bought one of each. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to the mystery boxes. Lol

  24. Already was looking to get myself another one of those towels… so I might as well get the box! It’s already worth the cost

  25. Hi, I’m not a monthly sub, so I won’t have duplicates, would it be worth to buy one of these? specifically the healthy living one?

    • Just FYI – they might have duplicate items in each box. The recent Girls Night In and the Girls Night Out boxes had some overlap (granted these themes seem a bit less likely to crossover each other).

    • I think it would totally be worth it for you if you aren’t a subscriber. It will be all new things. You are bound to find a few items you like.

    • Omg. Yes!

  26. Wonder what the odds are of the folded yoga mat being in the healthy living box. I would buy it for that.

    • I wondered that too, since it’s in the picture.

    • After MSA posted that month’s box review I found the Gaiam folded yoga mat on eBay for $20 shipped. If you know what you want it might be cost effective to look on there.

      • Thanks!

  27. I’m seriously hoping for a supergoop face mist for the healthy box. Got that stuff in a past box and have been hooked ever since!

    • Wouldn’t it be over a year old? That stuff came in a PS box quite a while ago.

      • Unreal. PopSugar really cleaning out their warehouse of last year’s remainders or whatever inventory leftovers and marketing it in categories! Please save your $ folks. I unsubscribed a while back, most stuff they offer now is dust collectors and can be found at Target and Homegoods.

        • Possibly….but for such a good price? Granted, you don’t know what’s in the boxes. I was eyeing those catch all trays and could find them for $16-19 at Marshalls or tj max. But for twice as much, you get 6 more products.

        • No…please don’t tell people to save their $$$! For non-subscribers, it will probably be really worth $29.95.
          However, for us subscribers, it would be to our advantage for PS to clear out their old stock. I enjoy a good mystery box, but I have never received a “good” mystery box from PS because it’s all just duplicates of items that I already have.
          I was also hoping that they would try the boutique idea again. Although I already had everything, and didn’t need any of what they were “clearancing”, at least I was seriously considering a purchase because there was a choice (I looked quite a few times…I love a bargain).

          • Yes! I’m not a subscriber, so it ends up being worth it to me. No duplicates and I can always regift anything I don’t want. I actually don’t subscribe because I just do the mystery boxes.

          • I think I will be following your lead once my sub has run out.

          • I am a subscriber and even though i dont love all of the items, each box has had AT LEAST one item i love but wouldnt be willing to pay RV for, AND 1 item i would consider buying in the future (mostly the snacks…bc i only have like $20…and even their lunchbox retails over that…)
            I want more tea, cookie mix and marshmellows….wish they would have opened with those spoilers 😣 since i know ill be buying those anyway. Even the hair syrum would have me sold….but none of their spoilers are consumables, so i guess these boxes arent targeting current subscribers ….popsugar, keep us in mind! We want moreeeeee goodies too

  28. Would love to take a chance on the organized home but in addition to the Odeme set I see sticky notes, lint roller, the charger, the stamp set and last but not least maybe the jotblock pad and pen set.
    Spring break means April showers so I see an umbrella, the swan, the pineapple ice cube tray, the bottle opener, deoderant wipes and maybe the Meri Meri toothpicks for poolside snacks.
    Any quess on what’s in the healthy living?

    • You seem to have a total knack for great guesses as to what might be in these boxes! As a matter of fact, your guesses just made me decide not to order the “organized home” box as I have many of the items and can live without the rest. Thanks! Now I’m interested in what YOU think may be in the healthy living box because that’s the one I’m on the fence about ordering.

      • I’m on the fence about this box too but based on what has been in the last years boxes I’m guessing The watermelon lunchbox, the tea, the folding yoga mat, happy spritz breathe deeply mist and maybe the Juara radience mask

        • I was thinking they’ll find a way to shove that lunch box in one of the boxes! I figure the red plastic bag will be in the spring break one! And that table running from november in the home one.

        • Hmmm… the Happy Spritz product would be awesome (I adore all their stuff) but I’m hoping you’re wrong about the other items as I have some of them and others sound meh to me. I did order the box and figure since I just made it off the “swap page wait list” maybe I could bundle things I already have/don’t want (from PS and other sub boxes) & find something I do want. I don’t have the towel which a lot of people seem to really like & I’m sure something else will be a keeper, too. 🙂

      • Here are my guesses:

        Healthy –Yoga towel, Folding yoga mat, Mint Tea, Face peel or Jura Mask, Hair towel, Watermelon box, Lip balm,
        Eye patches

        Home/Organize– Tray set, happy sticki notes, Photo album, Jot-block note pad , Stamp kit, Candle, Lint roller, and maybe calendar

        Spring–Napkins, Red purse, Watermelon box, Highlighter, Sunscreen, Pineapple ice trays, Hair product from December, Deodorant wipes, if they have any inflatable swans or umbrellas left they are sure to throw those in too!!!

        I HOPE they work some Jura Candlenut lotion, chocolate bar or Vanilla bath oil into one of these themes too! That would make me happy.

        • Oh I really hope you’re wrong about the Hom box I ordered. That sounds so dull.
          My dream Home box: Lalicious shower oil, Pehr bin, stationery, peppermint tea, and a throw (did Popsugar ever do a throw?)
          I wouldn’t even mind another wire bowl – they’re extremely versatile.

          • Lol…I hope I’m wrong and your right about the home box too! I was excited- thinking of the Pehr bin too when I ordered it. I immediately got buyers remorse, thinking I’m going to get all the items from that March box back again! The “girls night in Mystery” was mostly stuff from the January box.

  29. Has there ever been any resort items featured in the mystery boxes? I really want to get the health one but the word “revitalizing” worries me, it’ll probably be face peels/cream and that can of green tea from the Jan box.

  30. I couldn’t resist and got the Spring Break box! The emoji napkins are so, me and I hope I will get more items that I haven’t received! Yaaa, for Mystery Boxes!

    • I usually really love spring items. I’m a little scared that $25 napkins are the spoiler. I don’t even like them. Do they expect that to be the best item? Ordered anyway lol! Totally expecting some items from the March box. Swapped most of those so at least I won’t have multiple. Hoping for body cream, jewelry, pineapple ice cube tray.

  31. Thinking of getting the healthy living box. However, looking at past boxes I can’t figure out what else might be included. Anyone have any ideas?

    • My exact thoughts. I love that towel, but I’m looking back going….. deodorant wipes? That awful folded yoga mat? Caffeinated water? Gluten free bites? Not a lot of obvious stuff.

      I worry that they’ll go the “revitalize” route and do the hair towel, face peel, tea, etc. Not what I want from a healthy living box.

      • I know! And some of the items I saw that could be in the box were in REALLY old boxes.

        I did cave and order one though. I’m a huge sucker for these things!

    • I’m hoping for the folded yoga mat

    • I’m guessing: The mint tea and folded yoga mat.

  32. I ordered the Healthy Living. Ugh…so nervous! I already got the towel in one discounted box(I am not a subscriber)- it has multiple uses and is near the cost of the box itself so…. *crossing fingers* I’m going to face plant into a pan of brownies now.

    • Lol. I got that box too. I totally agree that the towel makes the box almost worth it. I love that towel.

      • Right? It works well just as a something to throw down on a seat or a lounge chair or even wiping your car down. And now I will have a matching set for the pool area when I don’t feel like breaking out the cushions(I use my shower robe as a towel/cover-up). Sold!

  33. I’m thinking about getting all three but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get them.

  34. I’m not a monthly subscriber, but I’m really interested in the health and wellness box. Any guesses on what’s in it before I pull the trigger?

  35. What are the odds that each box contains the spoiler item and 5+ red plastic purses to total the 6 or more items? Once the contents are revealed I may feel like I missed out, but the last couple of months (and the resort box) have been comically bad. You are not getting me this time PS!!! At least not until tonight when I have had a glass or three of wine and give in to the call of the red-jelly-purse!

    • lol, you said it.

    • Someone posted on a different Popsugar thread that they repurposed the bags as first aid kits which is genius! Just take off the strap and toss it in your glovebox, trunk, or wherever and bam, first aid kit! Lol! 😆 🤕

      • That use totally fits all three themes:

        Organization for the home.
        Safety for your health.
        Road trip essential for Spring Break.

        I am also a bit shocked they have not tried to peddle the table runner as a light spring shawl yet. I say all of this in jest. I am fairly certain I will break down and buy one and then they will fill it with wire bowls, red purses and table runners due to my post. They may throw in a Lisa Sugar book or 12 just for fun! 🙂

        • Don’t forget that cookbook by Dominique Ansel. They’ll be one in each of your boxes. 🤣

        • Am I the only one who loved the Bowl and table runner? I’m such a homebody. I thought ode were gorgeous and I gave the set as gifts to many of my relatives. Oops. But, I don’t like the jelly purse.

          • No, I loved both items…a lot. My kitchen table is a medium wood and the runner is just perfect. And I eat apples like they are never coming back so my wire bowl is always filled with apples.

          • No, they are both awesome! Unfortunately my formal dining table is WAY to big for the table runner (I might try to figure out how to sew two of them together 🤔) and I have two of the bowls but then the last round of mystery boxes I wound up with 4 more bowls! 😱 I desperately need to get rid of them!!! (((Click my name if you want to swap for a bowl…or 4)))

          • Oh, and I have table runners too!

          • No, you aren’t! I love the runner on top of my piano and the wire basket is just great even when empty (I love its simplicity and great form). I have to say though that I accidentally repurposed it for something totally unexpected. My cats have a tendency to jump on the table whenever there is food. When I have to get up from the table for a moment or there is some hot food I want to cool a bit before putting in the refrigerator, I seriously risk their ‘sampling’. So one time, the only thing handy was the wire basket. Voila! -I grabbed it and turned it upside down (bowl has to be small enough) over it and the cats could not get at it. Great great item!

        • I can’t stop laughing Christina ……….. 😀 ……

        • Omg your so funny and your probably completely…. No more wire baskets and table runner that is so much bigger that the normal table. I love a mystery box so much… But with that said, I have recieved the Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and march plus both the first two mystery boxes. The first two mystery boxes were amazing because I never had the must have monthly box ever so no matter what everything was new to me…. Not the case now sadly and I just want to order a home box because of my addiction. I almost feel like its over kill on the mystery boxes. They have gone up from 20 to 25 to 30 now but it’s alot of the same items, I’m sure somethings will be new. I know in a couple hours I will feel like I may miss out on this deal… I will do this over and over… To buy or not to buy… Right now it’s in a no Popsugar…

        • Oh my goodness.

          Your “light spring shawl” comment just MADE. MY. DAY.


        • Haha! So true!

    • YEP! This is an easy pass.

  36. I got a Home & Spring break. I don’t have the emoji napkins and I am hoping there will be more items from resort boxes. I never buy the resort boxes so even if I only get a couple of items from them its still a good deal. Plus I can always sell the items on ebay

    • I don’t think the mystery boxes ever include items from LE boxes. One time they hinted LE items *might* be included in a $50 mystery box, but they quickly edited the description after speculation erupted on the message boards.

      • aren’t the emoji napkins from a resort box?

        • No, they’re from one of the regular boxes last summer. (I want to say July?)

          But they did have a box with an LE item once: the LemLem cover-up from the CFDA box. (I think there might have been another item from the CFDA box, but I’m not sure.) But they specifically pointed out that there would be an LE item in that box so I wouldn’t expect to see that happen again.

          • Tamara, you’re right, and that’s the incident where they later edited the description. It was the Ultimate Vacation mystery box last winter. And each variation did, in fact include the cover-up.

          • And you’re also right about the emoji napkins coming last year in July’s regular box 🙂

  37. I bought the home one . I’ve been wanting the catchall . I don’t subscribe to popsugar because I feel like they always these deals .

  38. Lord help me, I purchased one of each! But I don’t subscribe to the monthly box, so I think I will luck out and not receive repeat items…..I find that I prefer to do the sales and the mystery boxes instead of the monthly subs…….

    • Yes! When my sub is up in may ill definitely switch to mystery boxes. WAY more value, price is about the same, and at least you know some of the stuff you are getting (mystery) if not full spoilers…unlike prepaid (btbf) where you pay lump sum month in advance and have no idea what youre getting. Heres to hoping they keep doing these and the sales 😀

  39. I would buy if the main spoiler was something I wanted.

    • I know! Really? Cocktail napkins as the spoiler does not excite me.

  40. I know that I will be incredibly disappointed by whatever is in the boxes IF I buy them and desperate to swap for something if I don’t buy them. Ugh! Why Popsugar!!! Whhhhyyyyy!!!! 😩

  41. I think, for once, I’m good. I’m so full up on all of these items I don’t need anymore. I can’t imagine there’d be anything in them I don’t already have at least 2 of.

  42. Easy pass this time. I went and looked at the boutique items that were once on sale and those items could fit the box themes.

  43. I missed out on the last mystery boxes and regretted it – and I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle (down 8 pounds!) so I think I’ll snag one of the healthy living ones.

    • Ohhh congradulations 😊 me too!

      • Congrats! PSMH is onto our ways! 😉

    • Congratulations to you both!!! 🎉💐👏

  44. NO WAY!!!

  45. I really want to get the home and one. Anyone have any ideas what past items they might be including?

    • I’m really hoping they will have the pehr bin in it again

  46. Not a chance. Have all three of those items. Any bets on whether or not the inflatable swan is in the spring break box???

    • I think I am the only person who liked the swan! I took it on vacation, it held drinks in the pool and my daughter was able to use it as a float.

      • I love the swan…i have a futon in the sunroom and leave it out to keep my spirits bright and my redbull from tipping over when i study out there. And in the other slot goes a mason jar with pencils 🤓

  47. Nope. No fomo here!!

  48. I just got the email and I already ordered the home and healthy living boxes. I don’t really have a clear idea of the spring theme with “sunny surprises” so I’m skipping that one for now. Popsugar gets all my fun money

  49. Bets on which one to buy if your goal is to avoid repeats of March items????

    • Probably none. I would bet Healthy Living will have the lunch box, Spring Break will have the red bag, and Organized Home will have the photo album.

      • Probably true. The spring box will just all be brightly colored items.

      • I wonder where the beauty products will fall? Dec and feb had lipsticks, and januarys face peel will eat a huge chunk of the box value if they stick to $200 range.
        Dec and feb also both had necklaces….wonder where those will go.
        Home will probably also get the sticky notes and …calander cards??? That will likely upset some people 🙄

        I wouldnt be surprized if the tribe alive clutch makes a comeback though, and that might be spring break while red bag goes to wellness. At least when popsugar makes mystery box themes they actually sort of stick to them.

        • Don’t forget the dreaded bowl! 🙅

        • Oh no! I forgot about the desk calendar! That would go perfect in an organized home box! They better not put that in these boxes!

          • They better not. That’s crazy. The year is almost half over.

      • *Said humorously* You shut your mouth about the Healthy Living box (mostly because I really don’t want the lunch box again!) hahaha It’s the only box I ordered. Please don’t jinx it!

        • Sorry! And i just read the discription “health AND beauty routine”!! Yikes. I was wanting it but looks like it might be january heavy and ive only used my peel like 2x, the towel is sitting in my phier bin?? looking sad. Not that i dont like the towel, but had to canceled my gym membership to trim my budget…so i could have extra money to spend on sub boxes ya know 😅.
          To be honest, i used my gym membership about as little as i use my sub box stuff 😂Canceling just made me realize “oh look, i didnt really need that”….kinda like those december catch all trays on my shelf

        • Haha I hope I didn’t! Popsugar sends so many items that can qualify as “healthy living” and “beauty routine” that there’s really no telling what we’ll get! 🙂

  50. Not a fan of Popsugar at all, but ordered Healthy Leaving box. Spring break box probably will contain this overpriced clear plastic purse. Organize box will probably contain some kind of throw and organizer book, which is easy to pass.

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