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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Available Now!

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is available now!

UPDATE: Use coupon code TREAT20 to save 20% off orders of $100 or more! (Thanks, Suzanne!)

Stylish Surprise – Dresses, $20, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Apparel, $15, available in sizes XS-4X

Stylish Surprise – Shoes, $10, available in sizes 5-11

Stylish Surprise – Apartment, $10 (SOLD OUT)

Stylish Surprise –ย Jewelry, $5

FYI – Shipping is free on orders of $75 or more!

If you aren’t familiar with the Stylish Surprise, you can buy a mystery item (as many as you want) from any of the availableย categories – basically, it is a create-your-own-mystery-box!

Good to know: All Stylish Surprise items are Final Sale. These sell out VERY quickly – make sure to buy ASAP if you are interested!

Check out our Stylish Surprise reviews to learn more about this offer from Modcloth!

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  1. Pretty happy with my box! I got a rainbow stripe shirt that I’d ALMOST bought like four times but never actually ordered and I love it soooooo much. Also a pair of sandals that I will definitely wear all summer and a pair of earrings I love. I also got a hilariously weird pair of heels (hopefully someone somewhere will want them), and a set of earrings I already gifted to a friend. My other apparel item was nice but not my color. This was way better than my first Stylish Surprise, and I’m feeling way more enthused about doing it again in the future.

  2. This isn’t the best stylish suprise I’ve ever gotten (the 5th time for me). I got a grey/blue sweatshirt material short sleeve top with a lace trim. And grey fit and flare, cap sleeve dress that is so comfy and cute, a camel color pair of booties. An amazing, unique, colorful statement necklace that arrived damaged and already got refunded for, but I’m going to attempt to fix it, a pearl and beaded pink, and neutrals, multi strand necklace, and tribal looking gold, drop nexclace. And the weirdest item was a set of three pairs of gold dinosaur earrings including t-Rex, stegosaurus, and long neck Dino’s. These are not my style but might be fun when I want to be whimsical. Did I mention best SS ever? I can’t wait for the next one.

    • ****IS not isn’t! It IS the best SS ever!

    • Would you be down to swap for the earrings?

      • I might depending on what you have! Do you have a swap board or anything?

    • Omg! I’d love to swap something for the dino earrings if you’re not into them.

  3. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with my order. I’m just now wishing I would’ve ordered a lot more!! I absolutely love it all. They forgot one of my jewelry pieces but I am still extremely happy and can’t wait for the next lol

    • I loved mine so much that I bought more lol

  4. I got a hideous chunky metal feather necklace, a super cheap looking tee shirt material blouse with a giant bow at the neck, and some velcro, clunky geriatric heeled sandals. Lesson learned.I won’t be buying this surprise again.

  5. This was my second stylish surprise, and I was pleased with it! Cute navy/white sheath dress, cute cardigan, and a pair of sort-of stodgy heels that will actually be perfect for work. Last time ordering 1X was hit or miss (the dress fit, the apparel/skirt didn’t) so I’m glad this time the sizing worked out. I managed to find the items on other sites and they were all priced sliiiightly more than I paid for the SS, so overall I’m happy!

  6. This was my first surprise and it was, sadly, pretty much a bust. I got some very boring but comfortable shoes, two necklaces that are Chunky Monkey and going to swap, a dress that’s cute but too big (even though I picked apparel), and a tank that’s not my style and too big. My yoga teacher might like the tank, though, so I’ll offer it to her.

    Ah well. Don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose, right?

  7. This is my second surprise. I got three shoes- a black bootie that I was excited about until i tried on (so uncomfortable), one blue summer type heel sandal – which actually matches a dress I got in my last surprise (win there) and cute retro type heels which are adorable, but most likely not good for lots of walking. I also got 2 necklaces – both are not my style, but one is better than the other. i got a dress, which fits but is not flattering and three tops – one i love, one is OK, and one is made for a small child even though its supposed to be a medium- so total loss there. would like to try to swap this as well as a few things i got last surprise that didn’t work. I am no longer on social media (i.e., facebook)- is there somewhere else to do swaps?

  8. received my package of 2 apparel items. They ended up both being safe & I will wear…But I received 2 cotton tank tops. So, I’m disappointed. Not much value and was hoping for some nicer /fancier clothes. Something that seemed more “modcloth” style these are very casual and modern.

    • My apparel items are on the way. I always hope for a jacket or trench coat as I’ve seen some people get, but I haven’t been so lucky. Tank tops aren’t very exciting but at least they fit!

  9. My order arrived yesterday! I was hoping for a pair of cool boots and a coat (wishful thinking!) so when a small box arrived I was immediately a little disappointed. I wound up getting a cute, lightweight, long sleeved hooded top in purple…fits well! In lieu of boots ๐Ÿ˜ฉ, I got a pretty, low heeled pump in a camel color. Not what I had hoped for, but for a grand total of $25 I’m not gonna complain! Good luck to you all…so exciting to see what others are getting!

  10. My order arrived TODAY. Wow, fast. I got 3 apparel, 1 shoe and 3 jewelry. The clothes were all wearable(one will probably go to swap just because it is a bit snug) The shoes, super cute but don’t fit my daughter like she would like(glad sandals) and jewelry is nice. I was rather happy this time and glad I gave them another chance. The 20% off and free ship was great. I got a top I really wanted and a grad prezzie too.

  11. Got my tracking info already! Can’t wait. Instead of buyer’s remorse I’m actually sorry I didn’t buy more. Yesterday “in the moment” I was thinking realistically what are the odds these things will fit AND be things I like? But now: other people are going to get so many cute shoes and dresses!

    • Saaaaaame ๐Ÿ™

      After last SS with so many duplicates, I only got 1 of each clothing and shoe items. But now I wish I got like 5 of everything. Haha.

  12. People are already getting tracking numbers?? I can’t even LOOK at my order from yesterday. NONE of my past orders are showing at all. *sigh* I do hate the waiting. Stylish Surprise is my FAVORITE and I’ve been waiting for it since the last one in September! I’d be tempted to put another order in if they had any more apparel in 4X. Oh well, back to the waiting.

    • Same here. I got the confirmation e-mail, so I hope that’s enough to indicate that it went through, but not having the fast shipping or order showing up is making me stress!

  13. I got 2 apparel in xs, 1 dress in xs, 2 shoes in size 6 and 1 jewelry. I have always had good luck with the stylish surprise boxes. I have never had anything not fit. I don’t wear earrings but I do have pierced ears so I can wear then if I get earrings. I wear every other type of jewelry so fingers crossed for a ring,necklace,bracelet etc. For those asking I did once manage to get 2 apartments and I got a gorgeous teal vase and a pretty black and white marble looking paper weight that I still use at home to keep bills and other papers organized. Fingers crossed for more good stuff!

  14. Sooooo sad I didn’t see this until after the shoes were already sold out! I’ve never seen mystery grab bag shoes before, that would have been awesome. But, that didn’t stop me from getting 3 dresses, 2 apparel and 2 jewelry. Never bought from Modcloth before, but I have always liked the dresses in the internet ads I see. Hopefully sizing one up will be enough…

  15. The jewelry is still up for sale because I just got one at 5:30am 3/7/17

  16. Woo! I just got my tracking number. I’m kind of hoping jewelry will still be up after my package arrives, so if I like what I got, I can order more. XD

  17. These are so much fun. I got two apparels. Last time I got a nice top and a gorgeous pink dress worth about a hundred dollars. It’s a bit too big but I can’t bear to give it up. I’m always tempted to get a bunch of stuff to get free shipping, but it might be a waste of money and I like treating myself just for the fun surprise.

  18. I’ve been waiting for another one of these for months! It’s my favorite sale!

    I got….
    1 dress (I always have the best luck with this category)
    1 apparel (not great luck with this one but I keep trying)
    1 shoes (sometimes I love this one and sometimes it’s just ok)
    4 jewelry (is this new????? I have to restrain myself from buying more lol)

    A new planner that was on clearance and a kate spade travel mug. I think I have an addiction .

    • I got my tracking but they oversold dresses and apparel in size large and my orders for those got cancelled. I’m super sad because dresses are my favorite. I don’t understand how because I placed my order at 8:30 central time.

      • I got the same message (M dress, M apparel, and jewelry oversold) but when I contacted customer support about it, they said that they’re having a bug where if the orders are shipped separately the system says they were oversold. You’re probably just gonna get two packages, one with the dresses and apparel and one with everything else you ordered.

        • I called and they told me the same thing. Weird. As long as I get them, that’s ok. Maybe I’ll get lucky and not get charged for the so called cancelled items.

  19. It took everything in my power not to go for free shipping but with last time’s duplicates in many orders, I couldn’t risk getting multiples. Got 1 dress, 1 apparel, and 1 pair of shoes. Last time, my dress got cancelled but the other pieces were awesome. Hoping for same luck this time around ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. This is my 4th stylish surprise purchase. In the past I’ve gotten an ugly dress, a super cool pair of booties, and a pair of pink lace heels that didn’t fit! I sprung for 1 apparel item and 1 shoe this go round. FINGERS CROSSED that I get something cute that fits!!!

  21. After not having much luck with the dresses (I have to say, I LOVED opening up my magical princess/Alice in Wonderland tulle dress, but it felt too young for me) this time around I ordered accessories. Even if I don’t like the items, the anticipation of the box arriving and the excitement about the surprise is worth the money. I hope to share my items here when they arrive.

    • Did you swap it? That dress sounds amazing!

  22. Gahhh I caved too. Shipped to Canada- and I goofed up and payed way extra for Fed Ex over UPS even though the time was the same. No clue where my brain was there. Probably just overly excited about the 2 dresses, 2 clothing items and 2 shoes I picked up! Unfortunately I also had to cancel my order and resubmit after a quick phone call (with 2 minute wait time) because I didn’t check sizing. I normally wear an XL top and 1x bottom but according to ModCloth I’m a 2x all over. Womp womp. Oh well, I would rather my items come possibly roomy than too tight. Besides, if I don’t love something I can swap it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for the tip, that’s what I was wondering! So they run small? Normally I’m a small but I suppose I’d better order mediums if that’s the case.

  23. Jewelery, apartment, and large shoe sizes sold out. I ordered three dress and three apparel. Crossing my fingers! Thank you for posting the coupon code!

  24. I got 3 dresses, 2 apparel, and 1 shoe. Here’s fore something good. I have had luck in the past getting great coats and dresses. But also have gotten some real duds. More good than bad though.

  25. Ugh totally caved. Got
    2 shoes
    2 dresses
    3 apparel

    Such a great deal. Thanks (or no thanks since I spent extra haha) for the coupon code! Fingers crossed for awesome reveals!

  26. Thank you for this post!!
    I can NOT turn down a good deal and thanks for the coupon, I ended up getting more than expected. I am super excited!!

    • I’m so bummed. I wish I would’ve gotten more shoes but majority of The sizes are now sold out

  27. I got 5 dresses and 2 apparel. (I selected the apparel just in HOPES AND PRAYERS for a trench coat, hehe. I just want a fancy fancy dress and a trench coat!

  28. I bought 4 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, and 1 apparel. Hope everything fits!

    Also, do they typically make sure you don’t receive duplicate items? I would hate to receive multiples of the same dress!!!

  29. Trying 3 pairs of shoes since I’ve been eyeing several on their site, so clearly I have shoe malaise and like their style. If at least 1/3 works out it’s a good deal and I have a good size for swap options.

  30. Wow! I’ve never done jewelry! I always do shoes and almost ever time get a pair of expensive Seychelles pumps or sandals so I have to go for this. Only two pairs of shoes and jewelry! Here’s hoping for good luck again!

    • Did you just get the jewelry just now? It still acts sold out for me.

      • Oh wait. I get it now. Didn’t realize I had to click “no size.”

  31. Whoa, apartment went super fast. Oh well. I got 2 more apparel options this time around. I like my two choices last year and looking forward to this one too.

  32. Ok I got 6 jewelry and 7 pr shoes. Subtotal $100 with the TREAT20 code only $80 and 5.01 for shipping. Works out to 8.50 each for shoes and 4.25 for jewelry! Apparel is always a bust for me, either doesnt fit or not my style and is a lot harder to swap. Last time I got shoes they were all my style and fit well or swapped well. Be advised these are not extremely high quality-none of the shoes I got were leather and the jewelry is all costume. But for the price it is a fun deal.

  33. Thanks for posting this. This wasn’t even on my radar. I missed out on the apartment category again. One day!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have ordered from ModCloth (regular orders and stylish surprise) and changed what I ordered as a result. Due to my body shape I usually need to really look at the sizing and comments before ordering dresses but since I love their style I took a chance with one dress and then I ordered 2 of everything else (shoes, apparel and jewlery). Last time I went order crazy and really regretted it. The shoes and jewlery are pretty low risk (since I like even their “wacky” shoes). Hopefully, I do better this time.

  34. This is my first gamble on this deal and I am a bit apprehensive but I got 3 dresses, 3 shoes, and 3 jewelry. At a total of $105 I also used the code TREAT20 (Thanks, Suzanne!) to get it down to $84 with free shipping. I am hoping it is all awesome!

    • Well I’m bummed out. I just returned to ModCloth to try using this code and it totally doesn’t work for me. It just says Not Applied.

      • I just checked it and it’s still working Kelly. Make sure that you have over $100 in your cart.

  35. Can I blame over shopping on PMS loke I do over eating???
    I need some excuse for when my husband looks at the bank account…

  36. Promo code TREAT20 gets you 20% off orders of $100+. Not sure when it expires.

  37. guys. i. am. so. excited. for. this. i ordered 3 dresses and 2 shoes. worried to get 3 dresses all the same after reading these comments, so i decided to do the chat feature for questions on modcloth. there was a wait but it’s so worth it. my new bff, natalie reassured me that all my items would be different. cannot. wait.

    thank you for this post.

  38. Pass this time. Last year, I got a horrendous bright green Christmas dress with cartoon foxes on it.

  39. Went easy this time hoping to avoid more disappointment. 1 apparel, 1 shoe, 1 jewelry. I’ve never snagged the jewelry deal before, so this should at least be interesting.

  40. Shoeaholic over here ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝ

    Bought 4 shoes
    2 apparel
    1 jewelry.

    Weird, everyone saying it’s sold out but as of 6:35 pst it was still in stock!

    Ugh there goes $80 at the butt crack of dawn lol

  41. I was wondering when the next Stylish Surprise would be! As another poster said, if you search Stylish Surprise, as of the time of this post, you can order the jewelry. I grabbed a bunch of jewelry, two dresses, two apparel, and two shoes. I can’t wait until it comes in! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, you can use code RMNMARCH10 to get $10 off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Is there a minimum to spend to use this code?

  42. psssst unidays codes work if you’re a student

    I grabbed:
    4 shoes
    1 apparel
    3 jewelry
    1 dress

    randomly heavy on shoes, but the shoes are easiest for me to justify since usually shipping alone costs a lot on shoes. with the discount, each pair was 8.50. can’t argue that. I’m most worried about the dress but that’s always how it goes!

  43. I got two from jewelry. I’m hoping I get at least one thing I like and can wear. I was mad about the apartment selling out but don’t really want a fancy bottle opener or tape dispenser.

  44. Since this is my first time, I let myself get $75. I hate paying shipping, and I’m REALLY good at rationalization ๐Ÿ˜€
    Apartment sold out
    2 Jewelry (I didn’t mean to steal them from y’all!)
    1 Apparel
    1 Shoes
    2 Dresses

    The big risk for me is that I wear 4X and 11 shoes, so if I don’t like them, there aren’t so many people to potentially swap with. Fingers crossed for all of us!

    • Haha, I think there are more of us 4x ers than you think. I’ll be there for ya on the swapping! (I got 4 dresses and 2 apparel. I never get shoes I can’t either try on or that I can research and confirm the fit is extra wide. I wear 9xw.)

  45. This is by far always the most tempting grab bag for me lol. Its a gamble but oh well, thank goodness we have the swap site ๐Ÿ˜‰ I snagged 3 dresses, 1 shoes and 1 jewelry. Fingers crossed!

  46. I always think I will resist the next time, after being disappointed, but I still couldn’t help myself. I got 1 dress, 1 shoes, and 1 jewelry. I skipped the apparel after the last few times of sad looking shirts. A couple of years ago I got beautiful winter coats and skirts in apparel, so I guess it’s a gamble!

    • I got 3 of the same t-shirt last time, in 3 different colors, so apparel was an easy skip for me too!

      • Glad it’s not just me – I got two of the exact same dress last time (a stunning, junior-sized, off the shoulder, full lace little number, in mint and peach) :/

    • Same. Last time I got a huge oversize shirt that was way too big on me & was not in line with the measurements of their size chart and CS told me, “too bad, it’s a tunic, it’s supposed to be large.”

      Yet did I buy stuff again? Yes. Yes, I did.

  47. No apartment ,no jewelry left๐Ÿ˜”
    Got a pair of shoes though:)

  48. How can apartment be sold out so quickly? I happened to see Liz’s news as soon as it was posted so was there pretty quickly. So sad to miss this.
    I won’t be buying clothes as I’ve been underwhelmed in the past.

  49. No apartment, no jewelry.

    • I take that back, after I got the shoes I checked the surprise pages by searching their website and I was able to buy jewelry. I placed a second order for it. On the phone now to see if they will combine them so I don’t have to be shipping X 2.

      • Canceled both of those orders and placed a combined order for shoes and jewelry. Hope we all get something we can use. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Apartment is already sold out. I restricted myself this time and got 2 pieces of jewelery and 1 pair of shoes. I’ve gotten a couple of amazing dresses and one great pair of shoes from these but the rest have been misses so it’s a bit of a risk, but not too expensive so it’s worth it to me!

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