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ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Review + Coupon- March 2017


A few times a year, ModCloth launches their “Stylish Surprise” – mystery items at a deep discount (you get to pick the category and size).

FYI – this is completely sold out, but make sure to sign up for notifications at the end of this post to get an email alert the next time the Stylish Surprise is available!


I got one Apparel Surprise, one Dress Surprise, one Jewelry Surprise, and one Shoes Surprise.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes)


The Box: ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Here were the categories this time:

  • Stylish Surprise – Dresses, $20, available in sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise – Apparel, $15, available in sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise – Shoes, $10, available in sizes 5.5-11
  • Stylish Surprise – Jewelry, $5
  • Stylish Surprise – Apartment, $10 (FYI – this one always sells out first!)

NEW DEAL: Groupon is offering two ModCloth deals (thanks, Amber for the head’s up!). Get $50 worth of clothes and accessories for $25 or $100 worth of clothes and accessories for $50. Link here to buy and learn more!

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MOJO Moxy Knee-High Boots – Value $75?

The shoes I got (for $10!) are these very warm brown suede, knee-high boots! I don’t have any knee-high boots, so I’m excited about adding these to my shoe collection.


These don’t zip all the way up – they have a zipper at the ankle, though. The material is thick and feels very sturdy.


I love the straps and buckle details at the ankles, and the heel is a perfect height for me. They’re a little roomy in the toes for me so they fit a little large, but they’re still wearable for me.


2-Piece Choker Set – Value $19.99?

FYI, since ModCloth doesn’t sell this anymore I got my value from this choker set, which looks almost identical (except for the colors) to this set. This set doesn’t feel like a $20 set to me, but I paid $5 for the jewelry surprise and I definitely don’t mind it for that price! These are two separate chokers, a glittery gold and a velvet red.


You can wear them together or separately and they have a good length of chain at the clasp for adjusting to your neck circumference.


Soieblu Lace Dress – Value $78? (100% polyester; dry clean only)

I have never been disappointed with my mystery dresses! When I first pulled this one out of the box I wasn’t sure if I’d like it – I’m not usually one for lace. But wow, do I love this dress after trying it on. I have no idea where I’d wear it, but I think I have to find an occasion. This isn’t a dress I would have picked up for myself but that’s the fun part of mystery boxes, right?


The quality of this dress is fantastic and the fit is spot on for me. I love how the straps are made of the  gorgeous, see-through lace.


Modcloth A-Line Skirt – Value $59.99? (self: 70% polyester, 20% wool; lining: 100% polyester; dry clean only)

This skirt is fantastic – the a-line silhouette is my favorite to wear and the midi length is lovely. The waistband widens at the front, and the back of the skirt zips shut and has some elastic on the sides for a little breathing room. For things that sit at my natural waist I’m generally a medium, but I ordered a size large skirt, and it runs true to size. It fits and is wearable for me but I’ll probably tack it just a little to make it sit securely.


The fabric is like a wool tweed, but it still has great movement to it. Plus – pockets!

Verdict: This was a fantastic ModCloth Stylish Surprise for me! The only thing I didn’t absolutely love is the choker set, but for only $5 it’s hard to be too let down with those. The dress, shoes, and skirt are all great quality, fit well, and high-value. I had to estimate a little but I think I got about $233 of items for $50 total (plus $5 shipping)! I love ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise sales – but I’ve never ever been successful in snagging an apartment surprise! Those things go in seconds.

What do you think about ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise this time around? What did you get?

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered the wonderful world of subscription boxes in 2012 and began writing for MSA in 2014. Over the years, she has found many subscriptions to love. Now a mom of three, her favorite boxes are ones that dress her kids, help her get organized, feed her family, send her snacks, and offer educational fun for her children.

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  1. My orders were crummy. I posted this on the other Surprise Sale post:

    I am sooooo disappointed in all of my clothing surprises. I ordered 3 shoes, 4 apparel, 2 dresses. The tops that I received are definitely not my style. Like, I can’t stand them. The two dresses that I received are not flattering at all, which is a bummer because they’re both pretty. The shoes aren’t bad but only my boots fit well.
    So $130 converted to Canadian $$, plus shipping, plus the $23 I was charged at the post office… around $233 for a pair of $90 boots that I like. I’ll keep one of the tops for pj’s, and I’ve worn the pair of booties that I received, so they’re dirty and I’ll keep ’em. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again. I also ordered a skirt, blouse, and shoes full price and will be returning the clothing items. Should be fun, doing an international return. Womp womp.
    If anyone in Canada is a Plus size 2 clothes, or 8.5 shoe and would be interested in me posting these to Pinterest or somewhere, let me know! Just a general idea of what I got…
    Tops –
    mustard coloured blouse with tiny racoons on it (what even?!)
    flowy sleeveless blouse in a splatter paint print
    maroon tee shirt with crochet inset
    Pink with lots of lace
    satin and cream with flowers printed on the skirt
    Red heels
    My full priced items-
    mid-length black skirt
    dinosaur blouse 🙂

    • LOL at the raccoons! Sorry I just was reading this review and saw this and it made me chuckle 🙂

  2. Is anyone else having issues with customer support?
    I’ve contacted them three times now, even started a new email thread and each time they send an auto reply that someone will get back to me shortly. It’s been over a week with no replies or assistance. But I see some people on here have gotten help from them. They sent me 3 of the SAME dress, and one oversized enormous and beyond hideous sweater, even though I ordered Mediums. I just want to exchange or get credit back, and even sent them pictures.
    Any advice would be helpful, please and thank you!

    • I had to contact them too (and also in the past) and received great customer service.

      Each time I utilized the chat feature. Someone popped on really quickly and they were very friendly and helpful. If you can try the chat feature I would recommend that. That if course doesn’t excuse their lack if follow up with e-mail. I would mention that too because that’s just wrong.

      Hope that helps and your order issues get resolved.

      • Oh great, I will try that tomorrow. Thank you for the advice.
        Yes, this is my first time ordering through this company and my order was $100, so to say the least, their customer care has been completely non-existent.

    • I wrote to CS right after I got my awful stylish surprise, 2 apparels supposedly size large but ridiculously too small. I sent a photo with measuring tape around the chest. Wasn’t asking for a refund but still wanted to complain. A week of no response except the automated one. Then added a reply that I was still waiting. They sent a note offering discount and free shipping on new order. That’s better than nothing. And yes I’ll probably do it again because…addict.

      • Yes, I would be pleased with a credit and free shipping. That’s all I want since I well understand the gamble you take with mystery bags! But my point is, let’s be reasonable: I ordered all mediums, and one tshirt fits my 50 lb 7 year old, (she kept it, lol) the other hideous sweater is too large for my 6’5″ 300lb husband, and 3 of the 4 dresses are completely identical! NOBODY expects 3 identical orange pin up dresses!

      • That’s pretty ridiculous lol. I think you can only complain so much about getting things that aren’t your style – it is a mystery, and Modcloth sells some quirky/ weird stuff – but you should at least get wearable clothes. Their sizes are so unreliable and variable though.

    • I wasn’t getting any response from email so I waited to do a live chat, which ended up being a 15 min wait, but when I got through the representative refunded my money and told me I could donate or gift the shirt to someone else since I received the wrong size. She didn’t even ask for pictures, just needed my order number.

      • Oh thank you! That seems to be the way to go. I’ll try tomorrow. Everyone has been most helpful and glad I’m not the only one with customer service issues! That said, now that Walmart just bought them LAST week, they’d better step up their CS skills if they want to stay competitive. Not answering 3, very nice emails, with photos, is very poor form indeed.

  3. I ordered apparel and it is awful! Should be a top but looks like a weird pajama dress with odd cat print….seriously? Ugh!

    • That’s the funny thing about mystery boxes – that sounds like something I’d like or I’d easily be able to give to one of my friends. I’m really sorry it wasn’t your style, though. 🙁

  4. I received my box today and it wasn’t so bad at all. I ordered two shoes and two jewelry. The jewelry was a pair of dangle earrings in gunmetal with small crystals and a small but still a statement necklace of brass and wood. The earrings are a miss because I don’t wear long earrings. But they are quite pretty. My shoes were both flats by Chinese Laundry. One pair blush with cut outs and a small bow. One pair suede like and cognac color. Both wearable and pretty. Maybe next time I’ll go for a dress or two as well.
    This was waaaay better than the cents of style box I got, thank goodness!

  5. I think after this and Cents of Style, I’ve learned to wait until I drop a few more sizes before doing any more mystery clothing bags. I got 3 XL dress, 2 1x apparels and 2 jewelry. 2 of the dresses are sized 14 which seems the small side of XL and they’re all sleeveless (which is a universal gripe, not just for this company). Two of the dresses look like little girl Easter dresses, all lace, one yellow, one peach. Remarkably two different brands, but they look very similar. The third dress is nice enough, navy with white polka dots and a hot pink sash, but it’s a 14, so I’m afraid to try it on at the moment.

    The apparels were the big clunker. One is this weird chiffon-y blouse in an ugly green with big flowers that looks ill-fitting right from the get-go and the other is a black crochet shrug that I would barely call a medium and I am definitely afraid of trying to get on my shoulers.

    The jewelry was a weird arrow/chevron necklace set (not my jam, but that seems to be on trend) and a cute set of earrings with planets and astronauts which is actually the only thing I would have picked out for myself, lol. Still sad I missed out on the shoes, since I think I would have had more luck there.

  6. This was my first stylish mystery box, and I have got to say that I am so pleased! I opted to go on the safe side and snagged a dress and pair of shoes. For the dress I got an extremely cute Liza luxe floral navy dress. It’s something I would pick out on my own, so definitely a plus for me! For the shoes I received a pair of tan qupid ankle boots. Not something I would normally pick out, but I love the surprise and can’t wait to figure out when to wear it 😊

  7. Unfortunately I’ve placed my last order with Modcloth. I just can’t support a company owned by Walmart or in this case a subsidiary.

    • Right there with you. It SUCKS.

  8. I love that dress, the boots, and the skirt! Okay, pretty much everything but the chokers. But that’s a good batting average!
    I ordered one Apparel item, XL, and got the most adorable teal-colored coat I could imagine. I’m floored. And I wish I would have maybe bought a few more surprises! Although knowing my luck, they would have turned out to be duds. I’ll cut my losses with a new favorite!

  9. I got some very boring but comfortable shoes, two necklaces that I’ve already swapped, a dress that’s cute but too big so it’s on swap (even though I picked apparel), and a tank that I ended up giving to my yoga teacher because it may have been labeled a particular size but it was definitely not that size!

    Overall, not a good first experience, but that’s how boxes go.

  10. This is my 2nd time trying Stylish Surprise and it’s a bomb again. Absolutely awful sleeveless floral see through blouse that I won’t even be able to give away. The 2nd item was a super thin see through t-shirt with flamingos on it? Tacky, cheap and useless. I can’t wear either item. The same thing happened last year and I thought for sure I would get a t least one this time I could wear! I have never seen clothing this awful on the modcloth website? With all the money I wasted on Stylish Surprise both times I could have bought something nice for that $70 I wasted. I wish I had learned the first time 🙁 Both items straight into the trash like last time. It’s such a bummer as all the blogger reviews show great items, that even though some of are not my style, I could still at least wear to work.

    • I know what you mean, I have done it 3 or 4 times and never learn. My items usually are clearance items that no one wanted, but I keep hoping for those nice things I see other people getting, coats, jackets. Yes we could spend the money on something you know you’ll like, but then you lose that fun feeling of anticipation.

    • So you still have the sleeveless floral shirt? It actually sounds like something I might like! I’d buy it from you!

  11. Everything looks really great on you!

    I ordered two “shoes” and one “accessory” item and am so pleased with what all I received. A pair of strapped booties ( which is a style I had been eyeing on getting ) and also a gorgeous pair of sparkly twilight / champagne pumps that match a dress I have perfectly.
    So happy! The accessory item was a pair of earrings…Gudetama ( which I love, actually have a phone case of this character ).

  12. Haley, you look gorgeous in everything, especially the dress! But I’m glad I didn’t get the stylish surprise this time. I would have gone with a dress or two, and I just wasn’t sure about sizing (I just had a baby last month, so my size is very fluid right now lol). In the end, i couldn’t bring myself to gamble on it because there are just too many things on their website I would never wear. I bought 4 last year and two were a complete miss for me. I did, however, get two of the Synergy mystery grab bags and it looks like it’s out for delivery today. Very excited to see what I get with that!

  13. This is my second time doing this and while it was a better box this time (last time 1 item was wrong size and others all varied greatly in sizing) I still never get anything as good as what these reviews get.

    I ordered 1 dress, 2 apparels, 2 shoes and 2 pieces of jewelry.

    My dress is the winner (surprisingly last time all of my dresses were bombs or I’ll fitting). It is a floral watercolor dress on a cream background. Something I could wear to a wedding. Two issues are the cit if the top and the zipper. The dress requires a strapless bra and someone to help you zip and unzip and I like a little more flexibility in my clothes.

    The apparel included a very basic floral tank which is a little dated, not cool vintage just dated, floral print on a white background. It probably isn’t worth much but could be one of those just lounging around tops.
    The other is a top I loved at first sight. That should have been my clue. It is a houndstooth cap sleeve top. Super cute. It is technically my size but it is vintage and hence a vintage cut which means it is way too tight.

    The shoes…argh. I keep buying these hoping for boots or quirky stacked heel shoes but I think I need to stop. I have very flat feet which makes it impossible for me to comfortably wear ballet flats or stilettos. I got a pair of stilettos and ballet flats… Not their fault. I have weird feet and should stop throwing my money away on these surprise shoes.

    The jewelry. I got a pair of Gudetama earrings. Actually nicely done but I’m not a Gudetama fan so just not my cup of tea. And I got a pack of Star Wars earrings. Imagine a set if earrings like you can get at Claire’s. I am a Star Wars fan but these are a little too junior for me.

    Oh well, maybe one day I can get the apartment surprise. A girl can dream…

    • What size are the shoes you ordered? I’m in need of new shoes and love ballet flats and heels! I’d buy them from you!

      • Sorry, they were a size 9. Already passed along to someone else.

  14. Man, I hate my stylish surprise. Darn!

  15. I usually have pretty good luck with Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise. I’ve gotten things a few times that I never would have picked for myself that I absolutely loved when I put them on. Here’s what I got this time:

    1 shoe – a pair of simple, heeled black oxfords. Perfect!
    2 dresses – One emerald formal one that’s very pretty, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever have an occasion to wear it; one white one with some embroidery that isn’t really my style, but is pretty and I’m sure I’ll have no problems finding a home for it.
    1 jewelry – A really great wood and gold statement necklace
    3 apparel – a t-shirt that I may wind up using as pajamas, but it is super soft and comfortable; a beautiful teal green tunic; and great blue and white striped wrap shirt.

  16. Mine was a total bomb. I’m not even sure anyone will want to trade, nor will any consignment stores take them. Going to go lick my wounds now 😉

    • Yeah mine was hideous and ill fitting. The shoes say they’re a size 10, but I can’t get my foot in them at all. They’re mud-3 mint on the website. The dress is a sage color prom dress looking thing that hangs open on top and the tulle makes me look pregnant. Total bomb compared to what I’ve seen. Lesson learned.

  17. Yikes. I was so bummed about my boring jewelry items I started perusing the clearance section. The environmental expedition backpack was back in stock- 1 left. Of course I had to have it. Now I wonder if I will actually love it in person.

  18. This was my first SS, and I took the safe route…two pairs of shoes. (I figured unless I ended up with six-inch stilettos, I’d be okay.) I was happy with what I received…a pair of red flats that’ll be perfect for spring and a pair of camel-colored ankle-length boots. A tiny part of me was hoping for something a bit more distinctive, but both pairs will be easy to style around, so for $20 I’m pleased 🙂

  19. I got great surprises. I got the same dress as Hayley in mint green,the same boots as Hailey in nlack,a pair of metallic purple pointy toe high heels,a really pretty statement necklace with crystals and rose gold toned roses,a cobalt blue v neck short sleeve sweater and a lemon yellow tank top with rhinestones. Everything fits fine and looks great. I got 2 shoes in size 6 and 1 dress and 2 apparel in size xs. Good luck to everyone!!

  20. This was my first stylish surprise and unfortunately two of the three dresses I ordered were messed up in sizing (ordered XS and got 1 XS, 1 S, and 1 size 4). It was a shame because I liked the size 4 dress the best out of all three (it was this dress but in black:, but it’s about 3 inches too big in the waist. Luckily after contacting customer service, they agreed to ship me out two different XS stylish surprise dresses and are sending me a shipping label to return the two that were too big.

    The other dresses I got were this dress in Canary, that came in the correct size and is quite cute:
    And this dress, which looks cute on the model but came in the wrong size for me:

    I also ordered two jewelry and two apparel. For the jewelry I got the exact same chunky plastic bead layered necklace twice, one in mustard yellow and one in aquamarine. The apparel items are a long-sleeved light blue floral top with buttons up the back that’s cute but quite wrinkle prone AND hand-wash only, and a graphic t-shirt with a hot air balloon and a whale on it, that’s soft but fits like a S and has huge arm holes.

    So for anyone who received items in the wrong size in your order, Modcloth will either send you out a new stylish surprise if they’re in stock still or refund your purchase for that item (I used the live chat and had it resolved in about 10 minutes after sending pictures verifying the incorrect sizes).

  21. I’ve been loving the reveals thread in the forum!

  22. Haley, you look lovely in everything you got! Those boots, rawr!

    I was not so lucky, but I knew it would be a big gamble for me since I’m on the large size of 4X and can’t wear heels above an inch or so. If it wasn’t for swapping, I wouldn’t have (I hope!) ordered anything but jewelry.

    I got an awesome pair of brown boots that lean a little toward moto/biker styling — but my calves are too big for boots. I got a gorgeous lace dress — but it has soft lace cups and guess who is too big for those too! Fingers crossed for the colorful large scale vegetable print on white dress, and the lightweight small scale floral print top with tucks. On the fence about smallish sparkly gunmetal earrings, lovely but kinda plain for my tastes.

    But! Set of three pairs of different gold-tone dinosaur post earrings? Heck yes!! Not worth the $75 I spent, so I hope to find good homes for the clothes and boots. Just gotta find or take pics and look at the protocols for posting clothes for swap.

  23. My one and only attempt at the Stylish Surprise was such a bomb I just can’t bring myself to try again. But I love seeing and hearing what everyone else received.

  24. This is my 3rd time going for the Stylish Surprises. I know that ModCloth items tend to run small on me, so I chose the 1X size even though I’m about a 14. Because I know it’s a “mystery”, I should not be disappointed that I received sleeveless in 5/7 items. I do not wear sleeveless anything so it will be a challenge. My daughters, however, do wear tanks etc. so I do have someone to give them to.

    I tried to buy the shoes, which in the past are a true gamble, but they were out of my size. I’ve received darling booties before, and gaudy flip flops. Never quite know what it’s going to be! But considering ModCloth’s prices, I know that $20 for a dress is a bargain.

    I hope to get to my email first thing in the morning the next time they have Stylish Surprises!

    *I also chose a $5 jewelry and it looks very inexpensive. Next time I will stick with the decor and dresses. 🙂

  25. So this was my first time trying out this company. I got 2 shirts and 4 dresses, all in medium. One tshirt fit my 7 year old daughter, and an enormous tunic sweater that is literally HIDEOUS. 3 of the 4 dresses were the EXACT same dress. Color, size…..EXACT. Why would they send 3 of the same dress?! Does anyone know if they can be sent back? That is insane.

    • Oh that’s bad. I would’ve ordered multiple dresses too, so that’s good to know.

    • Contact Modcloth. IIRC, they refund for duplicates and damaged items for SS, but do not accept returns.

  26. I got two apparels. Both are shrunken cardigans, so shrunken that I thought they were child sized. Note: grown women ordering size Large will not look good in shrunken cardigan styles. One is wearable, one is a Christmas motif that is waaay too small. Both were selling for about $22 clearance so not a great deal. I do wish I could stop ordering these Stylish Surprises because they never work out for me.

  27. Mystery = gamble. This time it absolutely did not pay off for me. Got a horrible, cheap material shirt that might actually be a dress. Size is 2X but chest/neckline size is more like 4X and stomach fit is just barely 2X. Also got a cheap and gaudy necklace that was broken on arrival. They don’t carry my shoe size (5W) and I never wear dresses. Those surprise items seem really nice. Ah well. Better luck next time.

  28. Very disappointed that u can’t use the voucher offered by Groupon on sale items😢

    • Did you try it on the Stylish Surprise? Do they consider it a sale item?

  29. um AMAZING! those boots are to die for and the white dress is breathtaking.

    I LOVE my mystery bag! I got two shoes (8.5) and two accessories.
    My first pair of shoes were Turquoise Birkenstock Arizona Sandals! SOO cute but fit more like a 9 so I will probably swap them since the $140 value is there for shipping
    Second pair was a CL by Chinese Laundry blush colored cut out flat that is probably one of the cutest pairs I have ever received! Timeless and perfect for this season and they fit like a glove!
    The accessories were the Burst Your Bauble Necklace in Forest Green which needs to go up for swap because I cant rock big necklaces though its so pretty and a Vow to Wow Necklace in Amethyst which is STUNNING but arrived broken 🙁 Will be contacting customer service about that one

    • What would you sell the birks for?

      • I’m trying to sell them for $70 on campus but I will put them up on swap site now. My name links to the account profile

    • I got 5 pair 8 1/2 shoes, I would love to look at yours if you post them for swap.

  30. That white dress looks absolutely stunning on you! That’s exactly the kind of dress I’m looking for when I finally get to have a wedding celebration! Lol! I got a pair of UGLY gold pointed toe shoes (think older lady cruise shoes; at least that’s what I imagine!) & this huge olive green necklace. So, needless to say my 1st Stylish Surprise was a bust. Oh well, I was able to get the Groupon deal for $15 b/c I had a $10 gift card that I didn’t know about, so I’m happy in the end! I can’t wait to go shopping!

  31. I’m pretty sure I got a wedding dress in mine

    ??? Anyone else have this happen? Lol

  32. That lace dress – wowza!!!

  33. Wow, you look gorgeous in that dress!

    I know I usually do bad with mystery bags, but I just kept ordering them lol I have a problem 😉
    I received a necklace and earrings for my jewelry, both bold/statement style. Def not something I’ll wear.
    Silver glitter flat and ankle strap high heel for size 9 shoes. Again, not wearable…
    Mustard colored bow tie tank (XL) and DC villain t shirt (L) if it’s marvel, I’ll probably like it more lol. Don’t know what to do with the tank… Will probably wear the t at home.
    Guess next time when there’s time for mystery bag sale again, I’ll probably still go for it (less items of course) just to enjoy getting stuff in the mail and all the thrills lol
    Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these stuff 🤔

  34. Wow you got a great one! My stylish surprise was so, so bad haha. But in fairness, I had it coming. My last two were too good.

    To console myself I bought the Groupon deal lolol

  35. Wow you look great. I got an all black dress that fits fine, but is a little plain. And then I wish I had realized that skirts might be in the apparel category. I’m a different size on top than I am on bottom and the skirt doesn’t fit at all. I got really cute jewelry though: a set of three studs.

  36. PLAY20 took 20% off the Groupon deal for me. Today is the last day to use it (3/14). I got $100 towards ModCloth for only $40!

    • I used tgahave code too and got a new swimsuit I’ve been eyeing!!

    • Does the Groupon deal work for stylish surprises?

  37. Love those boots!! And everything looks great on you!!

  38. I loved my Stylish Surprise! I got two orders.
    The first I got:
    Shoe- Madden Girl black booties, easily my favorite though a bit big
    Jewelry- a statement necklace
    Apparel- a shirt dress; I was disappointed that I got a dress instead of a different style of apparel
    The second I used the 20% off code for signing up with the site:
    Jewelry- a necklace and 3 sets of earrings with cat detail, but I don’t have pierced ears. They may go to one of my sisters.
    Shoe- black heels
    Dress- the green version of Haley’s dress

    • Meghan – wow, I bet the dress is even more pretty in green! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Glad you loved your surprises.

  39. I was going to make a comment about the blue top and how similar it is to the E&C top, but then I realized its not part of the review and I’m guessing it is the E&C top ;D

    • I noticed that top as well. It’s got to be the elizabeth and clark blouse. I really debated ordering for that.

    • Mallory – haha, I should have noted in the review! Yes, it’s the E&C’s the Charles from this 2017 collection. I photographed both on the same day and thought the shirt and skirt went great together! =] Good eye.

      • I agree! I was pairing mine with a pencil skirt but I really like how these two items look together as well! I may have to go find something comparable…

  40. Anniversary dinner date. That dress was made for you!

  41. I think the white dress is a wedding dress. In another Stylish Surprise, a lot of people got wedding dresses.

    And on me, those boots would go halfway up my thighs. They work great for you, though.

    • A wedding dress for a bride? It’s pretty short and tight for a wedding, and I imagine it wouldn’t appeal to a lot of people (I’m sure some would love it, though). I actually like white dresses but they’re hard to find, so I wouldn’t mind receiving one like this.

      White dresses aren’t super wearable, however, and it will be a little trickier to find an occasion to wear it. Personally, I would be most annoyed at dry cleaning, since I’m too cheap and lazy to make it a regular thing.

    • Ragan – I thought it would be a wedding dress when I saw the lace bodice folded in the box. I know many people have received them before. I feel like this is definitely a little casual/non-conservative for a wedding dress (at least in my taste – like Julia said, I know there are people out there who would want this) but it could be like a rehearsal dinner dress? Or a smaller/more casual wedding dress. I guess what I’m trying to say is I know people have received wedding dresses, but fortunately for me, even if this is categorized as such, the style seems versatile enough I could still wear it to a fancy dinner date or some occasion like that!

  42. Everything looks great on you! I agree that the chokers aren’t that exciting, but at least they are trendy. The skirt looks awesome (I prefer A-line skirts as well). That dress is incredible, though! Wear it out to a fancy date night and impress everyone. 🙂

  43. WOW!! That dress AND the skirt look like they were made just for you! Absolutely beautiful (the clothes AND the lady)!!

    • Aw, thank you, Vanessa!

  44. Foxy 🦊 Lady! You really wear that lace dress well. I think it’s a great color for your complexion, good fit, and a great price!!!

  45. Wow! You got a fabulous box! I love the boots and the dress looks like it was made for you. I ordered one pair of shoes. I got very high black ankle strap heels. I don’t wear really high heels but I can see wear someone would be thrilled to get them. It was worth a chance.

  46. You look amazing in that dress!! 🙂

  47. I had never seen this before but I jumped on it and got one dress and one apparel. The dress,is a similar style to yours but doesnt look quite as high quality. It is very nice and is in a slate blue. I don’t typically pick that color to wear so I am happy it picked for me so I can have something different. My apparel item doesn’t screen Modcloth to me at all. It is a high-low cotton knit hoodie. Really cute and comfy.
    I will definitely have to try my luck again next time!

  48. That dress looks amazing on you!

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