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GlossyBox March 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have the full spoilers for the March 2017 Glossybox thanks to thebeautyacct. (And thank you, Jay, for the heads up!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 5.07.18 PM

Source: thebeautyacct

FYI – there are variations that GlossyBox sends every month, so this is only one of the boxes you may receive.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

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Full Details: Offer valid through March 31st, 2017, 11:59 pm ET. Valid only on the purchase of any new recurring subscription (Monthly, 3-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month). New plans will begin the date they are created and cannot be combined with an existing subscription/order. Apply code in the Enter Promotion Code section at checkout. If code does not apply successfully before checkout, it cannot be added at a later time. One code per customer. Available while supplies last.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. When do they usually send off boxes? I don’t even have a ship date for the box yet.

    • I’m so confused about this as well. Started near the end of February–got the February box this week. Was billed for March a week and a half ago and it hasn’t even packed yet. Will I get March in April?

  2. I received the same box as posted above, except my nail polish appliqués are a different pattern. My Tarteguard expires 7/17, but if I start using it now, I’ll finish the bottle by then. I wear sunscreen every day.

    I was disappointed to receive the Mary Kay instead of the eb5, which I would actually use.

    Also – apparently, not everyone is receiving the Tarteguard. A friend received the March box – her first Glossybox – and it came with a totally different product fold-out than I received. Hers has that every subscriber will receive the Tarteguard OR Tarte BB Cream in Medium. There was also a brow pencil and an eye gel that were absent from my fold-out, plus the nail polish appliqués were listed as a regular item on hers, but as a “bonus” item on mine. We each received six items, although her fold-out seemed to indicate that she was to receive seven.

  3. My Tarte sunscreen expires in June. I received a Studio 10 brow lift instead of the Emite concealer product.

    • Mine expires in June as well. This is the 2nd time I have received a product that is close to expiring. I have been generally pleased with my boxes in the past but it’s not worth the money if I cannot get full use out of the product.

  4. Where is the swap page… and I would like to receive the sunscreen from someone if they can tell me what their looking for in return 🙂

    • I don’t want the sunscreen. We can discuss everything once i receive my box, if you’re still interested. My box hasn’t shipped out yet

      • More than willing to wait for
        You to get your box:) is there something in peticular you’re looking for from past boxes ?

        • I really like the L’eau De Rose perfume. If you have that & would like to swap that for the sunscreen.

          • I love the L’eau de Rose! If you’re looking to ‘match scents’, Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc at Target and Walmart! It just kinda ‘happened’ with me last week when I used the shampoo/conditioner foil packs I got in a past beauty box (maybe Target). I had run out of my usual shampoo. It is a perfect match!

          • I have that too, yeah i think it came in a target box. I haven’t used it yet, maybe i’ll give it a try before work tonight. Thank you

    • If you want more than one, you can have mine also! Disclaimer-mine expires in July.

      • I lucked out with the sunscreen expiring in December….it’s probably the only product I’ll use in the entire box.

  5. Got my box today, i love it!!!!! I got The same one as above. I love the Mary Kay and well, I love all of it!!! Very happy.

    • Me too, very happy, and a lot of product for the price!

  6. I’m surprised by all the Glossy hate. I haven’t haven’t had these bad experiences. I liked this months box well enough and I’ve had good customer service. I contacted them to let them know they had mistakenly put a different box survey on my profile by mistake (giving me 2 surveys) and they emailed me right away saying they saw they had left something out of my January box, so they sent it to me. Hopefully that is a sign of better customer service to come. I have a 12 month sub and while I don’t expect I’ll renew because I prefer Boxycharm, and need to scale back on my subs, I do like Glossybox.

  7. Got my box today. Does anyone else’s sunscreen expire in July? Is this because it’s supposed to be natural, or are they just unloading old product on us? I hate receiving sunscreen anytime, but it’s going to be very difficult to use all this within the next few months.

    • I think they’re giving old products away, honestly. The eyeliner that i recieved as a free gift, is completely dried out & i went on the eyeko website & they don’t even carry that particular liner, i couldn’t find it anywhere on there. I am so glad that i choose to pay monthly instead of pre pay for a longer subscription, i’ve already cancelled glossybox for next month. I think my favorite beauty box is BeautyFix. I LOVE that box, you don’t get much make up, if any at all because it’s skincare & haircare but that box is amazing. I want to try boxycharm. I’ve tried a lot of beauty boxes over the past few years & glossybox is by far the worst.

      • Boxycharm is amazing!! Customer service is basically nonexistent, but the products are new, full sized, and always great quality. I tried Glossybox hoping it would be comparable, but it’s not even close! I cancelled last month, but it was after the 14th, so I was forced into paying this month too.

      • Definitely old products, the eyeshadow palette is no longer even available on the company website.

        • It’s still available on Ulta’s site

      • I thought I was alone.. I received a mascara that was a free gift with for subbing and it was all dried out too! Not only that, but it wasn’t sealed, which I thought was odd for a full sized item. Also.. yes, I’m not done.. it felt empty and the outside of the mascara was all scratched up! It looked very old and as though it was used! I can’t even gift it away because I was would be ashamed to give this thing to someone. I’m very disappointed in Glossybox. I’m not going to even bother contacting them over a free gift. Still.. they shouldn’t send this stuff out to people, even if it was a free gift, I still expect to get good usable product. I loved the rest of my box though, so that made me feel better about the mascara.

        • Yes it’s a free gift but if that’s what pushes you to subscribe it’s still getting you under false pretenses which isn’t right. It’s like all the companies that have a free gift with minimum purchase where you end up buying ore than you would have… if the free gift was old and used you’d end up returning what you didn’t want to begin with. This being a sub box where all correspondence is by email and more of a hassle to return anything means they’re banking on getting away with this. I got the brow wand thing in the mail and the fibers were red and the primer was pretty dried out. I emailed them and haven’t heard back yet but just wondering how they expect to keep customers if we all seem to be experiencing this issue.

          • I got the eyebrow crap in last months box too. The red fibers would have worked for me if they didn’t suck. They don’t stay on, as you’re putting them on, they’re flying everywhere & the gel makes it feel like you put actual hair gel in your brows. I didn’t mind the rest of the stuff in last months box. But the “gifts” were terrible, i had a ton of issues with the payment & shipping of last months box though, they charged me twice, but my account stated that it wasn’t paid at all, then there were shipping issues. I also had a general question & the answer i got back had absolutely nothing to do with what i asked. Their customer service is just the worst & that’s the main reason that i decided to cancel after only 2 months. I’m definitely glad that i decided to post my original comment on here though, because i’m seeing a ton of replies from people that have had the same issues. Unfortunately, glossybox is going to stay afloat because they’ve got all the big beauty gurus on YouTube raving about it & they’re called influencers for a reason, people do listen to them

    • I got my box today and the first thing I did was check the expiration date. Mine expires July 2017 as well. I’m pretty sure most sunscreens don’t expire until 2-3 years from the manufacture date. The FDA requires an expiration date, but most will be effective a little longer than the actual date printed. So this is either oldish product or like you said because it’s natural, its expiration might be sooner? I’ve used other natural sunscreens though and haven’t noticed the expiration date being that much shorter than others. But who knows. This is definitely questionable. Which is a bummer, since Tarte was the most exciting brand in the box this month.

      • I’m bummed about it too. Especially since it’s winter in Michigan, so I won’t start using it until June. (I know I should be using it every day, but I’m an imperfect person.)

        • I’m the same way as you are. I swear by bb cream with spf already in it. I have an esteem lauder one that is amazing with 50 spf. A lot of primers have started putting some sunscreen in as well. If you put it next to your moisturizer or toothpaste it’ll remind you to throw some on in the mornings.

    • Mine expires in December.

  8. Hahaha… wow. My box came in the mail today. Glad I got the eb5 instead of Mary Kay, but the value difference is pretty insane. I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox on and off for a couple years now and I’m cancelling again – not thrilled with the last 2 boxes & spring/summer boxes tend to be a miss for me (drowning in sunscreen and, God forbid, tanners that I’ll never use).

    • The Mary Kay Timewise Anti-aging Repair is amazing– it’s a $200 skincare set and award winning. I heard they ran out based on demand! That for sure increased the value of the March box! Sorry you got the eb5.

      • It’s $200 for a full size set. We got samples that are about 1/4 of the full size.

      • Ah, a spammer who gets to the point!

  9. I got my glossybox today and I must say I’m pretty happy with the eyeshadow and the tarte sunscreen. I also received the eb5 cleanser and toner instead of the Mary Kay, which I’m also happy about, except the size is very small.

    • The Mary Kay Timewise Anti-aging Repair is amazing– it’s a $200 skincare set and award winning. I heard they ran out based on demand! That for sure increased the value of the March box! Sorry you got the eb5.

      • I would have to say that it’s not about the value.. it’s about if they would use the products or not. For myself, I got the Mary Kay, which I’m happy with because I’ll use it, not because of the value. Others wouldn’t use it and that’s why they are happy they got the eb5.. The value is pointless if you won’t use the product.

        • There’s no way the Mary Kay is worth $200. They can price it whatever they want, but it doesn’t make it so. The Mary Kay reps are swarming this site and the Glossy Box site which is annoying. I had someone message me on Facebook because I said my eye shadow arrived broken. That had NOTHING to do with Mary Kay. Duh.

          For those interested, a Glossy box rep got back to me in less than a day that the shadow company is sending replacements. I thought that was reasonable. I would have appreciated a bonus item to compensate for cleaning up my own box- it was a mess of eye shadow covering everything.

          I didn’t ask for Mary Kay reps to contact me. It’s rude – if you want to solicit business, put a blurb in the Glossy box site, but don’t annoy and stalk people personally. No doubt the gal apologizing on this thread that someone got the EB5 and not the Mary Kay is a Mary Kay rep. Tacky tacky.

          My Facebook page is not public, and I promptly blocked the rep. Do the Mary Kay reps somehow think that we all ordered glossy box this month just to get the Mary Kay? Not a chance.

          • What you mean someone replying to three different people about the”award winning” mary kay sounds like a rep to you and not just a loyal and devoted fan??! I’m shocked!

            The mary kay reps that actually do manage to move up the ranks remind me of step ford wives but creepier. Could be the fake running to pick up the phone and pasted smile that you’re coached in.

  10. My box arrived today and the eyeshadow is cracked and all over the box. What’s the best way to contact customer service? Facebook or email? I took pics, but this is the second one that had product all over the box. Last November had a face cream open all over. I emailed and never heard back. I bought a year sub last may- what they do with this box will determine if I resubscribe.

    • My eyeshadow was completely broken as well. All of my products are covered in the brown color. I emailed them so we shall see!

    • Me Too! This is my second bad box. The last one was a couple of months ago when a bottle leaked everywhere. I emailed them from their site and got no response. I’m going to cancel. I’ve got 7 other subscriptions so it’s time to drop this one. It would be nice to have a phone number to call so I could let them know why. I wish you luck resolving your March box.

    • My eyeshadow was broken too… they replied by email that they were working on a replacement and it would be sent in a week or 2. Seems reasonable except the shadow was ALLLL OVER everything else and was super hard to remove from the other products.

      Generally I’ve had great customer service from them… they replaced a box that the post office lost; and they sent me a choice of a much higher value item for another product related issue

    • I just got my box and the eyeshadow palette was broken/smashed and all over the box. I tried contacting then through their website and also via Facebook, but have not heard back yet.

  11. I just got my Glossybox in the mail and I’m glad I canceled. The rose palette colors were chalky and way too light for my skin tone, the brow pencil was way too light for my skin tone, and the Mary Kay products weren’t tailored for my skin. I’m only keeping the Tarte sunscreen, that little primer, and the nail product. So disappointed! 🙁

  12. I know I am weird but i get totally bummed out with these plain boxes! I love using the boxes for decorative storage so Feb box was GREAT!

  13. Did anyone hear back on the promo code for a bonus full size Tarte product in the March box? Is it total Glossy BS and they meant the Tarte product everyone is getting anyway so there is no promo on the code used?

    • Yea. I fell for this one too. I love that tarteguard. I signed up to glossybox again just for this. I figured it’s $30 so I would at least get my money’s worth with the march box. I ignored the $15.99 for 3 months promo code bc I really wanted that tarteguard. Jokes on me I guess. Glossybox got me again! I hate to feel taken.then I find out it’s in every box!

  14. I subscribed to glossybox last month & have already cancelled. The march box will be my last. I also recieved my 3 full size gifts today & one of the gifts was an eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner that is completely dried out, absolutely NOTHING comes out of it, it actually feels like the tip is dry rotted. They’re definitely pulling old products off the shelves & sending them to everyone. Worst subscription box i’ve ever gotten and the customer service is just as bad, they will literally argue with you via email. What happened to the customer is always right? I do not recommend this box to anyone.

    • I got my three products today, too. A De Bruyere lip gloss in red, a Leighton Denny nail polish in Pillow Talk, and an Emite shadow brush, E144. Not impressed with any of them.

      • I got the lipgloss as well, that wasn’t sealed & was leaking, i also got the emite EI44 brush.

    • I complained about Not getting the “three free” and they claimed that since they sent them and the post office says delivered that I’m sol. The post office around me often delivers my boxes of anything to other places even with their gps technology and can’t locate it. March is my last, i cancelled in early february. Glad I did. I can say the Sakuri box is one that is absolutely divine so I’m glad I got a five buck discount on that but that’s about it. If you love cherry blossom and japoneseque products, go for the limited editions and skip the service/lack of customer service – destiny – little wench ticked me off with 15 emails then lying to me about there being nothing they can do but award 200 pts. What am I – a cancelled customer – gonna do with 200 pts? Sit on em and wait? SIlliness. I’ll never resubscribe after this last one. I did win one of their contests so that’s a plus but other than sheer luck, their boxes suck lately. I’d rather get three different Ipsy’s than this box of stuff I won’t use.

  15. I will be listing most if not all of this box for swap.

  16. Am I the only one not into palettes? Don’t get me wrong in beauty boxes they are okay. I just wouldn’t buy them. I bought a palette once, almost all the shades (I thought) were up my alley. I ended up depotting them because I only used three shades. I don’t know, I may be very different. I actually prefer smaller sizes because of my limited amount of space, and minis are just too cute! I have a collection of beauty boxes and I love the mini samples. It basically gives me unlimited amount of space in my “to go” makeup bag. Plus I can keep everything in my makeup box. Anything too big for my box ends up in a drawer or box somewhere never to be used again. I hate it when that happens. I love ALL my makeup there’s just not enough time on earth to use it all!

    I really really loved the Doucce Quad eye-shadow mini compact palette that was in the Allure Beauty Box. Perfect size for me. I use it every day!

    If I get that palette it will be depotted before the night ends.

  17. I would really love to get that Rose pallet!!!

    • Me Toooo

  18. I seriously despise this company!!! When I first subbed I loved the boxes so I purchased an annual subscription, thats when my Glossybox nightmare began. As a big thank you they double charged me then absolutely refused to refund my money. Great way to treat a loyal customer! Last month I messaged them asking about the Estee Edit and was told it would definitely be a full size. When I found out I was lied to I messaged them and they just ignored me. I went to Facebook and posted their message to me saying it was fullsize and asked why they lied. Instead of a response they completely deleted my comment and blocked me. My annual sub is finally up and I have a few free boxes from glossydots. After I use those up this company will NEVER get another stinkin penny from me!

    • Alot of company’s doing this….bb5 THE WORST!!! fab fit too, The lies and damage products are irresponsible….customer service worse.

    • When my annual sub ended this past January I had enough glossydots amassed for three free boxes. However, when I contacted CS to redeem for the following three months, I was told I can only redeem for the next month i.e. February. They wouldn’t let me redeem for February, March, and April, or even for three February boxes. If I wanted to redeem the remaining 2000 dots, I was told, I’d need to have an “active” subscription. Since I have no intention of paying for this sub again (unless it was significantly discounted, maybe), I guess those remaining 2140 will sit unused in my inactive account. 🙁

      • I was going to say that you will need an active account in order to redeem you glossydots. I’m sorry to hear about your nightmare with them 🙁 I honestly love Glossybox. This will be my 2nd year with them, I have received 3 free boxes and won a very good prize from the 12 days of glossy worth over $200. Anytime a product has been damaged or missing, I just message them on fb and they always respond and either offer me replacement products or extra glossydots. I hope I never get over charged like you did.

  19. Mary Kay, really?

    Yup, this will be my last box since it’s the end of my discount and not worth $21 to me.

    Hopefully I’ll get the concealer in a color that matches my fair skin tone unlike last month when I got the powder in the darkest color it came in. Plus, when I contacted CS to ask why they didn’t look at my beauty profile they lied and said it was the only color they sent out.

    • Make sure you cancel before the 14th otherwise you’ll be charged again for next months box. I canceled last month but was charged again and only later after emailing them did I find out the cancelation deadline is the 14th of every month. They’re sneaky

      • I cancelled one of my accounts with them in the beginning of February, I believe February 6th, and they told me that I will still continue to get February’s box and then Marches too! Not sure why, as I had a month by month sub with them. I’m not happy after reading this. and now knowing that it should have been cancelled right then! They really dragged out my cancellation!

    • The Mary Kay Timewise Anti-aging Repair is amazing– it’s a $200 skincare set and award winning. I heard they ran out based on demand! That for sure increased the value of the March box! Sorry you got the some bad stuff!

      • Anyone remember that scene in Muppets Take Manhattan where the rats hide under the tables at the restaurant to “stealthily” promote and create a marketing buzz for Manhattan Melodies?

        • Yes, and there’s a rat round here that could take lessons in subtlety from them. lol

  20. I hate the variations with this box. However, I would love to get this variation

  21. Glad this is my last month! I will probably try to swap the entire box!

  22. Not an MK fan. Very disappointed.

  23. It looks like left over products by those brands. Why wouldn’t tart want to sample its sunscreen in a box unless they are about to discontinue it. I feel it’s like a salvage surpluses box.

    • This is actually how subscription boxes are able to include full size products in boxes for us.

      With the sample size subscription boxes, you at least know the samples were likely supplied directly by the brand manufacturer and given at no cost or very low cost to the subscription box.

      But for these deluxe or full size subscription boxes, the only way they are able to deliver on full size products at such a low cost to us is to either 1) get off-loaded or surplus products from the brand and third party suppliers (which is what Glossybox mostly does) or 2) work out a deal with the brand and offer to pay their manufacturing costs to get the products for cheap in exchange for free marketing (which is what Boxycharm mostly does).

  24. Well I love this box and I hope I get it. MK was a big deal back in my day (I’m 46) and I’d love to have their products. And that palette is right up my alley. But I’m sure what ever I end up with will be great, if not for me, then for someone.

  25. This will be my second glossybox and I believe my last. I was unimpressed with last month’s and this month has a sunscreen and Mary Kay in it? Never in a million years would I spend $30 on a sunscreen so that hardly “covers the cost of the box” for me. I’ve tried Mary Kay and I’m not interested in any of that.

    • The Tarte sunscreen is awesome, my mom who is allergic to everything can wear it. If you don’t want it I am sure you could sell it on ebay. Yes it is expensive, but when skin cancer runs in the family, 30 bucks is cheap.

  26. Glad my 90 days are up. Beauty boxes are not what they used to be. I’ll just be doing special editions and one times for a while.

  27. I’m excited for this box. The palette may be inexpensive but the colors are right up my alley, I’m running low on my everyday skincare so wouldn’t mind trying the Mary Kay and the nail polish appliqués look intriguing.

  28. Ugh… I cancelled my subscription on feb 28th and I just got a receipt for billing today. I got billed $21!!! So mad!!

    • Same happened to me. In the fine print, the website says you have to cancel by the 15th. I’m actually excited about this box though.

    • To be on the safe side cancel by the 14th.

  29. Will the Tart be in every box, or is this like previous boxes where a few people get Tarte and everyone else gets a $2 item?

    • Yes, according to the email, everyone will get this.

  30. Well, this isn’t my favorite month, but I am hoping that sunscreen is coming my way!

  31. If anyone wants to swap the sunscreen click on my name. I don’t get this box but love tarte!

  32. Liz I wanted to know if when the coupon for three full sized items was available if they would be sent with your first box. I used that deal and I got the febuar y box today but I didn’t get any extra items . just what was in the box, mostly the same as yours but I got the retro brow which I got in the limited edition box so now I have two

    • I signed up for the same deal – although tracking says I won’t get my box till the 9th. The promo did say however that the 3 items will be shipped separately- so don’t freak out quite yet. But if you do contact glossy about them let me know what they say! I’m itching to get my 3 mystery gifts too 🙂

  33. Yes, the Tarte is nice and “covers the cost of the box.” But what I like about sub boxes is their capacity to feature an assortment of products that are either intriguing, useful, or at least feel like a relevant splurge. Going by social media posts, Glossybox UK just had an all La Mer box (not that I buy into La Mer being worth its exorbitant price tags, but thats what I like in a sub box- access to products I wouldn’t otherwise get to try). Meanwhile, Glossybox US gets a $6.99 chalk palette and hella Mary Kay?!!

    I also think it’s gross that on GB’s website there’s all this chatter about this month’s box being about empowering and celebrating women and “international women’s day” and then they go and include Mary Kay, a company with a proven record of deceiving and preying upon women?

    Well, after the many times GB has featured dodgy mall kiosk brands, I suppose it was only a matter of time until the multi-level marketing brands stated appearing in the box too.

    • I agree. The idea of Mary Kay creeps me out. I definitely don’t want any products from them.

  34. Mary Kay is an old brand but they tend to stay current. The full size kit is $205 so I think a sample set is a good product to include in the box and will be nice to try. It looks like a good box.

    • They “stay current” because they reformulate and/or repackage much more frequently than most cosmetic brands. These small changes have nothing to do with staying “on trend;” rather, they mean the consultants are forced to keep buying new inventory, which keeps the ordering stats high.

      • That’s really good points! I had never thought of it that way. I wouldn’t buy their products anyway, and you’ve given me yet another reason not to. I go cruelty-free as much as possible

  35. Can’t wait to try the sunscreen.

  36. This looks like a nice box! Even the Mary Kay, I used to love their skincare, then my rep. moved. Send all of that my way!!!

  37. Liz do you know if there is an additional Tarte item if we ordered with the Tarte coupon from last month? It seems disingenuous that glossybox promoted a bonus Tarte item with the box if everyone was going to get it anyway. Thanks!

  38. Does anyone know if the rose eyeshadow palette is in every box? That’s the idea I really want. Thanks

    • Pretty sure it will be. It’s $6.99 so they can afford to put it in every box.

  39. Mary Kay??? Really?!

    • I literally just uttered that exact thing!!!!

      • So did I!

    • I was excited when I saw so many products in the box, then realized there was a Mary Kay set. Really?!

    • 1987 called and they’re missing a Mary Kay.

      • 👍🏼😂😂😂

  40. I think this looks great!!! I love the Tarte-Guard sunscreen and it’s around 30$ so just that is worth the cost of the box…I look at the other items as a BONUS for something I would buy anyway.

  41. Interesting! I don’t believe I’ve even seen Mary Kay in a box before? The nail wraps look super pretty and I love Tarteguard.

    • That brand of nail wraps is the best version I’ve ever tried!

    • I’m curious about the Mary Kay. I don’t think I’ve ever tried the brand. It’s been around for decades so it will be fun to give it a try.

  42. Glad I cancelled…..

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