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GlossyBox April 2017 Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have 2 spoilers for the April 2017 Glossybox! First:


This month, Glossybox is doing something a little different:

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.59.27 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.59.36 PM


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 1.07.14 PM

2 full-size Colourpop items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Instagram user Mariacast13 posted her April box:
    -The mystery shampoo and conditioner (sample size)
    -BeeKind body lotion and shower gel (sample size)
    -Vasanti Brighten Up! Scrub (sample)
    -2 Colourpop Matte lipsticks
    -Jafra Cosmetics fragrance (sample size)
    -Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

    I guess they’re going for quantity over quality. I see that they’re featuring another MLM brand this month (Jafra- didn’t know they were still around!) which I find disappointing.

    • Thank you for this, I was tempted by the ColourPop items but not anymore. I’m not a fan of their matte lipsticks

  2. I think it’s Pantene. P&G always wants free feedback

  3. I think it’s Pantene or Head and Shoulders.

  4. ok this kinda irks me.

    so, when a company is trialing a new product, it is sent to testers for free in exchange for their opinion. additionally, testers are often PAID for their opinion.

    how have we reached the point where we are paying to be testers? this…isn’t right.

    (the reason I know this is that I have been a tester on multiple occasions. I recently was sent a full size volumizing shampoo and conditioner to test and was paid a small portion to test them, under $10.)

    I won’t be signing up for this box as I feel I can’t support inverted payment policies in terms of testing products.

    • Yes, subscribers should not answer any feedback requests for this shampoo and conditioner duo. And do not use if it doesn’t come with an ingredient list on the back. Mystery products like this may just mess your hair up depending on your type of hair.

      I was actually thinking now instead of animal testing (which I don’t condone), they are using subscribers and then planning on pocketing the fee they get from the brand for the feedback.

      I’m not sure when Glossy went from a luxury box to a drugstore box with near expired products, exploding eye shadows and tester products in their box, but likely with change in management.

  5. Add me to the list of people that still hasn’t received my March box. I subbed in February and got that one towards the end of that month. Billed for march on 3/11 and customer service gave me a robotic tough luck your still stuck with us for April too response. It just moved to the pack step today. It says I’ll receive it 3/30-4/4 not including weekends/holidays. Never have I run into such issues with ipsy, boxy, or birchbox (which the last I cancelled for other reasons). Will be cancelling now so I’m not stuck with May too. Looks like they’re pretty much always running promotions so maybe I’ll resub for a month if some spoiler looks like a must have. The customer service is the first to make me regret subbing. I’m not even that picky on our items but this just seems like too much for me.

    • I feel your pain, but mine came from Ipsy. Three months behind and frequent dried up makeup and skincare items. AND I coukdnt get them to cancell me; I had to quit my debit card and get a new one 🙁

    • Exactly the same here. Thanks for the 411, will definitely be switching to boxy charm.

  6. I had a year sub in 2016. There were more than a few months when product arrived broken; their customer service was awful – I’d have to contact them several times just to get the item replaced. Sometimes it would take 2 weeks or more for them to respond. I did not renew my subscription and vowed never to subscribe again.

    • Same. Terrible customer service. Will never get this box again even if it offers the fountain of youth.

  7. I am totally good with Pantene if it’s that. As long as it’s not a volumizing product (huge hair naturally), I have loved every Pantene product I’ve ever tried. To me, it looks like the Colourpop is for everyone! Looking forward to that. Glossybox is a fun box that sends a good mix of high and low, skin, hair, makeup, nails, fragrance. If I could only have one sub, it probably wouldn’t make the cut, but since I can have many, Glossy is not on the chopping block for me. (I do agree that customer service doesn’t respond though. Maybe if I try facebook.)

    • I tried them on facebook multiple times after my emails yielded zero response. They always claim they would correct the problem, but never did. I gave them a full year to do so as well. Never again. It’s a shame when a company has a pretty good box but the CS is too sketchy to deal with.

  8. Expect it to be Pantene😐. The fact is, Glossybox is partnering with drug store brands,It’s not something new. It looks like they have a small budget to purchase and mass drug store brands sample products for free. That’s why you see them in glossy box, ipsy and birch box ( as well as walmart and target and other small box subscription.) BOXYCHARM is the only box that don’t colaberate with mass drug store brands. I understand if you get drugstore products in a $10 box but when it’s Glossybox, I feel very deceived! They come off as high end brands, showing all those star brands on their homepage, luxury Packeging but in return you get mass brands and some almost expired liquidation products from tart

    Also, the fact I can’t canceled my April box today ( March 29) is so wrong.their rule where you CAN’T cancele at any time is just wrong.every other box allow you to cancel at any time before they bill you.

    Not sure if you saw the boxycharm spoilers but it really makes GB looks bad.

  9. After cancelling last month, I could not resist resubbing with the 25% off special. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes ok. The order screen says I will get March’s box and it will ship approximately April 3. Locked in for a good price for 6 months, and I have always been a month to month subber but just couldn’t help myself!!

  10. I paid for the March box on March 1st, it hasn’t shipped yet and this is now the 28th. It’s too late to cancel so I will be charged for April’s box before I ever receive March’s box. Emailed them a few days ago and I got a response today saying “we’ll check with the carrier.” Umm this is unacceptable. I feel like they’re trying to pass the blame onto someone else when they’re own website is saying it hasn’t shipped.

  11. I don’t understand the outrage if the shampoo/conditioner is pantene. Colourpop is super cheap and not a chic brand at all. I am not subscribing just because of that brand.

    • So two full size color pop items means… everything else will be sample size?

  12. Does every box get 2 full size colourpop products? Or only if your a new subscriber?

    • Where do you see that?

  13. Did anyone else notice that the Tarte sunscreen expires in June of 2017!!?? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Tarte and Glossybox but, it expires before summer really even starts.. Just a little disappointed

    • Mine expires 08/2017 🙁

  14. I’m excited about the Colourpop items. Hope one of them is a lippie.

    • From the wording, I believe those are only for new subscribers.

  15. Just cancelled earlier no regrets still have not got march box and it’s 3/28 keeping boxy and ipsy & fit fab fun

    • I’m in the same boat. Still no March box. Depending on when you cancelled you may be stuck with April, I know I was.

    • how do you cancel? I have not been happy with this lately. Got 2 repeats from recent boxes this month and foolishly was at full price. As long as I can still purchase “special boxes” I am good. The ritual box was awesome.thanks

  16. Same boat as a lot here…ordered early March using Womancrush 25% off promo…got email welcoming and charging right away!!!

    I see just today my order status has finally moved to “pack”…took awhile, now we will see how long it takes to get shipped!!!

    • While I really do love colour pop – they are not a very expensive brand so it really depends on what the item is on whether or not this is a good thing or not. They just had a kickass sale and currently run sales promos on their own site so you can judge for yourself when the box comes.

    • There is a coupon for 50 percent off , its march50

  17. The shampoo and conditioner are a bonus, something extra, I don’t complain about extra. It seems to me as if all subscribers will be getting the colour pop products…..that was the April spoiler.

  18. Are the ColourPop items just for new subscribers?

    • That’s what it sounds like

      • I wouldn’t assume that!!! Last month there was all kinds of drama and confusion about the full size Tarte product. The way it was advertised it seemed like a “bonus” item for new subscribers but it turned out to be just a spoiler for an item in the March box…for everyone. Above it says that the 2 ColourPop items are an “April spoiler” not a “bonus!” I think they are just phrasing it as be sure to sign up now to make sure you get an April box which will include those products….granted, it can be a bit confusing.

    • Those are the spoilers

    • I think it will be for everyone. It sounds like the same wording at the Tarte sunscreen last month.

      • Yeah, to me it sounds like, “Hey these colourpops will be in April’s box, so sub now to get them”.

    • I don’t think it’s just for new subscribers. They usually don’t refer to sign up bonuses as spoilers and there is no coupon code.

  19. Pantene just reformulated. Maybe it’s that.

    • I’m telling you right now, if I get Pantene in a Glossybox, I will be very unhappy! I’d be okay with it in my Walmart or Target box, but not Glossy! I’ve only been a member for 2 boxes (and the LE Rituals box), since February. I still haven’t gotten my March box and can’t seem to contact anyone in a timely manner. They’re already on thin ice with me!

      • You’d be unhappy with a free product (make that two free products) that doesn’t contribute to the retail value of the box?

        • My mistake- I thought it was confirmed that they were extras. If they are not, I see your point.

        • If they are, in fact ‘extras’ or a ‘bonus’, no. I’d be fine with that! But who knows? There is confusion with them every month, it seems!

    • I think you’re right. I got a sample to test and the bottles are the exact same shape and fl. oz size as the pic.

      • I believe it’s Pantene… They DID just send Mary Kay!

    • As did Herbal Essences…


  20. Little upset with Glossybox. I signed up beginning of March using the women crush code and was charged on the 14th but still haven’t received anything. Not even a charge confirmation email. I just want to know what box I am getting being that I was already charged. Logging into the account gives me no information at all. I really hope this is not a sign of how this sub is going to go. Never had them before and already I am getting annoyed. One thing I dislike is when these companies offer no customer service and no info on something you paid for.

    • Detty, I am in same boat. Signed up using same code. I received their welcome e-mail and another e-mail confirming the charges, but box has not been shipped. They said they ship third week of the months, but I have not received any shipping confirmation.

      • It takes a while to ship. It will go through three processes pay, pack and ship. They email as soon as it ships which could take two weeks.

    • I have used the CHAT button a few times. I have had no issue contacting them. Although I am waiting for a product they said they would send within 2 weeks and I have received no shipping emails yet . So good customer service in a chat BUT cant say as of yet if they follow through with what they say.

    • This post just reminded me I’m kind of in the same situation. I received a March box from a previous 3 month deal, then cancelled and then re-signed up using the WOMANCRUSH code about a week later. I assumed I’d get another March box but I still haven’t seen anything. So I logged in and noticed it says it’s in the “pack” stage and the approximate delivery date is 3/14-3/26 (which obviously isn’t correct). Anyways, when you log in it should show an active subscription under “My Subscriptions and Orders.” If you notice there are three boxes next to that labeled “Pay,” “Pack” and “Ship.” My “Pay” is green (because I was charged) and now “Pack” is yellow which I assume means they are in process of packing my 2nd March box and getting it ready for shipment. You should also be able to click on your subscription and it will bring up another screen…that’s where I saw the dates for my “next box” and an order number for it. FYI, I’m looking at all of this from a laptop/desktop so I’m not sure how it would look on a mobile device….

      • If you sign up with them – you’ll get the current month we are in – even if it’s the last day of the month. I found that out the hard way with Glossybox before so head’s up in case someone see’s this and is tempted. It’s probably a pantene sample. Since I have a cosmetologist in my house and several friends who buy wholesale, those kind of samples don’t turn my head at all but they may sway someone else. The tarte did read very misleading and I agree with those that say the follow through part of customer service pretty much sucks. They are nice and all that on Chat but are not at all helpful when it comes to getting the product to you. I signed up when there was a three item bonus offer – never got it. Contacted them, they claimed they were out of stock. Then I got an email the same day they were offering the very same deal. I felt lied to. So I chatted with them and they still claimed they were out of stock. Makes no sense. They lost a customer over that one. If you are running the same special, just send whatever the “three extra” items are to the person, keep them happy, keep them subscribing…seems simple to me.

        • They seriously said out of stock and tough luck?! It’s a makeup box company they have so many extras lying around… out of stock is something you use for specific products not false advertising….

    • Same. Horrible company

    • Count me in as another person who was charged and not sent anything for March! So ridiculous! Thinking about doing a chargeback if they don’t respond. I emailed them several days ago.

    • Me too. Got charged on the 15th but nothing since then. Every other sub I have shares tracking info or updates on expected shipping.

  21. So does that mean those shampoo and conditioners are gonna be extra products, and we get another 4-5 products as well?

    • I’m not sure. To be safe, I’m assuming the shampoo and conditioner will be considered at least as one of the main 4-5 items.

      I’ll reach out to see if I can get more info, though!

      • Hi Liz,
        Off topic- but what can we do when we have a swap set up where the person hasn’t answered messages for weeks and hasn’t shipped out their items?

        Thank you!!

      • in last box card stated we will be getting 7 products in april.

    • The title says Mystery Bonus Products…..that leads me to believe, the shampoo and conditioner are a bonus!

      • I think it just means the brand is secret.

      • Actually, I think you are right!

      • I agree. Bonus to me means extra aka not counted as the regularly included items.

        • The 2 mystery products are bonus, in total we get 7 products, these 2 are on top to the 5.
          Had no trouble with their customer care when my box didn’t arrive, they followed up and I got a new one, shipping takes a while, but so far they never disappointed.

    • I feel like I remember reading that the April box would have 7 items, which I assume 2 of which are the shampoo and conditioner.

    • I think the March Box had something added in the info sheet how for the April Box, there will be 7 items in the box if I recall correctly.

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