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Facetory Shipping + Pricing Changes – Sign up Before April


FYI – Facetory is making shipping and pricing changes starting April 1st:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.53.22 PM

If you subscribe before April 1st, you’ll be grandfathered into the original kit rate, but all subscribers will see an increase in shipping for the April boxes and onward.

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Facetory

The Cost: $4.95 + $.99 shipping for 4 masks, $14.95 for 7 masks

COUPON: Use coupon code EMAILSIGNUP10 to save 10%!

The Products: 4 or 7 sheet masks depending on your subscription option!

Check out our Facetory reviews to learn more about this subscription.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (52)

  1. FYI, I emailed them to ask about the increased shipping price for those of use who have multiple subs. Here’s the response that I received today:

    Hello! Thank you so much for your patience regarding the new shipping rates.

    The FaceTory Team always strives to take our subscribers’ feedbacks into consideration in order to provide the best possible overall customer experience.

    After much discussion, our team has decided to offer a discount to all our subscribers who are subscribed to more than one plan.

    Each subscriber will pay the original shipping cost on the higher end first plan, then only be charged an additional .95 cents for their second or third plan.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

  2. I think with the shipping increase I still will keep this sub as it is one I actually enjoy. I look forward to my face mask Saturdays and having a little me time before I look into my next work week. And paying $8 for 4 masks isnt too bad in my opinion. When I first joined I thought paying the $6 was way to cheap. So I am not too upset.

  3. Well I’m sticking around. I love sheet masks but don’t need to get large quantities every month. $8 for 4 masks is still a great deal, especially as single masks go for $6 at Sephora. There really isn’t anywhere else to get single masks for $2 each and the variety makes it fun!

    • Try Memebox.

      • Or watch the Beauteque shop — sometimes they have bundles of lots and lots of masks, bringing the average price down to under $2.

      • I went on memebox and there’s a 70 mask pack for $70 but if you sign up for their emails, you get a 20 percent off code. So I got a 70 pack of masks for $56. Pretty good deal. Plus free shipping.

      • I’ve been eyeing that box! Must. Resist.

      • I think I’m actually going to get that box too! I have a 35% discount code they gave me, plus I have $37 in Memepoints to use up before May, so that’ll bring the box down to $8.50! 😀

  4. What I really don’t understand is their business model. Normally, when your customer base increase, the business will buy more supplies and can negotiate higher volume discount, which should drive cost of the product (aka mask) down, not up.
    Same thing with shipping. When business reach certain threshold in shipping volume, shipping companies sign contract with the business and provide discounted shipping rate if business guarantees certain volume of shipped packages. Shipping companies does not raise prices if business increases their shipped product volume, they actually provide lower shipping rates.

  5. What is wrong with their current form of shipping? I always received my orders super fast! Some of you are commenting on how the shipping costs are actually reasonable — if that’s the case, why didn’t they just charge for shipping to begin with? What’s different that they now have to charge shipping AND raise the cost? Everything was perfect, and they totally blew it! It looks super sketchy and like another case of greed to me. Canceling.

    • Yes, and if shipping has to increase by that much, why not switch to envelopes for the 7-pack as well. It’s the shape/size of the box that costs but it’s mostly full of shredded paper anyway.

      I think this is a strategic move to bring a company to market. We, the early subscribers were guinea pigs. They start out with a good tempting deal, create some hype, get people hooked, work out the logistics of shipping and customer service. Follows a drastic increase of price. About half the people will cancel but they cover that by the increased cost from the remaining people. Now the company is no longer ‘a great deal’ but the value and image blend in with the other mask boxes. In time, new people will start to sign up (at a much lower rate than before but enough). The current subscribers who are feeling tricked will sub with another company.

      So I understand what the plan is but I still cannot help feeling bitter. They thank me for being a loyal subscriber (well I was for two weeks), followed by ‘but we will raise the cost to you’. They should have grandfathered current subbies in without any increase, or given them other perks, a bundle deal, or something because this resentment will float around on various social media sites for months. And I don’t want to hear about shipping costs increasing – first of all they didn’t suddenly increase in the past two weeks and besides, you are running the business, don’t bother me with the details of how hard it is and what the cost breakdown is. Psychologically, if I have to choose between two equal boxes, a $20 box with free shipping and a $15 box + $5 shipping, I’ll 100% go with the first one.

      Also, I think they overreached. $20 for 7 masks is pretty high up there compared to others. Tutiimask here I come.

  6. With 3B box ending subscriptions, I was seriously considering getting the 4 mask sub. It was almost too good to pass up, but now, eh…

    Not that $2.95 is a ton for shipping, I just don’t like (knowingly) paying for shipping with any sub. I’ve done it, but it’s rare that it’s not a deal breaker for me.

    Maybe if they hid the shipping charge in with the actually price increase of the sub (throw in another mask and increase a one or two bucks), I’d be more likely to be on board.

    Either way, I’ll just keep that $8 in my pocket. 🙁

    • Exactly what I just posted!

    • I agree. I prefer free shipping but it has to be paid somehow and if they are providing four dollar masks for two dollars they may need to collect shipping fees. I find It’s easier to pay for a subscription when shipping is included in the cost (aka free shipping) which is why when I sell on ebay I include shipping in the price of the items I list. I am a top rated seller and I do get a discount for shipping both by purchasing postage online and as a top seller perk but the items I sell are not that heavy and can ship First Class so my savings is not a lot. The savings barely covers the costs of the packaging which can be costly. I’ve seen items sell better with free shipping but I’ve also seen high priced items sell with high shipping costs. So it’s individual preference. What I find ironic is when I look at items from sub boxes that are listed for resale on ebay, most of the time the seller of those sub boxes have some of the most ridiculously high shipping rates on boxes that didn’t charge them for shipping in the first place. The point of all this is to choose what works for you but a seller has to do what works for them. Starting a sub box is not as easy as it might seem. I looked into starting a sub box when I first started subscribing to get a better idea of how they work. This company may have made miscalculations that may backfire on them but the small box still seems like a deal, because even at Walmart sheet masks are $2,50 a mask.

  7. Canceling — not happy!!!

  8. Count me as another cancel. This is disappointing.

    • Yeah it is. I really liked this sub. With the price increase it isn’t worth it for 4 masks. Everyone seems to be canceling. They are going to lose all their subscribers. Hopefully they will realize they made a huge mistake and go back to the original pricing

    • Ditto — canceling both boxes. They made a huge mistake.

  9. Now I’m canceling. Not happy!

  10. I’ve actually been trying to decide which boxes I need to cancel cause I’m going through some sudden financial issues at the moment. I was sort of happy to get this email because they just made it that much easier to unsubscribe. What’s a shame is if I ended up having to cancel anyway then I definitely would have gone back, but now I don’t think it would be worth it. I was likely going to keep this one for the good price anyway, but I just can’t now.

  11. Like previous commenters, I’m really disappointed that they would make such a drastic price increase! I feel like they will be losing a lot of subscribers.

    I was planning to subscribe for next month, but it looks like if I subscribe now, I can get the March box at the old price and cancel before they bill at the new price on April 1st?

  12. What a bummer. I joined both Facetory and Mask Maven last month figuring I’d see which one I’d rather stay with. I was leaning towards Facetory, but now it’s looking like Mask Maven for the win.

    • Actually, with the price change, Factory and Mask Mave cost the same now, except Mask Maven sends 9 masks a month and Facetiory 7.

    • You should check out they have a monthly mask sub-
      Each month receive 7-8 Masks 
      Includes Sheet mask, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks
      TutiiMasks value at $18-$25 Worth of masks per bag!
      Brands from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and much more
      Free US Shipping
      Cancel Anytime
      And its only 12.95 a month. I was subed for around 5 months and really enjoyed it, never had problems, I just didn’t use enough masks to justify it (though thinking about it now I kinda miss that sub lol). They also have a $15 sub for just Korean products and they send out some full sizes and stuff.

      • Sounds awesome. I’ll check it out. Thanks! 🙂

  13. I was so excited for this subscription. But you guys are right, the costs are not worth the products you get anymore. Going to cancel too.

  14. Seriously, I just signed up two hours ago. Hmm, I wonder if our influx was large enough for them to see an opportunity. Shady shady shady. I’ll stick around for a month or two because it’s still cheaper than 2 Sephora masks. I like to send an added goodie or two in my swaps and this would have been perfect.

  15. I WAS going to sign up….but not any more!

  16. I can understand the shipping increase but not the price. The four masks probably costs at least $2.78 to ship. An introduction price of 0.99 cents shipping is a good deal but a seller can’t do business if they give things away. At the old price with new shipping the price of the four pack is still only two dollars a mask and from the review it appears they still give masks that retail for more than two dollars. That is still a good deal. The seven mask pack in a box would be at least $3.50 – $4 to ship so that is fair pricing. It feels like a sneaky thing to do but they may have been testing the waters and found they had to make adjustments to stay afloat. Since I need to see a seven pack mask box in review I will reserve judgement until then as to whether or not that is a good deal.

  17. They shouldn’t have done such a drastic increase so fast. Maybe add $1 to shipping, but you advertise something it’s a brand new sub and get a ton of people to sign up, obviously because they enjoy feeling like they’re getting a deal. Then only a couple months in, up the price? That’s a business no no. I really loved this sub and raved about it and now I’m seriously debating whether to cancel??! Bold move guys… Really cool.

  18. I’ve been a subscriber to the Lux box for 2 months. When were they going to tell us that they are raising the price? I’m going to cancel.

  19. yeaaaaaaahhh… cancelling.

  20. Uuggghhhhh, so disappointed!!! I get both boxes… I’m not paying shipping for both, that’s ridiculous! I loved this sub, but now I think I’m going to cancel and take my business elsewhere. I don’t understand… When these sub box companies get MORE subscribers, why do they RAISE their prices???

    • They just lost one.

      • I cancelled. Sad but the cost hike was too sudden and too steep.

    • I had requested previously that they ship both of mine together and they confirmed that they would. I just sent an email asking for confirmation that I would only pay the 7-Lux shipping price. Waiting on a reply.

      • They do ship them together but still charged shipping for the 4 mask plan…I hope they are not charging shipping for both plan now if they are sent together. Either way though I already cancelled. 🙁

      • If they charge me shipping for both then I’ll definitely cancel the 4 mask plan. Not worth it 🙁

  21. Wow, I kind of feel scammed. I signed up 6 hours ago and now this hike….not sure iF will stick around

  22. hah, they did not hesitate at all! i will definitely be cancelling. it should NOT cost that much to send 4 masks in a thin non-padded envelope! booo. i was hoping to be a long time subscriber too.

    • Four masks in an envelope is considered a package due to thickness and possibly weight. A three ounce package averages $2.72 Postage depending on where it is shipped. Just something to keep in mind.

      • Yes, I second this. I work at a mail order pharmacy where we mail medicine and even when it’s just 30 pills, small vial bottle with the drug facts pamphlet (about 2-4 oz) it’s always between $2.50 and $3.50, and that’s also using smart post and the non padded envelopes.

        I’ll give this a shot and see how I feel after 2 boxes. Then I’ll probably cancel and try piibu since it’s around the same price range. From there I’ll decide which I like best.

  23. I cancelled. I had it for two months and I like the masks, but I don’t use them often enough to justify this subscription.

  24. Hah, nope.

  25. Hmm… I just signed up yesterday and while I’m not excited about this change I understand and figured it was too good to be true, $6 for 4 masks. O well I’ll give it a try but more than likely I’ll just cancel my lux box and get the fresh one with only 4 masks.

  26. Glad I cancelled, with the added shipping cost it’s not appealing anymore at all.

    • If you are a mask addict (like I am) and enjoy the monthly mask subscriptions, Piibu is a pretty good one where you get 8-10 masks for $15+$4.95 shipping. I changed to facetory when I first discovered it because it was a better deal at $14.95 for 7 masks. But with the increase in price AND shipping, I will go back to Piibu. It sucks cuz I thought I finally found the beauty subscription I will never cancel 🙁

      • thank you! will definitely check it out!

      • Or you can get them from Memebox for $1 per mask, free shipping over $35 purchase.

  27. That’s disappointing .. joined this month and only got $5 worth of mask for close to $6 …
    And now there is a $2 increase with Shipping .. I didn’t get the high priced masks !!! and call me Spoiled but but with allure Sephora and almost every subscription box where the value is anywhere between 2-3 to 10x more I am 🙄 not very happy to pay for more than It’s worth!!

    • One thing that I’ve found with FaceTory is that they sometimes undervalue their own masks. In other words, they list a RV that is below what the masks actually sell for everywhere else. It’s weird because I usually find the RV of many subs to be overinflated, especially the jewelry prices, which is why I don’t like swapping for non-beauty items. Not sure what Facetory’s deal is. I hope they get things figured out because the shipping costs do seem excessive now.

  28. This is so lame, after just two months, they increased shipping prices. I am going to cancel it. I really don’t need these masks. I can buy it on Amazon so much cheaper.

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