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Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bag Review – March 2017


Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bags launched on February 27th. (They have since sold out).

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the subscription review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Box: Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bag

The Cost: $34.95 (Value – $59.95)

Products: 2 pieces of clothing + 1 accessory

Good to know:



According to Cents of Style, these images are of the types of items that could be included:

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.45.40 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.56.32 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.56.20 AM
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.46.02 AM


Now, onto my mystery items!


Ellie & Kate Tunic – Retail Value $20?

(I couldn’t find this exact top online, so I’m linking to other Ellie & Kate tops.)


This top is 100% rayon, with a peasant style lace detail, and a lower hem in the back.


The fabric is somewhat sheer, so you’d need to layer this over another piece.

This top isn’t my style, but I can see how the cut and solid-color slate gray fit into the images they shared of what you may receive.


Cents of Style Pug Pocket Tee – Value $13


This tee is 100% rayon and SUPER soft!


And it has a little pug coming out of a faux pocket.


Again, this top is a miss for me, but I have someone in mind who might love it.


PURE Gold Heart Earrings – Value $5?


These earrings are made in China and “Lead Compliant.” They’re also my favorite item in the box – but the bar hasn’t been set that high!

Verdict: I paid $16.95 for this bag, so that works out to $5.65 an item. While I think that’s more than fair pricing, the two tops were not for me, so this bag was a bust. I also don’t think the items really matched up well with the images they shared about what type of styles you can expect.

What do you think of the Cents of Style Mystery Grab Bag? Did you have any better luck than I did?

UPDATE: If you want to share pictures of what you received, email me the pictures at [email protected] and I’ll add them to this post. 

Cents Of Style Grab Bag

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (112)

  1. Mine never arrived. Anybody else have this problem? I reached out last week to the CS, and they were less than helpful. One week later, and it shows on my tracking that it’s still 3 hours away from me where it’s been since the third of the month….So a Cents of Style disappointment of different flavor. I was refunded my full amount paid, and will never be ordering from this company again. Glad some of y’all got some nice things! But I am so sorry for my XL friends who got totally screwedled. I suppose that’s my upswing-I would have needed a refund anyway……double poncho givin’ sizeists……

  2. Well I must admit I liked my bag or at least the clothing part. I got the large & received 2 Ellie Kate tops one is navy and is similar to liz’s except mine has more detail on the front(a lot cuter but needs an undershirt) & a Soft olive shirt with black tie up detail on the front & 2 pairs of some guady earrings that aren’t worth a dollar.
    I can totally see me wearing either top with some jeans and boots!
    I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at what I received

  3. I received my package today finally and I actually really liked the items! I’m super happy. 🙂

  4. Liz, have you ever ordered the Synergy Organic Clothing Mystery Items? I found out about them a day or two before the original Cents of Style post went up. They are one item for $20 or three items for $50. More expensive, but the stuff looks to be better quality, and maybe more to your (and most of our) taste. 🙂

    • Ooo! I am intrigued! Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ll check it out! 🙂

  5. Sending all the 1X orders ponchos, is just weird. Their site has a number of this that go up to 3X, so it’s not as if they don’t have 1X stock.

    • *things not this

      Why can’t I type today.

  6. Welp, I got my bag today. Uh, yeah. I ordered one large and one XL bag.
    I received interchangeable hoop earrings and a white faux leather tassel keychain for the accessories.
    A 100% acrylic poncho in brown tones with no size indicated so it must be “one size fits some”. Smells but will probably air out.
    A seafoam green thermal henley type shirt in L.
    The dreaded and uber confusing “Pizza is my Valentine” raglan tee in gray and red is 2XL.
    And the fleece lined reindeer leggings with the tag perhaps torn out, and doesn’t look like a large. There’s a small rip in the waistband. When I stretch them out as far as possible they measure 17 inches flat. So a 34’ish inch waist. Maybe that is a large on their website? Either way I don’t like the tag being maybe missing. The legs are tiny little cylinders. Makes it look shady whether it is missing or not. Might be time for an email to them. At this point who knows if they will even do anything about the incorrect size they sent?

  7. You guys do realize that the name of the box is “cents of style” right? To me this already says CHEAP…and by the look of everyone’s responses, that seems to be the case.

  8. I think I hit the lotto with my bag compared to a lot of them. I got a slate grey tunic that I really like, with a lace up back and front zippered pocket detail. The second shirt is is a kelly green ribbed tee. This fits more like a medium so I’m going to give it to my friend. It’s nothing special so I’m not upset by it not fitting. The earrings are a style that I would purchase. They are black and gold statement drop set. I’d say this was definitely worth the price for me and I’d consider doing it again.

  9. Add me to the xl poncho club. Received 2 ponchos, faux suede vest and a Team Logan t shirt in 2xl. Also received earrings which are ok and the grey fringe purse thing. Emailed them about my disappointment so will see what the response is. When will I learn that these mystery boxes do not seem to work out. I guess I think of them as an opportunity to market your subscription and not to unload your items that have not sold.

    • When I opened up this bag I was sooooo upset!!! I received this cheap looking poncho blanket scarf, and a broken bracelet. These items were cheap looking something I would never buy or consider being worth over $10. After calling them, the lady did refund me the money and asked me to keep the items. To be honest I would be embarrassed to even give these items as gifts to someone

    • The Team Logan shirt would piss me off. I am team Dean all the way. 🙂 (no spoilers if he showed up and did something jerky on the Netflix shows, because I haven’t seen them yet.)

  10. Welp add me to the poncho club. I ordered 2 bags in xl and got 3 ponchos. 1 was a weird stretchy faux suede with more fringe than a bad 70’s cowboy movie, 2nd was a knotted up fringed knit in off- white that had holes in it, and the 3rd was a dark color block one i would actually wear (it was super soft) but they all smell incredibly bad. The other piece i received was a pink t shirt in a 2XL ?!?!?! funny they dont even sell 2x’s on thier site- so where did this even come from? It says “sugar, ah honey honey” on it. Frankly, I’m rather insulted. Because i orderd an xl bag send me 3 ponchos and a 2xl tshirt that references food on it!?!?! And for the “accessories ” i got an ugly gray clip on purse fringe (i cant even lol) and a gold tone bracelet with charms on it -thats actually kinda wearable. I called cs the minute i stopped cursing and chewed the girl out that answered. She refunded me for 1 bag and only a half refund for the 2nd bag. I was so furious. I really wanted a full refund but i rationalized it by thinking ill wear the bracelet til my wrist turns green, and after airing out the one poncho perhaps it can be worn. Im just glad to get the bulk of my $ back. What a horrible company. NEVER would i purchase from them again. Lesson learned.

    • Oh apparently they do have xxl shirts on thier website. I just stumbled across them.

    • Not that I want to date myself but that lyric on your t-shirt is from the Archies song “Sugar Sugar”but it would be awfully obscure for the younger generations.

      • I got the reference once I saw that someone else posted they had a shirt that said “candy girl” on it. Its just weird and random to put it on tshirts.

      • You aren’t really dating yourself. That song was featured in the movie Now and Then, which a lot of millennials can quote dialogue from. Now that I think about, the song might also have been referenced on Gilmore Girls.

      • Oh thanks Amber! I didn’t know that. I watched the Archies cartoon series when I was a kid and that song was addictive haha.

      • Is does really stick in your head. Sugar, Sugar and These Boots Are Made For Walking are the two songs forever stuck in my head from the Now and Then soundtrack.

  11. I received two ponchos yesterday and emailed them as soon as I got home last night . I expressed that I thought it was misrepresentation what they advertised could be in the bag and that they just gave all the bigger girls ponchos lol I received an email that I was refunded but they didn’t even respond to me personally . Oh well I guess they got the point with all of contacting them

    • Danielle, I ordered the XL bag and got two ponchos as well!

      • I was disappointed with the ponchos that I just tossed them aside. I finally opened them up and one has a big hole in the front ! I don’t know how they could even send this out to customers

    • At least you got a refund. I got a reply (a day later) that said we can send 2 more items or send a PARTIAL REFUND. Partial? You have got to be kidding me! I asked for more items to see what they are going to send. I want proof that they do offer XL clothing. Hopefully I can offer some positive comments once I receive it.

  12. Well at least y’all got yours…. I’m still waiting, when I contacted Cs yesterday, because tracking hasn’t updated since 5 in the morning *last* Friday, I was completely blown off, given no assistance, and treated like I was trying to get money out of them, when all I wanted was for them, the company, to contact their shipping partner-pretty much like what the dhl site tells you to do…. Awesomely because their sizing was so weird and small (I’m 5’9″ all limbs, and in my 30s, and I teach-unintentional belly shirts are not what I’m about) I ordered the XL, to make sure everything was long enough (some of those dresses looked short!), so now in reading all these sad comments it looks like I’ll have more disappointment whenever (if) it gets here, and more fussy emails to send.

    Side note: why, why, why??? Are you touting yourself as a Mom and woman run, Mom and woman focused company, but you are persisting in exclusive sizeist behavior?? I just pored over that site, I couldn’t find a single dress in an XL, which means they don’t carry dresses for the average sized American woman. But they’re for women! For women feeling badly about themselves, and for being forced to adhere to an unreasonable body image that perpetuates a vicious cycle of low self-esteem. And from the looks of it they are pretty elitist too boot. Not a lot of color or age going on on the CofS site. Massively disappointing. They are not for dressing every woman-and they need to fx their copy up quickly to reflect their actual desired customer base. You better be blonde, and you better be tiny. (No offense tiny blonde ladies, but man-when does anyone else get a chance? Just a little non-patronizing, un-poncho draped consideration?) What a waste.

    • Mine is still in the wind too. Who knows when it will ever arrive at this point?

      And I concur with everything you said in your side note.

  13. My size L bag contained:

    –A gray t shirt with a high-low hem that is OK quality but just has a weird fit

    –A seafoam green satin and tulle skirt that I didn’t even bother to take out of the bag; it looks like a dance costume that my daughter would wear for a recital

    –Two accessories: bright plastic earrings that would probably be OK for summer, and a hard hairband with a flat bow

    I’ve ordered a couple of scarves from this company before, which I had heard about from a popular budget blog and which were nice, and I like that it is a woman-created and owned company that spotlights women.

    But like most people here, I feel that the items and value were misrepresented (don’t forget that price without the discount was $34.95!) even though a quick look at the site will show that these aren’t designer items, which is OK. A lot of my work clothes come from Old Navy. It’s also hard to figure out the target audience; most of the items seem suited for young women/teenagers, but the overall feel of the site doesn’t seem to reflect that, if that makes any sense. Also, I’m appalled that they would knowingly put two of the same, odd items (ponchos) in one order and that these seem to be only in the XLs.

  14. I just got my bag today and I received (in size medium)

    -A black and white v neck sweater
    -Bright Blue knit pattern leggings
    -a simple gold necklace with a gemstone of sorts
    -A two pack of dangle/hoop earrings

    I like the jewelry enough to justify the cost, and I think the leggings will be losing wear. I do actually like the sweater but I’m a bit curvy so I don’t think the sweater is very flattering on me. I’ll write this off as an “I only paid $20 for the march PS box” kind of win.

  15. Add me to the double Poncho pity party. I absolutely HATE ponchos, and now I have two…I don’t like the bracelet either.

    • Same here…
      The ponchos have a weird smell on them, too…
      After reading about the different refund responses they gave to us who were being treated unfairly, I can only say what a shady and irresponsible company it is… Never again!

  16. Soooo, I was all set to laugh at whatever randomness I received, (I even like the pug shirt!), but noticing the trend and then receiving mine today, it seems that all the XL bags contain nothing but ponchos? It just makes me feel kind of grossed out, like I’m too fat to wear cute dresses and shirts and all I should do is just cover up with as much fabric as possible. Not sure if I want to bother with the hassle of a refund or not, but at least the earrings were cute.

    • I really think they were just trying to get rid of their winter stock. That’s why they are forcing the ponchos on you. They should have given you at least one fitted item though.

  17. I got a magenta and white v neck long sleeve shirt, a pair of blue fleece leggings and a pair of hoop earrings with interchangable charms. I’m okay with this for the price I paid but they definitely lied when they said it was a 59.99 dollar value. I’m not even sure if it was a 16.99 dollar value. I wish I hadn’t gotten the earrings though my piercings are pretty sensitive to cheap metals.

  18. I lucked out! Ordered two L grab bags and received 4 tunic style tops with cool detail (two are the same design but different color) and 3 pairs of earrings. The tunics are exactly my style and actually long enough (rare case for me). Also, I had put notes in the order when checking out and they sent me a very polite email explaining that they cannot consider special requests as these are true grab bags. I like everything I received and am impressed with their customer service.

    • I also received my Elizabeth and Clark box today, thus I scored 8 shirts in one day. I need to grow another torso!

      • I read all the comments and I wish there were pictures to go with them. I snort-laughed several times trying to imagine!

  19. I was one of the XL poncho bag recipients, and I emailed my disappointment at receiving what was essentially three accessories in a 2-clothing/1-accessory bag. The responded promptly, apologized, and let me know they were processing a refund. VERY pleased with the way they handled this for me! Unrelated to this issue, I got an email regarding some raglan shirts on sale that I really like, and I may actually buy one, mainly due to their great response to my complaint.

    • They just emailed me back with a refund too. Happy with how they handled it but still sour receiving three unaided items in a sized clothing mystery bag. I would have been over the moon with a L or xl panda shirt.

    • I was a 2 poncho recipient and sent an email requesting a refund, and was told I needed to pay for the return of the items (within 30 days) and then they would only issue a store credit that they would mail in the form of a gift card? The response was also something along the line of this is a mystery bag and we cannot accommodate everyone’s style or taste. So disappointed in the response. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

      • That’s the same response I got, must be great that several of you are just getting a refund… that’s not fair customer service at all.

      • I think that may be because they are probably getting bombarded with emails like this. I sent one this morning and haven’t heard back yet. Fingers crossed!

      • I just got home from work and opened my package . XL = two ugly ponchos . I emailed them and expressed my disappointment that they just threw all these ponchos in the XL bags . I’m hoping for a refund or even a return label would be nice

      • I am dying to see these ugly ponchos

      • I got the same response, and I kept my initial email polite….my second email was not polite. Knowing that they are offering refunds for some people and not others is really frustrating. And it was expressed that they don’t offer return labels. Bad customer service

      • Update: after my second email to them, they immediately issues me a refund.

  20. I ordered one with a size Medium, and received:

    – pale pink jeans, size 28/7 (luckily fit me)
    – sweater that says “Cheers”
    – gold ring with marble detail, size 7 (also fit me)

    I feel like this box could have been a miss given the sizes of things I didn’t necessarily specify, but it all worked out!

  21. A little nervous to see what I got now, but I ordered mediums and it seems to be the smaller sizes had a bit more luck? I’ll be content really as long as one item is a hit.

  22. I appear to be in the minority, but I loved my bags! I got the small bags, and they were true to size. I actually got one of the shirts in the advert: the beige peasant blouse with fine lace cutouts. Except mine was navy blue. I got 2 grab bags. 4 shirts, all of which I LOVE and 2 are new styles for me that ended up looking good. All 4 were completely different styles, although 2 were in shades of blue, which is fine by me. The jewelry: 2 pair of the EXACT same earrings, and so hideous that I can’t imagine who could have created them. They are going to consignment. But because the shirts are all great, I am very thrilled!

    • Meant to say 3 were in shades of blue*

    • You can consign $5 earrings? Wow!

  23. Doesn’t sound like they’re advertising for this bag was very legit. Only one person in the above reviews received a dress, and I don’t see any ugly ponchos or tacky earrings which seem to be in most every bag mentioned. Shame on them!

  24. I fear opening mine when and if it ever gets here.

    • Me too! 🙂

      • Got mine today. The fear was justified. 🙁

  25. I got 2 medium bags and they were legit the exact same items (with only color variations). I got a long sleeved black and white stripe shirt in one bag and a gray and white in the other. Then I got a pink short sleeved high-low top with slinky material in one bag, and a tanish brown color in another. Then I got the exact same necklace with no variation in both bags. The tops weren’t bad I just don’t think they are going to fit me. The sleeves won’t fit my monkey arms and there is a slit on the other ones that comes up too high so it wouldn’t look good on my crazy long torso. Sigh…


      • I’m not on the swap board ☹️ For sell?!

  27. I liked mine I got 2 long sleeve tshirts rust and olive one with a cool lattice design on the back neck area. Silly pearl earings but I can rock them or give them to my 4 year old for dress up. I love mystery bags and the cost was cheap enough. The shirts are super soft!

  28. Two Ellie and Katie shirts. One navy blue, one burnt orange. Not terrible, but definitely not things I would have picked out on my own. Oh, and one horrific pair of fake pearl old lady earrings that went directly in the garbage. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my pieces are actually wearable. About what I expected. I do like some of their dresses, though.

  29. I literally just opened mine and I got TWO PONCHOS. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. 2 ponchos and a pair of cheap earrings. I’m emailing atm. This is absurd. NOT ONLY do they only show tops and dresses but I got TWO ponchos. unsized huge ponchos. Shipped to SAN DIEGO. this has to be a joke.

    • I did too! One is cream colored with fringe that looks like it’s been run through a washing machine way to many times…the other is navy striped, both have odd seams and shapes.
      Liz as long as you send everything back it can be returned correct?

      • Yes, that’s my understanding on their return policy.

      • I am in the same boat! Got the same 2 ugly ponchos to San Diego. I ordered XL and neither have a size listed. So bummed about this.

    • I got two ponchos too. So disappointed.

  30. I was actually somewhat hopeful about my grab bag after reading some of these comments and thinking a few lieces sounded cute. But sadly I ended up with a deadpan green long sleeve thermal that’s skin tight and some ribbed magenta leggings, neither of which I’ll wear. At least the necklace was kinda cute!

    • I got pretty much the same items except my long sleeve was gray and white striped. The necklace feels very cheap too. One of the worst deals yet. I hope you guys had better luck than me.

    • Same fushia leggings. Not a huge fan- especially since I live in Arizona where it’s currently in the 80s. And my thermal was orange. That will work fine as a bed shirt. I do like my necklace though.

    • Oh gosh, I meant to say that a few PIECES sounded cute but I ended up with a SEAFOAM green thermal. Note to self: Don’t walk the dog and type at the same time! 😅

  31. Mine was soooooo bad. Never again no matter how cheap of a deal…

    • The clothing on the website is pretty cheap looking so I skipped this one. It seems like a great site for teens.

  32. I didn’t hate mine! I got an XL bag. I got a t-shirt that said “American Dreamer.” Nothing fancy, but I am a stay at home mom so that is perfect for my day to day at home or running errands! I also got a maroon fringed vest. Nothing high quality, but it looks fine on. Then I got two accessories (I guess I was one of the first 100). One was a cheap pair of earrings. Lame. But the other was a nice set with earrings, a choker, and tassled necklace. So all in all, for the price my bag really worked for me!

    • Ha ha I got an XL bag, too and pretty much got the same thing. Except my vest with fringe is brown, and my shirt says candy girl with a lollipop on it. And a terrible necklace that is a leather strap, with long fringe and a crystal, in thought it sounds pretty, but in real life, it isn’t, I promise!

  33. I am not pleased with this grab bag at all. I received a “Pizza is my valentine” raglan, a striped red blouse, and two very cheap pairs of plastic earrings. I believe that these items are not comparable to the items displayed in the advertisement for this bag.

    • LOL! Sorry to laugh, but the pizza shirt literally made me laugh out loud! How awful! No woman in their right mind would ever wear a shirt like that!!!! What were they thinking?!?!

      • I am definitely not going to wear it out in public, that’s for certain!! I would return that entire bag to Cents for Style, but I do not want to have to pay for shipping. Never again!

      • I honestly feel really bad for all of you gals!!! I didn’t buy this (thank God), but I can honestly say this is the funniest group of comments I’ve ever read on a post!!! 😀

      • Ikr, lol! 😂 I feel bad, and I thank God I never saw the post for this before yesterday.

      • I would totally wear it… to bed lol

    • I don’t mean to laugh but this is terrible! It’s like you all ordered the “Punked” subscription box. I’m soooo glad I read these comments first cause I was going to seriously order and then I was like well let’s see what they say cause even the stuff Liz got, it didn’t seem worth $60. I thought Nadine West was bad…….. Not anymore, this one should be called “Cents-less”
      I feel bad for y’all, I’d return them.

  34. I have to stand up for Cents of Style. I have ordered multiple things including the logo tee I have on right now! I love their tees and they are really good quality and have held up to many washes. I also have a pair of boots that are going on their second winter. Also love their blanket scarfs! In general you can order without worry but I have decided to not order anymore grab bag type bags from anywhere as I would just rather put the money mindfully towards something I want and love.

  35. Liz I would love to have your bag!!but I got a hot pink blazer and a teal t shirt .. totally not me ! Don’t think I will take a chance on mystery clothing items again 🙁

    • I love the idea of a hot pink blazer! Any chance you’ll be putting that up for swap?

      • I haven’t swapped before and I live in Canada so makes it a little difficult i think ? not too sure how it will work … 🙁

    • I saw that blazer on the forum! It was adorable!

    • I got the same shirt as liz the peasant one in olive. I think it’s quite nice. I also got a really soft 3/4 sleeve blue shirt with black lace tie-up design. I will wear both top with a nice jacket, jeans or leggings and cute boots. It works with Ohio weather right now. I did good for my $17, besides the horrid earrings.

      • I got the same variation as you but in different colors. I agree that I like, and will wear, the two shirts. The two accessories were a miss, for sure. But I can’t even wear earrings so they would have been no matter

    • I want your bag. 🙂

  36. This was the absolute worst grab bag I ever got!

  37. I would have been thrilled to receive your package. Alas, since my size was XL, I received two one-size-fits-all ponchos and bracelet. Based on the comments from the other post, there were quite a few of us in that size that got the ponchos. I was pretty upset, because I consider them accessories, similar to a scarf, instead of clothing items. If they had send me actual clothing that didn’t fit, or that just wasn’t my style, I would have been disappointed, but that happens sometimes with mystery bags. In this case, though, I really feel like it was misrepresented. Instead of 2 clothing items and one accessory, I feel like I got three accessories. Might have been less than 6 dollars a piece, but still not what I ordered.

    • I ordered an XL bag I sure hope I don’t get a poncho!

    • I got the same two ponchos and a cheap pair of earrings!

    • I ordered an XL and also got two ponchos. I’m honestly furious; not only do those ponchos not fit into the styles they said we would be getting, I’ve been given two one size fits all pieces just because I’m a bigger size. I was excited that they even went up to an XL, which isn’t even really plus size, but apparently the bar is even lower than I thought.

      • Same boat with the 2 ponchos. Glad I’m not the only one that think we got ponchos because they didn’t actually have XL items. If they had just been clothes I didn’t like (or didn’t fit) I would have been fine with it. 🙁 This makes me feel crappy for not being a smaller size.

  38. I guess I’m in the minority as I actually really like my box. I got the same gray dress in the bottom left picture, a basic simple mint green tank top with lace details on the neckline and a navy blue scarf with silver stars on it. I got size small and everything fits me fine. The dress is sweatshirt material and really comfortable, the scarf is super pretty and I can always use another tank top. I guess I just got lucky.

    • So happy to hear you got a good grab bag!!

    • I think you won the Cents of Style grab bag lotto! 🙂

  39. I should be getting mine tomorrow . I wouldn’t mind getting the pug shirt I think it’s funny how his head is tilted lol . The earrings are cute too .

  40. This was a major bust for me. I got the same pug shirt, which would be ok if it were a little longer, but it’s not the worst thing. I also got a polyester red and white striped shirt – with a rip in it, a pair of colorful dollar store earrings and a pink headband with a metal bow. Not even close to what was advertised. They refunded my money (because of the ripped shirt) and were really helpful about that, so I will buy from them again. Just not a mystery bag.

    • Omg I don’t mean to laugh, you poor thing. I’d return it and get a discount for something in their store. These reviews are horrible! I feel bad laughing cause I would be furious if I were you guys too. I hope this company reads these reviews and feels embarrassed because this is horrible! I could whip up a dream box at Wal-Mart and come up with BETTER stuff! They should be called “Cents-less”

  41. I think the pug shirt is cute the other is okay. Haven’t gotten mine yet. I wonder if anyone got the extra item or if that was just a ploy to get more people to pull the trigger.

    • Yes I’m curious if anyone got the extra item also

    • I got an extra item. It was a second pair of cheap, dime store earrings

      • Me too!

  42. Would have preferred what you got compared to the giant hairy tunic sweater and plastic colorful earrings I got. They definitely misrepresented the items that would be included. Never purchasing from this company again

    • Oh no. Sorry to hear it. Are you going to return it?

      • I don’t think it’s worth the hassle to return. Seems like everyone got similarly crap items. Lesson learned

      • They told me that I would have to pay to have mine shipped back because they don’t offer return labels and then when they receive it they’ll issue a store credit. I definitely didn’t want store credit because the quality and style of what I got was so bad that I wouldn’t even donate it to goodwill, so why would I want something else from them? I got a fluorescent pink polyester “jacket” that had no zipper or button closure, and a tee with a panda on it that wouldn’t fit my ten year old. Also a plastic pair of earrings and a plastic headband.

      • I’m was in the same boat as every one else! Never again and very much false advertisement!

    • Lol at giant hairy tunic sweater, but I’m sure it wasn’t funny to receive it.

      • I’m sure the look on my face as I pulled it out of the plastic bag was worth the price of the mystery bag

      • LOL

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